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by T Stokes London

Scholars have for centuries puzzled over the meaning of the Biblical 666 and it’s linking to the predicted end times, Armageddon.

It has always been agreed among scholars that the Middle East, would be the venue where the final war would be fought, and indeed the waters have been muddied by some very big players on the world scene, scholars have at times found various candidates who fill part of the prophecies, but never really put together the package in its entirety.

No one would deny that politicians do not fulfill the wishes of their electorate, but follow a separate agenda, which is decided by the money brokers behind the scenes who hold the real power, and remember its never the people who want war, but the politicians, who use distorted propaganda and racism to convince the people that they are under some threat..

The recent phenomena in Britain of Tony Blair on his own making the case for the war on Iraq, was only superceded by Winston Churchill bringing Britain into W.W.II again on his own, but both secretly assisted by the power brokers who make the decisions, Churchill receiving 150,000 pounds as a bribe to call for Britain to enter war..

Winston Churchill was seen regularly during W.W.II to flash the V salute three times at cameras, the letter V in Hebrew represents the number 6, the similar greeting given by Spock in Star Trek is known as the Rabbis salute.

These secretive power groups known as the Illuminati or Bilderbergs, use well known anti-democratic Satanic philosophies, against the people.

The Illuminati, have always used Astrologers, the date of the 9/11 was not coincidence, nor the British 7-7-7, bombing nor Tony Blair’s election date of 5-5-5.

Occultists use what’s called the 3 sisters, the Old testament sciences of Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry, and by using the traditional pattern of translating letters to numbers we can see just what was hidden by those who wanted the knowledge protected until the appointed time.

From this standard Numerology chart we deduce that;
GEORGE WALKER BUSH   reduces to a 6
DONALD RUMSFELD    reduces to a 6
DICK CHENEY   reduces to a 6

The U S A is not alone, ANTHONY BLAIR P.M. reduces to a 6, as does the term Prime minister, other players such as KARL ROVE are 2 sixes, as is Middle East roadmap architect ARIEL SHARON are also a 6.

These are the key figures who want to bring in the forces of war,and “war” is also a 6 this can only be thwarted by the people, the master said;“ only the meek will inherit the earth.”

Remember the commandments of long ago
Thou shalt not kill,
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods,
Thou shalt not bear false witness,
Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.

The worship of money is indeed a strange god, and the axis of evil is money obsessed. The Old Testament God was called Shekinah, the same root word we derive Shekels, or money, the only time we know Jesus lost his temper was over the money dealers in the temple.

Experts say the Armageddon is now drawing very close, remember Iran is also a 6 number.

T Stokes

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Patrick said:

666 - This is SO Simple. No mystery. Just read the Bible - Revelation.

When All the 6 Seals are broken, 6 Trumps Sounded and 6 Vials Poured out ... "Notice three 6s. That is 666. The bible states that it is the number of a man. It is Satan. He is that " abomination that causes desolation" that is written of in 2nd Thessalonians. And also spoken of by the prophet Joel. Satan is released to earth and sets himself up in the temple in Jerusalem pretending to be Christ / God. But as it is written in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21." Let no man deceive you, that the return of OUR Lord does not happen until after the falling away occurs first (people believing Satan is Christ). SATAN appears de facto at the 6th trump, 6th vial and 6th seal. The real Christ returns at the 7th trump, 7th seal and the 7th vial. So 6 comes before 7, keep that in mind lest you be harvested out of season ... let the wise understand."
Best answer I've found and no need to embellish it.

Relvm said:

Interesting view you have on the number 666. May I further illuminate. The Illuminati believe they are the caretakers of this Garden (world). They believe that God (Tetragrammaton) is fully explained through mathematics. Thus you have the branch of the masons. The masons have 33 degrees to illumination. That is what the pyramid means on the dollar bill. Now take 360 degrees and divide that by 33 degrees. that gives you 10.909091. what is that upside down. Now don't scoff just yet. now take 180 degrees and divide that by 33 and you get 5.454545. Now divide 360 by 5.454545 and you get 66.000006 . Now take 360 divided by 666 and you get .54. Now divide 360 by 54 and you get 6.666667. The number 666 refers to an organization that has become a Beast who uses geometry to make sense out of God. Also the number 6 represents the merkaba or body of light. The star of David. It also represents a male as 9 represents female thus your 69. I mention this because you attach separate number! s of 6 to different males. I hope this explains what 666 truly means and how it is the Beast. It is a beast because such organizations who attach themselves to such a number are now out of control. Thank you for your time in reading this.


Jerry said-

Most scriptural 'editions' use '666', and there is a lot of information which ties 'things' to that number.

However, the proper number is 600 20 20 20 6: six hundred, twenty, twenty, twenty, six, or: six hundred three score and six.

This is one more digit than the SS#:

The 'world' has been divided into 10 regions --- 0 - 9 --- and the applicable digit for your region is probably pre-fixed to your SS# (although it could be suffixed to it), and this has been fed into 'The Beast' computer system in Brussels, Belgium (including your relative personal data), for years now.

600 20 20 20 6 has been CON-tracted to '666', in "ERROR"!!!

It identifies ONE person who will stand up and show his 'One World Number'!

If everyone had '666' --- the same number --- no one would be identified from anyone else. The 'Mark of The Beast' is each person's PERSONAL IDENTIFIER --- and every country in the world has been assigning 'SS#s'/'ID#s' to all of their citizens FOR YEARS, with the information being collected on a 'world'-wide basis as noted above.


Harald said-

Another thought to your article: I have understood from Revelation 17 and many scriptures in the prophets that the state of Israel, the religion of Judaism (the masons religion) is the biblical mother of harlots ( have explained this in my paper- NATURAL ISRAEL REVELATION 17 - at www.whathathGodsaid.org and I have been told that the official global co-ordinance of latitude and longitude of Jerusalem talies to the sum of 66.6. Can you confirm that please? (Harald)


John said-

Harald; I presented T with your question and here's the reply---> This has been said but I honestly don't know how true it is, but any religion that expounds the evils that the Jews do can't be good, and whatever god they worship this way is not our god but something else...