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November 01, 2009
by gordonduff


by Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor 

President Bush and Vice President Cheney claimed they had repeatedly visited Dover AFB to honor American war dead.  Their claim that this was done quietly, with no cameras and no publicity is now proven to have been a total lie.

Neither Bush nor Cheney ever visited Dover.  Neither came there, even once in 7 years of war, despite their stories told of tearful experiences that simply never happened.

This week, while attacking President Obama for a public visit to Dover to honor war dead, Vice President Cheney's daughter Liz again repeated the stories President Bush and her father told, now known to be lies.

This couldn't have happened at a worse time for Vice President Cheney.  His story that he knew nothing of the exposure of top CIA nuclear weapons proliferation spy, Valerie Plame has lost any credibility, especially with federal prosecutors.

The importance of this case, in light of the spying arrest of top nuclear weapons designer, Stewart Nozette is closely tied to the Plame case.  Nozette had been furnishing "Q" clearance (our highest) weapons information to foreign spies from Israel, not necessarly the Israeli government, who are suspected of selling this information to North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.

The exposure of Plame by the GOP allowed this spying to continue and may have led to the development of North Korea's nuclear weapons.  The technology trail, as described by FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, has put top American weapons technologies in the hands of nearly every American enemy.

Nozette believed he was spying against the US for Israel and, when approached by FBI agents pretending to be Mossad agents, showed surprise.  He said he had been working for the Mossad for years.  However, this was not the case.

If, as prosecutors allege, former Vice President Cheney had been involved in derailing CIA efforts to break up spy rings active in nuclear proliferation, Cheney's involvement, whether done because of a total mental breakdown or a real desire to harm the security of the United States, are going to take the full power of every criminal element high in our government to suppress.

Sources indicate that Vice President Cheney had become involved in an extremist Christian cult that openly advocated nuclear war, knowing it would destroy all life on Earth.  Many top GOP leaders, Tom Delay, John Ashcroft, Trent Lott, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and others, some Christians, some Jews, are believed to have shared bizarre theories of Armageddon, apocalypse and rapture.

Cheney is thought to have believed he had been personally selected to sit at the hand of G-d and supervise the suffering of those "left behind" as described in series of books read and discussed at the highest levels of the Bush administration.

The destruction on 9/11 and the Iraq invasion closely parallel scenarios described in these books.  The number of bizarre coincidences involving these and many other issues seem, to many, overwhelming, showing a human, if not diabiolical hand.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.


T-ray Camera
The first article below is from 2003, we can only imagine how advanced this imaging is today.
"Nothing is sacred anymore, they think we are their livestock and lab rats to be used in any experiment they see fit and can be used in anyway they wish. It's crazy.
And some wonder where all this cancer and disease come from. We are bombarded by information radio waves radiation and such constantly it is amazing there is any health at all these days."

Thanks to Lisa for bringing this to our attention!

First Image from Revolutionary T-ray Camera; Sees through Fog, Clothing and into Deep Space
By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
February 2003

A project to develop a promising new astronomy imaging technique that can also denude a fully clothed human or see through thick fog has generated its first picture.

A so-called T-ray image of a human hand, taken through a 1/2-inch (15 millimeter) pad of paper, is the first product of the new terahertz camera. The technology is poised to revolutionize imaging in astronomy, medicine and airport security, proponents say.

The European Space Agency's project to develop the camera was first reported by SPACE.com last June. While largely unheralded, T-ray imaging does not appear to be pie-in-the sky. In fact, a camera built by a company called QinetiQ and working in similar millimetric waves already last year had demonstrated the ability to peer through clothes and reveal a concealed weapon, along with much of a person's body.

The technique employs a little-studied but ubiquitous radiation. Detecting T-rays allows a camera to effectively see through smoke, walls and even clothing or bandages.

Low frequency versions of terahertz waves are known as millimeter waves, and they behave much like radio waves. At higher frequencies, the terahertz waves straddle the border between radio and optical emissions. The technology is sometimes referred to as quasi-optics.

Similar but less sensitive technology is already used to examine sea-surface temperatures from satellites. A future T-ray observatory might study the tails of comets, experts say, and the frequency could also shed new light on the early universe and how the first galaxies formed.

"Observations from space may be on the verge of a revolution with the possibility of looking into the terahertz frequency range," said Peter de Maagt, project manager for StarTiger, which stands for Space Technology Advancements by Resourceful, Targeted and Innovative Groups of Experts and Researchers.

Few formal studies of T-ray technology exist, but an article on the Web site of the journal Nature last year said these cameras could be "the next big wave" in imaging for everything from cells to stars. Scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York claim T-ray technology will speed computer memory and sharpen flat-panel displays.

To develop the technology quickly, StarTiger was created by the ESA. The project brought a group of researchers together for a few months, provided ample money and facilities, and encouraged development of new technology in a short period of time. The researchers started in June, created their first T-ray image last fall, and released one this week.

"When we started last June we set an ambitious goal: to build in four months the first compact submillimeter-wave imager with near real time image capturing using state-of-the-art micro-machining technology," said de Maagt. "We reached this goal when the first terahertz images were taken in September."

Terahertz waves are unique because they can pass easily through some solid materials, yet they can also be focused as light to create images of objects behind the obscuring material.

Terahertz imaging may soon become a standard medical diagnostic technique, researchers with StarTiger say. T-rays could provide an image that has X-ray-like properties without the use of potentially harmful radiation. It might be particularly useful to augment dental X-rays and for possible early detection of skin cancers.

Pilots might one day use terahertz imagers to generate a picture of what's ahead in heavy fog, StarTiger officials say. A higher resolution imager than currently developed would be needed for such a view.

The newly developed device is small enough to fit in a briefcase. A future version might one day be deployed to space to examine the early universe. If money were provided, a space-based T-ray camera could be deployed in two years, a StarTiger scientist said.

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How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA
Friday, October 30, 2009

A new model of the way the THz waves interact with DNA explains how the damage is done and why evidence has been so hard to gather

Great things are expected of terahertz waves, the radiation that fills the slot in the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and the infrared. Terahertz waves pass through non-conducting materials such as clothes , paper, wood and brick and so cameras sensitive to them can peer inside envelopes, into living rooms and "frisk" people at distance.

The way terahertz waves are absorbed and emitted can also be used to determine the chemical composition of a material. And even though they don't travel far inside the body, there is great hope that the waves can be used to spot tumours near the surface of the skin.

With all that potential, it's no wonder that research on terahertz waves has exploded in the last ten years or so.

But what of the health effects of terahertz waves? At first glance, it's easy to dismiss any notion that they can be damaging. Terahertz photons are not energetic enough to break chemical bonds or ionise atoms or molecules, the chief reasons why higher energy photons such as x-rays and UV rays are so bad for us. But could there be another mechanism at work?

The evidence that terahertz radiation damages biological systems is mixed. "Some studies reported significant genetic damage while others, although similar, showed none," say Boian Alexandrov at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and a few buddies. Now these guys think they know why.

Alexandrov and co have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they've found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. That's a jaw dropping conclusion.

And it also explains why the evidence has been so hard to garner. Ordinary resonant effects are not powerful enough to do do this kind of damage but nonlinear resonances can. These nonlinear instabilities are much less likely to form which explains why the character of THz genotoxic
effects are probabilistic rather than deterministic, say the team.

This should set the cat among the pigeons. Of course, terahertz waves are a natural part of environment, just like visible and infrared light. But a new generation of cameras are set to appear that not only record terahertz waves but also bombard us with them. And if our exposure is set to increase, the question that urgently needs answering is what level of terahertz exposure is safe.

Ref: arxiv.org/abs/0910.5294: DNA Breathing Dynamics in the Presence of a Terahertz Field

Britain develops a camera that can see through clothes (up to 80 feet away)


X-ray cameras that would "undress" passers-by in a bid to thwart terrorists concealing weapons, could be coming to a street near you, according to reports. Aside from the obvious privacy issues, would such a plan work?

Leaked documents said to have been drawn up by the Home Office and seen by the Sun newspaper say cameras which can see through clothes could be built into lamp posts to "trap terror suspects".



It really is not looking good for the CDC. Eventually after many attempts by CBS the CDC released the test results for the H1N1 cases around the USA. It turns out that the a massive percentage of test results were NOT the H1N1 swine flu. With a lot of cases it wasn't even the regular flu ! As CBS intelligently points out these exaggerated cases and statistics would have had an impact on medical treatments and hospitals resources.

WARNING! Truth behide Swine flu! ~ Do NOT take Vaccines!

Part of Alex Jones interview with Bill Sardi an in dept discussion on the dangers of the flu vaccine. Listen to this need to know information below.

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