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Foreign media in China the latest J-20 stealth aircraft

Development ahead of what U.S. intelligence 'had earlier predicted'


Spread the network of "four generations of Chinese machine" photos

"Reference News" recently compiled and distributed "Pakistan Patriot" website reported December 27, entitled "stealth aircraft dispute, China to catch up to it?", The article excerpts are as follows:

1990YF-22YF-23 In 1990, the first generation of U.S. stealth aircraft YF-22 and YF-23 prototype test flight. China catching up yet? J-20 Chinese J-20 stealth aircraft fuzzy photo spread on the network, some people think that these photos are fake, some people believe they are true. Some analysts believe that these photographs may be the product of policy the Chinese government to mislead.

But the photo on the aircraft meet the fifth-generation stealth aircraft prototype of the many features: chiseled face, triangular horizontal tail wing and activities.

J-20F-22T-50 Chinese J-20 stealth aircraft seems to be the U.S. F-22 fighter and the first part of the Russian T-50 prototype stealth aircraft, the combination of the second half.

J-20 J-20 stealth aircraft appeared to shock the aviation community, which marks the Chinese Air Force has taken a big step forward, China is no longer dependent on Russian or Israeli air force obsolete design.

Does this mean the end of U.S. air dominance? T-50 New Russian T-50 stealth aircraft first flight, the analysts also issued a similar warning.

F35 F35 fighter aircraft the Pentagon delayed production, while China has noticeably accelerated the development of stealth aircraft.

J-20 However, J-20 stealth aircraft has not yet test. F-2215 F-22 fighter jets took 15 years to put into front-line service. J-2010 Given China's high-tech quality control problems, J-20 stealth aircraft may be 10 years or even longer to put into use in bulk.

(Editor note: "J-20 stealth aircraft may be 10 years or even longer to put into use in bulk. " DON'T BET ON IT!)

Foreign media exposed the first stealth fighters Photos

Spread the network of "four generations of Chinese machine" photos

Chinese new military aircrafts, Chinese Stealth Fighter confirmed by national TV


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