Report From DAR

Doctors against racism, has medics from all walks of life who want to make a difference in the worlds trouble spots, where ever there are people who are sick or in need, there you will find us.

We currently have a doctor working in Gaza, smuggled in through a small claustrophobic tunnel where food and essential supplies were smuggled through but the new CIA/Mossad regime in Egypt has flooded the tunnels and medical aid and food cannot be got through, the spasmodic and few messages we get out tell of a starving and desperate people.

In recent months various world charities have tried to alleviate the Palestinian peoples suffering by boat only to be attacked and sunk or shot by Israeli thugs paid for and assisted by the USA.

The growing of your own food is now an offence, and Israel channels its sewage onto the homes of Palestinian peoples.

Disease and malnutrition is rife, out water has been diverted into Israel and the soldiers come and put stuff down our wells to poison us, we have had two doctors killed over 18 months by Israelis, and if we try to get through the checkpoints, they keep us there for days, steal our medicines and often beat us with rifle butts, the huge wall was built to separate the people from the olive groves and vegetable patches, the Israelis now sell our produce marked as theirs, in Britain many people now avoid foods with the 729 prefix.

The schools have all been destroyed and when the children having their lessons outdoors hear the new drones come over or fighters or helicopters, they scream and run in panic, they have been attacked here in Iraq and Afghanistan, how can children be a threat?

There have been many children shot by marksmen up on the high wall, just two weeks ago some children playing football fairly near the wall were shot at, one was killed and these are always headshots.

We see Israeli IDF soldiers disguised as Arabs come and fire small rockets onto Israeli waste land, these never hit anything and are not designed to, they do this so they have an excuse to come and bomb the oppressed peoples and America is funding this evil, and soon Israel and America will continue the bloodshed started in Iraq Libya and Syria into Iran bringing reprisals from Russia and China, North Korea has already said it will brook no more manipulation and interference from the USA, and has many times offered a nuclear device to Iran, which has always been refused, but if pressure continues who knows what retaliation may come, itís time now for the USA to pull the plug on Israel and mid-east wars; email your congressman and senators now.

Dr. Patel

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