Embracing Tyranny


Another voice castaway in the storm winds of it.

It has been quite the educational experience for me since the monolithic events on September eleventh 2001. I have learned so much from my studies since that date; of history, how world events are propagated, and most of all human nature.

When I began this website ( in November 2006 I had no conception of the journey ahead; it has been quite the trail!

I have been blessed by so many, from different parts of the globe, with so much knowledge of truth and reality of past and present world events. I want to thank every one of you for taking the time to school me in so many ways over the years; your time and effort have not been in vain, they have been and will be shared.

For seven years now I have spent all my extra time when not working my job or home duties, studying, reading emails, coding, posting, and sending out newsletters, to share the information given to and learned by me, with you.

Truth and reality is not popular and never has been; tyranny is. The site has been the news and information they don’t want you to know about, and I take it as a badge of honor how Google has buried it, and it has been buried in all the search engines.

I have tried my best to post and write articles pertinent to our living condition and the ramifications of it. Popularity and website hits have never been a factor; the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth has been the mission; I have left it up to the reader to correct it.

As Ron Paul said… ‘Truth is treason in the empire of lies…’ It is!

I just can’t do it anymore; as of late I have just under 300 newsletter subscribers and I feel very low that it has come to this point, but it has.

There are many things that have brought me to this decision, and it was not an easy one; I will no longer be posting news, and activity level will be drastically reduced with the site. I will keep the site maintained and up for those interested in the information there, and I will attempt to send some kind of intelligence/info report out once a month to my subscribers, also it will take something extreme for me to write again on my writings and rants for there has been so little activity/input there anyway.

The petition below on the 9th (it’s last day) is what has sent me over the edge; it speaks volumes to me on just how far most have truly embraced tyranny. As I have said so many times before, 911 is the core issue and is what defines our reality today and all other issues today are the entrails of it.

Where is everybody?

Embracing tyranny, that’s where.

This petition sent just another message of thousands to those that govern; nobody gives a damn!

No justice no peace equals tyranny!

Very dangerous times we live in indeed.

Much thanks to my internet friends, subscribers and loyal readers who I know don’t embrace tyranny; knowing you have been there has meant more to me than you could possibly know.

Over and out…

The Truth News

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