Stalin described those who support foreigners as, “useful idiots”.

This idea that migrants are necessary to the economy is in itself another “dodgy dossier”.

The migrants come in to work for 10 months of the year, then like the Irish used to on the “lump schemes” they go home and claim back all the taxes they paid all year, they then come back often with a different name and passport, because many with fake names borrowed heavily on credit cards and claimed for nonexistent children.

(Aug 2002 Norfolk police bulletins)

Those of us who have worked in Social Security, see the effects on our own people who are left on one side while government people traffic to bring in cheap labour, that often turns out to be not so cheap. College students who would work in the fields in droves bringing in the crops during the summer breaks now run up huge amounts of debt, they may never repay, because the jobs they were trained for, are just not there, many single mums who would do a few weeks in the fields over the fine weather can’t get the work either, and some places have a “no English people rule”.

Bernard Matthews of turkey cruelty fame advertises for workers, not in Cambridge-shire Lincolnshire or Norfolk, but in Poland, Portugal Eastern Europe, and even in Sierra Leone.

One Russian millionaire friend of Tony Blair and Gay Gordon, Ivan Lukaszewski is also a gang-master who supplies labour to East Anglian farms and factories, he puts 30 people to a house and they pay rent, for food, utilities, overalls, insurance, and transport to work, and finish up with around only 30 pounds per week, while this gang-master now owns 80 houses, not bad for a man who came here 8 years ago, and he is just one, I could name 5.

The cockle pickers who died drew attention to something the government tries to hide, the “illegals” and the fact that over the last 9 years the true population figures have doubled, this means hospitals can’t cope, welfare can’t cope, police can’t cope, and the infrastructure can’t cope, meaning the drains and sewers overfilled causing floods and many homes were destroyed because of over populating the system.

Operation Radium, the recent police initiative over 3 counties, closed 120 brothels staffed in the main with women and young boys, who thought they were coming to Britain to work in hotels and hospitals, and were forced into this awful trade.

(See police gazette)

The freedom of information act means much that our government would hide from us can now be seen, and the sheer numbers of our own people on benefits is hidden from us with phrases like; “the British don’t want these jobs”.

When the Kings Lynn hospital cried out for more nurses, the Fairstead young mothers assoc who are 500 yards down the road said they could supply 75 trainees if a crèche was supplied, they were refused in favour of importing in nurses from Africa, some of whom tested AIDs positive.

Russian T B is highly contagious and an incurable killer, we are seeing it now in our hospitals across the area, and the government scared of the truth blames it on badgers.

( Dr Harrison, February speech to thoracic unit Norwich hospital )

The government claims massive benefit fraud occurs each year, yet most theft is committed by the government, they make the forms so difficult that 5 billion pounds go unclaimed by British citizens, and over the winter many die of hypothermia, yet foreign nationals have solicitors paid by our own government to see they get all they can, and even the C A B have paid advisors to help foreigners claim, this is Government racism at its worst, and this exact scenario was predicted by a British politician who was due to be our next prime minister, but Edward Heath demoted him to the back benches and gave him the kiss of death, a Northern Ireland post. He paid the price all whistleblowers pay and died in obscurity some time later.

Enoch Powell had courageously warned the public of the N.W.O agenda.

Kevin Field

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