Wartime historian David Irving broke the news that in 1992 a dying British airman admitted he shot down Dambusters leader Guy Gibson in 1944, the RAF knew and covered it up and continued the lie ever since.

The Dambusters saga was not what we were told, the waters released from the bombed dams flooded the Ruhr valley drowning 2000 foreign workers, Operation Chastise was meant to slow the German war effort by attacking the soft target Mohne and Edersee dams, and in 1977 the Geneva convention under article 56 reflecting on this said any attack on dams where foreign civilians are at risk must be construed as a major war crime.

Sir Anthony Blunt told the dam-busters saga differently, Blunt the wartime Soviet spy and Rothschild team leader at an art lecture in London in 1956, said the RAF wanted to impress Stalin the Russian leader with a "spectacular" and the RAF made up with many upper class Hooray Henrys who believed Churchillís nonsense that the war would be over by Christmas and wanted a few medals out of it, and what could be safer than dropping passing bombs from a huge height ? he went on to say that many Czechs and Poles who could not speak English joined the Hooray Henrys in becoming airmen, these men could not understand a word at lectures and did not realise that German cities would be defended, and that when they experienced ground defences and aircraft attacks many pilots turned back and dropped their bombs in the sea.

He claimed that the death of the US bandleader Glenn Miller happened because he was flying across the channel in a light aircraft and high above a British bomber dropped its load in the sea hitting Glenns aircraft, this is listed in intel files from the period from statements by Fred Shaw a Lancaster Bomber crew witness and also in Russian archives from Blunt and other socialist traitors, it should be said that Russian G.R.U. archive material suggest Miller was a hardline Jew and may have been connected to the same pro/Soviet group that murdered Gen.Patton.

Spy John Cairncross was to pass drawings of the Spitfire aircraft over to the Russians, who told him,
" we are getting spitfires built finished and delivered to our doorstep free from Churchill"

The Battle of Britian where we are told the few aircraft and men saved Britian is also bull-s#!% and much exaggerated, the fact that the RAF under Churchill Rothschild and Lord Cherwell decided to save the RAF and changed tactics from fighting the German army to bombing with incendiaries German dormitory towns, these towns were largely wooden structures which went up in flames killing thousands of woman and children and refugees fleeing from the bombing.

The Russian spy Kim Philby was to claim Churchill did not want to feed and house huge numbers of German refugees at the wars end and wanted them burnt in their homes.

The cowardice of the RAF in this episode has meant that no medals have ever been issued, the whole thing from start to finish was a major war crime of huge proportions, many bomber crews in particular have expressed regret at their involvement, and the campaign to have a statue in commemoration of the RAF has been seen as very lukewarm.

Sgt K Field.

With thanks to telephone conversations with intell whistleblowers T Stokes, Oleg Bzawski and Mitrokhin archive material.

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