by T Stokes London

HENRY FORD; 'time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving'

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863 during the American civil war, and in 1903 he started the Ford Motor company, and worked with another resident of East Michigan Thomas Edison, on Fords ideas on perfecting the internal combustion engine.

Henry Ford wanted a car that the average man in the street could afford, and like Adolf Hitler after him with the Volkswagen, Henry worked tirelessly on the revolutionary design that was cheap yet functional and produced the Model T in 1908 which sold for £220, this great car was made without major change in many countries for 19 years, and to encourage the project he raised wages across the board and in 1914 paid his workers $5 a day, a terrific wage for that time and the workers loved him and worked hard and reduced the time incurred in the manufacture of each car from 14 hours down to 1 hour 33 minutes, this made Ford one of the worldís richest men.

Those wanting employment had to answer a stringent questionnaire, Ford wanted to capitalize on every manís existing skills, alcoholics and communists were refused but Ford embraced many men with past criminal records into the company. Ford was first to bring in the production line where each man specialized in his own skills and Henry limited the hours his workers could put in, as he said he wanted his people to be able to afford his cars and the time to use them with their families, the more he built the more he could reduce the price.

Henrys slogan with the Model T was;' you can have it in any colour you like as long as itís black'

The Model T was known affectionately as a 'Flivver' or a 'Tin lizzie, and was seen in many silent films of the twenties, Charlie Chaplin who stole Stan Laurels tramp figure was often pictured with a Model T, but Ford himself lived very frugally and felt he looked after his men so well they did not need the communist dominated trade unions, and so was refused loans for expansion by the Jewish banks, Henry vented his anger in the Ford newsletter, this meant problems with the hard left from both communists and Jews even when he built a production facility in Russia, and to allay gossip and attacks from the controlled press, funded his own newspaper the Dearborn Independent, in which he spoke out about what he felt was the Jewish threats from international bankers.

The severe depression of the thirties was to culminate in WWII and Henry who put his factories behind the war effort said; 'I told you so.'

Henry was a family man and urged his workers to join Ford Clubs and learn square dancing and to go weekend camping and socialize with other workers in wholesome American activities.

He also had built a museum and a theme park expressing the best of American history and future technology, this was called the Greenfield Village.

In 1914 in WWI President Wilson was pressured to instigate the Federal Reserve Bank, with the Jewish Bernard Baruch in charge of the war industries board, and in 1915 one of Henrys supporters, a diplomat and clever pacifist, Jewess Rosika Schwimmer brought to Henry secret documentation on German Jewish bankers being behind the war, so Henry brought a team of diplomats, educators and other celebrities to Europe in a charted ship to stop what he called; 'the madness of the war' , and was savaged by the controlled US press.

Henry was very well informed and hit back, and in 1921 the same bankers tried to take the Ford motor company away from Henry, and Henrys pal Thomas Edison an incredible inventor, was to claim the Hollywood Jews stole some of his early patents to start the movie industry, Henry may have been over protective of his own methods factory and patents, but the Jews had their revenge and got the laws changed and new motoring tax laws brought in which killed off the Model T with its 2-9 litre 20-BHP engine being specifically targeted.

Henry claimed that the Federal Reserve was a huge scam and that Americans should always have control of their own finances, or the day would come when the public would be robbed and dragged into a series of disastrous wars.

T Stokes London

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