I AM AN American

by Nazmin

I am lucky enough to be in work and on my daily drive in to the workplace I see more and more people unemployed sleeping in tents in the park or just walking the streets, people in real trouble.

I am an American and I care about these people, I don’t care whether Iran wants to nuclear power its electric or not, I care about my own people I care that kids are hungry and cold, and I know from the people I speak to that fellow Americans don’t give a damn about what Israel wants our boys to do for them, our boys should be fighting the wars at home, the wars on hunger unemployment and despair we see on our streets.

I am an American and my young son said “dad what are all those people there” and I ashamed to say “son they are queuing for food stamps".

I care about my people and I am angry that we are spending money and lives abroad that we should be spending at home on our people, what kind of president works harder for people in another country than his own? We are $15 trillion in debt and its growing.

I am an American and I care about my people, not banks not foreign lobbyist’s not more foreign wars and not uncaring crooked lying senators.

I am an American and I see crime increasing as the hopelessness and anger over what has been stolen from my fellow Americans, we don’t care about what goes on in the Mid-East we care about what goes on around our own doorstep and when I see homes boarded up and repossessed by the very same banks that called for the wars I am angry, but where were the voices of those who have had their lives stolen? Are we also going like sheep to the slaughter or are we the people going to speak?

I am an American and I love my people, but by God I hate this government.


Mandy said,

I wasin tears when I read this, I was born and bred a patriot and I will die one, but my loyalties like this writer are to the people, not to the very government who has betrayed us.


Annie said,

I couldn't agree more.We need to take care of our own people before we can help anyone else.All the greedy energy needs to go towards solving our problems. Thanks for the aticle.


rwgrim said,

It is a relief that there are other Americans out there that see this and feel this way. I recently became awake/aware of the consistant and unacceptable behavior of our leaders. They are not held accountable for their criminal acts against the American people. they keep us divided and distracted in a very successful manor. Hope is more Americans are getting to the point where there will be no choice but to bring true American justice to those criminals who pass laws but are not held accountable to the laws they pass. I feel it will take a very ugly period of disruption for us all. God help us!! This article expalined it very well. Unfortuantly for my area (near DC)most people refuse to see the dire state we are in. It saddens my heart.


? said,

I have said for almost 40 years, what is actually going on in Washington D.C. The President and all the rest of the puppets are just jumping and dancing to the whims and wheys of the multi national mega companies that rule the world. It is true that "United We Stand", but if anyone actually got a movement started to make a real change and difference, then they would be suicided and murdered. I am a Disabled American Veteran and would still lay down my life for my Country, but God how I hurt for us all.

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