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by T Stokes London

The pope was attacked recently by a woman said to be mentally unstable at the Vatican, Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was also attacked on Dec 14 in Milan, again by a man said to be mentally unstable.

An Iraqi man Muntadar Al Zaidi, became an overnight hero worldwide when he threw his shoes at George Bush, leading to an auction for the shoes peaking at over 6 million pounds, not bad for a mentally unstable journalist.

Here in Britain, controversial politician Peter Mandelsohn had paint thrown at him by an anti perversion protester and deputy prime minister John Prescott had an egg thrown at him from the crowd and punched an onlooker who laughed at him, also said to be an unemployed unstable farmer.

What these events all have in common is disgust at the corruption of those at the top, and of ordinary people who disagree now being classed as ill or unstable, just as we saw in the old Soviet Union.

Nostradamus said; “The US will be undermined by a mid east power at the height of its power” he names the antichrist as Mabus, which could be an anagram for Ubams or Obama, certainly in biblical numerology the key figures names of Zionism, George walker Bush, Donald Rumsfeldt, Dick Cheney Anthony Blair PM and Ariel Sharon are all 666’s.

Operation Templeman was the closed Vatican inquiry to rout out all the sexually abnormal priest’s in Irish training colleges, all colleges bar one had to close, and today we learn that two more senior Irish Catholic churchmen have had to resign, the financial costs of all this to the church have brought it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. The Fatima children

The Fatima prophecies, said to have been given to 3 children from Portugal in 1917, and were said to be about the hideous scale of death and destruction in W W 1

In 1940 one child, Lucia Los Santos claimed that W W 2 was the second secret, where afterwards for a short period evil will reign triumphant, there has been constant argument over the third secret, and it was said pope Paul II collapsed when he read what it was, and a senior Vatican official was taken off an plane put in an asylum some time back for letting out what he said that secret was.

It has gradually been coming to light that the Church has consistently abused the children in its care, nuns and priests were allowed and even encouraged to dish out the most cruel treatments possible, the church also participated the British government scheme to populate the British commonwealth after the war with white Christian children being shipped out from its orphanages while bringing in black and brown children to fill the gaps.

Catholic orphanages were notorious for the sheer numbers of children secretly sent abroad, the parents often never told where the children went, causing lifelong emotional hardship.

In a remote part of Canada, near the spot where Winston Churchill had built a luxurious secret bunker where he would hide if Britain was invaded in WW2, while his people took the brunt of his warlike incompetence, a local scholar has documented the amount of children going missing each year, starting with red Indians, then the US and then Britain, the amount is staggering.

The NWO sponsors through various wealthy people from Ford motors, the BBC, Rockefeller org, supermarket chains and fast food companies, gay parades, gay-days and marches in promotion of homosexuality, even paying for a press campaign for support for homosexual clergymen in the press, yet have flatly refused to sponsor heterosexual marches or family events.

The Guernsey Orphanage recently in the news for finding children’s bones, was known to both the authorities and the church, informers also told of senior figures taking boys out for weekend away, allegedly involved were ex prime minister Edward Heath and Sir Anthony Blunt, Blunt like the queens ex butler George Kidd, were even said to have taken boys to tea with the queen mother.

Some 15 years ago a young homeless teenage lad arrested for stealing in a corner shop, told London police special branch of having to meet men on Hampstead Heath for sex, and named several top people including well known politicians and a mr. clean grannies favourite pop star, and of men coming to the local children’s home and befriending the young boys.

The liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe was found not guilty at his trial some years back, the lawyers believed if he went down he would take the cream of society with him.

The third Fatima secret according to a priest historian with clearance for the huge underground Vatican archives, is who is said to have collaborated with actor Mel Gibson on a recent religious film said quote: ”the coming period to 2012 is believed by many to involve a spiritual quickening, where people will think for themselves and turn away from, and in some cases overthrow criminal organizations and even governments”

Publisher Robert Maxwell was listened into by various Intel organizations, at his home in Headingham Hall, his workplace and his yacht, one of the senior men on listening duty, told me this is something he heard just before Maxwell’s financial empire crashed and it puzzled him “I am about to pull off the biggest scam since we set up a carpenters son as god and got people to pay him money ever since”

The third Fatima secret I believe like several other people is that the Church will collapse under the weight of the perversion in its priesthood.

T Stokes London

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Montmorency said:

Robert Maxwell lived here:


i.e. Headington Hill Hall, and not the name you mentioned.


T said:

He did indeed live there, I think I said so but may have spelt the houses name wrong, and I was one of many who listened in to phone calls in and out, there was also a close friend who worked with the decorating team on the house who was also monitoring a dangerous man for western democracy.
I am writing from memory from events a long while back, and in the autumn of my life feel strongly that there are some things which should be in the public domain.
Thank you T

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