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by T Stokes London

As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport” - King Lear. act 4 sc.1

Just as we cannot access the truth on 9/11 or 7-7-7 the Lusitania story is also held in the fog of propaganda.

One of the sister ships to the Titanic, the great luxury liner the Lusitania, the worlds largest ship at the time, was leaving New York on May 1st 1915 on its journey to Liverpool, when it was sunk by a U-20 German submarine piloted by Kapitan Walter Schwieger, or was it ?

Captain, Walter Schweiger and his U-20 sub that sank the Lusitania

Voltaire said; ” history is a lie commonly agreed on."

May 1st is a special date in Illuminati archives as the day of Baal/Beltane the devils day, also chosen to celebrate athiest Russia’s revolution, by its founders the same U.S banking cartels that fund American and British war efforts.

I first heard this story version many years ago from a senior freemason in London at the Hackney retired Seamen’s Mission, this man‘s father was present at Churchill’s initiation at age 26, much other relevant info was given in exchange for a large bottle of Scotch whisky.

Many years of research says to me this is true.

The Lusitania’s sinking created outrage, that a passenger ship would be sunk, and was a determining factor in bringing in the U.S.A onto Britain’s side in W.W.1

The real story has yet to be told.

Pearl harbour and 9/11 were staged theatre pieces, and so was the Lusitania sunk with the same Illuminati game plan.

Captain William Turner

The ships Captain, William Turner had shown himself to be fearless, rescuing a man and a boy from a sinking ship and other acts of heroism, he could also obey orders to the letter, but he was not a popular figure with Cunard Shipping, who felt that a ships captain should also have people skills to entertain the passengers in route. Capt. Turner was the son of a sea captain, yet lacked these skills, and was uncomfortable and silent, and would avoid travelling company.

Poorly educated and leaving school aged 8, his family wanted him to enter the church because he was a superstitious man who bought a brand new bowler hat before each voyage, and was jokingly referred to as “Captain Bowler.”

The ship Lusitania was sunk off the Irish coast on May 7th 1915, the inquest damned the experienced pilot of the Lusitania, Captain William Turner, for not following the established defensive custom of avoiding the U. Boats that gathered in the shallow waters off the Irish coast, in fact he almost ran into them, despite knowing in advance where they lay.

The inquest also stated that although the Lusitania could outrun the subs, it was going at a much slower pace, and not zig-zagging as Admiralty practise dictated in its orders, especially as the destroyer escort H.M.S. Juno had been strangely instructed to abandon the Lusitania some while previously.

Winston Churchill was in charge at the Admiralty, the intelligence received by him and Lord Rothschild his mentor and financial benefactor, also had access to all the admiralty documentation and his war team pointed to the fact that the many German émigrés to America had been effective in keeping America out of the war.

The worry to Churchill was simply that the U.S.A would remain an isolationist, or worse although America could swing either way, it may yet support Germany.

So a plot was hatched by Churchill a 33rd degree mason, in the naval Masonic lodge, and Admiralty H.Q. with the bosses of Cunard, and the War Dept. to sacrifice Capt. William Turner, the Lusitania, and 1198 crew and passengers.

The passenger ship that was barred form carrying any armaments, would be loaded with both heavy and light armaments and ammunition, within sight of the many German dock workers.

This plan to load weaponry was known to be reported back to the German embassy, which it was. The German reply was to place advertisements in the newspapers of the U.S.A and repeat the warnings to both governments of the ships vulnerability and that any ships carrying weapons would be classed as warships, British and U.S forces officially dismissed this as scaremongering.

Churchill planned the sinking of several ships, among them the H.M.S Hampshire and the Lusitania, counting on American feelings being high, yet the U.S authorities were in on it, but like Pearl harbour and 9/11 it suited their purposes to turn a blind eye.So Capt. William Turner was under orders to continue with the voyage, even though the destroyer escort was recalled, he was told to go slow, his path was plotted by the Admiralty to put the ship ”in direct danger” is the word used in Admiralty documents.

Naval apologists have suggested that the captain may not have known of the weapons on board, but the first mate not only knew, but was issued with a side arm, so if he knew why not captain William Turner?

Certainly statements by a New York celebrity, Mrs. E. Jacobs say many in the Jewish community knew that it contained weapons and would be sunk. The single page cargo manifest was signed by Capt. Turner, but a supplementary cargo manifest 24 pages long was produced after sailing time, this caused a row with the harbourmaster.This 24 page cargo manifest was destroyed in the mass culling of incriminating war documents pulled together from various sources in the 1960’s.

Much other incriminating documentation was shredded 2 years ago on the orders of Tony Blair, be assured it contained a list of light to very heavy weaponry.

The ship went down in under 18 minutes from one German torpedo, one torpedo was seen as giving long enough for the passengers and crew to reach the lifeboats, yet we are told from the very few survivors that after impact, a huge explosion occurred on board, away- from the point of impact.

It was always the intention of the Churchill/Rothschild alliance that the Lusitania would be a sacrifice to bring in the U.S.A to join the British war effort against Germany.

Underwater explorer and investigator, the highly reputable Robert Ballard is alleged to have told a reporter with intelligence back-grounding, that the ship wreck he saw on the seabed, had a small torpedo entry hole, but significant and unconnected explosive damage which had sunk the ship.The inference from this and other info, being controlled explosions on board was designed to insure the ship sunk, similar to the 9/11 tragedy.

Rothschild, whose banks loaned the British the finances for all wars at colossal interest rates, was part of a syndicate with J.P Morgan who was threatening to buy up all the North Atlantic shipping lines including Britain’s White Star, so the Lusitania would have been rendered useless anyway.

In 1903 Cunard boss Lord Inverclyde took the threats seriously and lobbied the Balfour administration for a £2’6 million loan to build the Lusitania and the Mauritania, Britain agreed to pay the annual sum of £150,000 to keep the ships available for war, and herein lies the key to the Titanic which did not actually hit an iceberg, it was steered at full speed into one! Jewish socialites Mr and Mrs Adelman, joined J P Morgan in cancelling their trip on the Titanic at the last moment, after a tip off.

It has been suggested that passengers Isa Struss,Ben Guggenheim and John Astor all oposed the Rothschild plan for the the federal reserve.Rothschild lobbied against Germany for some considerable time previously, while Nathan Rothschild plotted the downfall of the Russian royal family and the revolution, confiscating the Romanov wealth and bank accounts, critics have said that Rothschild representatives planned the war to bring about their plans for profit and world government.

Rothschild would have followed the rule that “profit is all," the same Hebrew root word is behind the terms for both god and money- “shekels and Shekinah” which explains the money worship.

Churchill and the Rothschild syndicate, planned to push the German authorities in every way into sinking the Lusitania.

This is known in intelligence circles slang as a “dangle”

T Stokes

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