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by T Stokes London

The death of Kenneth James the head of the British chemical warfare dept for W W II on December 30 2010, has unleashed a lot of information about how much the Churchill government were prepared to break international law in their war on Germany, even going as far if Germany invaded England to murder all British village and town policemen, and council leaders.

Kenneth James

The Times, British newspaper of May 13 2009, published the story, long denied by the establishment, that a large communist spy cell existed at Oxford before and during W.W.II, concurrently with the well known Cambridge ring of traitors, Philby, Blunt Burgess etc. The Times article claimed that KGB Agent Scott, who was in fact a senior civil servant named Arthur Wynn, who ran a few friends for communism, but this is not the case.

The super-spy Ruth Cohen Werner from 1941 was radioing huge amounts of data from Oxford to Moscow, she exploited lonely senior men away from home in the armed forces, Civil Service and the political system, Arthur Martins hand written records from M I 5 reveal she was behind Klaus Fuchs who gave Nuclear secrets to Moscow, and possibly intell chief Roger Hollis among a host of others.

The recent Litvinov murder, occurred after was taken very ill after eating at a fish restaurant in London, and died soon after, but this has happened before in identical circumstances.

In 1995, John Costello was a 53 year old investigative writer, with deep links into the underground S & M scene, stumbled on and was about to publish a landmark book on one of the most explosive topics since W.W. II. John had threatened to expose the Soviet spy rings at Oxford universities, this would rival the Cambridge homosexual/communist rings of Burgess Maclean, Filby, Blunt etc.

Costello, A best selling author and historian with book titles such as,“The K.G.B secrets the British government does not want you to read” and “The Pacific war “which is regarded as perhaps the best written book on the subject, which was followed by “D-day”, “Jutland” and in 1977 “The battle of the Atlantic” and “Deadly illusions” co-written with several senior K.G.B operatives.

His biggest success was “The Mask of Treachery” which unearthed much information about the activities of Sir Anthony Blunt, from his contemporaries and fellow travellers, only a small portion of this was included, after his publishers were afraid of being accused of anti-semitism.

John was fearless in approaching U S Israeli and Soviet sources. He managed to successfully sort fact from fiction, which meant he would continually cross check with the U.S freedom of information act, and intell operatives themselves, from such sources as the B.B.C which had a policy of employing pro-soviets in the thirties, to the hard line Jews of Poland who were such a major factor in bringing Britain in to the war in 1939, remember Poland was divided between Germany and Russia, Winston Churchill insured that while we used the invasion of Poland as an excuse for war, the Russians were allowed to plunder their half unhindered.

John numbered among his informants, documents from a senior Rabbi from Krakow, superspies Oleg Tsarev and Ruth Werner, alias Ursula kuczinsky codenamed ( Sonia) and info from Flora Solomons, who claimed as did J Edgar Hoover that the world Jewish underground supported the Soviet cause up to, and throughout W.W.II

After the collapse of the Berlin wall, many Soviet spies came clean to ingratiate themselves, and it was Ruth who confessed to servicing the Oxford spies for Russia in the thirties under the noses of the British, how Claus Fuch was allowed to take way armfuls of papers each day from the Atomic Energy commissions research institute at Harwell, and of the separate American Jewish spy rings at Los Alamos as confirmed by Alexander Shelepin containing over 100 agents.

Ruth also told John of the secret bug in Harold Wilson’s black brogues that caused such panic in the mid sixties.

John Costello’s knowledge of Soviet penetrations and techniques could only have come from several people at the top of the intelligence world, on both sides. But on a tip from the Jewish underground he questioned Ruth Werner, Britain had cracked the secret German codes, we were reading everything, and John was asking that as we obviously knew about the Jews in the camps, why were the wealthy Jewish banking syndicates that funded the war remained silent and forbidding any action ?

Remember Rothschild had the highest security clearance alongside Churchill, it was Rothschild who brought in “Regulation B” which was immediate incarceration for anyone the banking cartels did not like for the duration of the war, and was used to silence the outspoken chief of naval intelligence Admiral Barry Domville, among others.

John Costello became ill after complaining of stomach pain after eating shellfish at a Spanish restaurant, 36 hours later while aboard a British Airways flight to Miami, he was found slumped in his seat, and immediately certified as dead.

Preliminary tests by the Dade county Florida medical examiner were inconclusive, and ordered extensive toxicology reports. The author of 10 spy books, was about to finish “The feast of scorpions” an explosive book on how the Oxford universities allowed the Soviets to recruit, as they did in Cambridge, and why the Rothschild’s clan allowed the sacrifice of the “Schnorrers” ( Jewish beggars ) as the rich and important all escaped.

His literary agent John Hawkins supplied additional information that points to what Soviet medical researchers at the K.G.B call a “biopoison” that is a poison that is administered in 2 parts, one part taken, disguised in shellfish is not unusual, and the other at a later auspicious time where they mix in the stomach, and over several hours the poison takes effect, and the person dies.

If it was murder who killed him ?

The British were made to look fools after whole intelligence departments served the Soviet cause for decades, and altered the whole course of W.W.II and would not want yet more info from reaching the public of incompetence and scandal.
The U.S.A. to prevent Ruth Werner’s testimony of how the Roosevelt administration contained so many Russian sympathisers.
The Jews themselves to protect the real causes for the war.
Or maybe the Soviets who wanted no new light shed on old crimes.

T Stokes London

Collated from many sources over 40 years
S J Hamrick
Venona archive
A climate of treason-Andrew Boyle

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