Multiculturalism: The Truth

by Kevin Field

When the Czar of Russia refused Rothschild permission to bring in his usurous banking system to Russia, Jewish agitation began in earnest and before long the Czar and his family were under great threat as the 1917 revolution began, the British Royal Family were closely related to the Russian Royal Family and wanted them to escape to England, Rothschild forbid this, and shortly after the Russian Royals were murdered and had their huge bank accounts in Paris and London confiscated, thus began what many historians call the Jewish revolution.

Experts tell us the Soviet regime was responsible since 1917 of killing 70 million of their own people and every one a Christian, the Katyn forest murders too were all the Polish intelligentsia and also Christian.

What the history books do not tell us is that when Hitler came to power determined to stop the Soviet communist take overs he got much support from US financiers and industrialists such as Henry Ford, Prescott Bush and others, in Britian Neville Chamberlain instigated a secret 4 year study of Hitler's aims and goals and determined like the Americans, that Hitler was not a threat to anybody except Russia and therefore should be supported.

Hitler wanted to gather the Germanic peoples that were scattered after the Versailles treaty after W W 1 as a bulwark against communism and this he began to do, but Hitlerís big crime was to take away the money creation away from the bankers, and Germany became very prosperous without the parasitic bankers, it was the only time the world has ever seen a country with full employment, Hitler told the Jews to leave Germany and many came to New York and London to then agitate for another world war.

When German forces marched into Russia, many people there felt they were being saved from Soviet communism, and the oppressed Christian communities had to be given mass propaganda to then see them as the enemy.

There is confusion over what constitutes a Nazi and many say this is a NAtional Socialist, but the Soviet archivist Vasili Mitrokhin told me that it was corrupted from followers of Jesus of NAZereth, or NAZerites, Jews have always hated Christians, and the destruction of Germany and its Anglo Saxon peoples has been such a high priority that the Soviet soldiers were told to rape as many German women as they could to spoil the eugenics tables and leave them with foreign children, a similar gentler policy was brought in to Britian after W W II where such a succession of foreign peoples were brought in, that unofficial figures show there are more foreign peoples here now than British nationals.

Successive British governments have instigated this enormous hate crime on their own people, aided by the deliberate dumbing down of British school leavers who cannot read and write and this was no accident.

Children born after W W II to British women by black US servicemen stationed here while Brits were away fighting a war were called by Social Services IFC " (Illegitimate Foreign Children) " and as quoted recently by Boris Johnson "piccaninnies", racism is a horrid thing, and all British governments have played the race card by deluging the country with a succession of foreign peoples, causing massive ethnic cleansing of their own people, many cities are now almost devoid of English people.

What makes this worse is that our own government says; ďwe have to import in people to work because British people are work-shy lay-aboutsĒ but our own men are ok to send off for spurious wars for the government but not good enough to have jobs?

It is hate statements like this that show just how racist the government is, when opportunities are denied to their own people that they then offer abroad.

This massive immigration into an already overcrowded island is done in most western countries but it is not done in Israel, strange because itís the Jews who promote it so heavily for us?

The forced rape of German women after W W II is little different to what is happening in Britain today, the push to mix up the races and dilute down the Anglo Saxon blood line because these are the true chosen people, how could Jews who commit Palestinian genocide on a daily basis and commit false flag terror attacks and hate crimes all over the world be people of God? Similarly British people are told they are a bastard race of all different peoples, but the Genealogical Society who trace back family trees say for a 1000 years Brits were Anglo Saxons the same blood line as Germany, itís only since the end of W W II that this has occurred.

The Marxist rule that all property is theft and belongs to the state, is confirmed by the Marxist rule that; ďto steal a manís past is to steal his future " and British people have their past stolen by governments who lie to them about who they are, the Anglo Saxons are the true chosen race, the Christian people of God, and when Hitler offered us freedom from the Jew bankers, it was because he knew this.

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