Myths on Parade —
The Lies of 9/11 Imposed Yet Again on the American Psyche

This weekend marks the 11th anniversary of the atrocity known collectively as “9/11.”  This murderous crime against humanity, which was the catalyst for our invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and ultimately the rest of the Middle East, as well as the imposition of both Gestapo-style enabling acts known euphemistically as “The Patriot Acts I and II”  was also used as justification to support the latest gutting of our Bill of Rights by President Obama. 

This newest Obama approved assault on our freedom is known as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and the rational for it can be traced directly back to the supposed attack on the Word Trade Center by “A-rab” terrorists.  Interesting that we were told originally by President George Bush that we were attacked because the terrorists despised our freedoms  Therefore it must make some sort of convoluted logic in the twisted brains of the faceless lawyers and bureaucrats who take their orders from the invisible financiers who run our world, to destroy the last vestiges of our freedom with the NDAA. 

Thanks to President Obama, who signed it in the dead of night at the nadir of an old news cycle, this act now “lawfully” allows kidnapping (renditions), extra-judicial indefinite “civil” confinements (eliminating that picky requirement for the statement of charges or the presentation of the names of one’s accusers), torture, and the permanent “disappearance” of any American citizen (or any one else around the world) whenever The President determines that such an operation is in our “national interest.”  This, apparently, is how we respond governmentally to the “attack” on our freedoms — our government finds yet more ways to “legally” strip U.S. citizens of even more of their rights in their glorious “fight” in the “War on Terror”!

How ironic that the main elements of this terror and degradation — from TSA genital groping and X-ray scanners which radiate us causing genetic and cellular damage in the process — to the dossiers of all our credit card purchases, book purchases, travel itineraries, library selections and the recording of all our phone conversations, internet e-mails, faxes, and internet searches — all of this formerly private information is now the “fruit” of our government’s “struggle” to …. wait for it…. “…. preserve our freedoms!”   This twisted logic is the equivalent to that classic comment made by an American general during the VietNam war — “….we had to destroy that village in order to save it…”.   For in reality, the U.S. government, not the so-called “terrorists”, have so thoroughly gutted the freedoms enshrined in The Bill of Rights that we now find we are living within the bowels of a rapidly solidifying, putrid  police state.   But then again, what should we expect from a former president (Bush) who lovingly described The Constitution of the United States  as  “…..that God-damned piece of paper….”.

Of course, what really makes this irony so rich and thick is that the official U.S. Government explanation of what supposedly happened on 9/11 is the true conspiracy fairy tale that they have warned us against swallowing, and yet this government fairy tale is promoted via every conceivable media outlet at their disposal — from cable channels like the History Channel and Nat Geo, to radio and television “specials” and printed anniversary remembrances and special edition magazines.

For those who truly want to digest the intricacies of the lies and deceptions surrounding 9/11, I can recommend no better guide than the incredible analysis by investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn and his book, “Solving 9/11–The Deception that Changed the World.”   For a more concise view of the real perpetrators behind 9/11, I would refer you to Dr. Alan Sobrosky, former director of the U.S. Army War College in Monterey, California.  Or if you should truly wish a detailed account of all the lies, distortions and anomalies surrounding the attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, I might also suggest you peruse my article posted 10/17/11 entitled “The Bloody Coincidences of 9/11.”

For those who have a technical bent and prefer their facts presented scientifically, I can think of no better authority than Richard Gage, Architect, (A.I.A.)., and his organization “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, an organization which is composed of over 1700 architects who have put their names and reputations on the line to state that the collapse of buildings One, Two and Seven at The World Trade Center were a physical impossibility from simple airplane strikes and resultant fires.   Of interest to the layman is the fact that all WTC buildings were designed to withstand MULTIPLE airplane strikes from trans-continental four-engined fully fueled aircraft without structural failure; a fact often overlooked by nearly every investigator, yet readily obtainable should one wish to abstract the building parameters publicly postulated by the World Trade Center building’s architects.

Probably the most fascinating website disputing the official government fairy tale is “Pilots for 9/11 Truth.”  Since twin engine jet airliners supposedly plowed into the World Trade Center, as well as The Pentagon, it is utterly fascinating to read the testimony of experienced pilots with decades of flight time who claim, regarding the World Trade Center crashes, that no commercial airplane they ever flew could make the sharp turns and descents these novice pilots were supposed to have made without initiating structural failure of their aircraft.  Or how these novice pilots, who could barely pilot a simple single engine Cessna, somehow felt comfortable sitting behind the complex cockpit and controls of a huge passenger jet.  Or how these inexperienced pilots — none of whom ever passed from visual to instrument certification–could somehow navigate to their targets in New York and Washington, DC!

Even more telling is the evidence that the various passenger jet flights which were supposed to have crashed into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon were still aloft long after their supposed demise.  The story of two of these planes landing in a remote section of Cleveland’s international airport is utterly fascinating (see multiple YouTube features).

But if these planes did not strike the World Trade Centers, or the Pentagon, then what did strike these buildings?  The answer is stunningly simple:  guided missiles!

Of course, I can hear the howls of incredulity from nearly everyone reading the prior sentence.  Impossible, you say.  We all “saw” the airplanes strike the World Trade Centers 1 and 2.  The Pentagon has even released 4 still frames of the airliner striking The Pentagon.  How could such a seemingly absurd statement be true?  Great question;  now here is the ugly truth:  all 3 buildings (WTC 1 & 2 and The Pentagon) were struck by remote control missiles which used homing devices to unerringly guide their deadly warheads to initiate the destruction of these buildings.

All the videos that you “saw” and I “saw” were transmitted electronically, correct?  That is to say, neither you nor I nor most people on this planet were at ground zero during the attack against the World Trade Centers or The Pentagon.  We were at home or at work or at play, living our lives.  We relied on “The Media” (television and newspapers) to deliver the graphic images of 9/11 to our perceptions.  The truth is that every image we all “saw” — that is, all of us who were not at “ground zero” at 9/11, had to, by necessity, receive these “images” via television or print media.   And all of these images were computer enhanced and generated to show airliners striking the Twin Towers, from the impact of the second aircraft, (including that impressive silhouette of the airplane embedded in the side of the building after impact), to the staged French film crew, who just happened to be shooting a documentary in the area and captured the airliner striking the WTC.


How can this be proven?  Simple.  YouTube years ago once featured  a video of a family of four, flying above New York Harbor in a sight-seeing helicopter during the WTC attack.  This video on Youtube (since removed) was shot inside the helicopter as it hovered near the World Trade Centers.   You can clearly see a tubular missile without wings — not a plane — flying right into one of the World Trade Centers, and then the subsequent explosion.  This was footage that was not able to be “doctored” by the wizards of our covert government.  Unfortunately, tho not surprisingly, it is no longer available on YouTube.

Also once available on YouTube, but now removed, was a video proving that all television images from the supposed “live” broadcast of the attack on the World Trade Center were sent (on feed) with a 17 second real time delay.  This delay was a part of our covert black government’s bag of tricks which would allow their manipulators a span of 17 seconds to cover any visual incongruities.  Despite this, during one of the earliest supposedly “live” broadcasts of the second jet impacting the WTC, you can “see” the plane strike the side of the building and then you see the jet plane’s nose — COMPLETELY INTACT AND UNCRUSHED — exit the other side of the building!   Then you can see that the video crawl, which is the information band always located at the bottom quarter of the screen,  is mysteriously and hastily jerked up to the middle of the screen to camouflage the INTACT nose cone of the “jet aircraft” as it supposedly emerges from the other side of the building.  This is utterly damning evidence.

Altho this sensational video has also disappeared from YouTube, you can still see this video on YouTube ( and at 3.57 to 4:30, you can see the fake computer animation we were told is the 2nd plane striking the WTC.  You will note that the plane enters one side of the building and then its nose magickally appears –TOTALLY INTACT — as it exits the other side of The World Trade Center!  Quite a trick!  Quite a physical impossibility!

But what about the “eye witnesses”?  Again, disgustingly simply.  Nearly all the national network “eye witnesses”  to the jet plane “impacts” were professional “plants.”  They were paid stooges who were used to “verify” the jet plane impacts into the building, supposedly because they saw these jets fly into the buildings with their own eyes.  This is especially true of one of the first “witnesses” — a young male wearing a Harley-Davidson T-shirt — who beautifully rattled off a picture-perfect description of the first jet impact into the structure.  He was as convincing as the government official who, interviewed less than 10 minutes after the first plane struck the tower, intimated that it looked like an attack by that nasty A-rab, Osama bin Laden.  You know, that same bin-Laden who had formerly been on the CIA payroll as one “Tim Osman” during the Afghanistan War with Russia.  In fact, it was this same bin Laden family with whom the Bushes — that is, both Presidents — had over a 20 year business relationship with; the same bin Laden family whose members were flown out of the U.S. on 4 passenger jets booked for them and their convenience by Michael Chertoff, Head of our “Home-Land Security”, when no other passenger planes were allowed to fly anywhere over the United States the day after 9/11.

Want more proof?  The compressor fans seen at the World Trade Center were impossibly small to have come from either of the passenger jets that supposedly struck the World Trade Center; but they were the perfect diameter for a cruise missile.   The “passenger jet” that struck the Pentagon?  Yet another cruise missile, and the same size compressor was also found — the wrong size and diameter for a passenger jet, but the perfect diameter for a cruise missile, lying on the Pentagon lawn.  And they found only one compressor fan, not two!

But what of the “photos” of the passenger jet striking the Pentagon released by our government?  Surely, that “proves” that one of the passenger jets struck the Pentagon?  No… it proves just the opposite.  Consider this:  The Pentagon was surrounded by 87 video surveillance cameras.  Our “government” has released only FOUR frames from ONE of these cameras, conveniently “restricting” as classified all the other video footage from the other 86 cameras!  Now why should they do that?  Why should they censor these other videos if the other 86 cameras would simply do nothing more than verify the original government fairy tale of a plane striking The Pentagon?  Because the simple answer — and the Truth — is that the other 86 cameras would prove that what struck the Pentagon was NOT a passenger jet; otherwise, why censor and restrict the footage from 86 other sources if they could verify the government’s fairy tale???  What is there to hide?  The Truth!

And what of the actual four frames from that one video camera that were released supposedly showing a jet striking the Pentagon?  Here is the fatal error for the government’s multi-layered lies.  The tail section of the passenger jet which allegedly struck The Pentagon is 72 feet tall.  The photo which purportedly shows the impact spark of the passenger jet striking The Pentagon’s wall also shows that the object in the photo has NO TAIL.  If this were truly four frames showing a passenger jet striking the Pentagon in slow motion, that huge tail would be clearly visible.

Moreover, the engine cores of these jets  — the compressors and engines — are completely missing at both the World Trade Centers and The Pentagon.  This is hardened metal made to withstand thousands of degrees of temperature, yet they supposedly vaporized on impact with both buildings — unless, of course, they were never there to begin with.  Yet their compressor fans — fans which were several feet too small to serve as the compressor turbine blades from passenger jets –  survived and were photographed.

Moreover, not one single airplane part from either the WTC or The Pentagon was ever identified by serial numbers, even tho most major and minor structural parts bear serial numbers which link them to a specific aircraft or air frame.  For some reason, our government never thought to list these parts, which are a normal aspect of any other aircraft accident investigation…. except for the non-investigation rendered upon these very important non-existent “aircraft.”

Regarding the attack on The Pentagon, it has always struck me as absurd that a pilot whose only experience is flying single engine Cessna trainers, and who apparently wished to to fly his hijacked jet into The Pentagon, would do it in such a way that would utterly defy the laws of aviation and physics.  Consider, if you will, that if you somehow grant that the pilot of the supposed passenger jet which flew into The Pentagon wanted to crash into it, why not simply be satisfied with diving into The Pentagon from above at an oblique angle of attack?  Instead, we are told that the pilot of this plane leveled it off parallel to the ground from more than 1/4 mile away or more, and then flew it directly into the wall of the Pentagon (the only wall of the building which had mysteriously been structurally reinforced a few months prior) at an acute right angle — in other words, this Cessna pilot flew perfectly parallel into The Pentagon with his plane just 5 feet off the ground at full throttle, and then that same plane, with a nose cone that must have been made of forged vanadium steel, pierced a 16 foot diameter hole thru THREE WALLS of concrete and rebar structural steel.   Then that magick nose cone completely disappeared, as did the twin engines of the aircraft, and the wings, fuselage, tail, landing gear (which, like the engines, are hardened steel parts which always survive any crash), and dead passengers.

Now if you are still gullible enough to accept the governments fantasy scenario, consider what “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” have to say about it.  Even forgetting that the steep banked dive and turn to place the plane parallel to the ground to strike The Pentagon at a 90 degree angle is considered beyond the structural limits of the aircraft, consider that if the plane somehow survived what experienced pilots say is not possible, these same pilots insist it is physically impossible to fly a plane at normal jet aircraft speeds (535 miles per hour) at 5 feet above the ground, for the simple reason that “ground effects” — the air rushing under the wings of the craft at that speed — would cause a cushion of air under the craft, which would push the craft upwards.  To put it another way, the dead level trajectory of a jet flying 5 feet above the ground could not be maintained; the jet would rise dramatically, and not stay absolutely dead level to the ground before impact.  However, flying flat dead  level and parallel to the ground is considered normal for a guided missile strike.

For those naive souls who still think our government would not lie or deceive us, may I point out that the numerous video broadcasts of a supposed Osama bin Laden were later revealed to be U.S. government manufactured fakes; a form of psychological operations (psyops) against the minds of American citizens.
As anyone familiar with terrorists knows, they immediately claim credit for any terrorist act in order to heighten their credibility, power and legitimacy within their own sphere of influence.  Strange, then, that Osama bin Laden twice publicly denied any connection whatsoever with the atrocity perpetrated at The World Trade Centers and The Pentagon.

Of course, the story behind this little episode is also revealing, for after December of 2001, there were never any other videos from Osama bin Laden.  That is because the real Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure in December of 2001.  That is why all supposed transmissions after this date were always audio tapes — because Osama bin Laden was already DEAD, and our intelligence agencies could find no one to convincingly play him after their first attempt to do so on video was spotted as a hoax.

Again, gullible souls will start claiming that our brave President Obama gave the order to kill Osama bin Laden, and that he was recently killed by our special forces when they invaded his compound.  So sorry, but the hapless soul who was killed recently was not Osama bin Laden, but a poor stooge who had been set up to live in that location and used as cannon fodder to provide our valiant President Obama with the ability to point to the “gutsy call” he made to order this man’s execution.  That is also why this poor stooge’s body was dumped at sea…. no evidence to the contrary!

Still not convinced?  Benazir Bhutto was killed because she had revealed publicly that Osama bin Laden had already died (from kidney failure) and would not conceal her knowledge.  Osama bin Laden’s death in late 2001 explains George Bush II’s transition towards the capture of bin Laden –  from the clown cowboy sheriff ready to ride out and hang the bad guy to a total lackadaisical non-committal response when asked by the press about the capture of bin Laden only a few years later.

Altho bin Laden was dead by December of 2001, it was necessary to keep the bin Laden boogeyman alive and on
the back burner of America’s consciousness, to be trotted out via CIA manufactured audio tapes whenever an election loomed.  The perfect opportunity to use Boogeyman bin Laden occurred when Donald Trump began to insist on Barack Hussein Obama’s production of his original long form birth certificate.  The raid on the supposed bin Laden compound happened at the height of that news cycle, effectively defusing Trump’s quest to prove Obama’s illegitimacy.

Now, does it begin to all make sense?

What I have enumerated above are just a few of the glaring errors the government wishes we would just simply forget — just like they would like us to forget all the freedoms they have circumscribed and gutted from The Bill of Rights.  The want docile little sheep led by the TSA molesters to mold our values so that we will gradually come to accept any government intrusion into any orifice of our mind and body.  Yet the love of freedom still burns brightly at the core of all true Americans, and those of us who can still think will never accept and never forget who the real villains are behind the murder of nearly 3,000 innocents on that horrific day in New York City, nor the millions of innocents murdered, killed, maimed and crippled in the fabricated “War on Terror” we have imposed on the peoples of the Middle East in order to more easily plunder their oil and minerals, and keep the opium crops and heroin trade alive and well for the international bankers, the black budgets of our intelligence agencies and their well-lubricated lackeys in Congress.


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