No one can believe that Jimmy Savile was abusing kids on an almost daily basis and getting away with it for almost 60 years.

The BBC, Childline, the NSPCC the children’s Minister and Rupert Murdoch should all be in the dock for conspiring to keep this silent, what may be interesting is that Jews number 1% of the population but held all the posts running these organizations, were they just deaf to peoples complaints? Jimmy himself is on record as saying he has killed people, just what did he mean by this?

In the UK it is estimated more than 140,000 children go missing every year. That is one every three minutes.

The sad case of Madeleine McCann – snatched from a holiday apartment in Portugal, on May 3, 2007 – has highlighted the plight of these missing children.

A new free helpline and website – 116 000 and – was recently launched, and Maddie’s mum Kate McCann was among those attending a Downing Street reception to mark the launch.

Also present was Lady Catherine Meyer, founder of Parents And Abducted Children Together (PACT)

Every 3 minutes a child goes missing in the UK, this is an awful statistic and people should be shouting from the rooftops. The constant demands for a National missing kids data base is constantly refused, so one police force usually does not know a child has gone missing in another county.

The one child every 3 minutes in the UK statistic was developed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre ( CEOP) using the latest figures, which does include teenage runaways parental abductions of children, kidnaps and unexplained disappearances.

In Delhi India in July 2012 it was stated that 14 children go missing each day in that one city alone , figures available are roughly half boys and half girls and it must be said many of these children do turn up later unharmed.

In Palestine the Israeli IDF attack villages at the dead of night and take away many children which are not seen again, the broadcaster Moshe Solomons claimed on radio that some of these kids are used in Israeli brothels and some are killed for their bodily organs and some are eaten.

Operation Radium was the eradication of 120 foreign run British brothels in the area of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk by Chief Constable Julie Spence, these brothels had women, girls and boys forced to service clients while the Soviet bloc mafia criminals lived luxuriously in local big houses and committing other crimes like credit card cloning, running gambling dens and drug pushing. The service also worked by personal visits or you could ring a number and have women or boys delivered to your door with a rather large driver/minder.

David Icke has shown that while Savile lived in Scotland, child killers Fred West Peter Tobin and Robert Black all lived in Scotland at the same time, maybe coincidence? or maybe not. There are suggestions that heat seeking cameras should be used for bodies around Saviles Scottish home, and this I think would put peoples mind to rest one way or another, but in all these cases the police ineptitude seems colossal, apart from Chief Constable Julie Spence who ignored political correctness and closed the brothels down around the Queens estate at Sandringham.

The British media newspapers and the BBC has been mounting a damage limitation exercise to hide the fact that Savile also abused boys, as the powers that be have been promoting homosexuality for some time and have airbrushed out this fact from public view.

There is evidence on the net which claims Savile had the keys to all rooms and wards at 3 hospitals, one porter has said that Savile would take bodies into the morgue and lock himself in, while another witness alleges he would carry well wrapped large parcels to the hospital incinerator, saying it was his rubbish from home, the question must be asked, were these parcels body parts?

Saviles closeness to royalty is also a strange one as anyone meeting the royals is first vetted by the police, particularly as savile was friends with royal butler Paul Kidd who was pals with Sydney Cooke and Sir Anthony Blunt both Kidd and Blunt took young boys to tea with the queen mother, what possessed this woman to allow known pedophiles to bring young boys to tea with her? and we assume no one told her the results of their security vetting and that these men were involved in child trafficking and illicit sex.

The bottom line is, could this happen again? we could start by withholding our TV licenses to the BBC until they clean up their act, exactly as said by campaigner Mary Whitehouse 35 years ago.

We regularly see needless violence in murder progs each night of the week and in every case it’s always a woman murdered, we see homosexuality pushed in our faces even in children’s programmes, the question must be asked how many other Jimmy Saviles are out there, and just pray for the missing children.

T Stokes London

Nearer My God To Thee - André Rieu

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Inducker said-
Is it the intention of this site to be homophobic? This section; 'The British media newspapers and the BBC has been mounting a damage limitation exercise to hide the fact that Savile also abused boys, as the powers that be have been promoting homosexuality for some time and have airbrushed out this fact from public view' is quite offensive. I very much support sites like this seeking to expose such vile crimes but the tone is dissapointingly homophobic.


John said-
The intention of this site is to bring the news and information they don't want YOU to know about to YOU; as far as Mr. Stokes goes I don't see anywhere in this report of HIS he is being homophobic. As far as Child-Molesting-Phobic I would say I definitely am and believe Mr. Stokes to be also; this is what this report is about; bringing to light just how serious this problem is. '140,000 children go missing every year'-'Every 3 minutes a child goes missing in the UK'-'In Delhi India in July 2012 it was stated that 14 children go missing each day in that one city alone'. As far as Mr. Stokes writing ('as the powers that be have been promoting homosexuality for some time and have airbrushed out this fact from public view') this CAN't be argued, just try and watch TV and see how many minutes before it's in your face and your children's! LEAVE THEM KID's ALONE!!!


T Stokes said-
Thank you for your comment, the famous London psychiatric hospital used to have 3 top psychiatrists whose specialty in sexual malfunctions made them world famous, while I do sympathize with you I would not argue with the experts, I felt this comment was a little heterophobic.


Mick said-
Dear Terry,

Not everybody believes Madeleine McCann was abducted. There is no evidence for it, save for the various descriptions of an abductor given by one eye witness who was a member of the McCanns' group in the resort. While many kids can be described as abducted poor Madeleine can only be described as missing. Dear Terry,



T Stokes said--
I am aware there is several theories about the Maddie Mcann case, whatever the truth of it its still a horrible event, if you are knowledgeable on this please write in an article. Best wishes T


Mandy and James said-
I work as a social worker and this item on missing kids realy hit home and I thought one of the best articles I ever read, fair balanced and factful, this Jimmy Savile was one bad character. Thank you so much for this article and all the others you put up John
Mandy and James


John said-
Thank you Mandy and James,
If there's one thing that can frost my chaps it's the abuse of in any way shape or form of children...


Dr. Ahmed said-
I am a doctor who helps run a forum primarily for health but also topics in the news, we have all been studying and reading up on the Jimmy Savile case, and the item in your last news;letter was fantastic. While people like the author who has highlighted child abuse will no doubt be called a pedophobic.
This article needed to be said., In Britian politicians under pressure from the gay lobby got the age of consent for boys lowered to 16, they actualy wanted it at 14, and stated at a later date it will go down to 12.
Now boys of 12 do not want to go with old men, its the old men who want this, it has nothing to do with homophobia its about protecting our kids.
We have had several men contact the forum to say they as boys were abused as kids by savile and his bum-chums but the investigation is only covering girls, because of pressure from the powerful pro gay lobbies.


Amanda said-
I have been reading everything on the Jimmy Savile scandal and I very much like this article, the blogger Colin Mc'caffery was one of those teams employed by Rupert Murdoch to tap phones and read peoples mail, Colin courageously then tapped Rupert Murdoch's phones and found links to both concealing this scandal and reporting back to Mosad, and while most of the gay agenda is harmless such as wanting their own olympics and to to be able to marry, legalising pedophilia for many is a step too far, I think whistelblowers should have ignored political correctness and spoke out sooner, kids should be left alone.
I liked this article and hope everyone reads it.