Now as never before us Americans must be wary of scammers, there are those who would mug us at gunpoint right to our face, and those like the government who secretly steal from us in taxes to fund sending our kids to their unnecessary wars.

Scamming the American public is not a new thing; we were scammed into W W II we were told Hitler wanted to dominate the world like the US. Senate does now, but Hitler was a National Socialist, National means the nation is for that nation, not the world.

We were scammed into Vietnam, Korea and Iraq and now soon Iran, even though Russia and China have warned “enough is enough America ".

We were scammed over Saddam Hussein, we the Americans told him if he fought the 8 year war with Iran for Israel he could have back Kuwait, annexed by the British, and we scammed him and shafted the Iraqi people.

We believed all the propaganda and nonsense about 9/11 and about the USS Liberty, the German death camps, that 6 million died in gas chambers that never existed, but the best scam yet is the one which says America must erect huge prison camps across every state where dissidents have to be incarcerated.

I come from a military family and I know people in intelligence, and they tell me they are afraid, that dossiers are already being compiled on every US citizen, these are patriotic Americans, your next door neighbor’s and your families, moms, dads, sons and cousins all could be shut away on some pretext of another war on terror, called the New World Order, well we don’t want it and we won’t fight for it, Israel can fight its own gd wars.

The reason George Orwell wrote so prophetically about 1984, was not that he predicted it, but knew it was being planned even back then, America your government is scamming you again, there is no al-Qaeda and your own government is the enemy.

K Field

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