The Games People Play vs. Shibumi

by RR

Let the show & games begin

"The mindless voters of this country are wrong to worry about the dangers of CIA's internal corruption. When they bring this nation to disaster, it won't be through their villainy; it will be because of their bungling."
~Retired SIS/MI6 Agent about the USA and CIA~

All other characters and organizations in this article lack any basis in reality – although some of them do not realize that.

Good Evening Readers;

This will be an article about the Big Picture unseen by the Public at large about the Western World as it exists beyond the hype and lies.

So let's begin... first with some info with my edits by one of my old Teachers, Dr. Robert S. DeRopp. He studied under mystics Peter Ouspensky and GI Gurdjieff. And he was a world renowned biochemist. He was a famous 60's Counterculture writer.

Edited Quotes by Dr. Robert S. DeRopp PhD from his 1968 "The Master Game":

"It has been stated by Thomas Szasz that what people really need and demand from life is not wealth, comfort or esteem but games worth playing.

He who cannot find a game worth playing is apt to fall prey to accidie, defined by the Fathers of the Church as one of the Deadly Sins, but now regarded as a symptom of sickness.

Accidie is a paralysis of the will, a failure of the appetite, a condition of generalized boredom, total disenchantment -- "God, oh God, how weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world!"

Such a state of mind, Szasz tells us, is a prelude to what is loosely called "mental illness," which, though Szasz defines this illness as a myth, nevertheless fills half the beds in hospitals and makes multitudes of people a burden to themselves and to society.

Seek, above all, for a game worth playing. Such is the advice of the oracle to modern man. Having found the game, play it with intensity -- play as if your life and sanity depended on it.
(They do depend on it.)

Follow the example of the French existentialists and flourish a banner bearing the word "engagement."

Though nothing means anything and all roads are marked "NO EXIT," yet move as if your movements had some purpose.

If life does not seem to offer a game worth playing, then invent one.

For it must be clear, even to the most clouded intelligence, that any game is better than no game.

What is a game?

An interaction between people involving ulterior motives?

Berne uses the word in this sense in "Games People Play".

But a game involves more than this. It is essentially a trial of strength or a trial of wits played within a matrix which is defined by rules.

Rules are essential.

If the rules are not observed, the game ceases to be a game at all. A meaningful game of chess would be impossible if one player insisted on treating all pawns as queens.

Life games reflect life aims. And the games men choose to play indicate not only their type, but also their level of inner development.

Following Thomas Szasz (more or less) we can divide life games into:

Object Games and Meta-Games.

Object Games can be thought of as games played for the attainment of material things, primarily money and the objects which money can buy.

Meta-Games are played for intangibles such as knowledge or the "salvation of the soul."

In our culture Object Games predominate.

In earlier cultures Meta-Games predominated.

To the players of Meta-Games, Object Games have always seemed shallow and futile, an attitude summarized in the Gospel saying:

"What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

To the players of Object Games, Meta-Games seem fuzzy and ill-defined, involving nebulous concepts like beauty, truth or salvation.

The whole human population of the earth can be divided roughly into two groups:

Meta-Game players and Object-Game players = the Prosperos vs. the Calibans
(lead characters of Bacon=Shakespeare's last Play "The Tempest").

The two have never understood one another and it is safe to predict that they never will. They are, psychologically speaking, different species of man and their conflicts throughout the ages have added greatly to the sum of human misery.

Table I
Meta-games and Object Games:


High Games:
Master Game - awakening
Religion Game - salvation
Science Game - knowledge
Art Game - beauty

Neutral Games:
Householder Game - raise family
No Game - no aim

Low Games:
Hog in Trough - wealth
Cock in Dunghill - fame
Moloch Game - glory or victory

All games are played according to rules.

In man-made games such as poker the rules are imposed by the laws of probability (odds against a straight are 254 to 1, against a flush, 508 to 1) or they are dependent on special limitations (pawns and other pieces in chess each having its own move). In life games, rules are imposed by natural, economic or social conditions.

The player must both remember the aim and know the rules.

Apart from this, the quality of his game depends on his own innate characteristics.

Great chess masters are born, not made. Great football players are bound to have certain physical characteristics. The game a man can play is determined by his type (of which more later).

He/She who tries to play a game for which his type does not fit him violates his own essence with consequences that are often disastrous.

The Low Games:

The main types of life games are shown in Table I.

Hog in Trough is an Object Game pure and simple.

The aim is to get one's nose in the trough as deeply as possible, guzzle as much as possible, elbow the other hogs aside as forcefully as possible.

A strong Hog in Trough player has all the qualities with which communist propaganda endows the capitalist, insatiable greed, ruthlessness, cunning, selfishness.

Pure Hog in Trough is considered entirely respectable in the contemporary EU., U.K., U.S.A. and is generally played today with a certain moderation that would have seemed sissy to the giants of the game who savagely exploited the resources of the continent a century or so ago.

The rules of the game have become more complex and the game itself more subtle.

Cock on Dunghill is played for fame.

It is designed primarily to inflate the false ego and to keep it inflated.

Players of Cock on Dunghill are hungry to be known and talked about.

They want, in a word, to be celebrities, whether or not they have anything worth celebrating.

The game is practically forced upon people in some professions ( actors, politicians ) , who are compelled to maintain a "public image" which may have no relationship to the thing they really are.

But the real player of Cock on Dunghill, whose happiness depends entirely on the frequency with which he (or she) sees his name in the papers (now the Internet), does not much care about public images. For him any publicity is better than no publicity. He would rather be well known as a scoundrel than not known at all.

(Note: this IS the Game of "Alternative News" Shills full of histrionic narcissism whether famous names in that game of the plastic contrived "Truther Movement" or fake name moderators who still lust for the fame and attention they get with fake names like the Entertainment Industry they decry and accuse while doing the same thing the "Stars" they villainize do in fake names they lust to be known by hiding WHO they really are killing ALL Credibility except to credulous suckers of their LIES)

The Moloch Game is the deadliest of all games.

It is played for "glory" or for "victory," by various grades of professional man-killers trained to regard such killing as creditable provided those they kill favor a different religion or political system and can thus be collectively referred to as "the enemy."

Moloch Game is a purely human game.

Other mammals, though they fight with members of their own species, observe a certain decent moderation and rarely fight to the death.

But the players of the Moloch Game have NO moderation.

Lured on by some glittering dream of glory or power, they kill with boundless enthusiasm, destroying whole cities, devastating entire countries.

The game is played so passionately and with such abandon that nothing, neither pity, decency, sympathy or even common sense, is allowed to interfere with the destructive orgy.

As the devotees of the god Moloch sacrificed their children to the idol, so the players of the Moloch Game sacrifice the lives of thousands of young males/females in the name of some glittering abstraction (formerly "glory," now more generally "defence") or a silly phrase couched in a dead language:

"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori."
"It is sweet and honorable to die for his country.")

But so great is the power wielded by the players of this game, exerted through various forms of coercion and blackmail, that the thousands of young men involved make little protest.

They "go to their graves like beds," not daring to expose the emptiness of the glittering words on which the Moloch Game is based.

These three games, Hog in Trough, Cock on Dunghill and the Moloch Game, are all more or less
pathological activities.

The players who "win" win nothing that they can truly call their own.

"Hog in Trough" may emerge twice as rich as Croesus only to find himself embittered, empty and
unhappy, at a loss to know what to do with the wealth he has amassed.

"Cock on Dunghill" may make himself so famous that everyone knows his name only to realize that this fame of his is a mere shadow and a source of inconvenience.

Players of the Moloch Game may wade in blood up to the ears only to find that the victory or glory for which they sacrificed a million lives are empty words, like richly bedizened whores who lure men to their destruction.

There is a criminal element in all these games because, in every instance, they do harm both to the player and to the society of which he/she forms a part.

So warped, however, are the standards by which men measure criminality that players of these games are more apt to be regarded as "pillars of society" than dangerous lunatics who should be exiled to remote islands where they can do no harm to themselves or others.

Between the higher and the lower games is the neutral game, the Householder Game, the aim of which is simply to raise a family and provide it with the necessities of life.

One cannot call it either a Meta-Game or an Object Game.

It is the basic biological game on which the continuation of the human race depends.

It is also possible to find, in every human society, a certain number of non-players, people who, due to some constitutional defect, are unable to find any game worth playing, who are, as a result, chronic outsiders, who feel alienated from society and generally become mentally deranged, tend to become antisocial and criminal.

The High Games:

The Meta-Games are rarely played in their pure form.

The Art Game ideally is directed toward the expression of an inner awareness loosely defined as beauty.

The awareness is purely subjective.

One man's beauty can be another man's horror.

The beautiful of one age can seem ugly to another.

But bad players of the Art Game have no inner awareness at all.

They are technically proficient and imitate those who have awareness, conforming to the fashion whatever that fashion may be.

The whole Art Game, as played today, is heavily tainted with commercialism, the greed of the collector pervades it like a bad smell.

It is further complicated by the tendency to show off that afflicts almost all contemporary artists, whether they be painters, sculptors, writers or composers.

As all traditional concepts of the beautiful have been abandoned, anything goes, just so long as it is new and startling.
This makes it almost impossible to tell whether a given work of art corresponds to some inner awareness of the artist or merely shows that he was trying to be clever.

The Science Game is also rarely played in its pure form.

Much of it is mere jugglery, a tiresome ringing of changes on a few basic themes by investigators who are little more than technicians with higher degrees.

The Science Game has become so complex, so vast and so expensive that more or less routine enterprises are given preference.

Anything truly original tends to be excluded by that formidable array of committees that stands between the scientist and the money he needs for research.

He must either tailor his research plans to fit the preconceived ideas of the committee or find himself without funds.
Moreover, in the Science Game as in the Art Game there is much insincerity and a frenzied quest for status that sparks endless puerile arguments over priority of publication.

The game is played not so much for knowledge as to bolster the scientist's ego.

To the Art Game and the Science Game we must add the Religion Game, a meta-game played for an aim loosely defined as the attainment of salvation.

The Religion Game, as played in the past, had a fairly well-defined set of rules.

It was essentially a game played by paid priests of one sort or another for their personal benefit. To compel their fellowmen to play the game, the priests invented various "gods":

A.) with whom they alone could communicate,
B.)  whose wrath they alone could assuage,
C.) whose cooperation they alone could enlist.

He who wanted help from the gods or who wished to avert their wrath had to pay the priests $$$ to obtain his ends.

The game was further enlivened, and the hold of the priests on the minds of their victims further strengthened, by the invention of two after-death states, a blissful heaven and a terrible hell.

To stay out of the hell and get into the heaven, the player of the Religion Game had to pay lie priests, or his relatives had to pay them after his death.

This "pay the priest" aspect of the Religion Game has caused several cynics to define it as the World's Oldest Confidence Trick designed to enable certain unscrupulous individuals to make a profit out of the credulity and suggestibility of their fellowmen by interceding on their behalf with some nebulous "god" or ensuring their entry into an equally nebulous heaven.
(Indulgences for $ale at Walmart, Vatican City & TBN!)

It was this aspect of the Religion Game that caused Sigmund Freud to exclaim, more in sorrow than anger:

"The whole thing is so patently infantile, so incongruous with reality, that for one whose attitude to humanity is friendly it is painful to think that the great majority of mortals will never be able to rise above this view of life."

A particularly hideous aspect of the Religion Game resulted from the insistence by certain priests that their brand of god was the only god, that their form of the game was the only permissible form.

So eager were these priests to keep the game entirely in their own hands that they did not hesitate to persecute, torture or kill any who happened to wish to play the game by other rules.

This practice was started by the Jews, whose enthusiasm for their one and only and very jealous father-god justified those slaughterings the accounts of which constitute so much of the bulk of the Old Testament.

The practice was eagerly adopted by so-called Christians, who, not satisfied with slaughtering Moslems and Jews, turned like rabid dogs on one another in a series of ghastly religious wars, Protestant versus Catholic.

The Moslems, who borrowed the rules of their Religion Game from Jews and Christians alike, did not fail to copy the bad habits of both.

Believers were exhorted in the Koran to wage war on the infidel, the slaughter of unbelievers being defined as one sure way of gaining entry into the Moslem heaven (a much lusher paradise than the rather insipid affair offered by their priests to conforming Christians).

It would simplify our account of the games if we could offer the above description of the Religion
Game without further comment. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

Simply to define the Religion Game as the World's Oldest Con Game is as "patently infantile" (to borrow Freud's words) as it is to take seriously the anthropomorphic father-god floating in his bed sheet somewhere in the stratosphere surrounded by cherubs and seraphs and other improbable species of celestial fauna (the "gaseous vertebrate" so derided by Ernst Haeckel).

For it must be obvious to any fair-minded observer that there is another element in the Religion Game besides that of playing on the credulity of believers and selling them entry permits into a phoney heaven.

All the great religions offer examples of saints and mystics who obviously did NOT play the game for material gain, whose indifference to personal comfort, to wealth and to fame was so complete as to arouse our wonder and admiration.

It is equally obvious from the writings and sayings of these mystics that they were not so naive as to take seriously either the gaseous vertebrate or heaven with its golden harps or hell with its ovens.

Obviously they played the game by entirely different rules and for entirely different aims from those of the priestly con men, who sold trips to heaven for hard cash and insisted on payment in advance (no refund if not fully satisfied, either).

What game did these mystics play?

Within the matrix imposed by their religion, these players were attempting the most difficult game of all, the Master Game, the aim of which is the attainment of full consciousness or Real Awakening.

It was natural for these players to play their game within a Religious Matrix.

The basic idea underlying all the great religions is that man is asleep, that he lives amid dreams and delusions, that he cuts himself off from the universal consciousness (a meaningful definition of God) to crawl into the narrow shell of a personal ego.

To emerge from this narrow shell, to regain union with the universal consciousness, to pass from the darkness of the ego-centered illusion into the light of the non-ego, this was the real aim of the Religion Game as defined by the great Teachers; Gautama, Krishna, Mahavira, Lao-tze and the Platonic Socrates.

Among the Moslems this teach-ing was promulgated by the Sufis, who praised in their poems the delights of reunion with the Friend.

To all these players, it was obvious that the Religion Game as played by the paid priests, with its shabby confidence tricks, promises, threats, persecutions and killings, was merely a hideous travesty of the Real Game, a terrible confirmation of the truth of the statement by Jesus:

"This people praise me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. . . They have eyes but see not, ears and hear not, neither do they understand."

So little did they understand that, at least within the matrix of the "Christian" religion, it actually became physically dangerous during several centuries to try to play the Master Game at all. Serious players found themselves accused of heresy, imprisoned by the Inquisitors, tortured, burned alive.

(Giordano Bruno vs. Galileo... was it better to Burn Out than Fade Away?)

It became impossible to play the game openly.

To survive at all, one had to adopt a disguise, pretend that one's real interest was alchemy or magic, both of which were permitted by the priests, who did not understand the real significance of either.

Alchemy was particularly safe as its stated aim, the transmutation of base metals into gold, posed no challenge whatever to the authority of the priests.

Therefore it was behind the mask of alchemy that many players of the Master Game concealed their real aims, formulating the rules of the game in an elaborate secret code in which the transmutations of substances within the body were expressed in terms of mercury, sulfur, salt and other elements.

There were, of course, numerous alchemists who took the whole science at its face value, who believed that the Great Work referred to the production of metallic gold, who impoverished and frequently poisoned themselves in the quest for the great secret, and incidentally laid the foundations of modern chemistry.
(Isaac Newton prime example poisoned himself not so clever after all)

But for the serious alchemist the transmutation involved the formation of aurum non vulgi, or the genesis of the homunculus, both of which symbolized the creation of fully conscious, cosmically oriented man out of the ego-centered puppet that goes by the name of man but is really only a pathetic caricature of what man could be.

So well did the alchemists conceal their secrets that it took all the intuitive genius of Carl Gustav Jung (perhaps the leading authority on the subject) a large part of his life to unravel this mystery.


Today no danger is involved in playing or attempting to play the Master Game. The tyranny of the priests has more or less ended.

The Religion Game, though often as much of a con game as ever, is played without threats of torture and death.

A good deal of the old venom has gone out of the game; in fact, it is even possible for priests who wear round their necks the label "Catholic" to be moderately polite to those who wear the once hated label "Protestant."

So the game is now played with a certain amount of restraint not because men have become more tolerant, but because the whole issue of heaven versus hell, salvation versus damnation, is no longer taken very seriously.

Even the theologians admit that the old father-god (Haeckel's "gaseous vertebrate") is dead as far as anyone above the Masonic originated Jehovah's Witness level is concerned.

The fight today is between rival political systems rather than rival theologies.

But although it is safe to play the Master Game, this has not served to make it popular.

It still remains the most demanding and difficult of games and, in our society, there are few who play.

Contemporary man, hypnotized by the glitter of his own gadgets, has little contact with his inner world, concerns himself with outer, not inner space.

But the Master Game is played entirely in the inner world, a vast and complex territory about which men know very little.

The aim of the game is True Awakening, full development of the powers latent in man.

The game can be played only by people whose observations of themselves and others have led them to a certain conclusion, namely, that man's ordinary state of consciousness, his so-called waking state, is not the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable. In fact, this state is so far from real awakening that it could appropriately be called a form of somnambulism, a condition of "waking sleep."

Once a person has reached this conclusion, he is no longer able to sleep comfortably.

A new appetite develops within him, the hunger for real awakening, for full consciousness.

He realizes that he sees, hears, knows only a tiny fraction of what he could see, hear and know, that he lives in the poorest, shabbiest of the rooms in his inner dwelling, but that he could enter other rooms, beautiful and filled with treasures, the windows of which look out on eternity and infinity. In these rooms he would transcend his petty personal self and undergo spiritual rebirth, "the rising from the tomb" which is the theme of so many myths and the basis of all the mystery religions, including Christianity.

He/She who arrives at this conclusion is ready to play the Master Game.

But though he may be ready, he does not necessarily know how to play.

He cannot draw upon instinctive knowledge, for nature has not endowed men with such instincts.

She provides for man's development up to the age of puberty, she endows him with the instinct to propagate his kind, but after this she leaves him to his own devices.

Far from helping man to develop further into the harmonious and enlightened being he might become, the blind force of evolution has actually put obstacles in his way.

One who would play the Master Game is therefore compelled to seek a teacher, a skilled player who knows the rules.
But where will he find such a teacher?

A materialistic, spiritually impoverished culture can offer no instructions to the aspirant.

The huge, highly specialized training centers that call themselves "universities" are obviously lacking in universality.

They do NOT put the emphasis on expansion of consciousness first and acquisition of specialized knowledge second.

They educate only a small part of man's totality.

They cram the intellectual brain with "facts" (LIES), pay some lip service to the education of the physical body by encouraging idiotic competitive sports.

But true education, in the sense of expansion of consciousness and the harmonious development of man's latent powers,
they do NOT offer.
(ONLY how to be Cogs in the Infernal Machine)

Drugs and Delusions:

Because teachers are so hard to find in the West, many who wish to play the Master Game try to become their own teachers and invent their own rules.

As a result, they play the game in ways which cannot possibly give right results.

The commonest example of this attempt to play the Master Game by an unlawful set of rules is provided by the so-called psychedelic movement, of which the high priest, in the U.S.A. at present, is that intrepid psychologist, Dr. Timothy Leary.

This particular aspect of the game is played with great enthusiasm by young people who find the accepted brands of religion devoid of nourishment and who seek in "the drug experience" satisfaction of their hunger for higher states of consciousness.

Because this "drug experience" approach to the Master Game is so popular, a good deal of prominence has been given to it in the present book.

It is a blind alley, a cul de sac, a dead end, nevertheless its claims must be explored.

One cannot appraise realistically any technique of altering consciousness unless one has had an opportunity to test it personally.

Nor is it wise to generalize on the basis of one's personal experience, for the saying of Hippocrates applies especially to the psychedelic drugs: one man's meat is another man's poison.

The prohibitive legislation now being enacted to prevent people from determining their own reactions to psychedelics strikes at one of the most fundamental of all liberties, the liberty of the individual to explore his own inner world by means of his own choosing.

The legislation, moreover, by endowing the psychedelics with an aura of the forbidden, actually encourages many young people to try them, purely as a gesture of FALSE controlled opposition rebellion against the tyranny of so-called authorities whom they instinctively suspect to represent an assembly of the spiritually dead.

When this writer states that the taking of psychedelics is not a lawful way to play the Master Game, he speaks from his personal experience.

He does not expect anyone to believe him without personally testing the correctness of the statement.

An enlightened legislature would make such testing possible for people who feel this need to know more about their inner world. Instead of enacting blanket prohibitions, they would provide proper facilities under which the psychedelic experience could be studied by any who wished to find out what it had to offer in the way of insights and illuminations.

Such enlightened legislation would avoid the pitfall of making psychedelics more attractive to the rebellious by endowing them with the aura of the forbidden.

It would prevent a lot of dangerous experimentation with inferior black-market materials, taken without proper supervision and under wrong conditions.

It would be in keeping with those guarantees of freedom of religion which figure prominently in the Constitution, for it is clear that devotees of the psychedelic cult regard the drugs as pathways to religious experience.

Even the poor persecuted American Indian has been allowed by the all-powerful whites to use peyote for religious purposes.

If the Indian is allowed to use peyote, why forbid the non-Indian to use LSD or hashish?

None of which alters the fact that the Master Game, which involves the awakening of the powers latent in man, can no more be played by swallowing a pill than can a difficult mountain peak be ascended by sitting in an armchair drinking beer and indulging in daydreams.

If the spiritual heights could be ascended by taking psychedelics, then both the Sufis of Islam and the yogis of India would long ago have discovered the fact, for the subtlest and most "spiritual" of all psychedelics (hashish) has been available in the East for centuries.

But neither in the works on yoga nor in the writings of the Sufis does one find the taking of hashish described as a pathway to liberation.

The Sufis sing the praises of wine (forbidden by the Prophet Mohammed), but the wine to which they refer is a very special brew, the product of an inward ferment, the result of great effort and inner work.

As for the yogis, they put their trust in intensive and prolonged practices designed to awaken the latent forces in man.
Of this more later.

Here it is sufficient to say that the Master Game can never be made easy to play.

It demands all that a man has, all his feelings, all his thoughts, his entire resources, physical and spiritual.

If he tries to play it in a halfhearted way or tries to get results by unlawful means, he runs the risk of destroying his own potential. For this reason it is better not to embark on the game at all than to play it halfheartedly.

The psychedelic age, foretold by Aldous Huxley in 1931, has dawned far sooner than that prophet expected.

It was soma, the perfect psychedelic, that solaced the inhabitants of Brave New World, resolving tensions and frustrations which might otherwise have disturbed the balance of that harmonious society.

"Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant -- all the advantages of Christianity and alcohol, none of their drawbacks."
Nothing so good has been synthesized by our contemporary chemists.

But we do have lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). It is around LSD that the former Harvard psychologist, Timothy Leary, has constructed a cult, its sacred book an exotic mixture of psychedelics and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, its headquarters an ugly mansion in New York State, its title The Castalia Foundation, the name being derived from the sacred order described by Hermann Hesse in Magister Ludi.
(The Glass Bead Game)

Over Leary's activities there has been much headshaking on the part of so-called authorities -- medical, legal, religious, political -- who imagine they have the right to dictate to their fellows just what substances the latter may ingest, have in their possession, cultivate in their back yards and so on.

But though legislators growl and members of various "narcotics" bureaus (many of them ignorant of the very meaning of the word "narcotic") descend in slavering packs on their fellow citizens, searching their houses and persons, insulting, bullying, harassing and arresting, they have not been able to halt the psychedelic movement.

Why not?

Because, as the history of mankind clearly shows, there is in some, not all, men, a distinctive hunger for experience in another dimension, for an elevated or expanded state of consciousness, for insights seemingly unattainable by ordinary means.

For the sake of these insights, many who suffer from this hunger are willing to risk the sort of penalties imposed recently on Leary by a Texas judge (thirty years in jail, thirty thousand dollars in fines).
Said Aldous Huxley:

"The urge to transcend self-conscious selfhood is a principal appetite of the soul."

Baudelaire, poor haunted Baudelaire, described the hunger in more detail:

"Those who are able to observe themselves and can remember their impressions often have occasion to note in the observatory of their thoughts strange seasons, luxurious afternoons, delicious minutes.

There are days when a man awakens with a young and vigorous genius.

Hardly have his eyelids cast off sleep which sealed them before the outer world presents itself to him in strong relief, with a clearness of contour and wealth of admirable color.

The man gratified with this sense of exquisite loveliness, unfortunately so rare and so transitory, feels himself more than ever the artist, more than ever noble, more than ever just, if one can express so much in so few words.
But the most singular thing about this exceptional state of the spirit and of the senses, which without exaggeration can be termed paradisical as compared with the hopeless darkness of ordinary daily existence, is that it has not been created by any visible or easily definable cause.

This acuity of thought, this vigor of sense and spirit, has at all times appeared to man as the highest good.

For this reason, purely for his immediate enjoyment, without troubling himself about the limitations imposed by his constitution, he has searched in the world of physical and of pharmaceutical science, among the grossest decoctions and the most subtle perfumes, in all climates and at all times, for the means of leaving, if only for a few moments, his habitation of mud and of transporting himself to paradise in a single swoop.


Man's vices, horrible as they are supposed to be, contain the positive proof of his taste for the infinite."

The taste for the infinite! How well Baudelaire puts it. But what exactly does this mean?

The phrase suggests that within the psyche of man are secret rooms, vast chambers full of treasures with windows looking out on eternity and infinity. Man does not enter these rooms, or does so only rarely.

They are locked.

He has lost the key.

He lives habitually in the lowest, dreariest, darkest part of his inner habitation.

Concerning this, the mystics of all times and all religions are agreed.

But do psychedelics offer the key to those locked rooms or does their use constitute a form of spiritual burglary which carries its own hazards and penalties?

Before we attempt to answer the question, let us try to evaluate the varieties of what is loosely called "the drug experience."

The Myth of the Mad King

IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER man was compared to the inhabitant of a house containing locked rooms, "vast chambers full of treasures with windows looking out on eternity and infinity."

It was said that man in general does not enter these locked rooms.

He has lost the key.

Sometimes he suspects that the rooms are there and may try to unlock the doors by the use of drugs.
More often he does not even know that the rooms exist.

This concept of man's psyche is very ancient, as old as civilization, probably even older.

Like much ancient wisdom, it has come down to us in the form of a myth, which will here be called the:

"Myth of the Mad King."

The myth takes various forms. Some of the better known variations on this theme are the story of Nebuchadnezzar leaving his palace to eat grass with the beasts, Plato's story of the prisoners in the cave, the New Testament story of the Prodigal Son and the related story of the wandering prince contained in the Gnostic allegory called the "Hymn to the Soul."

This old myth, in its essence, compares man to a king with a sumptuous palace at his command. But the king went mad and insisted on living in the cellar surrounded by rags and bones and other worthless objects which he called his possessions.

If any of his ministers reproached him for this behavior and tried to remind him of the palace and its splendors, he indignantly replied that he had never left that place.

Such was the nature of his illusions that he saw the wretched cellar as a palace and the rags and bones he had collected as precious jewels.

Today we can rephrase this old myth in terms more precise and in more accord with our new knowledge of human nature.

We can say that man is a being with great powers at his disposal, which are his by virtue of his large brain and, more specifically, his huge cerebral cortex, an organ he has not yet learned how to use.

Because he does not know how to use this powerful machine it tends to operate in ways not beneficial to its possessor, to generate a host of illusions among which he wanders like a babe in the enchanted wood, frightened and confused, a prey to terrors that he himself has created.

In psychological language the myth of the mad king means this:

Man's ordinary state of consciousness is not the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable.

In fact, it is so defective that the condition has been defined as little better than somnambulism.

Man does not really know what he is doing or where he is going.

He lives in dreams.

He inhabits a world of delusions and, because of these delusions, makes dangers for himself and others.

If this is accepted, then we ask the next questions:

What can be done about it?

Can man really awaken?

What other states of consciousness are possible for him and what must he do to attain these states?

Let us repeat an oft-quoted passage from William James' 'The Varieties of Religious Experience':

"One conclusion was forced upon my mind at that time, and my impression of its truth has ever since remained unshaken.
It is that our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different.
We may go through life without suspecting their existence, but apply the requisite stimulus, and at a touch they are there in all their completeness. . . . No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded.

That having been said... let's look at the Games of the Elites who Rule this planet...

After a Board Meeting, one Director at this year's 2012 Bilderberg understood why the Mother Company chose to maintain its low profile by working behind the cover of SIS/MI6 using the CIA and NSA as it's Cat's Paws, but that did not make his job any easier. Nor had he been particularly amused by the Chairman's lighthearted suggestion that he think of the Mother Company's use of CIA operatives as Her contribution to the hiring of the mentally handicapped.

The Mother Company is a Consortium of Black Nobility Royals from FOUR Lines, major International Banking, Military as in war-for-profit, Petroleum/Energy, Communications, Entertainment to distract and appease, and Transportation corporations that effectively control the Western World's energy and information.

This includes the Swiss Templar Bankers, the Crown Corp. under British Admiralty Trade Law, the Vatican, the Papal and Venetian Black Nobility Gentile Royals, and the Jewish Black Nobility of the Sephardim as in Rockefeller and Ashkenazis as in Rothschild.

The Mother Company, controls the careers of most major governmental figures, not only through direct support, but also by the technique of using their public media subsidiaries to blacken and demoralize potential candidates, and to shape what the European, UK Commonwealth and American masses take to be the "Truth".

After some consideration, the Mother Company had decided that she could not permit CIA to continue meddling in affairs that might harm or irritate those oil-producing friends in consort with whom she had been able to triple profits in one year after Iraq/Afghanistan.

What chance had the scandal-ridden CIA to resist a force with enough power to build pipelines through tundra that had been demonstrated to be ecologically fragile? Who could stand against the Organization that had reduced government research spending on solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal energy to a placating trickle, so as to avoid competition with their own atomic and fossil-fuel Consortia?

How could CIA effectively oppose a group with such overwhelming dominance that She was able, in conjunction with its Pentagon flunkies, to make the American public accept the storage of atomic wastes with lethal half-lives so long that failure and disaster were absolutely assured by the laws of antichance?

In Her takeover of the OSS as it became the CIA via Project Paperclip, as the Cat's Paw of the SIS/MI6, the Mother Company has had no interference from the Executive branch of the government, as it nears election time, and all public business are arrested during this year of flesh-bartering.

Nor does She really worry about the post-election pause of three years before the next democratic convulsion, for the American version of representative government assures that such qualities of intellect and ethics as might equip a man to lead a powerful nation responsibly are precisely the qualities that would prevent him from subjecting himself to the debasing performances of vote begging and delegate swapping.

It is a truism of American politics that no man who can win an election deserves to.

Bilderberg 2012:

The Bilderberg Meetings came to an end, with top heads of financial, state, media, and other power structures leaving the Westfield Marriot in Chantilly Virginia, amid bullhorns and screams from protesters Sunday night all playing the Buffoon in their Orchestra which is what the Mother Company wants and laughs at.

Appeasement and Misdirection of the Public as horrible CONspirA$$y with shills like bullhorn Alex Jones there spouting his fear-mongering BS while the Agents there don't even look at him but are watching to Contain and ID'ing the other dissidents there protesting for future arrests unsuspecting their hero Jones IS a Judas Goat leading them down the chute for slaughter in the not distant future.

Bilderberg... It's just Courtiers and lackeys there overall doing the bidding of Agendas and their Rulers who made those decisions long before Bilderberg in their Masquerades and Rituals in the Catacombs under Vatican City.

At times at Bilderberg, Royals as Representatives are there like Queen Beatrix the daughter of founder Prince Bernhard, to Oversee their Courtier lackeys to make sure their Policy is carried out and understood often under pain of death that's the hidden part of Bilderberg.

Remember that Prince Bernhard who created Bilderberg in 1954, three years after the Black Nobility reunion Masquerade in Venice in 1951, was Nazi SS and understood Terror as Policy very well indeed.

Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff said Willard Mitt Romney was at Bilderberg 2012. Four eyewitnesses placed him inside. That's one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney's office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is "not public". His people later said it wasn't him. LIES.

So, was he being crowned, or singing for his supper? Will Mitt Romney follow in the august footsteps of Clinton, Cameron and Blair to have attended Bilderberg and then shortly become leader? Four years ago,Senator Obama shook off his press detail and nipped (many think) into Bilderberg. This exact same hotel.

Did Romney have to get down on one knee in front of David Rockefeller? This sounds flippant, but it's a serious question: has Bilderberg switched allegiance? Are they going to toss away Obama after just one term?

Author and Bilderberg expert Webster Tarpley was asked "Is Wall Street going to throw its chips in with Romney?" His reply was this:

"I think there's a frisson that's gone through the ruling class against Obama. The leak we had from the flirty hotel staffer corroborated this. 'They don't seem to like Obama very much,' he said."

Tarpley's conclusion is this:

"They want Romney and Mitch Daniels, who will run together as moderate rightists, but who will turn sharply to the right if elected."

The Washington Post saw Bill Gates come in. Three eyewitnesses from inside confirmed he was there.

You won't see the names Mitt Romney or Bill Gates on the officially released Final List of Participants because, well, the list is a nonsense. It's nothing like a complete list of people who attend Bilderberg. It's a smokescreen, a bit of spin. So can we all, please, stop repeating it as gospel?

Attending Bilderberg 2012 as an 'international participant' was Bassma Kodmani.

So who is Bassma Kodmani?

The answer to that question is also the answer to the question: what the hell is happening in Syria?

This is where it gets interesting (and worrying) for Bilderberg followers.

Kodmani was at Bilderberg in 2008, the last time it was there in Chantilly.

She is a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations – its parent group, the Council on Foreign Relations=CFR, is a sort of über lobby group, a couple of rungs down from Bilderberg, but still hugely powerful.

There's a lot of CFR/Bilderberg crossover. Honorary chairman of both is David Rockefeller; co-chairman of the CFR is Robert Rubin (he was here); and on the CFR's board of directors are Fouad Ajami and Henry Kravis, both at Bilderberg 2012.

Bassma Kodmani is also the executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative.

This body, set up in 2004 by the CFR, is helping to steer "a comprehensive process" of "democratic reform" in the region.

In 2005, the Syrian National Council came into being. Bassma Kodmani was a founding member, and is on the executive committee.

Kodmani is one of the SNC's two spokespeople, alongside Radwan Ziadeh (who has a flawless Washington pedigree – look him up). According to its website, the SNC is a non profit public policy research organization register in the District of Colombia and headquartered in Washington DC. Just up the road.

Tarpley about Kodmani. He doesn't mince words:

"She's a NATO agent, a destabilizer, a colour revolution queen. The fact that Kodmani was there is a scary one for Syria."

Bilderberg attendee and CFR board member Fouad Ajami was talking about how Syria is about to become another Libya. That sound you can hear? It's all those juicy defense contracts being scratched out around Chantilly. Fuel the jets and open the champagne, boys. We're going in.

A statement of support from Occupy London was read out at Occupy Bilderberg. A symbol of Anglo-American unity, like Bilderberg itself.

The statement protested against (amongst other things): the rise of an undemocratic "technocracy" – a "network of cronies" in which financial "experts", largely from the international banking community, who have been appointed rather than elected, are handed the reins of government.

So here you've got the (broadly speaking) liberal left protest movement, with its anti-corruption and pro-transparency agenda, finding common ground with US libertarians and an anti-Obama, anti-fascist, pro-union New Deal American like Webster Tarpley.

As Tarpley said:

"Bilderberg creates a singularity, where a lot of seemingly disparate things come together."

That applies not just to the people inside – megabank money and government – outside the security cordon you've got Occupy Bilderberg rubbing shoulders with US veterans, German students who've flown over for the event, truckers from Michigan, Orthodox Jews, Ron Paul supporters, anarcho-syndicalists, academics and grandmothers.

Why? In the words of the statement from Occupy London: "the profound denial of a participatory, direct democracy which the Bilderberg Conference represents."

So much for Bilderberg 2012.

Black Op Defined: A False Flag Terrorist Act on film once upon a time:

The Theatre in the Corporate Boardroom went dark and the projector beam cut through slack threads of blue smoke. On the screen appeared a jerky pan over the interior of a large, busy airport.

Rome International. Time reference: thirteen thirty-four GMT. Flight 414 from Tel Aviv has just arrived.

Wide shot: customs and immigration portal. A queue of passengers await the formalities with varying degrees of impatience. In the face of official incompetence and indifference, the only passengers who are smiling and friendly are those who anticipate trouble with their passports or luggage. An old man with a snow-white goatee leans over the counter, explaining something for the third time to the customs officer.

Behind him in line are two young men in their twenties, deeply tanned, wearing khaki shorts and shirts open at the throat. As they move forward, pushing their rucksacks along with their feet, camera zooms in to isolate them in mid-close-up.

With a comically exaggerated bow of gallantry, the first young man offers to let a pretty red-headed girl precede them to the counter. She smiles thanks, but shakes her head. The Italian official in his too-small peaked cap takes the first young man's passport with a bored gesture and flicks it open, his eyes straying again and again to the girl's breasts, obviously unfettered beneath a denim shirt. He glances from the photograph to the young man's face and back again, frowning.

The immigration official shrugs and stamps the passport. The second young man is treated with the same combination of mistrust and incompetence. His passport is stamped twice, because the Italian officer was so engrossed in the red-headed girl's shirtfront that he forgot to use the ink pad the first time. The young men pick up their rucksacks, slinging them over their shoulders by one strap. Murmuring apologies and twisting sideways, they slip through a tangle of excited Italians, a large family pressing and standing on tiptoe to greet an arriving relative.

The projector is slowed to one-quarter speed.

From frame to flickering frame the young men move as though the air were gelatin. The leader turns back to smile at someone in the queue, the motion having the quality of a ballet in moon gravity. The second one looks out over the crowd. His nonchalant smile freezes.

He opens his mouth and shouts silently, as the front of his khaki shirt bursts open and spouts blood. Before he can fall to his knees, a second bullet strikes his cheek and tears it off. The camera waves around dizzily before locating the other young man, who has dropped his rucksack and is running in nightmare slow motion toward the coin lockers. He pirouettes in the air as a slug takes him in the shoulder. He slams gracefully against the lockers and bounces back. His hip blossoms with gore, and he slips sideward to the polished granite floor. A third bullet blows off the back of his head.

The camera swishes over the terminal, seeking, losing, then finding again two men--out of focus--running toward the glass doors of the entrance. The focus is corrected, revealing them to be Orientals.

One of them carries an automatic weapon. He suddenly arches his back, throws up his arms, and slides forward on his toes for a second before pitching onto his face. The gun clatters silently beside him. The second man has reached the glass doors, the smeared light of which haloes his dark outline. He ducks as a bullet shatters the glass beside his head; he veers and runs for an open elevator out of which a group of schoolchildren are oozing.

A little girl slumps down, her hair billowing as though she were under water. A stray has caught her in the stomach. The next slug takes the Oriental between the shoulder blades and drives him gently into the wall beside the elevator. A grin of anguish on his face, he twists his arm up behind him, as though to pluck out the bullet. The next slug pierces his palm and enters his spine. He slides down the wall and falls with his head in the elevator car. The door closes, but reopens as the pressure pads meet the obstructing head. It closes again upon the head, then reopens. Closes. Opens.

Slow pan back over the terminal. High angle.

... A cluster of shocked and bewildered children around the fallen girl. One boy screams in silence...

... Two airport guards, their little Italian automatics drawn, run toward the fallen Orientals. One of them is still firing...

... The old man with the snow-white goatee sits stunned in a puddle of his own blood, his legs straight out before him, like a child playing in a sandbox. His expression is one of overwhelming disbelief. He was sure he had explained everything to the customs official...

... One of the young Israeli boys lies face down on his missing cheek, his rucksack improbably still over his shoulder...

... There is a largo minuet of stylized confusion among the gaggle of Italians who were awaiting a relative. Three of them have fallen. Others are wailing, or kneeling, and one teenaged boy is turning around and around on his heel, seeking a direction in which to run for help--or safety...

... The red-headed girl stands stiff, her eyes round with horror as she stares at the fallen boy who just seconds ago offered to let her pass ahead...

... The camera comes to rest on the young man sprawled beside the coin lockers, the back of his head missing...

"That-a--that-a--that-a--that's all folks!" said the Texas CEO who looked oddly like CIA man George HW Bush Sr...

The beam from the projector flickered out, and the wall lights dimmed up to full.

Since then and long before countless places have bloody scenes like this that have been filmed by the Agent Operatives who did the Black Ops to be shown as snuff films after to Corporate Magnates and Royals and the Vatican's Papal Black Nobility as well as the Sandhedrin in Israel.

The filming is a Mandatory as Confirmation the Sanction was executed as ordered as physical proof as well as sick pleasure to the Rulers who get off on this Ba'al/Moloch Game of Ritual Sacrifice that underlies the mayhem. Much outpouring of Lifeforce that bleeds off the victims and terrorized masses to feed the demonic entities who preside over it all as Undead Gods.

Just like Columbine in 1999, and all the Sanction Manufactured False Flag Terrorism School massacres in America right after that up to this new slaughter at Aurora in Colorado with another manufactured Fall Guy arrested to be Tried as he sits as a comatose doped up zombie in Court being jacked out of Due Process of Law and Habeus Corpus.

So it was at Princess Diana's alleged MURDER=SACRIFICE in the underground passage Pont de l'Alma tunnel at the 13th Pillar which is under a Phallic Obelisk above whose base is a 5 point star Pentagram on the City of Paris above.

The reaction of the Royal Family to Diana's death caused unprecedented resentment and outcry. They were at their summer residence at Balmoral Castle, and their initial decision not to return to London or to mourn more publicly was much criticised at the time.

Their EXCUSE was rigid adherence to protocol, and their concern to care for Diana's grieving sons, was really their psychopathic lack of compassion. They saw the film of the Murder Black Op and loved it in sick lusts.

In particular, the refusal of Buckingham Palace to fly the Royal Standard at half-mast provoked angry headlines in newspapers.

"Where is our Queen? Where is her Flag?" asked The Sun.

The Palace's arrogant and triumphant stance excuse was one of royal protocol:

No flag could fly over Buckingham Palace, as the Royal Standard is only flown when the Queen is in residence, and the Queen was then in Scotland at Balmoral which is as notorious for human sacrifices as the Chateau Amerois/Castle of the Dark Mother in Belgium among its Royals of the Blue Salon. 

Furthermore, the Royals haughtily said Royal Standard never flies at half-mast as it is the Sovereign's flag and there is never a dead Sovereign (the new monarch immediately succeeds his or her predecessor). But of course Queen Elizabeth II's Rule as Queen was founded upon MURDER of her father the King.

Finally, as a compromise of appeasement to the masses = peasants, the Union Flag was flown instead, at half-mast, as the Queen left for Westminster Abbey on the day of Diana's funeral. This set a precedent, and Buckingham Palace has subsequently flown the Union Flag when the Queen is not in residence.

The Queen, who returned to London from Balmoral, agreed to a television broadcast to the nation to appease an enraged Nation and World who decried this GERMAN Criminal Family.

Miraculously Contrived Succession!

Indeed, During 1951 George VI's health "magically" declined; poisoned by his wife Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) who was the queen consort of King George VI from 1936 until his death in 1952, after which she was known as Queen Elizabeth "The Queen Mother", to avoid confusion with her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen Mother did this in complicity with Consort-Prince Philip the husband of Elizabeth II.

King George VI died "peacefully" in his sleep on 6 February 1952. Shortly afterward, Elizabeth began to be styled Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. This style was adopted because the normal style for the widow of a king, "Queen Elizabeth", would have been too similar to the style of her elder daughter, now Queen Elizabeth II. Popularly, she became the "Queen Mother" or the "Queen Mum".

She pretended she was "devastated" by the King's death=MURDER and retired to Scotland. However, after a sudden magickal meeting with the WWII causing Prime Minister, Winston Churchill the illegitimate SON of King Edward VII, she broke her retirement and resumed her public duties. Eventually she became just as busy as Queen Mother as she had been as Queen because she and Philip ruled behind Elizabeth II as Shadow Government=Oligarchy.

Princess Elizabeth, the heiress presumptive, took on more royal duties as her father's health "deteriorated". She was groomed by her mother and Philip ahead to frequently stand in for her father at public events. When she toured Canada, and visited President Truman in Washington, D.C. in October 1951, her private secretary, Martin Charteris, carried a draft accession declaration for use if the King died while she was conveniently away on tour traveling with her husband Philip. In early 1952, Elizabeth and Philip set out for a tour of Australia and New Zealand by way of Kenya. On 6 February 1952, they had just returned to their Kenyan home, Sagana Lodge, after a night spent at Treetops Hotel, when word arrived of the death of the King. Philip broke the news to the new Queen. Boo-Hoo grief eh??? NOT.

As to the King before his death, on 31 January 1952, despite advice from those close to him, he went to London Airport to see off Princess Elizabeth, who was going on her tour of Australia via Kenya. On the morning of 6 February, George VI was discovered dead in bed at Sandringham House in Norfolk. He had died from a coronary thrombosis in his sleep at the age of 56. His daughter Elizabeth II flew back to Britain from Kenya, as Queen Elizabeth II. Amazing coincidence eh? NOT.

Despite the death of Queen Mary on 24 March, only ten weeks before, the coronation went ahead as planned on 2 June 1953, as Mary had "asked" under threat before she died. Queen Mary had supported her second son, Albert, who succeeded to the throne as George VI, until his death in 1952. She "suddenly" died the following year, at the beginning of the reign of her granddaughter, Elizabeth II. Briefly, there were three queens in the country: Mary; her daughter-in-law, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother; and Elizabeth II.

In 1952, when King George VI died, the third of Queen Mary's children to predecease her; her eldest granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth, ascended the throne as Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Mary died the next year of "gastric problems" at the age of 85, only ten weeks before Elizabeth's coronation. Queen Mary under coercion let it be known that, in the event of her death, the coronation was not to be postponed.

Queen Mary of Teck = Dreck (Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes; 26 May 1867 – 24 March 1953) was the queen consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Empress of India, as the wife of King-Emperor George V.

Although technically a princess of Teck which rhymes with Dreck, in the South Germany Swabian Kingdom of Württemberg, she was born and brought up in the United Kingdom. Her parents were Francis, Duke of Teck, who was of German extraction, and Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, a member of the British Royal Family.

(dreck, drek: vulgar worthless material, especially merchandise which is what Royals are manufactured to be as Courtesans and Consorts; literally: "crap" or "shit" {Yiddish ????? ? drek cf. German Dreck})

Sir Henry "Chips" Channon wrote that she was "above politics ... magnificent, humorous, worldly, in fact nearly sublime, though cold and hard. But what a grand Queen".

With Elizabeth's accession it seemed probable that the royal house would bear her husband's name becoming the House of Mountbatten, in line with the custom of a wife taking her husband's surname on marriage. Elizabeth's grandmother Queen Mary and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill illegitimate SON of King Edward VII favoured the retention of the House of Windsor, and so Windsor it remained to insure the continuation of their Hanover+Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Bloodline on the Throne.

The Duke Prince Philip complained very bitterly:

"I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children."

This made Philip a very bitter Royal inbred. So he and the Queen Consort Mother Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon who was NOT total Queen hatched a Plan...

Here's some of that Plan after Elizabeth II became Queen under pretense and suspension of Parliament in 1953 the same year as MK-Ultra becoming Public knowledge and Playboy Magazine whose 1st issue had MK-Ultra sex kitten Marilyn Monroe on the cover and centerfold model, BUT... it was/IS NOT a magazine like the general public thinks... so what is it???

Playboy Magazine was/IS REALLY a Carnal Sex Flesh Catalogue full of lovely MK'd Sex Kittens of wealthy Elites they can order from CIA A$$et Pimp Hefner out of his monthly catalogue that sells hot still and people think is soft-core Porn mag when its REAL purpose is that it IS a Carnal Flesh Catalogue for the Elites showing current MK'd sex kittens for Elite consumption.

While the general public men and women just buy it thinking it's pretty babes each month and tacky propaganda journalism promoting the pervert Alfred Kinsey's "Sexual Revolution" that is NOT new but REALLY a revival of the decadence of Ancient Greece and Rome and the Epicurean Aristocracy in their orgies and vomitoriums to party and puke to go back partying in non-stop excess... until they fell from within NOT from outside enemies... for their own Enemies were within the gates among their Ruling Class.

Do You really think it is a coincidence to see all those Ruling Elite men and women photographed by the Paparazzi at lavish places with Playboy models since 1953??? Those women are NOT just "models" but trained and MK'd Temple Prostitutes of the Elites.

So in 1960, after the death of Queen Mary in 1953 and the forced resignation of hidden Royal Churchill in 1955 when the Queen Mother and Philip Ruled behind Elizabeth II, the surname Mountbatten-Windsor was adopted for Philip and Elizabeth's male-line descendants who do not carry royal titles.

So in the End, the physical SON of Philip, Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur PHILIP Louis Mountbatten will be next King thus the End of House Hanover+Saxe-Coburg-Gotha the Queen's Bloodline that has Ruled the UK and Commonwealth and Crown Corp. since 1714.

American Aristocracy:

The CIA Bush Clan... they use good ol' boy facade behind which they habitually take cover in a Texas drawl, to lull the target with the assumption that they are dealing with a bucolic fool in their sudden plastic grin, and the down-home twang.

The Mother Company had assigned Bush Sr. to control all CIA activities touching the interests of the oil producing powers, despite his and his sons' institutionalized ineptitude, men like George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. were not stupid. They were, in fact, surprisingly intelligent, in the mechanical, problem-solving sense of that word.

None of their chitlin' grammar, and none of their scatological paucity of language ever appeared in Bush Sr.'s written reports of CIA wet-work assignments like the JFK Assassination he was photographed at in Dallas at the Grassy Knoll that day in 1963; where he was there with his CIA Agents who had been part of the Bay of Pigs that was run off Zapata that was Bush Sr.'s Oil Company owned property. Instead, one found concise, arid prose calculated to callus the imagination.

Bush Sr. was something of a hero figure among the younger CIA operatives--the last of the old breed from the pre-computer era, from the days when Company operations had more to do with swapping shots across the Berlin Wall and WWII OSS, than with controlling the votes of Congressmen and power of their national rivals-for-power the FBI and NSA by amassing evidence of their fiscal and sexual irregularities as seen in the Press and Mass Media like J. Edgar Hoover's cross-dressing homosexual ways that appeared after Hoover set out Bush Sr. as complicit in the JFK Assassination... Bribes and Blackmail is their way of Life.

Bush Sr. was of the same stripe as his over-the-hill contemporary who left the Company to write inarticulate spy novels and dabble over his head in political crimes much like former WWII Era MI6 Agent Ian Fleming did with his James Bond series books couching REAL Stealth weaponry and intrigues in fiction...

When that man's  gross ineptitude led to his being caught, he clung to truculent silence, while his cohorts sang mighty choruses of Mea Culpa and published at great profit. After serving a bit of soft time in federal prison, he sought to ennoble his panicked silence by falling back on The Unwritten Code, which declares;

"Thou shall not squeal--out of print."

The world groaned as at an old joke, but Bush Sr. admired this bungling fool. They shared that blend of boy scout and mugger that characterizes old-timers in the CIA, but it must be admitted that since certain bungling of CIA-trained men led to the downfall of a most friendly and cooperative President Nixon.

The Elites will also decide to avert the "tragedy" they create many times by technique of what you call a 'spoiling raid,' arranging that the criminals be executed before they committed their crime or can be captured and tried--a most economical judicial process. The War on Terror prime example.

Fall Guys are victims of this Black Op practice always set up to DIE.

Elite Computer Data Bases:

They contain contain a medley of information from all the computers in the Western World, together with a certain amount of satellite-stolen data from Eastern Bloc powers. It is blend of top-secret military information and telephone-billing records; of CIA blackmail material and drivers' permits from France, of names behind numbered Swiss or Caribbean tax haven bank accounts and mailing lists from direct advertising companies in Australia.

It contains the most delicate information, and the most mundane. If you live in the industrialized West, these Data-Bases have you.

They have your credit rating, your blood type, your political history, your sexual inclinations, your medical records, your school and university performance, random samplings of your personal telephone conversations, a copy of every telegram you ever sent or received, all purchases made on credit or online, full military or prison records, all magazines subscribed to, all income tax records, driving licenses, fingerprints, birth certificates--all this, if you were a private citizen in whom the Mother Company has no special interest.

If, however, the Mother Company or any of her input subsidiaries, like MI6 to their Cat's Paw CIA, NSA, and their counterparts like Mossad in the other democratic nations, take particular notice of you, then their Data Base already "knows" much, much more than this about you.

Programming facts into the Elites' Data bases is the constant work of an army of mechanics and technicians, but getting useful information out of that Data Base is a task for an artist, a person with training, touch, and inspiration.

The Elites' problem lays in the fact that the Data Base knows too much. If one scans a given subject too shallowly he might not discover what he wants to know. If he scans too deeply, he will be overwhelmed with an unreadable mass of minutia: results of former urine tests, boy scout merit badges won, predictions in high school annuals, preference in brand of toilet paper...

The Diss-Information Shills like all the polished fake name moderator sites on CONspirA$$y are most often hired computer geeks in the Civilian Sector often former Military, who have the unique gift with their effete delicate touch in asking just the right questions of the Elites' Data-Base, and of demanding response at just the right depth of scan.

Experience and instinct combined to send the Data-Base after the right indices, the right permutations, the right rubrics, the right depths. They play the instrument of the computer masterfully, and they love it. Working at their consoles is to them what sex is to other men/women--that is to say, what they assume sex is to other men/women since they live in lives of fantasy and lies on the InterNET and World Wide WEB.

Under the shills' online Data-Base manipulations, the consoles warm and hum. The first responses will be coming in; fragments being stored in the local memory bank; the dialogue has begun. No two conversations with the Elites' Data-Bases are alike; each takes on its own patois, and the delights of the problem always begin to stroke the shill's considerable, if exclusively frontal, linear left-brain intellect like foreplay in sex.


While Shills are busy on computers doing Investigations of spinning diss-information, it might be twenty minutes for example before a full picture is available.

Their CEO's are decided not to waste this time while their lackey employees work on Data Bases for whatever Agenda.

Instead, they will take a little exercise and sun, tune up their body with something like Pilates and clear their minds for the long haul to come. They will gesture with a fingertip for Ms. or Mr. Secretary like say Fawn Hall (born 1959) who was a Secretary to Lt. Colonel Oliver North and a notable figure in the Iran-Contra affair, helping him shred confidential documents, to follow them into the Corporation small exercise room off the principal work area.

As example they might strip down to their abbreviated shorts, while Mr. or Ms. Secretary puts on a pair of round, dark eye-cups, handing their Boss similar pair, and turn on the bank of sunlamps installed along the walls. They might begin doing sit-ups or Pilates routines on an inclined platform, their ankles held by a loop of velvet-covered rope, while the Secretary presses against the wall, keeping his/her vulnerably pale skin as far away from the intense glare of ultraviolet as possible like Fawn Hall did. They will do their sit-ups slowly, getting the most work out of the fewest repetitions. And like Oliver North will be in excellent shape for a man of his age, but the stomach requires constant attention.

The highest-ranking administrator below the political shills that come and go as hired-to-be sacrificial lambs to outraged public opinion is the Deputy International Liaison Duty Officer, who is typically referred to by this acronym. The Secretary might inform her superior that he/she is still in the building when asked.

The CEO might reply to the Secretary, "He'll do. Order him to keep himself on tap. Oh--and cancel my tennis date for this weekend."

The CEO might begin to work with the weights, saying. "I'll also want a 0-jump
priority on Data-Base for the rest of the afternoon, maybe longer."

"Yes, sir."

"Okay. What do you have on your pad?"

"High protein input in liquid form. Alert and freeze Agents ****** and  *****. Alert and freeze the Deputy. Request 0-jump priority on System."

"Good. Precede all that with a message to the Chairman." CEO gasps breathing heavily with the effort of exercise. "Message: Possible that Rome International spoiling raid was imperfect. Will seek, sort, and report alternatives."

When the Secretary returns seven minutes later, she is carrying a large glass of thick, foamy, purplish liquid, the color lent by the pulverized raw liver. The CEO is in the last phase of his exercise routine, working isometrically against a fixed steel pipe.

He stops and accepts his dinner, as she presses close to the wall, avoiding the sunlamps as best she can, but knowing perfectly well that she has already had enough exposure to burn her delicate skin. Although there are many advantages of her job with the Mother Company--overtime, good retirement plan, 401k, medical benefits, company vacation resort in the Canadian Rockies, Christmas parties--Ms./Mr. Secretary regrets two aspects of her/his career: this getting sunburnt every week or so, and the occasional impersonal use Mr./Ms. so-and-so makes of her to
relieve his/her tensions. Still, she is philosophic. No job is perfect.

"Note pad cleared?" CEO asks, making sure NO evidence exists of Black Ops, shuddering slightly as he finishes his drink.

"Yes, sir."

Disregarding her/his presence, the CEO steps out of his shorts and into a glass-fronted shower stall, where he turns on a full spray of bracing cold water, over the noise of which he asked, "Did the Chairman respond to my message?"

"Yes, sir."

After a short silence, the CEO says, "Please feel free to tell me what the response was, Ms./Mr. S*****."

"Pardon me, sir?"

The CEO turns off the shower, steps out, and begin to dry off on the plush rough towels designed to heighten circulation...

"Do you want me to read the Chairman's message to you, sir?"

The CEO sighs deeply thinking, 'If this twit had not been the only attractive one in the over-100 wpm pool'... "That would be nice, Ms./Mr. Secretary".

The Secretary refers to her/his note pad, squinting against the glare of the sunlamps.

"Response: Chairman to CEO ******.: 'Failure in this
matter not acceptable.'"

The CEO nods as he dries his crotch meditatively. It was is he had expected.

When he returns to the work area, he is crisp-minded and prepared for decision-making, having changed into his working clothes, a jumpsuit of pale yellow that is loose and comfortable, and sets his rotisserie tan off to advantage in his narcissist psyche.



Evaluating both the data and the gaps, Elites analyze Mr./Ms. Bimbo Twat to be a fairly common sort found on the fringes of FALSE Activism but REALLY vandal terrorist action like Militia COINTELPRO SHILL Christie Czajkowski or fake name moderator geeks Vigilant Citizen, EsotericKitten, and Intheknow7 for example.

Young, spoiled from Ivy League wealthy families, bored, intelligent Americans, cause-oriented who doubtless played Cruel Intentions/Dangerous Liaisons Games in High School and College on victims less wealthy and affluent than them as most often arrogant and conceited narcissist jocks and soshes.

The Elites well know these types as blind Zealots who demand "Revolution" with NO solvent plan for what to do after their planned Cou d'Etat.

Thus like the 60's University brats who became Hippies and Activists for a short season during College and the Vietnam War; who after graduation became Preppy white collar Yuppies instead in their nice polyester suits and stack shoes with feathered hair or jerry curl grease.

So it IS with the Truther Movement after 9/11 and 7/7 in the UK.

He/She would have been a Liberal Activist in the 60's, back when that was still "fashionable".

He/She had a pretense of being "deep" when the truth was he/she has the depth of a wading pool.

nd he/she is the kind who sought "relevance" in everything; who expressed his/her lack of critical judgment excused off as "freedom from prejudice".

These are the types who worried about Third World hunger while pigging out and partying at Mommy and Daddy's expense in private high schools and Ivy League Universities or life in bought off Military service in soft places where no war was at by Mommy and Daddy, and who shambled about their University campus with a huge protein-gobbling dog--symbol of his/her "love" for all living things.

He/She might have even first come to Israel on a summer tour at a kibbutz, his/her purpose being to visit his/her uncle and--in his/her own words quoted in a NSA lift from a letter home--"to discover my Jewishness." Or maybe Africa "to discover my Roots" like Alex Haley wrote.

Elites can not repress a sigh when they read that phrase. Mr./Ms. Bimbo Twat obviously suffers from the Democratic Delusion that all people are created interesting like they think they are in narcissism and histrionic disorder in reality. And this is off one fake name very well polished Blog of an alleged "researcher"... in his/her own words and NOTE the contradictions and lies...

Histrionic Narcissist Shills:

He/she first boasts his/her "Friends" at this US Government site:

The Defense Intelligence Agency is a Department of Defense combat support agency and an important member of the United States Intelligence Community. With more than 16,500 military and civilian employees worldwide, DIA is a major producer and manager of foreign military intelligence. We provide military intelligence to warfighters, defense policymakers and force planners, in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, in support of U.S. military planning and operations and weapon systems acquisition.

The Director of DIA is a three-star military officer who serves as principal adviser to the Secretary of Defense and to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on matters of military intelligence. The Director also chairs the Military Intelligence Board, which coordinates activities of the defense intelligence community.

DIA is headquartered on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C., with major operational activities at the Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters (DIA HQ), Washington, D.C.; the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), Frederick, Maryland; the Joint Use Intelligence Analysis Facility in Charlottesville, Virginia; and the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC), Huntsville, Alabama.

Then this Patriot Act/Homeland Security shill says of his/her "Friends" quote:
Friends of Mine Objective of  Military Intelligence: acquisition and analysis of enemy’s plans and intentions; his combat capabilities and limitations, as well as his own intelligence collection apparatus…

The best friend of mine is “One who sticks closer than a brother”, one who said “When mother and father forsake you, I’ll raise you up…”  and “Lo, I’ll be with you ALWAYS, even until the end of time…”

This is the "autobiography" of a shill moderator in his/her own narcissist/histrionic disorder words of conceit and arrogance... note NO name of WHO this person REALLY is and his/her use of couched Orwellian Double-Speak Propaganda.

WHO IS THIS GUY? An anomaly; ex-military, DE-PROGRAMMED “useless eater” repulsed by diabolical social alchemy of global management team. This blog attempts to expose Hegelian Dialectics (problem-reaction-solution) left vs. right, phony political paradigm w/perpetual divide & conquer schemes:  Islam vs.  Judaism-Christianity, Protestants vs. Catholics, whites vs. ”people of color”, men vs. women, which  blinds  us (meaning YOU not him/her) to the REAL FACES OF TYRANNY, hiding behind secret traditions, rites and rituals, altered identities and dizzying array of  front groups – living deliciously w/resources stolen from “the nations” via usurious money lending. They stand before us (meaning YOU not him/her) smugly decrying the very strategies they are the chief  proponents of — blatantly exchanging Occult-Masonic  grips, flashing Baphomet signs (devil horns)  w/shifty-eyes and sly grins, spewing code words to occult brethren hidden amongst deluded supporters…"

So this character who grew up in a multi-generational Masonic home with 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Daddy who was no doubt Prince Hall and Boule Mason thinks he/she is an "anomaly" and "special" hiding that fact that he/she grew up in a wealthy upper class home spoiled and arrogant as his/her autobiography continues long winded in narcissist talk...

Global Management Team engage in abominable practices with absolution and impunity, while deceitfully waving the banner of  false persecution; those who for centuries, have  ignored the commandments of their G-d, choosing  materialism over spirituality, death over life, darkness over light orchestrating  ritualistic mind control through control of banking, military, medicine, academia, media, arts, sciences and clergy— “Bread & Circus”. This complex web of deceit covers the earth, subjecting “the nations” to blind obedience and servitude to hereditary monarchs, oligarchs, vassal Kings/Queens, dictators, despots, tyrants and owners of earths material resources. This scourge has been identified as “The Mother of  Harlots and Queen of Abominations of  The Earth” that traffics in mens souls…"

This Moderator writes this not saying that is the World he/she grew up in and IS still part of in the White Collar world his Mommy and Daddy bought him/her into as adult. Although using fake name it matches Alex Jones growing up in Old Texas Wealth spoiled and decadent in lush money and privilege.

This Moderator talks about Racism exposing his/her African-American Roots one one hand and yet exposes his/her own Racism and private LUST for Whitey Females...

"This abominable enterprise, with all its unconscionable horrors, which continued for (4) centuries in the full face of the Vatican, Pope and ALL Protestant religions of the world! In the colonial era in Africa, the British became experts at genocide. This was justified, wrote the great “liberal” philosopher John Spencer, insisting that “imperialism has served civilization by clearing the inferior races off the earth…the blacks, the European conquerors concluded, were “like unto brute beasts, worthy of  slavery, isolation, banishment and death.” Genocide against the indigenous peoples of Africa continues to this day under names as “zero-growth” and “sustainable development”…
The world should NEVER FORGET the Pope giving his blessing to pilots at the start of their mission to bomb Ethiopian women and children armed w/ nothing more than spears — click here for The Dark Face of Slavery
The above is also for “racially tolerant” so-called liberal phonies who never miss an opportunity to tell you how they support minorities, but fight to the death to keep them out of their neighborhoods, condos, co-ops  and God forbid, their daughters bedrooms! O.K. back to your love fest w/ Obama, who has come to wipe away all vestiges of such evils…
Did You see the Racism and wanting Whitey girls by this character above?

Then this narcissist arrogance of this Moderator boasting how much better he/she thinks he/she is over and better than other people couching it in fake concern:

Each of us are born designer originals, tragically most die cheap carbon copies, trying to be like someone else or what others want you to be. No matter how hard you try to be like someone else, you’ll never be as good at being them as they are, and while you’re wasting your life copying others, we are deprived of your uniqueness, special gifts and talents – the hidden treasure buried within you…
And again he/she boasts about him/her self:

"Anyone curious about GRAPES gravatar? – “He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored, He has loosed the fearful lightning of His terrible swift sword” –  HIS TRUTH, not ABC, BBC, BET, CBS, CIA, CNN, DEA, FBI, FOX, ITN, KGB, MI6, Mossad, MSNBC, MTV, NBC, ONI or PBS – 
His Truth is Marching On!

Moderator Experience:  Financial Controller, Mutual Funds & Insurance Sales, Corporate Law (SEC Filings), also worked in Television News, U.S. Army Retired

In other words he/she boasts HIS Truth NOT GOD. Interesting past he/she boasts also... shady indeed. He/she NEVER says Jesus' Name ever but talks of a Masonic Universal God in couched Masonic talk even quoting Bible passages like Jesse Jackson and Billy Graham and Kenneth Copeland.

Then this shill exposes the Agenda he/she works for on and his/her own feeling on another page:

The Council plans are to have a robotic working class that won’t cause any problems, but will simply work to supply the needs of the Elite-those who by their breeding and intellect are deemed worthy of being allowed to be “awake” so they can rule, live and create without any interference from the common man. They say that the working class already makes non-thinking robots of their own everyday lives, and it might as well be more planned and regulated so that others who want to create, invent, and otherwise use their minds, can do so without hindrance from the common man.
They view the “common man” with great disdain as a lower form of the human species. And they figure that by the time the year 2000 rolls around, when the purse cinches shut, and they are in full control, that people will already be sufficiently conditioned and won’t even be able to think to figure out or even be aware that a change has taken place. They see it as the perfect cover up for the continuation of the experiments in mind control they have participated in and feel very assured that the public will never be able to discover what happened because the more intelligent pubic has been sufficiently “tamed” and conditioned to go along with the rest of the herd.
As I explained before, the Council is made up of a secret and powerful group of men who are not public and meet in the shadows. Their true power and ability to rule over the masses comes from the fact that they are publicly unknown. They exist in their own environments, with little outside contact. But they have many highly tested, tried and true programmed or aligned individuals who go out and do their work, bringing back the information they need, making the contacts necessary to insure the success of their mighty plan for world domination. They have the power to insure the election of a President, to bring a celebrity to fame, to decide the fate of a nation, to bring about war, to incite riot, to bring down whole cities or countries, to kill out a certain ethnic race, to introduce a new chemical into the food of the masses for control, to loose upon a community a new virus, to decide which people are to live and which are to die. They gave direction to people like Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Henry Kissinger and the Rockefellers, but they are not ignorant enough to allow a public identity to make them vulnerable to any kind of investigation or public knowledge of their lives and their purpose. They seek people out in their own time; people don’t contact them. Sometimes the contact comes in the form of another person slipping a message in or telling someone to be at a certain place at a specified time, but their whereabouts is not ever known. And to report this to you, I had to dismantle lots of death programming that was installed in an attempt to keep me from remembering any of this.
We’ve reverted to infancy, lying on our backs in the crib, jerking our legs to the motions of spinning toys above…
Death Programming??? Where did that come from???

WHO Programmed this Moderator really who says under fake name he/she is "exposing conspiracy" ???

And he insults YOU the reader saying YOU have reverted to infancy, etc. in his/her couched arrogant insults to Readers of this fake name Moderator SHILL website.

Then this Double-Speak about MK Programming note the CONTRADICTIONS:

"Yes, yes and yes. I admonish everyone in the strongest possible terms, NEVER attempt to deprogram Mind Kontrolle Slaves; they have many “protective ALTERS”, which depending upon security breach, may activate self-destruct programming (jumping from windows, darting into traffic, ingesting poisons etc.) not to mention possible DELTA (assassin) Prog’mg. I’m not stating Prog’mg is “fail safe”, memories DO return. How many Prog’mg malfunctions described as mental breakdowns, covered up via rehab in some MK Prog’mg Center? Prog’mrs do run a tight ship re: controlling Mind Kontrolled assets and instances of permanent escape are rare. Deprog’mg Mind Kontrolle Multiples should only be attempted by trained professionals, which WE ARE NOT! The type of “deprogramming” my partner (Esoteric Kitten) and me engage in is stripping away fantasy narratives in layers, by identifying/decoding Prog’mg modes, so hopefully others can deprogram and detach for themselves…"

Note how this character warns people to NOT deprogram MK slaves but later boasts that he/she and his/her partner are MK deprogrammers and this exposes that these two are likely out looking for and catching MK strays who got away to get them back into the MK Matrix of their masters; using part truth and then boasting how they are deprogrammers as if they are the only ones qualified to engage in that business. LIES.

The Elites' Data-Base System ascribes a low coefficient of irritant potential to Mr./Ms. Bimbo Twat overall, regarding him/her as a typical young American pseudo-intellectual man/woman seeking a cause to justify his/her existence, until marriage, career, or artsy hobbies defuses him/her.

His/Her personality analysis sometimes turns up some of those psychotic warps that produce the urban guerrilla who finds sexual expression in violence like
sociopath shill Christie Czajkowski.

Other times he/she is flawed by that desperate hunger for notoriety that causes actors and entertainers who, unable to remain in the public eye by virtue of their talents or really lack thereof, "suddenly discover" hitherto
"unnoticed social convictions" like fake name moderators Vigilant Citizen, EsotericKitten, Intheknow7, etc.; and famous open names like Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Jeff Rense, etc. and the list goes on and on and on...
but ALWAYS their wealthy affluent past growing up as spoiled brats and hidden narcissist histrionic sociopaths... their Game is "Cock on the Dunghill".

Again Quote:

"Cock on Dunghill is played for fame. It is designed primarily to inflate the false ego and to keep it inflated.
Players of Cock on Dunghill are hungry to be known and talked about.
They want, in a word, to be celebrities, whether or not they have anything worth celebrating.
The game is practically forced upon people in some professions ( actors, politicians ), who are compelled to maintain a "public image" which may have no relationship to the thing they really are.
But the real player of Cock on Dunghill, whose happiness depends entirely on the frequency with which he (or she) sees his name in the papers (now the Internet), does not much care about public images. For him any publicity is better than no publicity. He would rather be well known as a scoundrel than not known at all.

These three games, Hog in Trough, Cock on Dunghill and the Moloch Game, are all more or less
pathological activities.

The players who "win" win nothing that they can truly call their own.

"Cock on Dunghill" may make himself so famous that everyone knows his name only to realize that this fame of his is a mere shadow and a source of inconvenience."



Shibui is a term from Japanese aesthetics that means elegance in its minimal form, or simplicity hiding complexity.

Objects that display Shibui are described as Shibumi.

Such objects may look plain at first, but will reward the viewer with hidden depths the more time is spent with them.

There are many parallels between the principles of Shibui and those of abstract game design.

For example, the old cliche applied to many abstract board games - a minute to learn, a lifetime to master - exemplifies the Shibui ideal of simple appearances hiding deeper complexity.

One of the keys to designing Shibumi games is to make the maximum use of minimal equipment, through clever use of the rules. These should be deceptively simple, but allow complex interactions to emerge during play.

There are also obvious similarities between the elegance and the Shibusa (degree of shibui-ness) of an object.

However, elegance can describe superficial aspects whereas shibui is a more holistic concept that goes right to the core - things are either shibumi or they are not.

Almost any Shibumi object will be elegant, but many elegant objects will not be Shibumi.

This was written by a Japanese Master of Karate descendant of  Gichin Funakoshi (?? ?? Funakoshi Gichin, (November 10, 1868 – April 26, 1957) who was the creator of Shotokan karate, perhaps the most widely known style of karate, and is attributed as being the "father of modern karate".

Shibumi (simplicity):

Shibumi is a Japanese word meaning refined simplicity, simple elegance and quiet perfection. It is a highly prized quality that few Americans and Europeans understand or appreciate. Shibumi has nothing to do with the flashy, decorative beauty admired in the west but refers to a clean, simple, restrained sense of distinction, refinement and taste.

Shibumi is strict, thrifty and without tournament.

You can see Shibumi in every facet of Japanese Culture.

It is reflected in the simplicity of Japanese art, calligraphy, rock gardens and modest décor of their homes.

However, nowhere is Shibumi more strongly reflected than in traditional martial arts of karate. You see the simple atmosphere of the dojo.

The gi (uniform) and emblem and the effectiveness of the classical techniques. It is hard to find Shibumi in open American karate.

Today’s karate-ka wears flashy uniforms use showy gymnastic movements, flurries of techniques but they are not tastefully refined according to tradition.

A simple perfectly executed, killing or disabling blow that was perfected over years of repetition has a special beauty in its effectiveness that is Shibumi.

Today tournament competitors wear colorful costumes with their large emblems and monograms. These modern and younger masters compete with each other for higher ranks even wider, multicolored, striped belts.

Meanwhile the traditional Sensei outshines them all in a plain, white unadorned gi with one emblem, bound by a simple worn out black belt.

This is Shibumi.

Warriors (samurai or serious traditional martial artists) pursue Shibumi in and out of the dojo.

They strive to find that essence of quality, simple and elegant, in everything they do.

Warriors walk quietly into crowded rooms but people are still aware of his presence.

(Editor's Note: IF he/she wants his.her presence felt by others. Stealth as its highest level is to be imperceptible, unfelt in the physical presence of people in crowds or one-on-one. Shibumi at it Apex. RR)

These people stand straight and project a confidence and posture from years of disciplined training. Their minds are alert to the people and surroundings due to Zanshin training.

They do not join in cliques because “they stand alone” but they recognize, respect and gravitate toward one another.

Only warriors understand other warriors.
(Only karate people understand karate people. Everybody else thinks we are crazy).

Warriors are NEVER the "life of the party".

They do not like to draw attention by talking about themselves or their accomplishments.

A true champion never boasts, they are humble.

They are not interested in small talk and speak only when they have something meaningful to say.

When they speak their voices are steady but not loud, confident but not arrogant, bold but not disrespectful.

They shake your hand with a nice grip (but not painful).

They look at you in the eyes, and you feel an energy you cannot describe.

These people practice the traditional martial arts, the Way and Shibumi.

These people keep dignity, sincerity, humility, etiquette, perfection and character alive in the society as well as in the arts.

Developing Shibumi is a slow process for the Westerner.

It is taught in the east early in childhood.

You cannot fake it; it must come naturally from years of training.

It is a combination of intense physical, mental and spiritual training and you must consciously practice Shibumi every day.

Learn to avoid the kinds of behavior that make you foolish and be a man or women of substance.

Do not only look good on the outside; it is the inside that counts (do not only be a model).

Face reality and do not deny everything.

Know your limitations as well as your potential (realistically).

Do not make excuses, do not fake it if you do not know it.

Act your age, do not be someone you are not.

Practice good posture to show confidence and leadership.

Practice grace in your movements to show an expression of physical and spiritual power – the product of strength, coordination and perfect balance.


~Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi~


1.) Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, founder and chief instructor of the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association is fourth cousin to Master Gichin Funakoshi - the founder of Modern Shotokan.

2.) Gichin Funakoshi had trained in both of the popular styles of Okinawan karate of the time: Shorei-ryu and Shorin-ryu.

Shotokan is named after Funakoshi's pen name, Shoto, which means "waving pines ".

In addition to being a karate master, Funakoshi was an avid poet and philosopher who would reportedly go for long walks in the forest where he would meditate and write his poetry.

means training hall, or house, thus Shotokan referred to the "house of Shoto".

This name was coined by Funakoshi's students when they posted a sign above the entrance of the hall at which Funakoshi taught reading "Shoto kan".

3.) Precepts:

"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants
~Gichin Funakoshi~

  1. Karate begins with courtesy and ends with courtesy.
  2. There is no first attack in karate.
  3. Karate is an aid to justice.
  4. First control yourself before attempting to control others.
  5. Spirit first, technique record.
  6. Always be ready to release your mind.
  7. Accidents arise from negligence.
  8. Do not think that karate training is only in the dojo.
  9. It will take your entire life to learn karate, there is no limit.
  10. Put your everyday living into karate and you will find "Myo" (subtle secrets)
  11. Karate is like boiling water. If you do not heat it constantly, it will cool.
  12. Do not think that you have to win, think rather that you do not have to lose.
  13. Victory depends on your ability to distinguish vulnerable points from invulnerable ones.
  14. The battle according to how you move guarded and unguarded (move according to your opponent).
  15. Think of your hands and feet as swords.
  16. When you leave home, think that you have numerous opponents waiting for you. It is your behavior that invites trouble from them.
  17. Beginners must master low stance and posture, natural body positions are for the advanced.
  18. Practicing a kata is one thing, engaging in a real fight in another.
  19. Do not forget to correctly apply strenght and weaknesses of power, stretching and contraction of the body and slowness and speed of techniques.
  20. Always think and devise ways to live the precepts every day.

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