The UN has designated Zionism as pure racism and an illegal practice, so why do we allow it to go on ? In the early seventies, an important member of the Jewish community let it be known that he was vacating his ground floor flat in a large Georgian building, in a fashionable part of London, near to where Tony Blair used to live.

A fellow member of Doctors Against Racism who was a non-practicing Jew and his wife agreed to take it over and had only been there a matter of days when one evening they heard a ringing on the doorbell and the doctor came to the door to see a Hasidic Jew there with his beard and homburg hat holding a notepad and pen.

This man asked the doctor for his weekly contribution for Israel, the doctor not knowing what was going on asked him to explain, the Jewish chap told him his address had been contributing to a “Trees for Israel charity “ a cover scheme which bought small arms for new settlers, and kept the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in operation, notorious for its racial harassment of German people from W W II 65 years ago.

Those who contacted the centre about gypsies or others who died in the camps were refused help as it was acting only as a Jewish revenge organisation, many of those persecuted were just ordinary soldiers who happened to be of German birth.

When the doctor explained that he had just taken over the building he was informed irritably by the Hasidic Jew that the chalk mark against his gate should have been removed, and walking to the gate he saw the Jewish chap erase it with his foot and apologise profusely for disturbing him, and asked him to say nothing to anyone about guns for Israel payments.

So the doctor said that obviously a weekly contribution had been paid from that address toward this evil cause.

The old Jew who had recently vacated the building, was a learned and well respected man and quite a scholar, and had told us they came to Britain in 1936, at that time in Germany well over 50% of all doctors were Jews, over 70% of all lawyers were Jews, and you could not borrow money without dealing with Jews, this brought a lot of resentment from ordinary German people who had watched Jewish dealers and black marketers become rich during and after W .W.1 buying anything that appreciated in value, particularly land, housing, gold and artworks at knock down prices from the German people.

Hitler had seen these Russian Jewish inspired strikes in the armaments factories and the wartime profiteering and vowed if there was another war he would see the Jews did not profit from it, and promised to take it all back for the German people, which he did.

Through the Jewish arm of several members of Doctors Against Racism we knew wartime Jewish home secretary Herbert Morrison and a couple of Jewish chancellors of the exchequer in more recent years who tipped off what would be happening in the coming budget, in fact two houses in London owned by the millionaire Phil Share were filled with goods prior to a budget in the 1950s which then went up in price with added duties, my thoughts in retrospect were that these Jewish businessmen dictated to the Jewish chancellor what would go up at the budget.

What sticks in their minds was the hatred that the Jewish people had for Christians, and that to steal from them was not considered theft.

Winston Churchill at his talk at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in 1939 was said to have told the Daily Herald Newspaper that Britain’s entry into W.W.II was revenge time for the Jews over the goods and artworks taken back from them by Hitler.

In these times when we hear so much about racial hatred, surely its time the Jews came out of the closet of hatred with organizations still geared to W.W.II like the Simon Weisenthal Centre and joined the rest of the human race and stopped all the hating, after all it is now 65 years past.

Here are ten statements, read them slowly and see how you feel about them.

Barack Obama will be remembered as a good president who threw out that toe rag George Bush and thankfully gave us Hope and Change.

Iraq has weapons of mass destruction that can reach us in 45 minutes, so we have to kill a million of its people, rob the country’s wealth steal their oil and bomb the country to bits.

Monsanto GM in our foods, Chemtrail poisons in our air, Chlorine and Fluoride in our drinking water and poisons in our vaccines are necessary to give us clean air water medicine and food.

A sick bearded old man in a cave in Afghanistan was behind the 9/11 attack.

Adolf Hitler wanted to rule the world, his war with the NWO bankers was not true.

Palestine deserves to be systematically wiped off the map.

Its right and proper that people need to bail out the bankers as they don’t have enough money and if people lose homes and jobs that an OK price to pay.

Israel needs 300 nuclear bombs with assorted germ warheads, in case a man in sick old man in a cave attacks them too.

Iran may build a nuclear bomb at some future time, so we have to kill them all too, they are just sand niggers.

The holocaust killed millions of Jews, so many bodies were buried in the surrounding camp areas that fountains of blood just spurt out of the ground, chairs lampshades and wallets were made out of Jews skin, and soap was made from them and grease for the Berlin train system.

See council of concerned citizens.

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