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We petition the obama administration to:

Completely divest all support to the apartheid state of Israel

Peacefully withdraw all support, military, monetary and political, from the apartheid terrorist state of Israel. This state is racist in nature and leads the world in its human rights abuses toward the indigenous people of Palestine. Considering the constant establishment of new settlements on stolen land built by Israeli citizens, and the open-air concentration camp conditions in which the Israeli military keeps these Palestinian men, women and children, without regard to the protests of the majority of the world's countries, we, the people of the United States can no longer conscience the use of our tax dollars to support such inhumane action in our names.

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US Forces Attacked Afghan Hospital.

A Serious War Crime

NATO forces attacked a hospital clinic, detained people inside and used the building to house detained Afghan nationals in breach of Geneva Conventions

December 7, 2012

US-led NATO forces attacked a hospital clinic in Afghanistan, stormed the building, damaged equipment, brutalized and detained those inside and turned it into a temporary jail and military base, in a grave violation of the laws of war.

The incident occurred in October in Wardak province, according to the aid group that runs the hospital.

"The US soldiers knocked down a wall to enter the building, damaged doors, windows, beds and other equipment, and detained clinical staff and civilians inside," the Guardian's Emma Graham-Harrison from Kabul. "And for the next two and a half days they brought maybe hundreds of prisoners through the building, using it as a jail, logistics hub and for mortar firepositions, contravening the Geneva conventions, which protect medical centres."

"The protection of medical persons and facilities, and respect for their neutrality was one of the founding principles of international humanitarian law," Erica Gaston, a human rights lawyer and senior program officer at the US Institute of Peace, told the Guardian.

"This latest incident is a serious violation…if true, it’s incredible to me that they not only raided this clinic but that [NATO] command allowed them to continue occupying it for days afterwards."

The Swedish Committee investigating said it complained to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and they admitted the takeover violated international laws, but said it was a mistake, and denied the charge of cowardice against US forces.

But apparently this incident isn’t so out of the ordinary.

Andreas Stefansson, the Swedish group’s director, told the Guardian that "Most NGOs who deliver healthcare in this country experience this almost on a monthly basis; that there are breaches in different provinces, basically don’t show the level of respect they should for Afghani nationals or their health facilities."

Seven doctors have lost their lives in recent US/Israel instigated conflicts worldwide.

Doctors Against Racism.


The $1.5 Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Crisis, & Growing

Richard Nixon took the USA off the gold standard in 1973. Bill Clinton got rid of Glass Steagull in 1999, which took down the separation between the activities of Investment Banks (non-secured) and activities of Commercial Banks (FDIC Secured - tax payer secured). Wall Street and the world of finance have since become a global casino dealing derivatives now estimated at 1.4 quadrillion dollars from only billions fifteen years ago. Bloomberg News reported a secret cabal runs the world of finance. A world market correction and subsequent economic depression as the world has never seen is coming.


The Sad State of Planet Earth

by Zen Gardner

First of all, it hits you hard. Right in the heart. Your family is at stake, humanity is at stake. We’re being relentlessly attacked by some unidentified force and we’re reeling, with not a lot to stand on.

Our planet’s resources are being polluted faster than we can identify. Everything we just years ago held dear and tried to naturally defend has been so drastically altered it’s beyond identification or comprehension.

And we scream as if in a nightmare with no one listening.

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Former 4-star U.S General admits to America Foreign Policy Coup


The Privatization of Israeli War

Shir Hever: The attack on Gaza was a show piece for "Iron Dome" technology which Israel wants to sell around the world


Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition

It’s just like it is so often reported to me, the NATO countries provide the terrorists of Al-CIAda (Al Qaeda) either directly or indirectly via the friendly Gulf States with weapons and ammunition that will be used against themselves later. This is what happened during the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and now at the bombardment of the Turkish border town from Syria.

Terrorists in Syria are firing 120mm mortar shells from the NATO stocks:

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US warning on Syrian chemical weapons

As Russia Today has reported, and as the Financial Times pointedly omits to mention, speculation in the Western media that Assad “may be planning to use chemical weapons” has raised fears that this may be used as a pretext for Western intervention in Syria.

“Chemical weapons” are an old favourite with the West as an alleged reason for military action. We heard similar claims about Saddam Hussein’s notorious chemical weapons laboratories, when Colin Powell appeared before the United Nations with a model vial of Anthrax, similar he claimed to those made in Saddam’s chemical weapons laboratories.

Of course once the Coalition invaded it was discovered that those chemical weapons laboratories never existed. The fiction had served its purpose though and helped pave the way for the invasion.

Despite the obvious parallels there’s no mention of that particular episode in Friday’s Financial Times report. Indeed you would almost think that the FT was ignoring the similarities in the hope that readers had forgotten about it.

Full report here


Russia, U.S. talk as Syria events "accelerate on the ground"

BEIRUT/DUBLIN (Reuters) - The two superpowers divided by Syria's civil war met head to head on Thursday, with signs emerging that Russia might curb its support for President Bashar al-Assad and Washington saying events were gathering speed on the ground.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Dublin on the sidelines of a security conference, at a time when rebel advances have brought the 20-month war to the doorstep of the capital Damascus.

"Events on the ground in Syria are accelerating, and we see that in many different ways," Clinton said before the meeting. "The pressure against the regime in and around Damascus seems to be increasing."

Lakhdar Brahimi, the U.N. mediator who convened the meeting, said the two sides had not made any breakthroughs, but would seek a "creative" solution to their impasse.

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Syrian Girl: U.S. & NATO Fighting for Al-Qaeda


Obama Plans African Wars

by Stephen Lendman

Obama's warmaking appetite exceeds all his predecessors and then some. He's already waging multiple direct and proxy wars.

His rhetoric about winding them down rings hollow. He wants to make the most of the next four years.

No targeted country left behind reflects his agenda. He's ravaging the world multiple countries at a time. He's out-of-control. He governs like a serial killer.

He plans more war on Iran, perhaps Lebanon, and full-scale intervention against Syria. He has other targets in mind. He's insatiable. Africa dreaming explains what's on his mind.

On December 15, 2006, the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) was authorized. On February 6, 2007, it was announced. On October 1, 2007, it was established, and on October 1, 2008, it became operational.

It's based in Stuttgart, Germany, not Africa. It's responsible for warmaking and military relations throughout the continent. It's comprised of 53 countries. Many potential targets are represented.

Washington wants the entire continent colonized and controlled. It's resource rich. It has large amounts of oil, gas, water, gold, silver, diamonds, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, manganese, other valued minerals, and rich agricultural land.

In early July 2009, Obama visited sub-Saharan Africa. He signaled his intentions. In Accra, Ghana, he said:

"We have a responsibility to support those who act responsibly and to isolate those who don't, and that is exactly what America will do." He said Ghana and other African governments must achieve "good governance."

His message was clear. Open the continent to Western investment and development. Privatize, privatize, privatize. Forget about providing healthcare, education, and other vital services.

Give US and other Western corporate predators free reign. Play the game the way Washington demands or suffer the consequences. Ghana got the message. Why else would Obama show up.

Libya didn't. Gaddafi paid with his life. The country became another NATO trophy. Africa’s most developed country became a charnel house.

Egypt's on the boil. Morsi is Washington's man in Cairo. Street protests strongly contest his dictatorial governance. As long as he maintains US support, he can rule any way he wishes.

On December 7, the Wall Street Journal headlined "Terror Fight Shifts to Africa," saying:

Obama may ask Congress to wage America's war on terror against Mali, Nigeria, Libya, "and possibly other countries where militants have loose or nonexistent ties to al Qaeda's Pakistan headquarters."

Washington's war on Libya created out-of-control violence and instability. Tribes, rebel gangs, and green resistance fighters battle for dominance. Puppet leaders America installed have little or no authority. No end of conflict looms.

Mali's late March military coup appears fallout from Libya. It may be replicated elsewhere in North Africa and other areas. Niger's endangered.

There's more involved than meets the eye, including controlling regional resources. Besides oil, Libya, Mali, and Niger have valuable uranium deposits. Washington seeks control.

In October, EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy head, Catherine Ashton, was involved in developing a Mali mission within 30 days. According to EU diplomats, it involves deploying 150 European military experts to train Malian and other African forces over a four to six month period.

On October 12, the Security Council approved an international military mission to Mali. Ban Ki-moon was enlisted to help develop military intervention plans. Finalizing them was planned for end of November.

France drafted the UN resolution. It was Washington's lead attack dog on Libya. It may have the same role on Mali. In late March, monsoon season starts. Expect something early next year in advance. African troops will be involved.

Germany agreed to participate. Britain likely also. Washington remains in charge. Whatever is coming will be another Obama war. Officially it's because Islamists seized power in northern Mali. The area replicates France in size.

Before his ouster, Gaddafi was a stabilizing force. Investments and mediation efforts prevented conflict between governing authorities and Tuareg rebels.

Things change a year ago. Heavy armed rebels mobilized. In March 2012, Long-time Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure was deposed.

Local Islamists controlled northern areas with Tauregs. Islamists with Al Qaeda ties drove them out. According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama wants congressional approval to intervene. With or without it, he'll do what he wants.

US special forces and drone attacks may be planned. Operations may be similar to Washington's proxy wars on Somalia and Yemen.

Administration officials call Mali a "powder keg" able to destabilize surrounding countries. They have to invent some reason to intervene. AFRICOM head General Carter Ham said:

"The conditions today are vastly different than they were previously. There are now non-Al Qaeda associated groups that present significant threats to the United States." He urges intervention.

An unnamed official added:

"Everyone is committed to taking on violent extremism in Africa. There is a healthy debate in the administration about how best to counter the threat in the region."

Ham said Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) raises most concern. It's also called "the Salafist Group for Call and Combat." Other regional groups include "the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa."

"It is clear to me they aspire to conduct events more broadly across the region, and eventually to the United States," claimed Ham.

"That is the ideology. That is the campaign plan. Establish the caliphate and spread the ideology. Attack Western interests. Attack democrat forms of government. We are certainly seeing it."

It's hard imagining anyone with command or lower authority saying these things with a straight face. America's only enemies are ones it invents.

Real ones haven't existed since Japan formally surrendered in August 1945. America waged permanent direct and/or proxy wars from then to now.

Multiple ones followed September 14, 2001 congressional Authorization for Use of Military Force. Some analysts believe it permits attacking any nation or group administration officials say have terrorist links.

Al Qaeda and groups with close ties are mentioned most often. Claiming it, of course, doesn't mean it's so. ACLU senior legislative council, Christopher Anders, expressed grave concerns. He calls another authorization for force alarming.

"This is the kind of thing that Americans could end up regretting," he said. "We could end up in another decade long war if this crazy idea isn't stopped."

Obama and administration hardliners want complete freedom to invent whatever pretexts they wish to keep waging permanent wars.

Some congressional members feel the same way. An unnamed aide to one said:

"You can make a plausible case that (new threats are) in gestation and therefore we need to act now decisively to deal with (them)."

Nigeria is also mentioned. America and the IMF stoke internal violence. Western oil giants largely control its energy resources.

China made inroads with exploration and infrastructure deals. It wants more. It puts Beijing at odds with Washington and other Western interests.

Currency wars are in play. Nigeria's foreign reserves are 80% in dollars. The rest are in euros and sterling. Russia, China, India, Iran, and other countries increasingly want less dollar dependence.

Moving away enough threatens it as the dominant world reserve currency. Washington is determined to prevent it. What's ahead bears watching.

The more China becomes a major Nigeria player, the less dominant dollars in the country become. The same holds elsewhere in the region and other parts of the world. Destabilizing violence may be initiated to prevent it.

Washington wants unchallenged control over Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They're stepping stones to global dominance. Resource rich areas are most valued.

War is America's option of choice to secure them. With or without congressional authorization, expect continued conflicts ahead.

Expect force-fed austerity at home to pay for them. Both sides of the isle agree. So does Obama.


The UN asks for control over the world’s Internet

Members of the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have agreed to work towards implementing a standard for the Internet that would allow for eavesdropping on a worldwide scale.

At a conference in Dubai this week, the ITU members decided to adopt the Y.2770 standard for deep packet inspection, a top-secret proposal by way of China that will allow telecom companies across the world to more easily dig through data passed across the Web.

According to the UN, implementing deep-packet inspection, or DPI, on such a global scale will allow authorities to more easily detect the transferring and sharing of copyrighted materials and other protected files by finding a way for administrators to analyze the payload of online transmissions, not just the header data that is normally identified and interpreted.

“It is standard procedure to route packets based on their headers, after all it is the part of the packet that contains information on the packet's intended destination,” writes The Inquirer’s Lawrence Lati, “but by inspecting the contents of each packet ISPs, governments and anyone else can look at sensitive data. While users can mitigate risks by encrypting data, given enough resources encryption can be foiled.”

Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist widely regarded as the ‘Father of the Internet,’ spoke out against proposed DPI implementation on such a grandiose scale during an address earlier this year at the World Wide Web Consortium.

"Somebody clamps a deep packet inspection thing on your cable which reads every packet and reassembles the web pages, cataloguing them against your name, address and telephone number either to be given to the government when they ask for it or to be sold to the highest bidder – that's a really serious breach of privacy,” he said.



UN tells Israel to let in nuclear inspectors

As nuclear peace talks are cancelled, overwhelming vote by general assembly calls for Israel to join nonproliferation treaty

The UN general assembly has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling on Israel to open its nuclear programme for inspection.

The resolution, approved by a vote of 174 to six with six abstentions, calls on Israel to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) "without further delay" and open its nuclear facilities to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Those voting against were Israel, the US, Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.

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How They Fake Terrorism -- Manufactured Fear I - Final Draft

A history of false flag attacks used to manipulate the minds of the people!


Privatized Prisons and Prison Labor IS Slavery

Prison slave labor in America


UK MI6 issued assassination decree

Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:54:11 GMT

While the entry into the compound of the British embassy in Tehran has provided the grounds for forgetting the main reasons behind the historical protest by Iran's Majlis (Parliament) and the revolutionary students against Britain last year, the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari presents an opportunity to further review the role of the UK’s evil government toward the Iranian people.

In autumn 2012, when the head of Britain’s secret intelligence agency MI6, John Sawers, went in front of the cameras, a question was posed to the public, what did bring the agency’s chief for the first time in the last hundred years before lens? Iran's nuclear energy program was the most important part of his speech. Sawers announced that MI6 was conducting “intelligence-led operations” with the aim of stopping Iran's nuclear energy program. However, his remarks were a master key to decrypt the upcoming events. The master key also seemed to be an order to start a new and inhumane campaign against the Iranians.

"Stopping nuclear proliferation cannot be addressed purely by conventional diplomacy. We need intelligence-led operations to make it more difficult for countries like Iran to develop nuclear weapons," Sawers said in October 2010.

According to a report published by Rajanews, on November 29, 2010, shortly after Sawers remarks, Professor Majid Shahriari and Dr. Fereydoun Abbasi, among the key and most prominent Iranian nuclear scientists, were targeted by terrorist attacks in two separate incidents. Shahriari was killed immediately and Abbasi, the current head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, sustained injuries. In fact, the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists was a practical translation of Sawers comments and what he meant by intelligence operations against Iran's nuclear energy program.

A year later in November 2011, when student groups were preparing to hold the anniversary of the martyrdom of the innocent Iranian scientist, the UK announced a decision to impose new sanctions on Iran's financial sector and banking system, including the Central Bank of Iran. But, many considered the move by the British government as the declaration of an economic war against the Islamic Republic.

Britain’s decision to cut off all financial interactions with Iran along with its hostile policies towards the Islamic Republic over the past years, especially during the 2009 post-election unrest, led Iran's Majlis to approve the general outlines of a bill, aimed at downgrading the Islamic Republic's relations with the UK. In an open session of the Majlis on November 27, 2011, the double-urgency bill was approved with an absolute majority of 179 votes in favor. Those who were against the bill, argued that the diplomatic ties between Tehran and London should not be downgraded but cut instead.

A few days later on November 29, on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Majid Shahriari, students from Tehran universities staged a demonstration outside the British embassy to express their anger against the UK’s role in the assassination of the Iranian scientist and its hostile action to cease business relationships with the Central Bank of Iran. But the gathering was affected after some of the students entered the compound of the embassy in Tehran.

The protest caused ties to be cut between Iran and Britain once again, as the Islamic Republic recognized that having no ties with the old colonizer because of its complicity in the plots against Iran throughout the history is less costly than having relations with one of Iran’s major enemies in the international arena.

The incident provoked different reactions and various analyses. After several months, in a meeting with students in the holy month of Ramadan this year, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said, “For instance, let’s suppose the issue of the evil embassy… the evil government… Now it is clear what we mean by evil, no need to mention the name. Well, the emotions of the youth were right but their behaviour was not.”

While the entry into the compound of the British embassy in Tehran provided the grounds for forgetting the main reasons behind the historical protest by Iran's Majlis and the revolutionary students against Britain last year, the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari presented an opportunity to further review the role of the UK’s evil government toward the Iranian people.

Britain played a role in diverting the Constitutional Revolution, plundering Iran's oil and organizing the 1953 Iranian coup d'état (also known as 28 Mordad coup). The UK’s conspiracies against the Islamic Republic entered a new and extremely hostile phase, when it continued its subversive activities by designing and issuing the assassination decree of Iranian scientists in the recent years and also playing a fundamental role in the imposition of illegal unilateral sanctions against Iran. The UK’s wickedness does not seem to be simply faded from the minds of the Iranian people. In a speech to people in the province of North Khorasan, the Leader also said that the Iranians have bad memories of Britain and for this reason called the country “evil Britain”.




DOJ Mysteriously Quits Monsanto Antitrust Investigation

There's an age-old tradition in Washington of making unpopular announcements when no one's listening—like, you know, the days leading up to Thanksgiving. That's when the Obama administration sneaked a tasty dish to the genetically modified seed/pesticide industry.

This treat involves the unceremonious end of the Department of Justice's antitrust investigation into possible anticompetitive practices in the US seed market, which it had begun in January 2010. It's not hard to see why DOJ would take a look. For the the crops that cover the bulk of US farmland like corn, soy, and cotton, the seed trade is essentially dominated by five companies: Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer, and Dow. And a single company, Monsanto, supplies nearly all genetically modified traits now so commonly used in those crops, which it licenses to its rivals for sale in their own seeds.

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Leaning Towards Solace


Leaning Towards Solace from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

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