~ psalm 118-22

A headstone or quoin, is the principle stone in the arch, the central stone must be the strongest because it takes the strain both ways, and the old builders or masons would reject many stones with flecks or flaws, only a perfect stone could be a headstone.

Some time back a team of students at a British university, ran both the works of Shakespeare and the Holy Bible through a bank of computers, the results were undeniable, that Shakespeare did indeed write everything attributed to him, and the whole Holy Bible was a hotch-potch of all different books and authors with alterations additions deletions and corrections going the whole way through, in fact there are over 50 differing versions of the Bible in English alone.

Scholars have said Pharisee St Paul changed the whole view of Christ's original message, and why does a Christian book also contain the Old Testament? The Old Testament is the book of the Jews not Christians and we donít have anything on Shiva, Zoroastra or Buddha, so why the Jewish book? It should not be there.

The Jews undermined and brought on the collapse of the Roman Empire and had Jesus put to death so why is their book included?

The late billionaire Zionist publisher Robert Maxwell had his phone tapped 24/7 at his place of work his home and on his boat, and one of his last conversations included the sentence; " I am about to pull off the greatest scam against Christians since we put up a carpenters son as god and got people to pay their money to him".

This is a weird thing to say and can only mean that he saw the Christian religion as a put up job by the Jews, and that he was already into his famous theft of £400 million from his employees, Maxwell had murdered in cold blood surrendering German soldiers in W W II and been a black marketeer and a paid Gestapo informant, yet he got a hero's burial on the Mount of Olives.

Most Jews such as the Ashkenazi are recent converts, the true Semitic blood line people are the Palestinians, and we have all heard the threats to "Wipe Palestine off the map".

The lost tribe of Israel according to mystic William Blake and many other scholars are the Anglo Saxons, one Roman emperor said they were not Angles but Angels, with their blonde hair and pale skin, the Jews know this and hate them for being the real chosen people, and have done their utmost to kill them off, particularly the German race, the Anglo Saxons are 3 nations, German British and American and it has long been an ambition to destroy these peoples with wars, starvation, disease multiculturalism pornography and homosexuality.

Since St Paul's time, Christians when being hurt were supposed to turn the other cheek, give what they have away, and not defend themselves against attack, great for any parasites who want to sponge off them.

Where is the Christian leadership on all these fake wars? Where are the Christian voices of dissent? Thou shalt not kill runs the commandment, Christianity is quite clear on mass murders and the popeís recent statement that he saw nothing wrong with child sex confirms the old Jewish law, not the Christian one.

All biblical finds in the occupied territories have to be approved by Israel, some never see the light of day and some like stone tablets have been faked, to show a kind of Christianity that is not in accord with the original message, Christians were never meant to be pawns in Jewish wars, despite the claims of Jonathan Pollard and others.

Some like US Evangelicals willingly support the Israeli terrorist regime and send their kids to wars to die for Israel, the anagram for Evangelicals is Evil Angels and this may not be wide of the mark.

But the headstone of the corner are these same Anglo-Saxon peoples, the strength is in their unity and purity, and like the Roman empire, the Russian empire, the British empire and now the American nation, all smashed and bled dry by the same parasitic Pharisees, but the people are now waking up to what has been done to them, your own American families freinds and countrymen and the country you love is at risk for a few foreign warmongers.

The sheer numbers of people who are now saying no more wars for Israel, and for Israel to be disarmed is growing fast, the very same Anglo-Saxon people who were rejected by the worlds builders are indeed becoming the Headstone of the corner, if you are a Christian speak out while you can.

Kevin Field

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