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Senator Karen Johnson Brings 911 Truth to Arizona!
Truth Out Now!

The Truth about the 911 Commisions Report the below video is a must view.

Recent reports that corroborate with Senator Johnson
700 architects and engineers demand investigation

The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009


Clean Water Bill

Action Alert

Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Chair
Barbara Boxer Pushing for Markup Without Hearing


***This bill will profoundly impact every citizen & community in the country--You need to keep up the pressure: It's working!***

1. Bombard the EPW office with phone calls and tell them to postpone action on the bill and demand a hearing on the bill:

Democratic Office: (202) 224-8832
Republican Office: (202) 224-6176

2. Contact both of your Senators and ask them to request a hearing on the bill.
You can call any Senator at (202) 224-3121.

3. Contact your member of Congress and ask him or her not to cosponsor this legislation. You can call any Congressman at (202) 225-3121.

4. Contact your governor, state legislators and local elected officials and ask them to weigh in on this issue.

5. Forward this message to people and organizations in your network.


Washington, D.C. __ The Oberstar-Feingold Clean Water Restoration Act, regarded as perhaps the biggest federal power grab in the nation's history, is still stuck in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee because of large-scale, grassroots opposition from around the country.

Committee Chair Barbara Boxer has been frustrated for the past month, and is strong-arming Democrats on the Committee to support a bill without a hearing. She has also established a 'gang of four' to come up with language that would assure Committee approval.

The four are Max Baucus (D-MT), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), George Voinovich (R-OH), and Lamar Alexander (R-TN). Baucus is the leading critic on the Democratic side, and is trying to 'cut a deal' by appeasing interests in his state.

The chief author in the House is Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar. Rep. Oberstar chairs the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which has sole jurisdiction of the legislation in the House. This is purported to be a 'legacy' bill for Rep. Oberstar, and although there is virtually no support for the bill in his own district, he has made it a top priority for his Committee, and is expected to introduce a bill in the House soon.

RepOberstar recently received a green light from high level officials in the Obama Administration, including the Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Interior, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Chairman of the President's Council on Environmental Quality.

As Reed Hopper, lead attorney in a 2006 landmark Supreme Court decision stated in testimony, ".....this bill pushes the limits of federal power to an extreme not matched by any other law, probably in the history of this country Oberstar has often stated, "water flows downhill." That is to say that the bill is about federal control of entire watersheds. And everything is in a watershed--all water, all land, all people, and all communities.

In short, this bill is not about clean water. It's about governance. Its aim is top-down, command and control of land, water, people and communities. It should be viewed as perhaps the greatest threat ever to liberty, property, jobs, energy independence, and access to and use and enjoyment of public lands and waters. In the words of Jim Burling, senior attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation, "If our constitutional system of limited federal powers means anything, we have to win on this issue."

The bill would overturn two U.S. Supreme Court decisions (SWANCC--2001 and Rapanos--2006) which ruled that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had exceeded their authority under the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Cleverly and deceptively titled the Clean Water Restoration Act, the only thing the Oberstar-Feingold bill restores, and legalizes, is the abuse of the individual rights of American citizens, and the continued expansion of federal control over every aspect of American life.

In case you think we're overstating the case, a 2006 report prepared by Oberstar's Transportation and Infrastructure Committee staff leaves no doubt as to what this legislation is about. The report emphasizes that control of non-point sources is the unfinished agenda of the Clean Water Act.."

Hopper wasn't exaggerating. This bill expands federal power in two ways:

1) By removing the limiting term 'navigable' from the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act and replacing it with the all inclusive 'waters of the U.S.' (including wetlands, intermittent streams, playa lakes, prairie potholes, sandflats, mudflats, ponds, meadows and sloughs).

2) By adding the new language 'activities affecting these waters,' which refers to land use activity as well as atmospheric deposition. As Rep

The simple definition of a non-point source is 'anything that doesn't come out of a pipe.' This would include agriculture, forestry, mining, energy development, home-building and other property improvement, as well as recreational uses of public lands and waters. It would include activities such as mowing your lawn, planting a garden, or building, maintaining, or using a recreational trail--virtually any human activity you can imagine. As Ali Cambel, professor of Environmental Studies at George Washington University warned over 30 years ago, "Wait until they get around to controlling non-point sources of water pollution."

The bill is not about pollution, it's about power. It is being supported by every national environmental organization in the country as a means of maintaining and expanding their power base in Washington. Many of these groups don't just have office space in Washington--they own buildings! There are no checks and balances, and little oversight. This is purely and simply a redistribution of power and authority, removing it from American citizens and communities and their state and local elected officials, and transferring it to a massive federal bureaucracy. That is why organizations such as the National Association of Counties are so strongly opposed to the legislation. Of course, there are some who will benefit. If passed, it will be a full-employment act for environmental activists and attorneys, already a major growth-industry in America. There will be endless litigation, as every acre of land and water in the country is up for dispute as to whether a human activity should be allowed.

This legislation is expansive and precedent-setting, so please act immediately.

Here's the full makeup of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee:

Senate Majority Committee Members


Barbara Boxer (Chairman)
Max Baucus
Thomas R. Carper
Frank R. Lautenberg
Benjamin L. Cardin
Bernard Sanders
Amy Klobuchar
Sheldon Whitehouse
Tom Udall
Jeff Merkley
Kirsten Gillibrand
Arlen Specter


James M. Inhofe (Ranking Member)
George V. Voinovich
David Vitter
John Barrasso
Mike Crapo
Christopher S. Bond
Lamar Alexander

Call your Senators even if they are not on the EPW Committee. You can call any Senator at (202) 224-3121.

This bill must be defeated, so please act now! There's a better way to achieve water quality objectives--a way that allows for every citizen to participate in solutions to environmental problems--solutions that are better, faster and cheaper! This approach has been tried successfully in many parts of the country. It works. And it can not only lead to common sense solutions to problems, it can help restore trust in government. The choice is very simple: Do you want more top-down, one-size-fits-all, command and control government from Washington, or responsible, bottoms-up, common sense government from average citizens and local communities?


Action Alert

There pushing the "Cap and Trade" bill

I know I have sent this out and posted it on the website awhile back but it looks like they are pressing on, I just recieved an email from John Tate you can read it below.

This is serious we already have some of the elderly suffering from heat exhaustion because they can't afford their electric bill now, if this goes through plan on your electric bill tripling at least.

For those that missed my post you can view it and the chart here


Below is from Campaign for Liberty
John Tate.

Congress is trying to skyrocket your cost of living while putting another 1 million-plus Americans out of work. And they want to do it before the week is out.

You see, the “Cap-and-Trade” bill currently in the House is really nothing more than a thinly disguised energy tax that will hit every single American.

And now Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are pushing this tax hike toward a vote that could come as soon as Friday.

That’s why we need to act now.

I have included the office number for your Representative, Geoff Davis, but first I want you to understand the disastrous consequences of this Cap-and-Tax Scheme.

By invasively manipulating an already over-regulated energy industry, this legislation seeks to fix an alleged problem that has recently been discredited by over 31,478 scientists -- including over 3,803 with specific expertise in atmospheric, earth, and environmental sciences.

All 31,478 of these scientists are trained to understand and evaluate the scientific data relevant to the human-caused global warming hypothesis -- and are speaking out against government “remedies.”

With this bill, Congress is once again just doing what it does best -- fleecing taxpayers to further an alarmist agenda.

You see, energy companies just pass the costs of these draconian regulations through to the consumer in the form of huge price increases.

As a result, you will pay higher gas prices, higher electric prices, and higher costs for goods.

Barack Obama has estimated the costs of this legislation to American taxpayers to be over 650 BILLION dollars over the next eight years, and that figure is no doubt just a fraction of the real cost.

But even that modest estimate amounts to hundreds of dollars a year in increased living expenses for every family -- and will more likely cost thousands a year.

And according to the Heritage Foundation, between 1.2 and 2.3 million jobs could be lost over the next ten-years due to the bill’s stifling regulations.

This current economic crisis is no time for Congress to consider both raising prices on hard-working Americans AND costing them jobs.

That’s why we must act now to send a message to Congress to reject this disastrous Cap-and-Tax Scheme.

Please Call your Rep now and ask for the staff member that deals with Energy policy. Politely but firmly tell them that you are opposed to this costly government power grab.

Supporters of the legislation are of course trying to downplay the cost of this scheme to the American people.

But if the bill does not directly and massively increase energy costs to consumers, how would it possibly achieve its stated aims?

It is only through these massive cost increases -- mandated and enforced by the federal government -- that the dubious goal of reducing carbon emissions could possibly be reached. The only alternative to huge energy price increases would be massive, government-ordered power outages, leaving Americans literally in-the-dark like some war-torn Third World Country.

So please call your Rep. and speak out in opposition to this hidden tax.

You’ve shown what an impact grassroots action can make toward Auditing the Fed.

Let’s unleash that same R3volution in opposition to this Big Government Cap-and-Tax Scheme.

In Liberty,

John Tate
President Campaign for Liberty

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