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The Bail Out and The Greed
by John Vodila

Wall Street on Welfare and I am still hanging in there.

I don't know about you but things haven't been good for me for a long time, I have been working my tail off since 1973 everything from walking the neighbors dog mowing lawns, pumping gas, building bridges, roofing houses, certified mechanic for 20 years and now have been in the trucking industry for a little over a decade. I guess you can say I have just been a hard working American in Pursuit of that dream everyone used to talk about.

I like many others now am trying to just survive, as of January I made a decision to go out of business so I came home and parked my semi and turned my $30,000 trailer back into the bank with only one year left to pay on it, to say the least it has been a bad year. But when you gross $130,000 and net $30,000 of that and the IRS wants $8000 of that it is time to find something else to do.

The point I am getting at here is no one bailed me out, I have had to fight back, go get a job, figure it out on my own and cowboy up.

So when I hear the politicians are for this so called bail out it doesn't surprise me in the least, they- just like the stock market and banks make their money off the hard working backs of people like me or out of thin air I guess is another way to put it.

Now I realize that this bail out will have no positive effects on the working class and this is the final nail in the coffin for the middle class, but it will have a wonderful (short term) effect on the upper class . You can already see and hear the body language if you look and listen they are having trouble holding back their glee over this bail out bill.

I can tell you this, there will not be any regulation on the looting of this 800 billion dollars, they are all frothing at the bit just waiting for the wonderful day.

I have played with the market before and I know this, you buy when the stock is down and you sale when the stock is up. The trick is to know when it is at its lowest and when it is at its highest to maximize your trade.

Don't kid yourself they are like vultures waiting for when they believe it is at the lowest mark and will pounce on it and buy it up, we have already seen this happening this is why the market fluctuates. Why do you think when the DOW was down 700 it went back up 400 the same day? It is because they are buying low and driving it back up. When they inject all this money in, it will go back up to the usual amount or more then they sale and bingo we are off to Hawaii sucking on a drink with the little umbrella in it, get my drift?.

They are laughing all the way to the bank .

Billions will be looted right off the get go in this way and you don't hear anyone on talk radio or tv bringing this fact up

We are broke so where is this money coming from? I don't believe any other country will loan us money at this point we are trillions in debt now , but yet all we hear about is what we are going to do with sanctions and wars on other countries, I am telling you these people do not know what they are doing and are the greatest threat to our national security in our history and always have been.

I have been asked what has happened to our best and brightest, well they are here we have the likes of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Chalmers Johnson, Scott Ritter, Marcy Kaptur, Amy Goodman and many others but they are either demonized or not allowed into this arena of stupidity because they are enemies of ignorance. Just google their names and see what they are saying about this bail out.

Are we capitalist or socialist.

Capitalism is an economic system in which all property is owned by either private individuals or a corporation. Private ownership is sometimes used as a synonym for individual ownership, however the term "private" may also be used to refer to collective ownership of individuals in the form...

A person who is in favor of public ownership and sharing of work and the goods produced.

A socialist is one who believes that all work and all profits should be shared equally.

I my self believe this is just another step toward the New World Order as Bush senior and friends put it.

This is not a bail out it is the beginning of the one world bank and a one world currency, they have to take the world economy down to implement this, this is the agenda.


Well they did it before I finished this article, they passed the bail out oh what a surprise, to hell with what the best and the brightest and the people say, our rulers and leaders know what is better for the HOME LAND than we sheeple.

Just yet another example of how they think they will do whatever the please with us, are you angry yet?

They have been doing such a great job as our short history shows, I am sure we will be OK now.

Another sad day and another wound in the heart of America.
Democracy is on the march!!!!!

And this is all I have to say on this issue, as far as I am concerned this bail out issue is closed and was closed the day of conception.

Watch the video below, I wonder how many billion will go to this? I bet not a dime!!!

How George Bush Supports our Troops

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