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The honeybee crisis, just the beginning!

By John Vodila

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The biggest crisis ever to face the U.S. beekeeping industry, since October 2006, 35% or more of the United States population of western honeybee billions of bees simply flew from their hive homes and disappeared.

Honeybees annually pollinate more than four teen billion dollars worth of seeds and crops in the United States, mostly fruits, vegetables and nuts. Every third bite we consume in our diet is dependent on a honeybee to pollinate that food.

The bee losses are ranging from 30 to 60% on the west coast, with some beekeepers on the East Coast and in Texas reporting losses of more than 70%; a loss of up to 20% is considered normal on an off-season.

This crisis could mean a major reduction in the world's food supply.

Nobody knows yet why or what is happening to the bees, speculations such as cell towers, viruses, funguses, parasites, mites, new pesticides and genetically engineered crops are some of the possibilities.

I have a couple of more possibilities to add.

We cannot continue on the path that we are on, it is a path to death and destruction.

Not many are aware of the effects of depleted uranium.

Since 1991, the U.S. has released a radioactive atomicity the equivalent of a least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs into the global atmosphere. This is 10 times the amount released during atmospheric testing which was the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. The U.S. has permanently contaminated the global atmosphere with radioactive pollution having a half-life of 4.5 billion years. http://thetruthnews.info/depleted_uranium.html

America has used 300 to 800 tons of DU weapons in 1991 and over 200 tons of DU weapons in Baghdad alone. These munitions aerosolized on impact.

This is one possibility to ponder, we cannot use these weapons without expecting grave consequences.

And then there's the chemtrail, all you have to do these days is just look up.

The spraying of powdered materials throughout the skies of the world is happening on a daily basis everywhere. Ionization of the sprayed particles rained down many forms of radiation and who knows what else.

Well either way regardless if the honeybee crisis is from natural causes or man-made causes my two possibilities are credible and need to be seriously considered.