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The biggest crime on the earth was THE NUCLEAR ATTACK

by Reality Speaks




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Mushroom cloud over Hiroshima

Article 6th of august,1945, The year when world war second ended with the biggest ever terror attack by the United States of America, the nation which is holding the flag of world independence today. Lets ask the question of justice for those who suffered from that nuclear attack which is done by the cruel administration of United States. What the innocent people of Japan have done to the US? There is no answer since now but this shameless country still stands on his self made laws using which they are invading each and every country directly or indirectly.

It seems like the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were planned for the future world denomination using which US can threaten countries of the world. Soon after the attack on Hiroshima, Japan surrendered in front of US and the satanic administration achieved its first goal and as a result of which US became the biggest nuclear state of its time. After that the US denomination in the world is not hidden from any one. The cold war started between the two super powers of the time, Soviet Russia and the US which resulted in killing of thousands of innocent and loss of trillions of dollar behind this fake cold war. There were repeated crises that threatened to escalate into world wars but never did, notably the Korean War (1950-1953), the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), the Vietnam War (1964-1975), and the Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989). In all these wars, the innocent being killed and the US became richer and richer as its weapon business soars huge profits.

Even after the collapse of Soviet Russia, the United States continued its world denomination through various puppet regimes in various countries. Notably in Iraq in the form of Saddam using which US has attacked the newly formed Islamic Republic of Iran and supplied high tech biological and chemical weapons to Saddam, which Saddam has used even against Iran and against its own people in Kurdistan. In this US backed attacks; more than half a million of innocent people got killed. Soon after the Iran – Iraq war, Saddam has used the same huge weapon base which US has provided to Saddam to topple the Islamic Republic to invade the neighboring country of Kuwait igniting the new era of war in the Middle East. The point to remember here is that Saddam was the puppet of US at the time of Iran Iraq War and US has supplied huge weapon base to him to attack Iran.

US got a point to make a new base in Middle East countries to liberate Kuwait from the Saddam forces so the George Bush Senior threatened the Middle East countries to provide a war base for the American troops for attacking Iraq otherwise get ready for US sanctions and future war. Result of which is pretty clear, every Middle East countries has given a base to the joint US forces except the Islamic Republic of Iran. This was the first time that the Islamic countries are providing their lands to attack a Muslim country. This was only possible because all the rulers of these so called Islamic countries are the puppet regimes of US or has taken huge bribes to do so.

From the emergence of United States after the World War first, the bad intentions of this country has caused huge losses to the whole world in terms of lives, money, trade, economy, etc.

This is not enough, after all these horrible crimes, still the cruelest administration of the United States dreams of ruling the globe and whoever raises its voice against the cruelty, he is threatened for his life.

Now let us question to this, so called leader or peace implementer, who is raising the voice of world free of violent nuclear weapons and is threatening North Korea and Iran and threatening them to keep away from the nuclear technology also, O’ the United States, how many nuclear warheads do you have? The well known answer is only 20,000. How many nuclear warheads your ally country Israel holds? The answer is only 200 – 300.

Figures in hundreds and thousands are very few from the point of US and Israel rather if North Korea and Iran only wants to develop the technology for peaceful purposes is also a point of concern, where is the justice? The objection raised by the United States is that North Korea and Iran can develop Nuclear weapon using the technology. We can ask the US administration, you have developed the same nuclear technology more than 50 years back and tested it live on humans, result of which was death of 100,000 and millions got critically injured.

How we can believe on you that you will not use your deadly weapons, which are numbering in thousands, in today’s world where there are stiff competition from countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, etc. what is the guarantee that you will not use these nuclear warheads? It is the common consensus of majority of countries and of general masses that as you are forcing other countries to not to develop new nuclear weapons, you also surrender your weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to the United Nations (UN) and that will lead us towards the most common point of total safety.

With this, we also need the compensation from your side for the survivors of the nuclear attack you did on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Justice is same for all, either he is a leader of his time or the common man living on this globe.

Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki rises to 60,000 feet

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