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Billions And Trillions Of Dollars And Sense.
by John Vodila

"If we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, then we're going to have a serious problem."- George W. Bush, Jan. 2001.

“Without immediate action by Congress, America could slip into a financial panic... Ultimately, our country could experience a long and painful recession.”- George W Bush, Sept. 2008

Before the war, White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsay estimated the cost of the Iraq occupation at $100 to $200 billion. So the White House got rid of him and "re-estimated" the cost at $50 to $60 billion. It's now over $500 billion.
The neocons, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc. were just totally unrealistic. "We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon." – Wolfowitz, March 28, 2003

Now here is the real threat and the real problem to the United States and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is the truth, and this truth cannot be ignored any longer.

We have more than 700 military bases in 130 countries.

If we don’t stop this empire building now it will be the doom of our nation if it isn’t already.

Remember the twelve billion dollars in shrink wrapped $100 dollar bills lost in Iraq, the biggest transfer of our money by the Federal Reserve and Congress in history and not one clue where it all went. Think about that, 363 tons of $100 bills lost, don’t believe me google ‘cash to Iraq’ and read it yourself.
This is old news

The cost of the Iraq occupation is now approaching $600 billion, or about $100 billion per year. This is only Iraq, the experts estimate the cost over the next 10 years for Afghanistan and Iraq to be over 2 trillion dollars, and these out of control people in our White House are stirring the hornets nest with Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China and North Korea, Does this make sense?

According to the Treasury Department, from 1776-2000, the first 224 years of U.S. history, 42 U.S. presidents borrowed a combined $1.01 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions, but in four years alone, the Bush administration borrowed $1.05 trillion.

Are we going to let them commit suicide to our country?.

Remember nothing happens by accident in government this is all by design and I don’t think any real American is going to like what they have in store for us.
This is a hostile take over, mark my words, I know it sounds crazy just do a little research the united States has not been a country for a long time the United states is a corporation, and we are witnessing a hostile take over of a corporation.

In laymen terms this is like you or I being bankrupt but still spend like we have all the money in the world, the problem is we would be arrested for counterfeiting.

Our country is broke , we are trillions in debt and the Fed just keeps on printing the Federal Reserve Notes that are not money, they are notes of debt.

We the people of the United States of America better wake up now!, and get informed and inform others on real issues and quit calling everything we don’t understand a conspiracy theory.

We really have to wonder, to me all these people look and act like a bunch of spoiled rotten clueless brats that have never done a hard days work in their miserable million, billion and trillion dollar lives. Morons on steroids, yes I am being disrespectful but not a grain of sand of disrespect compared to theirs to the American people.
Most Americans talk in the tens, twenties and if lucky hundreds of dollars and have been to busy trying to put food on the plate and keep a roof over their families head to be able to take the time to be informed and this has been done to us by design, this fact is changing and I feel that the sleeping giant is awakening and the fear is about to turn tides.

No one is going to bail the little guy out, this bail out is nothing more than corporation stuffing corporation with billions more of our hard earned money that they just print up and tell us we owe the interest on what they print. Somebody needs to bail the BS because it is getting real deep these days.

I do not for one minute believe we will allow anyone to take our country by mindwar and without a fight.

“Remember the sleeping giant is the people of the United States not the government.”

History will show that we the People were underestimated.

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