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Black hole of the empire.
by John Vodila

I wonder how much different from main stream media (msm) the under ground and alternative truth media really are.

Just like msm it seems a lot of the alternative media has an agenda for themselves, their website or making money etc .

Are we not supposed to be about truth, and standing up for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness ?.

It seems to me that some are getting to big for their britches and forgetting and leaving behind the ones that have given up life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Are we to just use these people and their stories to promote ourselves, and then once their in the black hole of the empire just like magic, poof their gone. Well it sure seems that way to me.

The point is that we need to stay focused on the old as much as the new stories or some day you your self might fall into the black hole of the empire and be forgotten just like former border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean that are serving their 11 and 12 year prison sentences for protecting our borders and defending America from a drug smugler, down the black hole they went. Imagine being imprisoned for doing the job you were hired to do. And worse imagine the smuggler getting immunity, it took 2 years to indict Aldrete-Davila but only 2 months to indict the two border patrol agents for their acts of self defence.

What about Ed and Elaine Brown, the couple that just asked the IRS to shown them the law. Tom Cryer's win over the IRS proved them innocent.

Sure you remember, they are the ones that gave up everything for an issue of truth. You could not find a blog or a website that didn’t have something about them on it until they went down the black hole of the empire .

How about the Montana Freemen who tried to bring the power back to the people, they to were demonized and sent into the black hole of the empire. Their crime was they found a way to compete with the Federal Reserve at their own game, I guess the law for us is different from the law for the Federal Reserve.

Then there is Indian rights activist Leonard Peltier who is a citizen of the Anishinabe and Dakota/Lakota Nations, a political prisoner. He has been unjustly imprisoned since 1976. The FBI admitted they don't know who killed the two agents. He is in the black hole of the empire along with many American Indian movement (AMI) activist. Let us not also forget John Trudell a chairman of AIM, his family was massacred by the FBI on the Duck Valley indian reservation in Nevada.

And the list goes on, it is like a Monopoly game between the people and the government and the government is allowed to cheat. Since when did we the people give the right to cheat to our public servants? and except this double standard that if the government does it that's ok.

These people and many more need to be raised out of the black hole of the empire and some of them need to be elected into office because obviously they know more about our law of the land (the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) than the ones in power who all have had to swear an oath to uphold the law in which they know nothing about, and or try to twist and disfiguer it to empower their will on us, or for an agenda of their own.

Here is an example from a government document by the Psychological Operations Group . ("Unlike PSYOP, MindWar has nothing to do with deception or even with"selected"- and therefore misleading - truth. Rather it states a whole truth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the united States".)

In the above quote when it states by the will of the United States, it should read by the United States government because surely most of the people have know idea of this operation or PSYOP MindWar. And there are many.

Remember America is only America as long as the POWER remains with the people and this is what I and most of the alternative media, like the people that have been hurled into the black hole of the empire are all about.

It is all about empowering the people with knowledge, for as Thomas Jefferson spoke "No country and no people can be free and ignorant at the same time." If that isn't the truth well I guess I just don't know what truth is.

This is a very difficult task because of all the demonizing by the ones with the power, the MSM. I will borrow a phrase used by Alex Jones, "there is a war on for your mind" and there is nothing closer to the truth than that.

Main stream media has been compromised by corporations, the military and government agenda's. Stop listening to the one's who are lying to us do not believe everything is black and white because it is not.

To borrow another phrase from Congressman Dr. Ron Paul's book Revolution an American Manifesto, "Truth is treason in the empire of lies".

You can be the most Christian, humble, intelligent, righteous and truthful person on a mission of righteousness and if this mission exposes or goes against the truth that is being forced into existence you will find yourself demonized by the MSM right down the black hole of the empire, and mark my words you can take that to the bank.

Please take a moment and sign the petition below.

To: US Federal Court of Appeals
“Congress shall make no law respecting… the right of the people … to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
-United States Constitution, First Amendment

The case of United States vs. Edward and Elaine Brown was not about income taxes. For more than a dozen years, they simply asked the Internal Revenue Service to show them the law that specifically makes them liable to pay the federal income tax, all the while stating that if the government could do so, they would gladly pay all income taxes and never question the law again. Instead, the Internal Revenue Service ignored their requests, year after year, although the Browns were constitutionally entitled to an answer. Then, in 2004, after never responding to any of the Browns’ countless requests, the Internal Revenue Service, along with a SWAT team, US Marshals, state and local police, raided Elaine’s office building and took each of the Browns, by force, into custody.

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right… to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor…” -United States Constitution, Sixth Amendment

Elaine Brown, representing herself and her husband, Ed, hand crafted over fifty motions during the course of their trial. All legal experts who read the motions agreed that they were flawlessly written and all within the scope of the law and in accordance with established court procedures. All but a handful of the motions were denied, many without objection from the prosecution or without explanation. The Browns were not allowed witnesses, to present evidence, or to cite case law. The jury was also instructed to return a verdict based solely on whether or not the Browns paid federal income taxes or filed tax returns for the years in question. Also, the Browns were technically not charged with a crime, they were charged with two penalty clauses. No indictment ever cited a statute that showed the defendants liable to pay an income tax or file a tax return.

Due to the fact that the Browns’ constitutionally guaranteed rights were not honored, they now sit in prison, separated from each other. Their livelihood has been taken away, their property confiscated, and they have been financially destroyed. When they are finally released from prison, they will be homeless, penniless, unemployed, and in their seventies. No government employee, or public servant, has yet answered their question and showed them the law subjecting them to a federal income tax on their wages.

The Browns are being destroyed for asking a question. Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Service is illegally confiscating over three million dollars worth of property and assets for an alleged, and unproven debt of only six-hundred fifty thousand dollars. Our servant government is obligated to answer their question, but rather they locked them up and destroyed their lives. This is unacceptable.

We hereby petition the United States government, specifically the United States Federal Court of Appeals, 1 Courthouse Way, Boston, Massachusetts, to reconsider the appellate denial of Edward Lewis and Elaine Alice Brown. We also petition the United States government to cease the seizure of the Browns’ properties and assets until such time that a fair trial, as defined by the United States Constitution, can be executed.
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