Winson Churchill and Joseph Stalin

WINSTON CHURCHILL who brought Britian into 2 disastrous world wars against Germany despite contradictory advice from the intell services was awarded in 1953 the Nobel prize for literature and for his Brilliant oratory, his speech writers Olive Margerison and Patrick Kinna got no mention, yet his bodyguard Det. Walter Thompson said because Churchill was very conscious of his stutter, he would practise and practise all day driving Thompson almost mental.

The real reason for W W II was a battle between the Jewish bankers and the Nazis, a Nazi is a Nazerene or a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, and Anglo Saxon Christians were seen as just animals in Zionist teaching, many English people at the time knew this, and more know it today.

The two main political parties are totally Jewish lobby controlled, and the racist expulsion of Baroness Jenny Tonge from the Lib/Dems a fortnight ago for a speech on Palestine shows the Lib/Dems are a controlled party too.

The Daily Mail of Dec 10 2010 highlighted the story of students urinating on the Statue of Winston Churchill, this is quite a sport at the London school of Economics and in fact the London statue has become a place of pilgrimage for urinators, including coachloads stopping to christen the site, CCTV caught a large group of French tourists queuing to urinate against the statue, and itís become a bit of a craze to have your photo taken while urinating at the site. Churchill would have appreciated this being among the greatest of piss artists, so much so that Roosevelt would call him by his nickname "that drunken bum" while to the British press he was known as the bulldog, to family he was known as the arrogant pig.

That Churchill was a Zionist puppet has always been known, and this is parodied in the advertisement seen on British TV with a bulldog puppet called Churchill who speaks a little like Churchill with a slurred voice, the antics of the drunken dog are to remind us what a clown Churchill was, with the Dardanelles campaign and callously allowing 4 million of my Indian countrymen to starve to death are among his worst disasters.

The Churchill Dog pic shown has blood dripping down his mouth, Sir Anthony Blunt tells us that Churchill seemed thrilled with the needless bloodshed towards the end of the war, with British planes shamefully bombing and machine gunning refugee columns after Germany kept begging to surrender.

DR. N. Patel


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