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Citizen Holding Cells
Info from one of my sources

Following up on what is happening in our country. I had heard of these citizen holding cells, but it is the first time one of our people has personally seen them and able to take pictures. Supposedly there are thousands in Texas, but why we need to ask in po dunk Utah ? Pass these on before our site is deleted for "some unknown cause" Wally

Here are some photos of the modules that were being loaded in Provo and are heading to Vernal.


Where are they, why Vernal? Wha are the being used for?


Hello Robert

I posted this on a huge forum and from the input I received these are modular cells for a prison they are building somewhere if this is true or not I do not know for sure. There had been about 3 people that claimed this is all they are. They said that it is easier to build prisons in this manner.
all I know so far
Sincerely John

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