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1991-2010 Enormous Scale of Pharma Criminal Fraud Settlements


Friday, 24 December 2010

From 1991-2000 qui tamlaw suits accounted for only 9% of settlements with the government. But from 2001-2010, qui tam settlements comprised 67% of the billions in payouts

 A report by Public Citizen documents the enormous scale of pharmaceutical industry lawless activities during the past two decades--crimes that resulted in a minimum of $1 million in penalties paid to the  government. 

Between 1991-2010, there were 165 criminal and/or civil settlements by major pharmaceutical companies comprising of $19.8 billion in penalties.

 Four of the world's largest drug companies--GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Schering-Plough--accounted for 53% ($10.5 billion) of penalties during these two decades.  

 If that isn't shocking enough, during the past five years, Big Pharma has been engaged in a veritable crime spree:  

73%  of these settlements (121) and 75% of the penalties ($14.8 billion) occurred between 2006-2010.

"While the defense industry used to be the biggest defrauder of the federal government under the False Claims Act (FCA), a law enacted in 1863 to prevent defense contractor fraud, the pharmaceutical industry has greatly overtaken the defense industry in recent years.  The pharmaceutical industry now tops not only the defense industry, but all other industries in the total amount of fraud payments for actions taken against the federal government under the False Claims Act."

Former company employees who filed qui tam (whistleblower) suits were the most instrumental in bringing to light the evidence that resulted in the largest number of federal settlements over the past 10 years.

From 1991-2000 qui tam law suits accounted for only 9% of settlements with the government. But from 2001-2010, qui tam settlements comprised 67% of the billions in payouts.

 The federal government levied the largest financial penalties for the illegal off-label promotion of drugs and state governments levied the largest penalties for deliberate overcharging of Medicaid--both crimes yielded pharmaceutical companies with huge profits. Public Citizen found that state Medicaid programs were paying as much as 12 times the actual cost of a drug.

 Additional unlawful practices by pharmaceutical companies include: unlawful monopoly practices to extend patent pricing or collusion with other companies, kickbacks to providers, hospitals, doctors; concealing negative study findings;  poor manufacturing practices and selling contaminated products; environmental violations; accounting or tax fraud and insider trading; illigal distribution of unapproved pharmaceutical products.

 Thus,  the size of the financial penalties levied paled when compared with the profits from illegal practices--which is why this industry has escalated its criminal marketing modus operandi.

 We wholeheartedly agree with the assessment of Public Citizen: "Clearly, the continuing increase in violations by pharmaceutical compaines--despite the large financial settlements-- demonstrates that the current enforcement system is not working. The lack of criminal prosecution that would result in jailing of company executives has been cited as a major reason for the continuing large-scale fraud, in addition to the fact that current settlement payouts may not be a sufficient deterrent."

 Adding insult to injury, who do you think is footing the  cost of legal and settlement expenditures incurred by pharmaceutical companies?  Just check the increased price of drugs and figure it out.

 Finally, government suits against pharmaceutical companies have avoided charging or penalizing pharmaceutical companies for the severe harmful consequences suffered by consumers from illegal marketed harmful drugs. This failure to address the disabling adverse drug effects and drug-linked deahts resulting from illegal pharmaceutical activities contributes to the devaluation of human beings--thereby buttressing  this industry's disregard for the welfare of its customers.

Vera Hassner Sharav


Unintended Consequences

How the government's actions that are designed to help Americans have devastating unintended consequences that will soon lead to hyperinflation.

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( From Lydia, news contributor)

Investment Research video on the looming financial crisis.

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Merry Chemtrail Christmas

by Zen Gardner

Sure enough. As signaled yesterday, after a night and morning of heavy spraying, the coastal fog lifted to reveal a special Christmas treat--another suffocating morning of chemtrails to suck in while families go outside to 'enjoy the day'.

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States try to counter Supreme Court's minimum-price ruling

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Drones Used On Americans

It's all to keep us safe from the terrorist...

Welcome to the United Soviet States of Amerika comrade, we must protect the 'HOMELAND'!!



December 18, 2010


Confirmed sources in the Nigerian government tell us, in order to keep former Vice President Cheney out of prison for crimes involving Nigeria, $500,000,000 in bribes have been promised, negotiated by former President George H.W. Bush. Now, only a day later, Cheney faces possible charges, so many charges they can only be imagined, for planning the Pentagon attack on 9/11.

TV host, Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal, former Governor of Minnesota, on a one hour documentary on prime-time American television, makes an open and shut criminal case tying Cheney, Rumsfeld and officials throughout the US government with complicity in the planning, execution and subsequent cover-up of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

9/11 Pentagon Attack -- Conspiracy Theory' with Gov. Jesse Ventura -- Full Episode

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Two more speak out in support of CIT -

Rusty Aimer and Stanley Beattie

Adding to the continuously growing list of experts, scholars, journalists, activists, researchers and concerned citizens who have formally offered their praise for our presentation National Security Alert we are honored to include pilot Rusty Aimer and engineer Stanley Beattie.

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Big Brother Going Postal?

Monday, December 20, 2010

by Zen Gardner

Unbelievable. At first I thought it was a report, then I thought it was a tongue in cheek joke. Then I found out the truth. This New York Times contributor/postal 'counsel' is making a serious fascist proposal in this op-ed piece. And he's an insider.

Apparently, after announcing it had 'lost 8.5 billion in the last year despite cutting more than 100,000 jobs' (little hard to believe) it's become imperative that 'due to these "budget problems", and/or other beleaguing 'efficiency' reasons, the post office should join the phony "war on terror" and "be all the big brother 'snitch and tell' agent it can be'!

It may deliver in snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night, but the U.S. Postal Service can’t seem to deliver a net-positive operating budget. Even after drastically cutting personnel last year, the USPS still went $8.5 billion into the red, a budget gap that could lead to insolvency this year. But in an op-ed in Saturday’s NYT, Council to Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission Michael Ravnitzky proposed an interesting idea to help the Postal Service get back in the black: turn mail trucks into a http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/18/opinion/18ravnitzky.html?_r=2data-producing nationwide sensor network.

Ravnitzky’s idea (which he’s careful to point out is his and not that of his employer) is to take the USPS’s biggest asset – it’s massive fleet of vehicles – and turn them into the most robust data collecting operation in the land. Right now each truck has a single purpose: to deliver mail. But fitted with an array of cheap sensors, mail trucks could wireless deliver real time information on weather, pollutants, traffic, road conditions, and even locate gaps in cell phone coverage and television signals.

Now that's just a peach waiting to be picked, isn't it? Big Sis Napoleon-itano and the New World Order should just jump at this.

The service’s thousands of delivery vehicles have only one purpose now: to transport mail. But what if they were fitted with sensors to collect and transmit information about weather or air pollutants? The trucks would go from being bulky tools of industrial-age communication to being on the cutting edge of 21st-century information-gathering and forecasting.

"After all", it goes on, "the delivery fleet already goes to almost every home and business in America nearly every day, and it travels fixed routes along a majority of the country’s roads to get there. Data collection wouldn’t require much additional staff or resources; all it would take would be a small, cheap and unobtrusive sensor package mounted on each truck."

This guy is the chief counsel to the chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission! Can you believe it?

Not enough that Google trucks are scanning our homes and streets, Echelon monitors our calls, and Google tracks our email for the NSA...now we recruit the postman?

This elitist snake goes on to boast:

The key elements for the project already exist, including tiny, inexpensive G.P.S. receivers and radio uplinks, features found in today’s smart phones. The sensors would operate without distracting the drivers from their primary responsibilities.

Turning Postal Trucks into Mobile Sensor Arrays--(like recruiting our kids as spies...) Again: Author? Michael Ravnitzky is the chief counsel to the chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission. What does that say to you? And he's making this proposal publicly? But no -- no fascist "keep-the-enslaving-'fear and terrorist'-agenda" here. Not a bit. Just an advisor.

His cover, like that of so many? "Ahm just a little worker, tryin' to serve the people..." Right.

Sorry, no patience for sickening sell outs to the fascist enslavement of America.

Not really wondering this time. - Zen


Israeli War Crimes' signs to go on Metro buses

(Editor Note: Looks like some people in Seattle are beginning to pay attention, it's about time we all do. This has been going on since the 40's)

Below quote from a Jewish Voice For Peace member

"But the Gaza war was a wake-up call. I was jarred by the sight of white phosphorus exploding over Gaza – the most densely-populated place on earth. White phosphorus shells made in the USA, fired by the Israeli army. White phosphorus – the incendiary chemical weapon that burns flesh down to the bone – banned for use against people, even against soldiers. Now white phosphorous was being used against Palestinian civilians, even children. An illegal weapon. A terror weapon. Right on my TV screen – heartbreaking evidence that war crimes were being committed.")

SEATTLE – "Israeli War Crimes," the enormous advertisement reads. "Your tax dollars at work."

To the right of the image is a group of children -- one little boy stares out at the viewer, the others gawk at a demolished building, all rebar and crumbled concrete.

It's an ad you'll be seeing soon on a handful of Metro buses in downtown Seattle.

Read Allen Schauffler's full report here

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