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Operation Backfire - From Jack McLamb

A Building Block of Freedom Restoration

When it comes to capturing the attention and touching the hearts of America's peace officers and soldiers, no one delivers the message quite like retired police officer, Jack McLamb, "hitting home" every time!

Speaking at a recent Texas Truth Seekers conference, Jack gave another of his rousing "wake-up call" messages designed to show all Americans - and particularly his fellow lawmen - just how freedom can be restored and preserved in our Land without bloodshed. The inspiring 2-hour message gave new hope to all in attendance, and is now available on DVD.

Appealing first of all to sworn lawmen at the county, state and federal levels - and also America's military personnel - Officer Jack explained how, by the careful and correct use of their lawful powers, sworn officers can avoid unwittingly selling out their countrymen, and at the same time act as a legitimate force to halt the power grab by which an international criminal elite seeks ultimate and total control over the USA.

But his appeal is to private citizens, as well. "If the good American people will join in", Officer Jack says, "helping to alert more and more of our peace officers and soldiers as to just who the true enemies of God and Liberty are in our nation - - if we can persuade only a sizable portion of our uniformed protectors to turn back and stand on the side of the sovereign People, opposing the despotic shadow government elite, then America once again will know freedom and prosperity."

Everyone is encouraged to obtain copies of Operation Backfire! to share as widely and rapidly as possible, keeping in mind that unless the enemies of Liberty are stopped, our rights of free expression and free association that allow us to do so will be gone.

Copies of this 2 hour DVD (or VHS) are available directly from Ascended Knowledge Ministries. $20. for one, $30. for two, $35. for three. (Please ad $4.10 for shipping for any quantity up to three.) Call (775) 284-1388 for additional quantity prices. Send Your Donation to:

Ascended Knowledge Ministries, 2790 Wrondel Way #41, Reno, Nevada 89502
Email dennis@libertyandjusticeforall.tv that your request for copy(s) is in the mail and your order will be ready for shipment on the same day your request is received.
In Truth and Freedom
Dennis Grover


Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11
by Bill Christison
August 14, 2006

However horrendous the crimes of two of the world’s great liars and terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon, it is imperative that we not let the deeds of Ehud Olmert and George W. Bush distract us from another recent event.

The U.S. alliance with Israel and the power of the lobby that lets Israel so easily influence U.S. foreign policy have been major factors in allowing the monstrous slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza and Lebanon. What is happening in these lands may also encourage Olmert and Bush to start new hostilities in Syria and heavy, possibly nuclear, bombings in Iran -- and this entire mess of neocon pottage may lead to a new World War and clashes of civilizations and religious fundamentalisms that these two wretched politicians seem quite literally to want to impose on the rest of us. It’s a tough case to make that anything else going on in the world -- anywhere -- could possibly be of equal importance.

But on July 29 and 30, and then again on August 1, something else happened that increasing numbers of people believe is of equal importance. On these dates C-SPAN rebroadcast a panel discussion, held originally in late June, sponsored by an organization called the American Scholars’ Symposium to discuss what really happened on September 11, 2001. Held in Los Angeles, the meeting lasted two days, and the C-SPAN rebroadcast covered one almost two-hour wrap-up session. The meeting was attended by 1,200 people interested in hearing something other than the official story of 9/11. The TV audience was evidently large enough to spur C-SPAN to broadcast the panel discussion five separate times in four days.

Even a month late, this is a lot of airtime for stories that many people call conspiracy theories -- and for which many others use nastier descriptions. It is possible that the head of C-SPAN, Brian Lamb, so strongly disbelieves the conspiracy theories that he felt giving them ample publicity would discredit them further. It is equally possible, however, that Lamb, who seems honestly to believe in presenting various sides of most issues as fairly as he can (although not always giving every side equal time), tried to do exactly that on the many legitimate questions raised about what actually happened on September 11. In any event, C-SPAN has made a major effort to bring information on the principal theories about 9/11 to the mainstream U.S. media. Lamb cannot be blamed for the coincidence that recent heavy military activity in Gaza and Lebanon is nearly drowning out his efforts.

Let’s address the real issues here. Why is it important that we not let the so-called conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 be drowned out? After spending the better part of the last five years treating these theories with utmost skepticism, I have devoted serious time to actually studying them in recent months, and have also carefully watched several videos that are available on the subject. I have come to believe that significant parts of the 9/11 theories are true, and that therefore significant parts of the “official story” put out by the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission are false. I now think there is persuasive evidence that the events of September did not unfold as the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission would have us believe. The items below highlight the major questions surrounding 9/11 but do not constitute a detailed recounting of the evidence available.

ONE: An airliner almost certainly did not hit The Pentagon. Hard physical evidence supports this conclusion; among other things, the hole in the Pentagon was considerably smaller than an airliner would create. The building was thus presumably hit by something smaller, possibly a missile, or a drone or, less possibly, a smaller manned aircraft. Absolutely no information is available on what happened to the original aircraft (American Airlines Flight 77), the crew, the “hijackers,” and the passengers. The “official story,” as it appeared in The 9/11 Commission Report simply says, “At 9:37:46, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, traveling at approximately 530 miles per hour. All on board, as well as many civilians and military personnel in the building, were killed.” This allows readers to assume that pieces of the aircraft and some bodies of passengers were found in the rubble of the crash, but information so far released by the government does not show that such evidence was in fact found. The story put out by the Pentagon is that the plane and its passengers were incinerated; yet video footage of offices in the Pentagon situated at the edge of the hole clearly shows office furniture undamaged. The size of the hole in the Pentagon wall still remains as valid evidence and so far seems irrefutable.

TWO: The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them. A plane did not hit Building 7 of the Center, which also collapsed. All three were most probably destroyed by controlled demolition charges placed in the buildings before 9/11. A substantial volume of evidence shows that typical residues and byproducts from such demolition charges were present in the three buildings after they collapsed. The quality of the research done on this subject is quite impressive.

If the judgments made on Points ONE and TWO above are correct, they raise many “Who done it” questions and strongly suggest that some unnamed persons or groups either inside or with ties to the government were actively creating a “Pearl Harbor” event, most likely to gain public support for the aggressive foreign policies that followed -- policies that would, first, “transform” the entire Middle East, and second, expand U.S. global domination.

These first two points provide the strongest evidence available that the “official story” of 9/11 is not true. If the government could prove this evidence false, and its own story on these points correct, all the other data and speculation supporting the conspiracy theories would be undermined. It has provided no such proof and no answers to growing questions.

Other, less important points supporting the theories include the following.

THREE: For at least one hour and 45 minutes after the hijacking of the first aircraft was known, U.S. air defense authorities failed to take meaningful action. This strikes some “conspiracy theorists” as valid evidence that the U.S. Air Force was deliberately restrained from acting. Maybe so, but my own skepticism tells me that the inefficiency of U.S. defense forces is likely to be just as plausible an explanation.

FOUR: Some of the theorists believe that the 19 named hijackers were not actually the hijackers. One claim is that the names of the hijackers were not on the manifests of any of the four aircraft.

FIVE: None of the 19 hijackers’ bodies were ever autopsied (since they were allegedly totally destroyed in the crashes, including even the people in the Pennsylvania crash).

SIX: At least five of the alleged hijackers (or persons with identical names) have since turned up alive in the Middle East. Nonetheless, the FBI has never bothered to re-investigate or revise the list of hijackers. Does this suggest that the FBI knows that no one in the administration is interested in reopening any further investigations?

SEVEN: Numerous pilots have allegedly told the theorists that none of the 19 hijackers could have flown the airliners well enough to hit the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon with as much accuracy as was displayed. The debate on this issue simply raises more doubt about the government’s charge that the people it has named as hijackers are the real hijackers.

EIGHT: No one, except possibly government investigators who are not talking, has seen the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. Some of the conspiracy theorists suggest that it was deliberately destroyed before it hit the ground; others suggest that the plane actually landed in Cleveland and that passengers then were whisked away to some unknown destination. What happened to them at that point is simply a large question mark that makes it more difficult to believe this particular scenario.

NINE: Machinations in the U.S. stock market in the days before 9/11 suggest that some inside players in the market knew or suspected that United and American Airlines stock would soon drop. Two of the four of the aircraft involved in 9/11 were, or course, United planes and the other two were American Airlines planes.

It should be reemphasized that these items do not make up a complete list of all the charges made by the theorists, but they are a good sample. Anyone interested in perhaps the best summary of these charges should watch the video “Loose Change.”

To repeat, points ONE and TWO above are the most important. If something other than an airliner actually did hit the Pentagon on 9/11, and if the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center actually were dropped to the ground by controlled demolitions rather than by anything connected to the hijackings, the untrue stories peddled by The 9/11 Commission Report are clearly susceptible of being turned into major political issues.

A Scripps Howard News Service/Ohio University poll taken from July 6 to 24, 2006 concluded that “more than a third [36 percent] of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them, so that the United States could go to war in the Middle East.” The poll also found that “16 percent of Americans speculate that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the real reason the massive twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed.”

A poll done by the Zogby polling organization two months earlier, between May 12 and 16, 2006, and using questions worded somewhat differently, suggested even more strongly that the issue could become a “big one” if aggressively publicized. This poll concluded that 42 percent of Americans believed there had indeed been a cover-up of the true events of 9/11, and an additional 10 percent of Americans were “unsure.” The co-author of the poll, W. David Kubiak, stated that, “despite years of relentless media promotion, whitewash, and 9/11 Commission propaganda, the official 9/11 story still can’t even muster 50 percent popular support.”

Whichever of these polls is closer to the truth, it would seem that there is considerable support for making a major political issue of the subject.

This should be worked on at two different levels. At the first level, the objective should be long-term, centered on making a maximum effort to find out who the individuals and groups are that carried out the attacks in New York and Washington. Then, these people should be tried in an international court and, if possible, convicted and punished for causing so many deaths. Such a trial, accompanied by actual change in U.S. policies, would show that some people on this globe are at least trying to move closer to more just and decent behavior in human relationships around the world.

At the second level, the short term, the task should be to immediately set to work as hard as is humanly possible to defeat in this year’s congressional election any candidate who refuses to support a no-holds-barred investigation of 9/11 by the Congress or a high-level international court. No more evidence than is now available is needed in order to begin this process.

A manageable volume of carefully collected and analyzed evidence is already at hand on both items ONE and TWO above. Such evidence should be used right now to buttress charges that elements within the Bush administration, as well as possibly other groups foreign or domestic, were involved in a massive fraud against the American people, a fraud that has led to many thousands of deaths.

This charge of fraud, if proven, involves a much greater crime against the American people and people of the world than any other charges of fraud connected to the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. It is a charge that we should not sweep under the rug because what is happening in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, and Iran seems more pressing and overwhelming. It is a charge that is more important because it is related to all of the areas just mentioned -- after all, the events of 9/11 have been used by the administration to justify every single aspect of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East since September 11. It is a charge that is more important also because it affects the very core of our entire political system. If proven, it is a conspiracy, so far successful, not only against the people of the United States, but against the entire world. Finally, it is a charge too important to ignore simply because the U.S. government refuses to discuss it. We must force the Bush administration to discuss it.

Discussions aggressively pushed day after day about what really happened on 9/11 will be one of the most important tasks between now and early November. Such discussions can, one hopes, provide progressives with a way to jolt voters out of their apathy and inchoate willingness to support the status quo that they think gives them security -- and encourage more voters to stop supporting Bush, the Republicans, and the wobbly Democratic politicians who might as well be Republicans. A major issue like this, already supported by many voters, may prove particularly important in a congressional election year when new uncertainties in the Middle East, new possibilities of terrorism against the U.S. in retaliation for recent large-scale acts of Israeli/U.S. terrorism in Gaza and Lebanon, and the corrupt almost-single-party U.S. political system combine to make it more likely that supporters of Bush will retain their majority this November.

In terms of electoral impact, it would not matter whether heavy publicity did in fact force the administration to accept a new high-level investigation of the 9/11 events. Initially, the principal goal would be to contribute heavily to the defeat of both Republicans and Democrats who refuse to support wholeheartedly a major new investigation by Congress or an international court. This might result in the defeat of more Republicans than Democrats in November, but ultimately the hoped-for goal should be the end of a system in which Democrats are barely different from Republicans, along with cutbacks in the political power of wealth and the foreign and domestic lobbies paid for by wealth. These are the dominant features of our system today that have practically eliminated meaningful democracy in the U.S. This failure of democracy has happened before in U.S. history, but this time it is likely to last longer -- at least until U.S. policies begin to pay as much attention to the needs of the world as they do to selfish or thoughtless needs of the U.S. and of its military-industrial complex. Attacks on the criminal events surrounding 9/11 might speed this process.

Virtually no members of Congress, Democratic or Republican, will relish calling for a further investigation of 9/11. For right now, in addition to other motives, the issue should be used to go after those political prostitutes among elected office-holders who should also be defeated because they are so easily seduced by money and power to vote for immoral wars against weak enemies.

At the Los Angeles meeting of the American Scholars’ Symposium, one of the main speakers, Webster Tarpley, summarized his own views on the events of 9/11. He emphasized that “neocon fascist madmen” had perpetrated the 9/11 “myth.” He went on to say, “The most important thing is that the 9/11 myth is the premise and the root of the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War and the coming attack on Iran. ... We must ... deprive [the myth’s perpetrators] of the ability to stampede and manipulate hundreds of millions of people [with their] ... cynically planned terrorist events.”

Let’s give Webster Tarpley and other mistakenly labeled conspiracists who have labored in the wilderness for so long three cheers.

Bill Christison is a former senior official of the CIA. He was a National Intelligence Officer and the Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis before his retirement in 1979. Since then he has written numerous articles on U.S. foreign policies. He can be reached at: kathy.bill@christison-santafe.com.


The following thoughts are meant to entertain while enlightening. (Making any changes without the express written consent of the author can lead to guilt, stress, illness, Anger, Sterility and/or litigation, the author does not want that for you.)

Conspiracy Theory?????

By Dennis Grover, American

After 8 years of hosting the Public Access television program "With Liberty and Justice For All" and interviewing hundreds of guests on a multitude of topics, I have reached my conclusions on Conspiracy Theories.

I have interviewed many doctors and talked about natural healing as opposed to "conventional" medical treatments. Case after case of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other horrors have been cited that have been reversed and healed. The Conspiracy Theory people would say that pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies train our doctors to only prescribe their drugs and treatments in order to keep us sick, incoherent and paying big bucks for their drugs. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have talked with authors who have researched secret societies, counsels and committees directly associated with our elected leaders and their staffs. Conspiracy Theory people would say that these organizations hide behind closed doors and plan a course for our country that would give total financial, health and production control to a few elite people who believe that they should be in charge of this planet. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have talked to researchers about Juries and Jury nullification. Jury Nullification means that a juror can judge the law as well as the facts. The Conspiracy Theory is that juries are instructed by judges that they cannot judge the law leaving them powerless to nullify the thousands of unconstitutional laws now in existence that have even more thousands of people incarcerated for crimes against the state or victimless crimes. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

Much discussion on Attorneys, Judges and court procedures and jurisdiction has also been covered. The Conspiracy Theory is that our courts are not constitutionally inspired or governed. Judges and lawyers are all required to be members of a non-government organization called the British Aristocracy Register commonly known as the B.A.R. association that dictates their behavior. They are also given a title of nobility, Esquire, which means 1- "a man of English gentry ranking next below a knight" 2- "a candidate for knighthood serving as attendant to knight" and is "used as a title of courtesy." I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have presented investigative reporters and researchers who have searched way beyond the government prepared stories read on the major news media. They have factually documented events such as Waco, Oklahoma City bombing, Flight 800, Gulf War one, 9-11, Gulf War two, and on and on. The conspiracy Theory folks say that these events were not presented to the American people with complete facts and many feeble attempts were made to cover up the truth of who and what was the real agenda. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have discussed minor parties such as the Libertarians, the Greens, the Independent American Party and compared them the major parties, Democrats and Republicans. I have found that minor parties are dismissed as misfits and complainers. Legislation has been passed at both the federal and state levels to cripple the ability of minor parties to be heard and be on ballots. We have also found out that Major parties rant and rave over minor issues, while minor parties discuss solutions to major issues. Again the Conspiracy Theory folks say that the suppression of minor parties is planned in an effort to gag those who would present the truth, provide common sense solutions to problems that were for the most part created by those in power to further the illusion that big government is necessary for all of us intellectually challenged underlings who would walk into walls without their guidance. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have presented volumes of documentation on the addition of Fluoride to our public water supply. The Conspiracy Theorists would have you believe that it is really hydrofluorisilic acid, an industrial waste that is unlawful to simply flush into our streams and rivers. It comes from the aluminum and fertilizer industries and is highly toxic to the human body where it ends up. These industries are using the American people as millions of filtering and storage units with the side benefit to the wannabe controllers of keeping people walking in circles. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have presented to you vast amount of unpublicized documentation, ingredients and explanations given for vaccinations. Those Conspiracy Theory people would have you believe that vaccination puts harmful products in your body serving only to subdue, suppress and maim those who would otherwise be capable of an independent, responsible and prosperous life with a personal thought process. They present volumes of documentation showing direct links to Autism and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have presented all the science on Mercury and how a dentist can put it in your mouth as a filling but do jail time for putting it in the ground. The Conspiracy Theory types argue that since the American Dental Assn holds patents on mercury amalgam fillings that they don’t want their money tree to die and the side benefit of yet another neuro-toxin in the your body will surely help maintain the American peoples dumbed-down state. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

A mountain of information has been presented in regards to the drug issue or war as it’s called along with medical marijuana and its sister plant Hemp. Conspiracy Theorists say that legalizing drugs will take the profit and incentive away from drug dealers and that Marijuana has been demonized by hearsay and no proof exists for making it illegal. Furthermore they believe it is illegal in order to make the hemp plant illegal as it is a plant that grows like a weed, requires no pesticides and can be used for paper, building materials, gasoline, clothing and 1,000’s of other uses. The benefactors of removing this product from the market are the chemical companies that produce synthetic fibers and the cotton industry. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have had guests and researchers who have explained the various means used, from your living room TV set to project HAARP in Alaska, to manipulate and control the minds and thought processes of Americans. Conspiracy Theory types say that all this technology and media is being used to subdue Americans, instill fear in their hearts and minds, and render them complacent and compliant. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have interviewed Ranchers who have had their cattle seized for nonpayment of permit fees. The Conspiracy Theory groups say that the seizures are a sophisticated form of cattle rustling under the guise of protecting and preserving land for future generations of Americans. This scheme requires several bloated agencies, many new pickup trucks and lots of wannabe cowboys. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have questioned and discussed the daily criss-crossing trails in the sky from airplanes creating an overcast. The government finally reported that they are involved and it is to reflect the sun back to stop global warming. We have discovered that most people can’t raise their heads over 90 degrees from the ground anyway and so don’t even see them. Conspiracy Theory people however, tell us that these trails are laced with chemicals detrimental to the health of humans and other plants and animals on planet earth. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have discussed the National Education System, their mandates, and their grants to local school boards. Those Conspiracy Theory guys constantly harp on the fact that a large percentage of high school graduates cannot read, write or think. They believe that the wannabe controllers need it this way in order to have an obedient labor pool. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have presented facts on many different organized religions and charitable foundations. The Conspiracy Theory people say that these entities have been compromised by the IRS through acceptance of the dictates from IRS chapter 501( c ) 3 codes and cannot teach or express any truthful facts on government behavior. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have raised the issue of the many electrical co-generating plants (cogens) springing up around the country burning hundreds of tons of wood chips daily, claiming their fuel is from lumber mills that disappeared 10 years ago. The air quality people however have reassured us that they are merely firing these plants with millions of tons of "urban fuel." The Conspiracy Theory people after their investigations find out that these innocent looking facilities are actually burning garbage and the emissions are poisoning residents of communities where they are located. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I tell you about all the county, state and federal agencies that dictate to you the use of your property. If you don’t comply with what they determine to be "community standards" put forth by yet another bureaucracy called "community development." you are penalized in any way necessary to make you fall in line. The Conspiracy Theory people come forward again with documented proof of written codes, ordinances and plans telling you that government is trying to take your property. This is a governmental takings without just compensation.....really it is "inverse condemnation". I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have discussed the Social Security system, which by the very definition of the words means that you are zipped up at a party. I assume that its real name of "Life Long Theft for an Old Age Pittance" was to long and to hard to sell to the public. The Conspiracy Theory people however claim that no trust fund was ever set up and it is just another ponzi scheme for taxes. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

I have had shows that tell all sorts of bad things and inconsistencies about the IRS. Many guests have told their horror stories in dealing with them and trying to get answers to simple and direct questions. The Conspiracy Theory people claim that the IRS is not a government agency and the taxes they collect do not go to run the country but instead are all interest payments to the Federal Reserve System’s elite owners. They also say that the Federal Reserve with their debt money system is based in misrepresentations and our money is backed by nothing but hot air. I find no Conspiracy Theory.

You see, by definition of the words alone Conspiracy and Theory I can truthfully say that there is no Theory in documented facts and hard proof. I subscribe to Conspiracy Facts.

For the person who says it is great to live in a free country… there are three things wrong. 1- it is no longer great 2- you are not living, you are surviving and 3- you are not free.

Take the average day of JOHN Q. UNINFORMED, a US CITIZEN.

He wakes up in the morning, smiles at his WIFE next to him feeling secure that they are legal since they have a license to be together.

He opens the window, gazes at the streaked, wispy white sky and sucks in a deep breath of toxic morning air.

He takes a warm shower laced with chlorine and Fluoride, dresses himself in petroleum based synthetic fibers and heads down to breakfast. A little short on time, he grabs an energy bar with the only recognizable and pronounceable ingredient being oatmeal and heads out the front door.

There in his yard are the people hurrying him and his licensed wife off to work. His mortgage banker is demanding $200 principle, $800 interest for the bank and if he doesn’t pay his home will be taken from him. Next to him is his Sheriff demanding property taxes or he will take the home. Next is the insurance man demanding payment on his home, boat, car, trailer, life and health because the law says he must have insurance. Next are 6 credit card people demanding a minimum of $1 principle on each of his credit cards and $30 apiece for interest, late charges and penalties. Next are the utilities folks asking for a fee increase with threats of turning off his lights, heat, water, sewer and leaving his garbage in the street. Next are the code enforcement officers waiting for his lawn to grow too much, his paint to flake or any one of his numerous licenses to expire.

JOHN pats his licensed dog on the head and remembers that his pet is due for more shots and the yearly renewal of his license.

JOHN gets into his licensed VEHICLE, thankful that he is able to renew the privilege of maintaining and insuring it by paying the DMV every year. He makes sure he has his license to be a DRIVER on him also.

JOHN scrapes together his last $10 for 3 gallons of gas that will get him to work but he doesn’t feel bad, that $10 wasn’t enough for lunch anyway.

JOHN loses 3 hours of pay because he has to appear in court for a zoning violation of having an old car in his back yard he is restoring as a hobby. He should have known by now that the county requires it to be licensed and operable before he can start to make it operable and licensable. He finally gets his time in court and loses because his attorney spent his time preparing the bill instead of the case.

JOHN gets back to work and his boss tells him that his retirement pension has been cut in half due to bad investments and he would have to continue working twice as long to collect half as much.

JOHN receives his paycheck and an additional sheet of deductions paid to various tax and insurance agencies. He realizes that tomorrow morning he must duck out the back door to avoid the money hungry group in the front yard.

JOHN drives home with the knowledge that officers of any state, county, city or federal police agencies could stop him for any reason. He is aware that the only probable cause they need is a suspicion that he might be a Constitutionalist.

JOHN arrives home just in time to pay the tow company sent by the county to remove his unlawful, unlicensed and inoperable old car that he dearly loved.

JOHN greets his WIFE at the door both knowing full well that their house could have been "legally" entered and searched by a multitude of special agents from a multitude of government agencies in compliance with new U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act and it’s sidekick Homeland Security. His WIFE has also had a similar day at her work and since they are both tired they work together to make a scrumptious meal from something in a box and a can. They lace it with tap water having its own distinct odor and place it in the microwave for a prescribed time. Bingo they have dinner. They chase their meal with a pink chalk compound that will subdue the intestinal kickback that they know is coming.

JOHN’S teenage son comes in wearing pants that defy all laws of gravity. JOHN tells him to take the garbage out and the child’s government education kicks in with the exclamations that Abe Lincoln already freed the slaves and a father has no right to tell his son what to do because he is sure that the constitution grants children that right. Furthermore, if JOHN pursues any more unreasonable demands he will be sued. The young mercenary then demands food and reminds his father that his Ritalin prescription needs to be picked up in the morning.

Next his teenage daughter who has become pregnant as a result of being starved for love, attention and family values asks what she can do as she is now concerned with her graduation plans and future. JOHN and his WIFE have no clue.

After all this exciting home life they sit down and watch an hour of nightly propaganda followed by a couple a fantasy laced sit-coms and then retire for the night.

Finally in bed with JOHN’S mind and body the consistency of jello, his WIFE says, "Honey, my body needs some pleasure". With his remaining strength he reaches over and gives her his last bottle of clean air that he had saved from the 50’s. She gets to breathe and he gets to sleep.

After 4 to 6 hours of restless sleep they get to do it all over again.

Is this living?

Now let’s consider a day in the life of John Q. Informed, an American citizen.

John wakes up rested and in comfort from all the room in his bed. Only his wife is there since they chose to honor and love each other instead of getting a license and having the state, county, FBI and IRS in bed with them.

John looks out the window at the criss-crossed skies, greets them with little effort since it only takes one finger and draws a confident deep breath knowing his home is equipped with air purifiers.

He drinks some Green Tea and has fresh organic fruit knowing that his body can recognize such and will not have to trap it in an irritating knot in his stomach.

He goes out the front door and no one is waiting for him on his patented property as he has not granted any of them permission. He gets into his car, that he learned to rename from VEHICLE, with the knowledge that he is going to operate it for personal conveyance rather than drive it in commerce and so he is not required to have a DRIVER license.

He is almost immediately stopped by an armed member of his city’s CORPORATE POLICE and calmly explains to the Rambo looking person why neither he or his car requires a license. John even produces copies of the laws of his state that back him up. John starts to explain that he is not JOHN and realizes that he has exceeded the 28-second attention span of the officer. Rambo exposes his reading challenges, repeats the script of his "training," places his hand directly on his manhood in his holster, gives John a citation demanding payment to the city and threatens him with jail next time if he continues to not comply with the laws he is not required to comply with. John shrugs and pulls away from the curb knowing that when he gets back home he has to write another "bite me" letter with appropriate law cites and prepare himself for the "non answer, so shut-up and sit down" responses he will have to deal with to put this matter to rest.

He goes to his state University as he has a documentary on 9-11 and another on the IRS that he wishes to share with the youth there. A map of the campus is put in front of him designating the "free speech" zones available. From his heart he exclaims that he believes America to be a free speech zone. The response he gets is arrogant smirks with explanations that Universities are institutions of higher training, not higher learning. He looks at the their application anyway and finds out that the "free-speech zones" would only accommodate a small number of people and the information required amounted to him, his immediate family, living relatives and pets to be licensed and stand naked in a crowd of government inspectors. John moved on to try and rent a local theater, the owner presented him with the same application requirements, a high amount rental contract, a stipulation that John pay for additional rental cops since such controversial subject matter as truth could cause a riot and then said that he was reluctant to even do it since providing factual documentation to a large group of citizens could cost him his license. John decides to think it over and see if he can find a financial backer. Deep inside he knows he will find plenty of people who say "yes John, you are right, keep up the good work but I won’t risk my money on spreading the truth."

Back in his car, he turns on the radio and gets a sudden Rush of propaganda totally produced to divide the American people. John hears that this country is a democracy to be cherished and if he doesn’t agree he is undoubtedly a mental incompetent, in need of pharmaceuticals that will assuredly cause his happy place to shrivel up and fall off. The queasy alarm in his stomach goes off and John realizes that his stomach must be listening also. He realizes that "from the jawbone of an ass" has taken on a new meaning. He changes the station only to be confronted with someone screaming to an irregular drumbeat that killing cops is good for all the people out there who perform unthinkable acts with their mothers. Off goes the radio.

He’s hungry now, but understands the difference between eating bulk-junk and nutritious intake. He passes a chicken colonel; a king, a sea captain, a music-box guy and a clown with their heart-attack-in-a-sack drive through windows to find a restaurant with organic food. He pays twice as much money for half as much food but gets 10 times more nutrition. His body says thank you by not emitting embarrassing sounds from body orifices.

Back on the road he dodges potholes, endures a boom-box-Honda, and faces sudden death at the hands of those aiming their vehicles at him in a chemical induced stupor. John passes a hospital with a long line of cars leading to it. Closer investigation reveals that people are handing over $35 for a flu vaccination by just sticking their arm out the window. He wishes to himself that the evening news would report this as drive-by shootings. He then passes an IRS office with another line of people and smiles to himself as his vision of sheep shearing becomes vivid.

Remembering that when he left home his unlicensed and unvaccinated pet bird needed new flooring for his cage, John stops at the corner newsstand for either a local or national paper. Several people are standing around reading papers and commenting on the enlightened info they were receiving. John graciously offers a few facts and their reactions immediately tell him that he has just been labeled and packaged as "one of them" as taught in the papers they were reading. Before walking away he takes another look into their eyes to confirm that what he is seeing is the inside of the back of their heads.

His next stop is an appointment with his Homeopathic Doctor to get a vein and artery cleansing chelation treatment and perhaps a vitamin B shot. He walks in on 3 genderless types stripping the doctor of his license for failure to follow "accepted medical directives," failure to prescribe enough pharmaceuticals, and conspiracy to teach people health and healing.

He proceeds on to his car dealership because his car has a little red flashing "theft" light that is annoying him and he wants it disconnected. The service manager looked at John like he was nuts and said it was against federal law to disable that system and besides that they were not given any manuals telling what the thing is, where the thing is, or how to disconnect it. John found a mechanic who told him that it was a transponder sending out his vehicle ID number so that the VEHICLE could be located wherever it was. John proceeded to pull every fuse from his car only to find out that he had disabled every system necessary for his car to run while the objectionable little light continued to flash.

He was only a mile from home so he headed there but managed to mouth a common two single syllable word phrase as well as a middle digit salute to each of the 27 street corner cameras tracking his travel.

Finally home, he finds two Special Agents from another new agency that even he hadn’t heard of yet inventorying his subversive properties. They had stolen his extra month of food and water storage, his copy of the Constitution and real newspapers, books and videos explaining the truth about America’s course. He asked them if their inability to qualify for the "Special" Olympics was their credentials for becoming "Special" agents? They of course didn’t understand the question and stormed off.

His wife arrives home tired after 3 interviews for work that she is highly qualified for but the business owners reluctantly wouldn’t give her a job because she had explained that her name was Mary not MARY, she didn’t have a government tracking number and wouldn’t say, because she didn’t know or care, that she was even a small part of whichever minority they needed to hire that day. John of course faced the same dilemma.

John helped Mary prepare a nutritional raw food dinner from their home grown garden knowing their Heritage seeds and garden were now illegal because their seeds, which can reproduce, were not the one season controlled terminator seeds. At the dinner table John Jr., his teenage son, produced a report card that should have sported high academic grades but told his parents that his teachers were failing him because he spent too much time in individual thought and didn’t always go along with the group. His teachers gave him a list of careers that would suit him and told him to stop dreaming about anything else. John and Mary knew immediately that John Jr. was crumbling under Goals 2000, Cradle to Grave, No Child Left Behind, and the host of other programs aimed at social engineering. Home school was immediately decided on so that John Jr. could retain his personal thought process and wouldn't be in danger of being force medicated by prozac or another mind altering drug given to other brilliant children to keep them dull and not able to think

Next their daughter Suzi chimed in on how hard it was to get along at school because her clothes concealed her body and she didn’t have any tattoos or piercings. She had no objection to any of it, but simply didn’t want it for herself. This was considered to be personal choice and she was labeled a troublemaker by not going along with the group. Suzi was also offered the same option of Home School and the glee was readily apparent.

Their like-minded friends came over and since they are ever conscious of the need to learn they put in a good informational DVD from "With Liberty and Justice for All."

John and Mary then turned on their government teleprompter and watched the news. It was the only early warning system they had to alert them of new policies and programs headed their way. Most US Citizens were watching the same thing not seeing the underlying intent and proclaiming how well the government was doing its job of protecting them from themselves. These US Citizens then went channel surfing for the nightly nudes, which are probably the only true pictures they will ever understand. John and Mary meanwhile are evaluating what they were just told and determining when they would need to "duck and cover."

Finally at rest in their bed without company, they proclaim their love to each other but sleep cautiously knowing that on this day they had only observed a fraction of the absurdities being force fed to Americans.

This is not "living" either, but John and his family are healthy, happy and feeling good, they have their own thoughts and they do not live in fear, because they know who they are. They also live in an area where their friends are preparing for the end times but with a promise for a better future. They can wake up every morning, knowing they did their best to stop the following scenario from happening.

In the late 2000’s we enter one of America's fenced off human resource areas and find two people secretly talking. Resource Unit No. 57, a female worker unit and Resource Unit No. 92, a male entertainment unit.

UNIT 57: "I know this isn't supposed to happen, but I've grown to trust you 92 and I have some distressing information that I must discuss. I know it's against the law to talk about these things and especially bad to display any morals but I want you to promise to keep a secret until we can decide what to do."

UNIT 92: "You're acting very strange, but O.K. I'll keep your secret what have you done that is so awful?"

UNIT 57: "This is really difficult to admit but I've learned to read."

UNIT 92: "Oh No! How did it happen and does anyone else know?"

UNIT 57: "You're the only one who knows and it all started when one of those dreadful patriot units from the twentieth century managed to sneak in and deliver several boxes of information from someone he said was my grandfather, whatever that is, and suggested that I start looking this stuff over. There were some weird old books from a time when school was for everyone and they have taught me to read and realize what these people had before they screwed it up and what they could have done to keep it for us. By the way, did you know that an entertainment unit used to be a piece of furniture?"

UNIT 92: "Very funny 57, I think you've gone off the deep end, look at what we have now. Our leader, Master 666 gives us a space to live in, food, medical treatments and all the TV we want. All we have to do is perform our assigned jobs."

UNIT 57: "Well 92, it just became obvious to me that you are a piece of furniture. Back in the 1900's the people could read, they didn't. They had free speech, they kept quiet. They had unalienable rights, they gave them up. They could choose partners, they didn't cherish. They could have their own children, they didn't teach. They could travel freely, they traded for control. They could learn from a ministry, they joined a controlled church. They had thousands of people warning them with the truth, they ignored them. They could vote, they didn't. They could be healthy, they went to Burger Wizard. They had a Constitution, they trashed it. They had wealth, they didn't protect it. They could change things, they waited for the other guy. They had guns, they laid them down. They had TV, they watched it."

UNIT 92: "ZZzzzzzzzz!"

UNIT 57: "Nothing's changed!"



Dennis Grover, American
Copyright in Common Law 2006 AKM
Dennis is the host of "WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL," The Truth on Television" now in its eighth year of production. www.libertyandjusticeforall.tv
775-284-1388, dennis@libertyandjusticeforall.tv


The Day America Began To Die:

Monday, November 06, 2006

By John L Vodila www.Thetruthnews.info

Everything that is happening today all rests on our being attacked on Sept 11.

Now if there are any rational people here still, 5 years later, you have to be asking yourself, like I am, who was involved? And we need more answers to what happened on that terrible day. Nobody has been brought to justice and probably never will be. "They are just all ghost's" What does that tell you?

Well whatever your views on 911 are, there just is no way to justify what is happening to the world over this tragedy. I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here, you know the agenda of our government has been rocketed to outerspace since 9/11 2001. How convenient. Does it not make "YOU" think about it just a little?

Yes I know some are thinking now here is another conspiracy theorist but let me say to you there is a difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theorist. Well, do a little research anyway. I mean you owe that to the thousands that have died over this issue. But either way since when have we become a people that is willing to condemn another people and throw away our liberties. And what gives this generation the right to have our next generation condemned?

Think about it, you know our children and theirs. I mean I hear some say, kill them all let God sort them out, or I wish we would just nuke them all and get it over with. What kind of insane thought process is this? I mean kill who? Nuke who? How many people do we have to hate to make us right?

How can we make any decision on any issue today when we have no answers to anything? How irresponsible can we be? The government and we the people of the United States of America have become the blind leading the blind. Nothing happens by accident in Government and if you think it does you are kidding yourself.

We the people of the greatest nation on earth are allowing and supporting the very small percentage of people and corporations to completely gut our country. And a huge amount of the population either doesn't know or care! We "the US and Britian" are just blasting depleted uranium like it is candy all over the world, you know radiation, birth defects, the end of the world!

Where are we now in death count between Katrina, 9/11 and Iraq? And you can't just make a count on the dead, how about the one's that are dying from D U and the 9/11 clean up and response. Yes there's people dying still! It doesn't just stop after a war or something like 9/11, it goes on and on. DU (Depleted Uranium) lasts for what about 4 billion years? Have you ever heard of the trade winds? Everybody in the world has this to look forward to that it has not effected yet, yes it will get everywhere eventually and this is bad stuff and the people responsible know this and will probably never answer for this in there life time. But they will in history!

I can only imagine our children's children looking back in history, how sad it will be. Kind of like us looking back at the Germans for example, except alot worse. Lets see what so far, just lately, there is just to much to go back very far. A war of choice in Iraq, torture (we redefined it so it is ok now) , Hurricane Katrina (still a disaster area) , 9/11 ( 9/11 that nobody can talk about for some reason), total corruption , greed, and lack of morals in all areas of government and our generation willing to give up our liberty for temporary safety (what a joke, the gov. is keeping us safe ) and I could go on and on but I will spare you.

History will call us the sleeping, do nothing generation, all talk no action, its pathetic. Can't you just see your children's grand children with there deformaties wearing radiation suits and living in controlled enviromental bubbles asking there teachers and parents why oh why? "This is the Reality We are creating for Them ." We are going to have alot of explaining to do to our Creator!

The sad part is this is reality for the less fortunate people of the world now. It is like a science fiction movie and boy it would have been a best seller in the 60's, our reality now! These other nations have an excuse, they are thousands of years old, some of them! The United States is a teenager in comparison . And just like a teenager we think we know all the answers. But no human does!! We are living in strange times were right is wrong, left is right, and up is down. Things are so strange here that I think there is another world opposite this galaxy were everything is right! I mean for God's sake the children of the world, what have they done to become our collateral damage??

Who as a people do we think we are? A constant history of ( and in some way involved with), just about every atrocity in the last 100 years or more. People are not toys to be manipulated with! We as a people have to take a hard look at ourselves and correct our behavior . "Now", before it is to late if it isn't already. Like a teenager we obviously need some corrections and hopefully we can do this ourselves before somebody else ( like the rest of the world) does it for us . And with an arrogant teenager ( us), with a mighty military this will prove to be a disaster for this world. This is probably what has been holding them back so far, but how long will the world put up with this? Something is going to give. Remember for every action there is a reaction either the same or greater.

We need to get back to basics,you know like the government is for safe-gaurding our rights and our liberties, and the military is to protect our home land from foreign invasion. Our government is not to intrude in our personal lives, the states can do that enough. And our government is not for Taking over You, Me and the World!!! I mean come on this is what is happening, this is the plan. If you havn't already, you should do a little research and you will find this is not working out for the good or the better.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying everything we do is bad, what I am saying is, with great power comes great corruption and this has been proven over and over through history. Our mistake as a people is we have just given to much power to a small group of people. There are no checks and balances and they are getting away with murder, "literally." We are supposed to be the shepards of the earth, the caretakers not the destroyers.

It seems like as long as we have what we want it doesn't matter how we get it or got it. Just imagine if the tides were turned and some other country had Shock and Awe'd(" Shock and Awful") us and now we were being occupied and tortured and such. This is not a video game, this is what is happening in our name.

People in our country are oblivious to the horrors because of our corporate owned media. If they only could see the devastation, or would take the time and care enough to look for real news and information, I think they would be horrified and an immiediate stop would be put to this nightmare they have created in our name.

I was oblivious and did not care at one time also, but after 9/11 I took it upon myself to get informed as should everybody. There is just to much at stake not to. I try and talk to people about some issues and alot of them just give me a blank stare. Where is the emotions, the curiousity, the "OUTRAGE", it is as though their minds have been erased. This is very scary to me! It is if they don't want to know the truth or maybe it's that it hasn't harmed me or mine (yet) so who cares.

This attitude is the ruination of our society. It is no wonder though all you have to do is listen to talk radio or wach the tv (idiot box) to be able to understand why. Just look at some of the issues of today like torture, gay marriage, the Ten Comandments, and where God is or is not allowed to be.

This is not the America that I know , the America I know is lost somewhere .