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Democracy and Terror

by John Vodila


They go hand in hand, they are birds of a feather, just look at history where ever there is terror you will find Democracy being shoved down someoneís throat and vice a versa .

What does this tell us? What is the real agenda behind all this Democracy, all you have to do is read the official government documents such as the Clean Break Document and Project for a New American Century and the pieces to this puzzle come into place.

Democracy is just a word, remember we Americans are supposed to be a Republic, so where did all this Democracy this, Democracy that come from? All I can say is it is just another Think tank psyop to fool the people into thinking we are on some kind of righteous crusade to bring peace and freedom to the planet .

Say one thing and do another.

Peace and freedom? How about occupation, water boarding, torture, depleted uranium weapons, wire tapping, secret prisons, building a helicopter pad on the ancient ruins of Babylon, Bagdad s national treasures looted and destroyed, turning the Tigres river into a cesspool of human remains , a mass exodus of 2 million Iraqis to Syria, troops who come forth mysteriously get killed and private armies that have no law and can rape and murder all they wish. Just imagine if this happened to us. Just imagine if China or Russia destroyed and occupied Canada or Mexico, this is what the middle east is enduring from us, how would we respond? Would you take up arms and become a insurgent a terrorist? Remember Iraq had done nothing to us, our decider said that he never said Iraq had anything to do with 911.

Donít forget where Saddam Hussein got the chemical weapons from and who put him in power to begin with. He was our tool against Iran. Donít believe me, research it.

What has happened to our great nation of morality?

Most of the population in America have been mind wiped by psyops and change agents. Think about it , the mind is like the stomach to the body, what you put in it is detrimental to you and others around you.

What gets put into the mind of the majority and where does it come from?

The majority of Americans receive 100% of all their information from TV, news paper or talk radio and all three are completely controlled by the government, there is only the information they want you to hear and the ones speaking and writing are all change agents, most know it some do not. This is a fact, read Operation Mockingbird , and only God knows what that has grown into today.

Democracy is the doom of us all.

Our republic has been corrupted into a Democracy!

A Democratic government is majority rules and a one vote system, and the majority as history shows us are the ones who have the money. And as you can see there are no checks and balances.

A Republic government what we are supposed to be has checks and balances and is a 3 vote system to check tyranny and sovereignty resides in the people. CONTROL by the PEOPLE over those who govern.

Both are just words and history shows all governments are corrupt from power.

It is up to the people to keep their REPUBLIC.

We need to get our heads out of the sand and restore our morality.

The only way we can do this is with people power, and the way to start is to get informed and inform others, there are always two sides to every story find both and you will not do this by watching TV.

Ignorance is no excuse for what we are leaving behind for this world and we will all have to answer to a higher power, I do believe this.

We have been brainwashed.

Change agents are people who directly or indirectly influence the mind and create behavioral, social and cultural change and I am telling you right now all the media including Hollywood are in some form or another change agents. Read the Hegelian Dialectic Process for starters.

Our nation has been one big psyop.(Psychological operation)

and this is how we have become slaves to our government, where people fear their government this is called tyranny, where the government fears its people you have liberty, where are we?

They know it.

They know the majority has been brainwashed to the point of enslavement they do what ever they want and get away with it. How else could our country loose everything it stands for in such a short period of time? God, the ten commandments, our Constitution has been brutally corrupted our courts all have the gold fringe flags, maritime law basically martial law and do not bring up your constitution in the court room you will be held in contempt that is if you are even allowed to speak.

The IRS totally unconstitutional, mercury in vaccines, three dollar a gallon fuel and rising the North American Union, genetically modified everything. The only way this could be allowed by the people in the USA to happen is by brainwashing, change agents and psyops.The qualities that make our country as it is supposed to be has been thrown in the garabage

Now you know so when you watch TV , read the paper or listen to talk radio really listen and I think you will begin to see just what is happening.

If our brains were a stomach we all would have a hell of a head ache.

When will you all wake up!