Kevin Field reporting from the UK

My ex-wife now lives in England and I love to see the country when I go to see the children, but all is not well, the bankers here too have wreaked terrible devastation, and the country is financially broke.

Every man woman and child is in debt to the banks, they say every new born babe as soon as it opens its eyes already owes the banks over £16,000, the government keeps applying to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for loans but these are the very people who stole our money.

What a great scam Mr. Rothschild sits in his cozy mansion steals our money and then sells us back our own money at a profit.

The people marched in their millions to say no more silly wars and If it was a democracy the government would have listened to the people, but no we had to go and smash Iraq, Libya and now Syria, but a lot of servicemen said they did not join up for aggressive wars of plunder and had the courage to walk away, many are saying NO to an Iran war, and if Rothschild's Israel wants a war let him use Israel, not Britain and America.

The government is now withdrawing food and water from the sick and allowing people in hospitals to die, and in one case a wheelchair bound blind man with no hands had his welfare money stopped and told he was ok to report for work, and they now say all the people must apply for work, knowing full well they exported the jobs and there are none, the little there is they imported in masses of foreigners to mop up, and we now have thousands of Albanian and Rumanian gypsies on their way over.

The banks run the politicians, who run round spouting nonsense like headless chickens, so my advice to my friends and family in the USA is to keep your guns, donít be disarmed like they did to the UK after W W 1. Churchill sent the army to shoot striking miners, and the Jarrow hunger marchers who marched for food were threatened again and again with being shot for marching.

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