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New Ruby Ridge... Waco beginning

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Ed and Elaine Brown

Ed and Elaine Brown are under attack in New Hampshire at their home. The two have been standing up to the illegal income tax asking the IRS or anybody to show them the law and they will pay, and so far nobody has been able to do that.

After months of the stand off it seems the time has come for the unmanned drones, armored vehicles, swat teams and FBI military tactics to begin.

Ed and Elaine have been sentenced to federal prison terms on the illegal tax laws and have been supported by the people who know that there is no law and our Constitution says no U.S citizen's labor shall be taxed.

We have seen this before and we know what our rulers are capable of doing, and dont for one damn minute believe what the controlled media is going to say.Ed and Elaine are righteous American patriots standing up for their and your rights, isn't that UnAmerican? Welcome to our new America! were there is no Constitutional law anymore but the law of a dictatorship. Our only hope is that our police and military will wake up now. How long are we going to let these illegal actions go on until one day it happens to you?

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Police, SWAT Team Surround Ed Brown's Property

Live Coverage As It Happened Of The Ed Brown Incident Live coverage from the Alex Jones Show of the Ed Brown incident as it unfolded, after police and SWAT teams descended on the tax protester's home to initiate what could unfortunately could be the next stage of a potential future violent confrontation. http://prisonplanet.com/audio/070607brown.mp3

Marshals Fired Rounds At Ed Brown's Dog Walker Before Planned Siege

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Ed and Elain brown... just show us the LAW!!

ATF Media Interview: Ed & Elaine Brown 6/6/07

Ed & Elaine Brown Talk to Media-June 18, 2007

Ed and Elaine Brown Prepared to Die for Lawful Sovereignty...prt 2

Ed Brown IRS Standoff Exclusive Video


Comments: I salute them for their bravery and their commitment to freedom. May the Lord shield them from the wicked people who no doubt want to strangle them right this moment for being a thorn in the side.

If they survive I'd like to meet them in person. If not I hope to meet them in heaven.

Name: Dark-Star