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GM Salmon

Smarty Pants is at it again

Editors note: Once these genetic monsters created by man get released accidentally or intentionally it will be the end of the salmon. Salmon migrate great distances and have to swim from birth to the ocean and then back to their birth place to spawn. Question: How is this going to take place when they are three times the size they are supposed to be? What will they do, dig all the streams they swim deeper? and what about all the other animals in the food chain who depend on salmon such as the bears for one, what will happen to them? I guess God didn't know what he was doing and our scientist are going to show us how it should have been done. Rule #1 Don't mess with nature.

Genetically Modified Salmon: Update


Groups Oppose Genetically Engineered Salmon: Demand Immediate Disclosure from Environment Canada

For Immediate Release

Ottawa, Monday, December 6, 2010 – Sixty fisheries and oceans
conservation, environmental and social justice groups revealed today
that Environment Canada refuses to confirm or deny if the department
has already started a secret 120-day risk assessment to approve
genetically engineered (GE) salmon egg production on Prince Edward
Island. The groups today also released a joint statement of
“categorical objection” to the raising of GE fish and fish eggs (1).

Documents released in September by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed that the US company AquaBounty is seeking approval to sell its GE salmon into the US food market based on a plan to produce all its GE salmon eggs on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and then ship the eggs to Panama for grow out and processing. Following this revelation, groups made inquiries to Environment Canada but were told that any information about a possible risk assessment is confidential. The groups are calling for full disclosure and demanding that Environment Canada cease any approval process that may already be underway.

“We call on Environment Canada to reject any request for permission to commercially produce genetically engineered fish or fish eggs,” said
Matthew Abbott, Fundy Baykeeper Coordinator, “Environment Canada needs to immediately inform Canadians if they have started an environmental assessment for GE salmon egg production. This secrecy is totally unacceptable.”

The joint statement of opposition to GE fish, “No GE Fish Research,
Production, Consumption in, and Export from, Canada,” was signed by a wide range of groups from across Canada including the Conservation
Council of New Brunswick, Ecology Action Centre Nova Scotia, the PEI
Coalition for a GMO-Free Province, Fundy Baykeeper, Living Oceans
Society, Pure Salmon Campaign, Fraser Riverkeeper, First Nations
Environmental Network, Greenpeace, and the Canadian Biotechnology
Action Network.

“Farmed fish can and do escape. Genetically engineered salmon is an
unacceptable and unnecessary threat to endangered wild Atlantic
salmon,” said Shauna MacKinnon of Living Oceans Society in BC. “When GE fish escape into wild populations, studies indicate that wild fish are at risk of decline.”

“We don’t want Prince Edward Island to be the global origin of
dangerous GE salmon,” said Leo Broderick of the Council of Canadians
on PEI. A coalition of PEI groups is asking Premier Robert Ghiz to
intervene and insist on disclosure from Environment Canada (2). “It’s
highly disturbing that we only found out about the company’s plans for
Prince Edward Island from US consultations,” said Broderick who
attended US FDA hearings in September.

The company AquaBounty has engineered a faster growing Atlantic salmon by inserting a growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon and genetic material from ocean pout (an eel-like creature).

“Documents released by the US government reveal that the company is
assuming it will get permission to produce all of its GE salmon eggs
in Canada,” said Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of the Canadian
Biotechnology Action Network. “Minister of Environment John Baird must take immediate action to stop genetically engineered salmon eggs from being produced in Canada. We have a global responsibility to protect Atlantic salmon from this dangerous technology.”

For more information: Matthew Abbott, Fundy Baykeeper Coordinator, 506 529 8838; Shauna MacKinnon, Living Oceans Society, 604 696 5044, cell: 604 307 8091; Leo Broderick, Council of Canadians PEI, 902 894 4874;
Lucy Sharratt, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, 613 241 2267 ext 6.

(1) The full statement opposing GE fish and list of signatory groups
can be viewed at http://www.cban.ca/statementopposingGEfish

(2) The letter to the Premier of PEI can be viewed at http://www.cban.ca/PEIletter

For further background on GE fish: http://www.cban.ca/fish


Genetically Modified Foods Are They Safe?

Dr. Oz investigates


Are genetically engineered foods safe? Dr. Oz leads an investigation to find out. See how you can protect your family. Click here for more...



Are genetically engineered foods safe? Dr. Oz leads an investigation to find out. See how you can protect your family. Click here for more...
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Shocker: Feminizing-uranium, fluoride & lithium in water to be exposed on Ventura TV show

Tonight’s Conspiracy Theory to expose toxins in water, population control motives and water privatization schemes worldwide

Aaron Dykes
December 3, 2010

As producer Michael Braverman announced yesterday, what was once an episode just dealing with schemes to profit off the Great Lakes has now expanded into a startling exposé of the dangerous toxins being added to our water by design. Now known as the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy,” tonight’s episode of Conspiracy Theory with Gov. Jesse Ventura will take on water privatization, false scarcity profit schemes, the effects of fluoride, lithium and uranium in drinking water and much more. “WORLDWIDE WATER CONSPIRACY” PREMIERES TONIGHT, FRIDAY DEC. 3 AT 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST.

Scarcity, perceived or real, drives the value of commodities, and many people say water is the next oil. The Great Lakes consist of more than 20% of Earth’s surface fresh water, but the levels are dropping. Some streams and groundwater sources have already dried up, and a shortage of clean drinking water could prove to be one of the 21st Century’s greatest bubbles.

Now, Gov. Ventura’s investigation reveals that foreign companies are stealing water from the Great Lakes, imposing upon one of the American public’s greatest assets. Already, the scale of schemes to privatize water and make big profit on a clear necessity are astounding. The TruTV team has learned that the Nestle Corporation is one of the firms tapping this water to sell in bottled water and other products. Moreover, it has circumvented public access points to the lakes by stashing its pumps 12 miles away from the shore of Lake Michigan– in a private game preserve where no one can see them and little scrutiny is likely to arise.

Moreover, Ventura has uncovered a novel way of siphoning this “blue gold.” Giant floating water bags have been implemented to create huge “water trains” and profiteers are using them to ship America’s fresh water to foreign countries like China. If the multinational corporations are not stopped, they’ll take our “champagne water” and leave us to drink the toilet water. Think it can’t happen here? In countries like Bolivia, where private companies have taken control of the water, ordinary people have already had to protest against the police state in order to simply collect rainwater for basic needs. Now, the right to collect rainwater has been challenged here in the United States as well.

But the Conspiracy Theory episode stumbles upon an even greater danger lurking in the water. Testing shows that numerous deadly toxins have been found in the majority of America’s tap water, and it’s no accident. Could population control through forced mass medication in water be underway? This form of control was discussed in sitting-White House Science Czar John P. Holdren’s book Ecoscience as far back as 1977.

The team learns that male birth rates are dropping all over the world. To find out why, Ventura & co. speak with radiation exposure expert Leuren Moret who drops the bombshell that uranium– yes uranium– is found in our drinking water and is triggering a mass-feminization in the population via a hormonal-chemical assault. The New York Times reported in 2009 that some 49 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with chemicals like arsenic or radioactive substances like uranium. Further, in 2010, the State of Texas was caught covering up dangerous and illegal levels of uranium in its water supplies that can cause cell mutations and cancer. Other chemicals including fluoride further raise suspicions about who is controlling what goes into our bodies, and why.

There is every reason to believe that Big Brother wants ordinary Americans calm and docile, unable to resist their system. Is that why government experts and leading bio-ethicists are advocating adding dose amounts of lithium to municipal water districts? Lithium is commonly to used to sedate patients suffering from bi-polar disorder, and the agenda has been put forward ostensibly to reduce suicides in the population. However, issuing a mass dose to the population is not only dangerous, as the amount affects people differently, but a form of true medical tyranny.

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These issues and other aspects of the over-arching Eugenics agenda have been covered in films like Alex Jones’ Endgame, but never before has any such exposé warning the public about the full-on chemical war being waged against them been seen on television.

Don’t take this programming for granted. As we have already reported today, powerful forces have targeted the show from behind the scenes, and other episodes like “Police State” are already being suppressed and censored. Please support this show, get everyone you know to tune in and make sure that this platform for informing the populace is used to the fullest.

From TruTV:

“Great Lakes” – NEW! — a.k.a. “Worldwide Water Conspiracy”
Premieres Fri, December 3 at 10P
They call it “Blue Gold.” Water is the new oil. Once a human right, it’s now a valuable commodity, and corporations and super-rich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights, controlling nations and populations. Jesse looks into the possibility of these activities finding their way to American shores and uncovers what may be a plot to literally steal the Great Lakes.

Michael Braverman: “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” – Part 1/2

Michael Braverman: “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” – Part 2/2


How To Revive the Flu Scare

By Zen Gardner

Saturday, December 11, 2010

WHO director Margaret Chan admitting last year's flu pandemic was "not as serious as anticipated"

I can't read anything about these sudden flu outbreaks without thinking they're staged. Good thing is I'm not alone. Last year's hoax was fully exposed, including documented links proving big Pharma collusion, and overall flu levels were at record lows.

Nice try.

The WHO, HPA, FDA and other insidious corrupt organizations have been itching to shoot the world up with their toxic depopulation vaccines, and nothing scares an unwary public more than the word "pandemic"--which is now programmed to pop onto their little mind screens as soon as the word "flu" is spoken.

Pandemic fear mongering makes good theatre, too. Even the elite like to play along with their own schemes The situation now is, they blew this whole scam so badly last year, I'm afraid they're going to come out with much more deadly strains to make their point and push their program through.

They still have the sleeping majority of the world's masses under their pathetic mind control scheme so they know it will eventually work. And what better time than during what's projected to be the most severe winter Europe's had in centuries.

Here's from today's UK Independent:

Doctors shocked by spread of swine flu – and its severity

H1N1 virus returns, already claiming lives of 10 British adults with early signs that illness has spread to other European countries

By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor


Starts in pretty strong, wouldn't you say? And "oh my God, not only are doctors shocked, but the health editor is reporting this! Oh my! It must be true! If he's alarmed, we should ALL be alarmed!"

Are They Stepping It Up? Now it's very serious when people are dying, and at this rate. That's what has me concerned that they may be stepping it up this time around to silence the critics and convince the skeptical.

Here's how this outrageous article starts. Never mind the scare title and subtitle, count the following buzzwords and note the level of hype and alarm--pure propaganda: (bolding by me)

The swine flu virus that swept the world last year causing a global health emergency has returned to claim the lives of 10 adults in the UK in the past six weeks.

The 10 deaths were in younger adults under 65 and associated with H1N1 swine flu. Most had underlying conditions but "a small proportion" were healthy before being struck down by the virus, according to the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Seasonal flu normally causes severe illness and death in the elderly. The H1N1 swine flu virus targets pregnant women, younger adults, and those with chronic conditions, making it a cause of particular alarm.

The Morlocks are calling...time to cull the population

The Hypochondriac Drug Crazed Hoards Will Report To Duty

What a piece of work. I'll spare you the rest of the article, but you can find it HERE if you like. It goes on to say such insipid things as reports show "there is quite a bit of swine flu about" and "all parts of the country are affected with deaths reported from each region."

No real numbers except the dead. Just impressions and vague references implying emergency rooms are filling up--which they will as the hypochondriac hoards will 'report to duty' and have any and every symptom checked out.

And of course get their "new, improved" shot.

And the hypnotized Eloi respond. Time Machine comes to life.

This round will likely be laced with new strands of deadly viruses, as Baxter and others have been caught doing, thus insuring their forecast. This in addition to the rest of their latest cocktail of nasty viruses, immune system suppressants, sterilizing agents and whatever other diabolical potions they want to try.

Stay alert and please tell your loved ones and everyone you can to:


Russell Means talks about patriarchal dynamics


SOS in a Bottle: Raising the Political Asylum Quota for Americans

Saturday, 11. December 2010

by Sibel Edmonds

An Appeal to the International Community

bottleIn this urgent message delivered by ultra snail method of delivery due to restrictions placed upon our communication means (warrantless mass surveillance by our government targeting our telephone, text messages, e-mail, fax, and internet accessibility) we, American citizens, hereby urgently request that the recipients on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific add our desperately repressed nation to their list of qualified political refugee nations and or raise their existing annual quota for US political refugees. We not only meet but surpass the United Nations 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees on the grounds of political opinion and membership and or participation in any particular social group or social activities.

We Americans, every single one of us, are treated as potential terrorists, are considered guilty with no way to prove otherwise. We all are subjected to round the clock surveillance (phone, e-mail, fax, text, internet accessibility; with internet activities soon to be monitored and restricted), and degrading physical probing-groping searches as mandatory requirements for our travel.

We United States Citizens have been deprived of expressing collective dissent even through the most peaceful means and pacifist manner. Our participation or membership in social groups or gathering that challenge illegal wars or anti humanitarian practices land us on our government’s never-defined ‘enemy & terrorist’ list, with consequences ranging from being prohibited from traveling by air, to having our homes raided and families intimidated by armed government militia, to being persecuted and thrown before a federal grand jury to face possible incarceration for our beliefs.

We now face prosecution, persecution , and even possible assassination for engaging in certain journalistic or Good Samaritan reporting of wrong-unethical-even illegal activities by those trusted with our nation’s health, wealth, and security. This situation now is being extended to those of us who may have read or disseminated information originally gathered and distributed by others. Today our whistleblowers are thrown behind bars, while our criminals who engage in robbing our taxpayers of billions of dollars, or, those who engage in torture and murder games are highly protected and handsomely awarded by our rulers.

We urge you to remember the Stasi and the suffocating repression suffered by the East Germans, and then, go ahead and multiply that by a four digit number of your choice. Any number will do, that is, as long as it has four digits. Our technology-enabled Stasis can tap and record hundreds of millions of communications. Our rulers’ mega corporate collaborators can pull the plug on hundreds of thousands of us with no recourse available or even imaginable. On top of all that, unlike those lucky East German-ers we don’t have a meager little wall to overcome, nor do we have a viable, trust-worthy, or sovereign enough neighbor nation next door to escape to. Our frigid northern neighbor is as keen on outlaw style assassination as our ruthless rulers. As for our southern neighbor? First we’d have to make it to the other side of the border by surviving armed citizen-soldiers who can easily mistake those of us with dark hair for Mexicans to be hunted. Next, we have to survive the Mexican drug gang-police combination who may easily perceive us as competitors in their Narc-Territory. As you can see, the chances of our survival there are slim to none.

We implore you to grant us Americans ‘High Priority Political Asylum’ Status. At least consider a swapping arrangement whereby your high-level criminals, con artists, professional swindlers, and or psychotic serial torturers are sent here where they can find an agreeable working-practicing environment and unlimited government protection and rewards, and in exchange those of us in search of a reasonable degree of freedom and justice would be given asylum in your nations.

Urgently Awaiting Your Action & Assistance,

We the Freedom-Seeking Americans


Exclusive Interview with Ron Paul

The Power Of Ideas Will Prevail

"Nothing good can come from the Federal Reserve. It's immoral, inconstitutional, impractical, promotes bad economics and undermines liberty."- Ron Paul


George Bush vs. Russ Baker: Battle for Truth


Global Eruption Rocks the Sun

Global Eruption Rocks the Sun Dec. 13, 2010: On August 1, 2010, an entire hemisphere of the sun erupted. Filaments of magnetism snapped and exploded, shock waves raced across the stellar surface, billion-ton clouds of hot gas billowed into space. Astronomers knew they had witnessed something big.

It was so big, it may have shattered old ideas about solar activity.


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Grinch Alert

(Thanks Lisa for sharing this with us)

Have you encountered a “Grinch” this Christmas season? Share your experiences here at GrinchAlert.com! Here, you can nominate businesses and organizations that shut-out expressions of Christmas in their interactions with the public via marketing, advertising and public relations. When companies use misplaced political correctness to halt the celebration of Christmas, they belong on the “Naughty List.”

We also want to know which companies are celebrating Christmas with excitement and meaning–especially those who keep Christ in Christmas where He belongs! Those companies and organizations will be placed on our “Nice List.” Help us preserve Christ this Christmas.

Share your experiences here

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