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Foreign governments have say in US immigration law ?

(From Paul, news contributor)


Second Amendment Poll

Please vote!

(From Paul, news contributor)

Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. He does not believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. It will only take a few seconds of your time. Then pass the link on to all the pro gun folks you know. Hopefully these results will be published later this month. This upcoming year will become critical for gun owners with the Supreme Court's accepting the District of Columbia case against the right for individuals to bear arms. *

*Here's what you need to do:*

*First - vote on this one.*

*Second - launch it to other folks and have THEM vote - then we will see if the results get published.*

*The Question is: "Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?" *

*Click on the link below and PLEASE vote Yes!*

*USATODAY.com - Quick Question http://www.usatoday.com/news/quickquestion/2007/november/popup5895.htm *

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*This should be at a 100%, Who is the hold out?*


Making (Common) Sense of Obama's New Debt Report

November 10, 2010

Big news out of President Obama's bipartisan deficit reduction commission this afternoon, with the chairmen (well, kinda the chairmen) releasing a draft proposal that outlines their initial recommendations. Naturally, we're curious to see how it compares with Esquire's own recent adventures in government accounting, which not only managed to eliminate the deficit by 2020 but ensure the long-term solvency of Social Security and restructure the military along strategic lines. Among the most striking similarities and differences between the two plans:

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Mystery missile launch off California coast: Comes from submarine?

A mysterious missile was spotted off the coast of Los Angeles and the US military claims it has no idea where it came from. A helicopter from the Los Angeles CBS News affiliate captured images of what appears to be some sort of rocket or missile with a large contrail behind it.It appears to have been launched about 35 miles (56 km) off the coast of Los Angeles, California. There are several military bases in Southern California, but so far none have said there were any launches at that time. The US Navy has said they are not responsible and the Pentagon is still investigating where the mystery missile came from.

Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast 11/09/2010

Related report from Zen below

L.A.s Mystery Missile Is Probably a [Chemtrail Tanker] Jet(Watch this story 1. die in a hurry to cover it up or 2. be used to explain away the incessant nationwide chemtrail spraying.

Apparently a big chemtrail tanker dumped his heavy load too fast and at a particularly reflective time and angle--perhaps it's even a tanker malfunction, but this pilot or drone commander is in for a spanking. They've been heavily strafing the SoCal skies for ages-- this was just poor timing and a possible sprayer malfunction IMO...btw...it's about time someone looked up at what they're doing to our skies!....Zen. ed.)

Read full report from Zen here


The scary actual U.S. government debt


OTTAWA— From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff says U.S. government debt is not $13.5-trillion (U.S.), which is 60 per cent of current gross domestic product, as global investors and American taxpayers think, but rather 14-fold higher: $200-trillion – 840 per cent of current GDP. “Let’s get real,” Prof. Kotlikoff says. “The U.S. is bankrupt.”

Writing in the September issue of Finance and Development, a journal of the International Monetary Fund, Prof. Kotlikoff says the IMF itself has quietly confirmed that the U.S. is in terrible fiscal trouble – far worse than the Washington-based lender of last resort has previously acknowledged. “The U.S. fiscal gap is huge,” the IMF asserted in a June report. “Closing the fiscal gap requires a permanent annual fiscal adjustment equal to about 14 per cent of U.S. GDP.

This sum is equal to all current U.S. federal taxes combined. The consequences of the IMF’s fiscal fix, a doubling of federal taxes in perpetuity, would be appalling – and possibly worse than appalling.

Prof. Kotlikoff says: “The IMF is saying that, to close this fiscal gap [by taxation], would require an immediate and permanent doubling of our personal income taxes, our corporate taxes and all other federal taxes.

“America’s fiscal gap is enormous – so massive that closing it appears impossible without immediate and radical reforms to its health care, tax and Social Security systems – as well as military and other discretionary spending cuts.”

He cites earlier calculations by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that concluded that the United States would need to increase tax revenue by 12 percentage points of GDP to bring revenue into line with spending commitments. But the CBO calculations assumed that the growth of government programs (including Medicare) would be cut by one-third in the short term and by two-thirds in the long term. This assumption, Prof. Kotlikoff notes, is politically implausible – if not politically impossible.

One way or another, the fiscal gap must be closed. If not, the country’s spending will forever exceed its revenue growth, and no one’s real debt can increase faster than his real income forever.

Prof. Kotlikoff uses “fiscal gap,” not the accumulation of deficits, to define public debt. The fiscal gap is the difference between a government’s projected revenue (expressed in today’s dollar value) and its projected spending (also expressed in today’s dollar value). By this measure, the United States is in worse shape than Greece.

Prof. Kotlikoff is a noted economist. He is a research associate at the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research. He is a former senior economist with then-president Ronald Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers. He has served as a consultant with governments around the world. He is the author (or co-author) of 14 books: Jimmy Stewart Is Dead (2010), his most recent book, explains his recommendations for reform.

He says the U.S. cannot end its fiscal crisis by increasing taxes. He opposes further stimulus spending because it will simply increase the debt. But he does suggest reforms that would help – most of which would require a significant withering away of the state. He proposes that the government give every person an annual voucher for health care, provided that the total cost not exceed 10 per cent of GDP. (U.S. health care now consumes 16 per cent of GDP.) He suggests the replacement of all current federal taxes with a single consumption tax of 18 per cent. He calls for government-sponsored personal retirement accounts, with the government making contributions only for the poor, the unemployed and people with disabilities.

Without drastic reform, Prof. Kotlikoff says, the only alternative would be a massive printing of money by the U.S. Treasury – and hyperinflation.

As former president Bill Clinton once prematurely said, the era of big government is over. In the coming years, the U.S. will almost certainly be compelled to deconstruct its welfare state.

Prof. Kotlikoff doesn’t trust government accounting, or government regulation. The official vocabulary (deficit, debt, transfer payment, tax, borrowing), he says, is vulnerable to official manipulation and off-the-books deceit. He calls it “Enron accounting.” He also calls it a lie. Here is an economist who speaks plainly, as the legendary straight-shooting film star Jimmy Stewart did for an earlier generation.

But Prof. Kotlikoff’s economic genre isn’t the Western. It’s the horror story – “and scarier,” one reviewer of his book suggests, than Stephen King.


What's in Fast Food Chicken? (Hint: It’s NOT Chicken)

( From Zen, news contributor)

Frying chicken is fairly simple, if a little messy. You dip pieces of chicken into a mix of egg and milk, roll them around in flour and spices, then cook the chicken in sizzling hot oil until the pieces are brown, crispy and delicious.

But wait! Don’t forget to add a dash of dimethylpolysiloxane, an anti-foaming agent made of silicone that is also used in Silly Putty and cosmetics.

Now add a heaping spoonful of tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), which is a chemical preservative and a form of butane (AKA lighter fluid). One gram of TBHQ can cause “nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse," according to A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives. Five grams of TBHQ can kill you.

Sprinkle on thirteen other corn-derived ingredients, and you're only about twenty shy as many ingredients as a single chicken nugget from McDonald’s. And you were using pulverized chicken skin and mechanically reclaimed meat for your chicken, right?

No one in his or her right mind would cook chicken like this. Yet every day, hoards of Americans consume these ingredients in Chicken McNuggets, which McDonalds claims are “made with white meat, wrapped up in a crisp tempura batter.”

However chicken only accounts for about 50% of a Chicken McNugget. The other 50% includes a large percentage of corn derivatives, sugars, leavening agents and other completely synthetic ingredients, meaning that parts of the nugget do not come from a field or farm at all. They come from a petroleum plant. Hungry?

Scariest perhaps is the fact that this recipe is a new and improved, “healthier” Chicken McNugget launched in 2003 after a federal judge called the deep-fried poultry bites “a McFrankenstein creation of various elements not utilized by the home cook.” Also terrifying is the fact that these McFrankenuggets are overwhelmingly marketed to children who love their fun shapes and kid-friendly size.

While McDonald’s is of course the poster child for fast food ire, if you look at the nutritional information for chicken at any fast food restaurant, the ingredient list will be dozens of items longer than the egg, flour, chicken and oil recipe you might use at home.

Eating fast food is a habit, but it is one that you can break? No doubt you rarely plan to have a delicious meal at Arby’s for dinner, a lingering lunch at Carl’s Jr. or a special breakfast at the Burger King in the airport. It just happens. You are late, tired, hungry, broke, or all of the above. You have no time, and you must find something to eat before you crash. All of a sudden a bright, friendly sign beckons from the side of the road: Drive-through!

In five minutes you are happily chowing down on an inexpensive, filling meal. But don’t be fooled – the true cost of fast food does not come out of your wallet, but out of your body, your health, and your years on this earth.



Little-Known 9/11 Truth Organization Strikes Gold in Court Action Against NIST, Unearths Striking Video/Photo WTC Evidence

Written by Eli Rika

Over the last century, the most astounding historical discoveries of man-made artifacts have often been accomplished by well-funded, highly experienced researchers. From the excavation of King Tut’s tomb to the sighting of the sunken Titanic, stunning finds have required immense financial and human resources, as well as the leadership by distinguished. So, how did a mountain of never-before-seen footage used in NIST’s World Trade Center investigations get exposed to the light of day last month? Was it the work of a billionaire adventurer? Not quite. You can thank an upstart non-profit, the International Center for 9/11 Studies, whose efforts have at last borne fruit.

Read full report here


The Illuminati & Dajjal Part 2 (911 Hidden in Hollywood)

(From Zen, news contributor) Skipping God is the symbol of 911!


US to spend 500 million dollars on embassy in Afghanistan

(AFP) – Nov 3, 2010

KABUL — The United States is bolstering its presence in Afghanistan with a 500 million dollar expansion of its Kabul embassy and the construction of two consulates, it announced Wednesday.

Washington's Kabul embassy is already its biggest in the world, with about 1,100 employees, projected to rise to 1,200 by the end of the year, officials said.

Full report here


Fed move threatens Obama's G-20 agenda

'Printing press' solution decried globally

President Obama's goal of galvanizing efforts by the world's leading economic powers this week to curb ballooning trade imbalances around the world appears in jeopardy as international outrage mounts over the Federal Reserve's easy-money policies.

With the Group of 20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, kicking off Wednesday night, countries from China and Germany to Russia and Brazil have voiced strong criticism of the Fed's move to essentially print money and buy up much of the debt of the U.S. Treasury as a way to boost the U.S. economy.

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Did Republicans just sell out the Tea Party?


America’s Death and Destruction:

‘We Have a Black Mark on Our Soul’ — Michael Moore



November 8, 2010

by Gordon Duff">Gordon Duff

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. Gordon Duff is currently working on economic development projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan to counter the effects of poverty and global extremism.Email : gpduf@aol.com


Israel Gordon Duff Bag

You Can't Make Stuff Like This Up!


By Gordon Duff, STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“Step two, “shock and awe” for Iran followed by a full scale invasion that, according to military experts directly responsible for drawing up our war plans, requires the fall of Pakistan, its “Balkanization and the military occupation of Baluchistan as a staging area.”

AIPAC, the Israel lobby used to, well, we don’t exactly know what they are “used to” but every politician in America is terrified of it for some reason, claims to have total control over the new congress.

It isn’t a “Jewish thing,” AIPAC got rid of 6 Jews who were too “pro-American” for their tastes. The last thing it is about is the security of Israel, a regional bully, a small land of ICBMs, germ warfare labs and warehouses loaded with American munitions which they sell around the world.

Israel and its thuggish “American” lobby terrifies a lot of people, congress, journalists certainly and as Noam Chomsky continually points out, its own citizens.

There is a real threat against Israel, one they perceive but many Americans are unaware of yet. Israel is terrified of a new 9/11 investigation. Even Noam Chomsky, top critic of many Israeli policies, had always stopped short of debunking 9/11. He was their last line of defense, Chomsky and Jon Stewart, pseudo-progressive “hand puppet.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

“The explicit and declared motive of the [Afghanistan] war was to compel the Taliban to turn over to the United States, the people who they accused of having been involved in World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist acts. The Taliban…they requested evidence…and the Bush administration refused to provide any,”

“We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any.”

Chomsky doesn’t come out and say “Israel did it.” However, he does point out that the attack on Afghanistan was illegal and that there has never been a shred of proof that anyone in Afghanistan had ever been involved in 9/11 at any time, not Osama bin Laden, not the Taliban, nobody. In fact, when it came time for America to submit proof to justify attacking Afghanistan, America began a series of subterfuges that have left the United States branded an aggressor and criminal state.

When 9/11 moves away from Afghanistan, one of the two targets Israel gave us after 9/11, with the veritable flood of secret intelligence from the Mossad guiding Bush 100%, Israel is faced with real risks. When you look outside Afghanistan, you look at terrorist organizations long penetrated by Israeli intelligence, perhaps even under the control of Israel as with many of the groups now active in Yemen.

If this door is opened, if an honest investigation begins, Israel will quickly move from “trusted ally” to “rogue state” and “suspect number one.” Iraq and Afghanistan have been found innocent. 9 years has found no massive underground complex such as the one the Mossad told America of in Afghanistan or the weapons labs and secret stolen nuclear weapons they “convinced” Bush and Rumsfeld to invade Iraq for.

Mossad depiction of Tora Bora



The other “job” the new congress was hired for is to destroy Iran. With America’s military stretched to the limit, exhausted from 9 years of civil wars, occupation, and endless “wheel spinning” in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Neo-con boondoggles of all time, the new “wet behind the ears” Israeli controlled legislators are expected to fall into line, recognizing who owns them.

$1.2 billion dollars bought the new congress, laundered drug money from Afghanistan and Mexico, Federal “bail-out” tax dollars, “recycled” into buying even more bail outs but mostly money tied to Israel and tied to war. The one issue every Tea Party member was silent on, orders from the top, was war on Iran. This is the cost of their office, sending 400,000 troops that America doesn’t have to fight a war against an enemy 3 times larger than Iraq, one whose military wasn’t already 90% depleted as was Iraq in 2003?

Oh, they didn’t tell you that, after Gulf War I, Iraq was never able to rearm and that America spent years fighting the leftovers of an enemy it had already defeated only a few years before? They didn’t tell you that other part, where the new troops are to come from.

We call it a “draft.”

Not only doesn’t America have a large enough army to fight in Afghanistan and keep our other obligations around the world, we are shy 250,000 men, even with every national guard and reserve unit used, all troops from Korea and Europe deployed and maybe even police and fire departments nationalized and put under federal control.

This is the military and manpower capabilities of Iran, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (2008)

  • Total Population: 65,875,224 [2008]
  • Population Available: 39,851,026 [2008]
  • Fit for Military Service: 34,344,352 [2008]
  • Reaching Military Age Annually: 1,494,322 [2008]
  • Active Military Personnel: 545,000 [2008]
  • Active Military Reserve: 350,000 [2008]
  • Active Paramilitary Units: 11,390,000 [2008]



Those 20 million “illegal aliens” living in the United States are likely to be much more popular if Israel get’s their wish.

Notwithstanding that Iran has never attacked the United States nor every threatened to attack the United States and has proven repeatedly that it has no nuclear program, Israel is demanding of that its members of congress support a war against Iran, one that doesn’t involve a single Israeli soldier, exactly as with Iraq and Afghanistan, the two other surrogate wars we are fighting for Israel.

Is Israel planning to pay the estimated $2 trillion dollars they are asking America to spend or compensate the families of the 40,000 troops we are expected to lose? Thus far, nearly 500,000 Americans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are either being compensated for war related disability, military or veteran retirement and Social Security. Are we aiming to make it an even million?


Taking the clock back to September 2001, just after the 9/11 “incident,” I use this term as far as we have proven, 9/11 may well have been some sort of mind control of mass hysteria. Actually, this seems to be an apt description of the governments position on 9/11 or so we thought. Now I am not so sure what the government really thinks. This is how Wired magazine reported it then:

When the terrorists who commandeered the four airplanes in the Sept. 11 attacks were identified, their faces appeared in news publications all over the world.

President Bush has said he has evidence that Osama bin Laden was behind the attacks, so it would seem obvious that the FBI would include him and other suspects on its 10 most wanted fugitives Web page.

Think again.

Bin Laden is listed, but only for the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. There is no mention of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing or the attacks on the USS Cole in October 2000, both of which he is widely believed to have orchestrated. And forget about Sept. 11.

The reason? Fugitives on the list must be formally charged with a crime, and bin Laden is still only a suspect in the recent attacks in New York City and Washington.

“There’s going to be a considerable amount of time before anyone associated with the attacks is actually charged,” said Rex Tomb, who is head of the FBI’s chief fugitive publicity unit and helps decide which fugitives appear on the list. “To be charged with a crime, this means we have found evidence to confirm our suspicions, and a prosecutor has said we will pursue this case in court.”

Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA officer who was deputy director of the U.S. State Department Office of Counterterrorism from 1989 to 1993, said in a Sept. 12 interview conducted by Frontline that there is no concrete proof that bin Laden is responsible for the USS Cole and the 1993 WTC attacks, but bin Laden celebrates those attacks and associates himself with people who are responsible for it.

President Bush promises to reveal evidence linking bin Laden to the suicide hijackers who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Blog lays out a case for how far out of control the demand for a new 9/11 investigation has gone. With folks like Jon Stewart still referring to those who want the truth as “lunatics,” even though, in a recent poll by the Herald Sun of Australia (10,000 responses) 77% of citizens there believe 9/11 was an “inside job.” That’s right, not a 200 phone call sampling, 10,000 responses and nearly 8 out of 10 in agreement.

Does Jon Stewart know what the 9/11 Commission members themselves said? Perhaps he should learn:

9/11 Commissioners:

  • And the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission (John Farmer) – who led the 9/11 staff’s inquiry – recently said “At some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened”. He also said “I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described …. The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years…. This is not spin. This is not true.” And he said: “It’s almost a culture of concealment, for lack of a better word. There were interviews made at the FAA’s New York center the night of 9/11 and those tapes were destroyed. The CIA tapes of the interrogations were destroyed. The story of 9/11 itself, to put it mildly, was distorted and was completely different from the way things happened”

Additionally, the Washington Blog has a few members of congress that are, according to Stewart, “lunatics.” Check the list carefully, it will be surprisingly bipartisan:

  • Former U.S. Republican Congressman and senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, and who served six years as the Chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee Curt Weldon has shown that the U.S. tracked hijackers before 9/11, is open to hearing information about explosives in the Twin Towers, and is open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job

To this list, we can go on and on, top intelligence officials, top military leaders, diplomats, even former FBI director Louis Freeh called the 9/11 investigation a coverup:

“No wonder the 9/11 families were outraged by these revelations and called for a ‘new’ commission to investigate.”


Hundreds of thousands of Americans received emails last week claiming a “false flag” nuclear attack on the United States had been predicted on the network cartoon show, The Simpsons. Emails blaming the “Illuminati” and including links to a video viewed over 200,000 times in a few days, were included. Terrorism and nuclear holocaust had become humor but something more. Warnings of “false flag” attacks, orchestrated by Israel, to push the US into war with Iran had moved from “fringe” internet sites to corporate intelligence reports. Rumors began spreading not through chatrooms but through military and law enforcement circles.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This humorous depiction, released in a video that quickly went viral, released on all the “right” email lists, through the Tea Party, “Birther” and “Islamophobia” groups, had a purpose other than to inform and entertain. Real warnings about “false flag” attacks had gotten “too close to home” and needed to be discredited. Tying space aliens or the “Illuminati” to them is an attempt to poison the message, using “spin” to push the views of what is likely a majority of Americans into an area that can be contained, under the label of “fringe” or “conspiracy theory.”

Clever people were trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

This is the job of the new congress also, to head off any investigation, financial crimes, espionage, illegal foreign influence and, especially, 9/11.

Step one, kill any possibility of a new investigation that will permanently damage the relationship between the United States and Israel.

“Step two, “shock and awe” for Iran followed by a full scale invasion that, according to military experts directly responsible for drawing up our war plans, requires the fall of Pakistan, its “Balkanization and the military occupation of Baluchistan as a staging area.”


NASA's Gemini UFO sightings - Astronaut "VTR" transcripts from the days before Apollo


Inside Truth About The Wall Street Conspiracy

Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura S02E03 Wall Street 1-3




Critical Mass

(From Jim, news contributor)

Geraldo Rivera Does 911 Truth Segment About Building 7 !!!!This is another example of what I call "Critical Mass". We are slowly but surely reaching it. Once everyone is on the plain of truth and justice there will be no stopping it. Justice will be served and world peace will be met.

I have no doubt!! Thank all of you for being a part of it!!

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