Obama Hopes Congress Will not Pass ANY Gun Control Measures!

"President Barack Obama shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David, Md., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012.

Contrary to common perceived political wisdom, the last thing President Obama truly wants to see is Congressional approval for the sale of so-called “assault” weapons, large capacity magazines or background checks. Altho Obama has proven a tireless campaigner in the war against the 2nd Amendment, always disguised as “reasonable” limits on the ownership of certain rifles whose cosmetic features, rather than their functions, make them similar in appearance to true fully-automatic military assault weapons, President Obama’s worst nightmare is that Congress will somehow come together and agree to enact legislation to accomplish exactly what he has proposed.

Now why should this be? Why should any President, specifically this one, secretly hope for the stalemate of legislation for which he has publicly campaigned to achieve Congressional passage? The answer to this seemingly contradictory question is rooted in Obama’s true agenda, which is to create the maximum amount of friction and disharmony thru every layer and segment of our society so that he can step forward and deliver the stroke severing the Gordian knot of discord and once again fulfill the silent mantle of omniscient Savior which the liberal media have deigned to crown him with since winning the democratic nomination for the Presidency in 2008.

What a Congress at loggerheads would allow Obama to do is precisely what he wants to see happen: their inability to act on the legislation he has proposed would provide the perfect path for his Majesty to step forward and with a waive of his Executive Order wand, decree that he is acting in the name of “the people” and “the children” and would therefore declare the legislation which he has proposed, and which can only become law, according to the Constitution, by a vote of Congress, to be now royally declared by executive fiat to be a “done deal.”

Now every Constitutional scholar I know of has already studiously declared that it is Constitutionally impossible for Obama to use the tool of Executive Orders to accomplish what could not be passed thru Congressional legislation. These well-meaning and legally correct observers of our current political circus miss the real issue entirely. While it is legally true and correct that Obama cannot, thru the tool of Executive Orders, accomplish what his legislation aims to achieve, this obvious and over-arching obstacle is not simply entirely irrelevant in Obama’s projected universe; it is also desirable in the achievement of his real aim: the destruction of the U.S. Constitution as a vestige of dead White irrelevant European colonialists; and his elevation to the acting Dictator in Chief in everything but name only.

The “inability” of Congress to pass Obama’s ban on “assault” weapons and large capacity magazine legislation, rather than being correctly perceived as the legitimate workings of the democratic process will instead be portrayed in the national lap dog media as a deadlock accomplished by the already thoroughly demonized NRA and its paid minions in Congress to thwart the popular Will. Obama will then be portrayed as the Knight in Shining Armor rushing to rescue the citizenry of the United States from the terrible menace of “assault” weapons by acting as the embodiment of the Will of the American Public to impose these badly needed prohibitions to “save the children.”

What this will then accomplish is a Constitutional crisis, except that it will not be portrayed this way to the general public. Instead, it will be used as just another example of how a tired old relic from more than 200 years ago -- the Constitution of the United States -- is once again being used to thwart the Will of the People. This conflict, in a fight enjoined by whatever remaining Conservatives have the courage to press forward in the face of massive derision engendered by the “mainstream” media, will be used to highlight and illustrate how The Constitution is nothing more than a constant obstacle on the path towards enlightened “progress” on the road to Liberalism’s progressive Utopia of a world without guns; or at least, of a world without guns in the hands of anyone who would oppose that Liberal agenda.

The acceptance of this dictatorial proclamation by Obama’s sycophants in the main stream media will simply be another nail in the coffin of The Constitution as the governing document of The United States. Of course, this entire process was started long ago, even before George Bush II declared it to be nothing more than a “god-damned piece of paper” or before Paul Begala declared that Bill Clinton’s signature on an Executive Order was the equivalent of law by proclamation. Remember the quote “....Stroke of the Pen, Law of the Land; kinda’ cool....” uttered by Begala that outraged Constitutionalists of every political stripe when he uttered it in reference to Bill Clinton’s Oval Office edicts?

For in truth, this obsession and yearning for a “Unitary Executive” (more popularly known as a Dictator) with the window dressing of a neutered Congress as cheering section has been the secret desire of both political parties for decades; and why should it not? Since both political parties are nothing more than frauds, controlled at the apex of the pyramid by the same monetary power structure which pulls the strings of whomever is elected President, and who is then beholden to them to execute their will in defiance of the best interests of The American People, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this rush towards dictatorship is deeply ingrained as a core value of The Establishment which controls both political parties of The United States, and staunchly defends the electoral process from ever offering up a real alternative to the domination of both thoroughly corrupt ruling parties from carving up the spoils of our system to feather their own nests while accelerating the destruction of The United States of America by continually curtailing the freedoms recognized and enumerated in our Bill of Rights which our founders recognized predated the formation of our government, since they were derived from Natural Law, the Law of God, rather than granted by a manmade government that could just as easily end them. Those who control our media have now decided what they must do to protect their spoils accumulated thru the pillage and rape of our financial system, a travesty which they have not simply silently endured but profited from by the their silent acquiescence while distracting the populace with the popular equivalent of bread and circuses -- sports and entertainment -- which is served in daily doses by the aptly named boob tube to further deaden the minds of the servile citizenry who daily inch towards an entitled majority, forever to be enslaved by their lusts, desires, lack of imagination and ability to think rationally, as their manipulators continue to use the media which they own and control to bring about a two tiered society of serfs and masters.

Obama’s public defiance of The Constitution of The United States, which he swore to uphold when he assumed the Office of the Presidency and which he violated before he even removed his hand from The Bible, is simply a step down the staircase towards the multi-leveled hells envisioned by Dante as we, collectively of course, descend the depths of depravity sold to us as societal progress by the trolls of psychiatry and gatekeepers of public discourse. Rather than lead us on the golden road towards increased freedom, opportunity and individual responsibility, they have thrown in their lot with those who would deprive, deceive and deny us what our forefathers fought, bled and died for on the bloody fields of The Revolutionary War.

May their descendants suffer the curse of their corruption, and the fruits of their duplicity. And may the rest of us remain armed, free, and in possession of the knowledge of our true enemies.


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