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The real reason why Iraq’s government will never be accepted by the U.S.

By John Vodila

8/23/07 thetruthnews.info


What the media and the government are not telling us about why an Iraqi government will never work in Iraq, even if it is voted in by the Iraqi people, is a real Iraqi government would never turn their oil over to us.

Iraq will never accept the raping of their 115 billion barrel oil reserve (their national treasure) by the U.S. and until we can put a government in place that will accept our oil deal, the death, destruction and terrorism will continue, and this is what it is all about.

But there are other issues lurking behind the curtain such as earlier this year Chinese oil company officials arrived in Baghdad to revive Hussein-era contracts for developing Iraq’s oil, specifically, the Ahdab oil field in south-central Iraq. Hundreds of millions of dollars and a reduction in Iraq’s Chinese debt are on the table. “Things are not going as planned”. The U.S. had a major role in developing Iraq’s proposed oil law, a scandalous long-term agreements enabling foreign oil companies to intervene in Iraq’s oil resources. Yet despite the U.S. “investment” of more than 40,000 dead and wounded troops and over 450 billion dollars to secure access to Iraq’s oil, China is positioned to sign the first major oil contract.

Then Iran and Iraq signed a deal last week to build an oil pipeline to transfer crude from southern Iraqi oilfields to refineries in Iran. Iraq announced in May it had agreed to begin discussions with Iran over the pipeline that will carry 200,000 barrels of Iraqi crude to Iran per day. Make no mistake about it this is why the Iraqi government is not working. Until we put in place a government that will accept our terms there will be no peace or government.

Saddam Hussein and Iraq are all about Oil and the Euro, in November of 2000 Baghdad’s switch from the dollar to the euro and that is what began all that we are witness to now. All oil is traded in US dollars in the world, this is the only thing backing the useless paper. Iran is making the same mistake the Tehran government has planned using the euro for international oil trading and now Iran is in the cross hair. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here” .

It is the petro euro verses the petro dollar this could collapse the dollar because the dollar is backed by nothing but oil. The dollar would be worth nothing to anybody even here in the U.S., this is why gold has skyrocketed.But you have to remember they made everyone turn in all their gold before ,what on earth makes you think they won’t again?

I am not an expert or a politician, but I know when something is not working you have to try and figure out something that does. If war and intervention does not work what about peace and diplomacy? Would that be unAmerican? I know one thing, peace and diplomacy would cost a lot less in lives and money, maybe we should give it a try for a change. Remember doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is INSANITY , is our government insane?

The sad part of it all is that it is always the people that suffer for what the rich and powerful do, that is you and me , we the people the first 3 words in our Constitution.

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