Ex murder squad policeman Trevor Marriot, has spent some years as an insider to get info on the Jack the Ripper killings of 123 years ago, his new book when published should provide us with much additional info, but the metropolitan police have resisted every formal action for Freedom Of Information requests on the grounds that it must protect informers.

But this is arrant nonsense because it has never stopped them before and this case is so very old, the real reason is that it is politically sensitive who it was that did the killings and the name will continue to be protected at the highest levels.

A very good article in the Daily Telegraph of May 16th 2011 highlights the facts that the police were either incompetent or deliberately obstructive in the original enquiries, and this has been cited as another reason for police noncompliance with the laws on FOI requests.

Four large ledgers compiled by Scotland Yard officers have been kept under lock and key since 1888 and no one can see them.

Trevor Marriot has used all the skills of an ex murder squad detective to gain access to the uncensored documents, and finally took Scotland Yard to a tribunal, in a last ditched attempt to see the 36,000 secret entries.

Scotland Yard has insisted on anonymity and a senior policeman only known as 'D' will give evidence from behind a screen, so sensitive is the name of the real killer when Trevor Marriot even applied officially directly to the information commissioner.

Interestingly the officer gave a confusing statement about 'the descendants of Judas being at risk', and herein lies a clue.

Jack the Ripper slaughtered at least 5 women, investigators say the real number was many more in the Whitechapel area of East London of 1888 and can’t believe the police blunders. Many people claim this was to assist in the cover up, there is no doubt that a lot of red herrings and fudging to put people off the scent has gone on over many years.

Researchers have claimed among a long list suspects that Queen Victoria's grandson, the Duke of Clarence and the painter Walter Sickert, all three were severely mentally unstable, Trevor Marriot in his excellent previous book believes it was Carl Feigenbaum, the relevance is that Carl was later executed in New York for killing a woman.

An interesting character of the time was Montague John Druitt, a wealthy freemason sportsman and swimmer found drowned in the Thames on Dec 31 1888, a successful lawyer with an interest in sexually motivated killings, Druitt was privy to discussions at the highest level on the sensational murders between Benjamin Disraeli, perhaps the most prominent politician of the time and Scotland yard with a representative of Queen Victoria.


Cannon Druitt who was at Walthamstow parish church in East London for some years in the 1950s and 60s and was a close relative of Montague Druitt, and said several times before his death that Montague was murdered to silence him for what he knew. The newspapers got onto this in the sixties and said he was a depressive and may himself have been the killer.

The old Cannon was resentful that Montague, a successful teacher and lawyer, was smeared and bore no resemblance, to the 4 witness statements that the man seen at the crime scene was slightly built and Jewish looking, which is interesting because the chief of police demanded at one crime scene that graffiti be immediately removed before police investigators came, this was' the jeuws are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.'

This is grammatically incorrect, and Cannon Druitt said not the way an educated lawyer would speak, the cannon went on to say the real killer was a polish Rabbi named Kozminski, who wanted to clean up the East End from prostitutes.

In the East End at that time the Jewish newcomers were unwelcome, so pressure was applied to cover it up as an angry mob uprising was a strict probability, now this is not as improbable as you may think, Dr Harold Shipman, the most succesfull mass murderer on the British police record base, with a recorded death total of 218, confessed before he hung himself in Wakefield Prison on january 13th 2004 that the real total was over 550 people.

The controlled press claimed they were Plymouth Brethren, but the Plymouth Brethren said they had no knowledge of that fact, as neither had ever attended any services, the press did this to cover up the fact they were Jewish, now other people commit murders apart from Jews and the Newspapers do not conceal their religion, so why make any special cases?

A good longtime friend and a devout Rabbi in the Cold War explained that the reformed Jews do not follow the outdated beliefs that Christians were only there to serve Jews, but this thinking is alas still prevalent.

So Trevor Marriots long awaited new book on the identity of Jack the Ripper should at last give us the truth about Kozminski.

T Stokes London

St Marys Church dating back to Norman times.

Raine said:

This new 'JACK THE RIPPER' book sounds fascinating, and I will be reading it. However, I would like to tell you about a book that I read years ago (when I was still a kid actually) and I have to say that the theory put forward by the author sounds tantalizingly as if it could be the truth. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember the name of this author, but I vividly recall what his take on 'JACK THE RIPPER' was. In the late 1880s, although Britain's empire was HUGE and Britain was an EXTREMELY WEALTHY country, the poor and the destitute were living in conditions that would not be fit for an animal to live in. Child mortality was very high. Starvation and disease were a fact of life. Children were sent up the chimneys of the rich to sweep them out, but to toughen up the knees of these little boys, boiling brine was first poured on them! Women were working down coal mines pulling the coal carts along like donkeys. And young girls who were 'lucky' enough to go into service often ended up returning home pregnant after being raped by the 'master' or his son. Added to all of this, Queen Victoria had become something of a recluse; although Prince Albert had been dead for many years, she was still in mourning in the late 1880s, and she was basically refusing to carry out any of her 'duties'. Not suprisingly, according to the author of the book I read, the poor and the dispossessed were becoming increasingly angry, and there was a very real concern at the highest levels of power that a revolution might be imminent. The solution? Very simple really. A solution that is still used today to distract the masses and keep our minds off of the important stuff. 'They' created a diversion. A series of horrifying murders, so savage and brutal, that people were no longer talking of bringing down the ruling classes; they were more interested in this demon called 'JACK THE RIPPER'. The newspapers of the day were ordered to play up the 'ripper' stories, and sure enough, all thoughts among the poor of revolution were wiped away. Who committed the murders? According to the author, an agent of the British secret service in all likelihood, who was himself probably murdered after he had done his job. The Jewish connection? This was possibly a smear campaign. The people of the east end did not like the Jews, and they would have been more than willing to believe that a 'Jew' was the killer. Of course, this is all just the theory of the author(I wish I could remember his name). But I have to say, that in my opinion, this really does sound frighteningly plausible. If the mother of a future king can be murdered by our rulers when she became a 'nuisance', then I am sure that a few prostitutes slaughtered for the 'elite' cause would not be balked at.

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