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Fear Not The Path of The Truth

Embracing Tyranny
Another voice castaway in the storm winds of it.

Brief History and Perspective for the Thinking Mind.

Our Police Are Becoming ROBO-COPS
How many remember the Science Fiction film or the TV series “Robo-Cop”??

Embracing Tyranny
Another voice castaway in the storm winds of it.

Brief History and Perspective for the Thinking Mind.

Our Police Are Becoming ROBO-COPS
How many remember the Science Fiction film or the TV series “Robo-Cop”??

FBI tried to recruit Boston bombing suspect - defense for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
also other news and video for 3/29/2014

GMOs: Ban Them or Label Them?
Fracking conspiracy, China, Russia, Ukraine, Indian history and Hitler info (3/9/2014)

Free electricity!
and the news of the week. (2/16/2014)

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
The Mission

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs
and info of the week (4/6/2013)

DOD Releases Strategy for Homeland Defense and Defense Support for Civil Authorities
and the info of the week. (3/23/2013)

Please take the time to view this important information and sign this petition, I know many are already well aware of this but believe it or not the majority of Americans still do not know

The Legal and Ethical Case Against Drones
and the info of the week (3/16/2013)

Obama Hopes Congress Will not Pass ANY Gun Control Measures!
Now why should this be? Why should any President, specifically this one, secretly hope for the stalemate of legislation for which he has publicly campaigned to achieve Congressional passage?

Financial Collapse 2013
and the info of the week.(3/3/2013)

The Games People Play vs. Shibumi
Let the show & games begin...

Tax Info
and this weeks info.(2/23/2013)

The Invisible People
and the news and info of the week.(2/3/2013)

Flash Mob (Awesome, the real Human Spirit!)
and the news of the week (1/26/2013)

Flu Vaccine Exposed: Think Twice!
and the news and views of the week (1/19/2013)

With ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Looming, Guess Who Obama Is Giving Raises to...
and this weeks info. (12/30/2012)

and the info of the week...(12/22/1012)

Miko Peled The General's Son
and the info of the week (12/8/12)

Solitary Confinement? Parents concerned over school's use of "Isolation Booth"(And The Info Of The Week)

Obama Begins Push to Confiscate IRA’s & 401k’s
and this weeks info (11/25/2012)

Report From DAR
where ever there are people who are sick or in need, there you will find us

A shocking story of just how bad Britain’s infrastructure has been allowed to decline

Kevin Field reporting from the UK

A new stock market crash, a pattern?
When we consider the characteristics of the phases of a social transformation we may find ourselves at the end of what might be called the third industrial revolution.

Obama’s Marxist Agenda will use Sandy Hook Murders to gut 2nd Amendment
Chocolate Jesus Walks Upon Dead Children and Cries Crockodile Tears!

The Chosen Will Be Thwarted
The plague which infests mankind...

Charter of the Federal Reserve Act expires in 2013
Oh how history repeats itself! While America Sleeps...

“Progressive” Democrats create and define a new lexicon for their own Racism
Can your vocabulary pass the Progressive “dogwhistle” test?

Police were forced to shut Whitehall in central London on Friday afternoon after a man climbed on top of a statue and took all his clothes off...

American Immorality Is At A Peak
and this weeks info...(11/17/2012)

America Slithers Past the Point of No Return...

Terrorist Seeks Liver Transplant
And gets it…

$43 TRILLION Bankster Lawsuit
CNBC Exec s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster law suit

What a Paul Craig Roberts Administration Would Look Like
and the news and info of the week...(11/9/2012)

"Big Sky, Big Money."
and this weeks news and information. (11/4/2012)

How Did Christians Become Warmongers?
And the news and information of the week(10/27/2012)

GMO World!
Must view! And this weeks info...

Lindsey Williams: The Final Countdown
also the stories and news of the week (10/13/2012)

Rare interview with Ross Perot (Sept 27, 2012-MUST WATCH!)
and the news they don't want you to know about of the week...

Doctors against Racism is a non-political small group of medical volunteers who work tirelessly all over the world

The Prosecution of an American President
This has nothing to do with politics, this has to do with JUSTICE; no justice no peace.

Fanning the flames of Hell on Earth

Dr. Mercola Discusses New GMO Study
and the news and info of the week (9/23/2012)

The Road to World War 3
and this week in the news (9/16/2012)

The Bloody Coincidences of 9/11
When I Remember 9/11, I Remember "Co-Incidence"....

The saying goes, so I have heard so many times, ‘we don’t apologize for America’

Myths on Parade — The Lies of 9/11 Imposed Yet Again on the American Psyche
For those who truly want to digest the intricacies of the lies and deceptions surrounding 9/11...

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 ~ Paul Craig Roberts
In order to understand the improbability of the government’s explanation of 9/11, it is not necessary to know anything ...You only have to know two things...

This Week In The News

America: Destroyed By Lack of Knowledge
As we go into the election spin cycle with our two party system here in the US where 1x2=1 in the same

9/11 – Still Traumatising the Mass Mind (Zen Gardner)
Another 9/11 anniversary is upon us. When one stands back in conscious awareness of the stark Truth of that day and the altered world we’re now observing, it becomes more and more surreal. That this charade can continue to be so effectively covered up and utilized for this current campaign of blood lust and draconian control is almost unfathomable.

Is This Fruit Extract 10,000 Times Better Than Chemotherapy?
and the news of the week (9/3/2012)

Terrorist coloring books and trading cards, out with apple pie and baseball, this is the NEW AMERICA. GOT that KID?

Israel belongs to the Rothschilds
and the news of this week. (8/26/2012)

Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook
and the news and info of the week (8/19/2012)

The USA is Rolling into Fascism
also the news and intel of the week (8/12/2012)

Military vs. Civilian Sector Black Ops:
Aurora Re-Visited True Grit Style

The National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948 as the government saw their menfolk were not fit enough for another war...

The Death of Johannesburg
and the NEW South Africa...

Greatest Truth Told To Congress
and the truth and news of the week (8/5/2012)...

From the American Tradition to the Amerikan Transition

CDC Spreading Germs Using University College Students!
Plus the news of the week (7/15/2012)

Nightmare Scenario (Michael Rivero)
and the news from the week (7/8/2012)

Independence Day
Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; WITH A GUN POINTED AT THE HEAD!

and the news of the week (7/1/12)

Tax Dollars At Work!!
DOD to Host Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month Event

and related news and videos

Real News This Week

New Interview (June 2012):
Don't miss this interview and the new information about the 7/7 London Bombing; the anniversary is not far off, JAH is putting it all on the line to bring truth to power and all of the rest of us once again.This is serious stuff folks!

Something From The White House That Makes Sense
and the news of the week (6/9/2012)

More Syrian Blood on Obama’s Hands
The Front News (6/9/2012)

The Jones Plantation
and the news of the week (5/13/12)

The beauty of pollination, the super moon
and the news of the week (5/5/2012)

Russia 'retains right' to pre-emptive strike on missile shield
and the rest of the news from the front...

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists
and the news of the week (4/29/2012)

The Establishment Cult
The establishment is a cult in which its followers are unable to think outside the propaganda

Truth Forgotten (In Remembrance of the victims in Oklahoma City)
Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building April 19th 1995, 168 murdered souls.

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law
and this weeks news...

Emergency Room Dentists: The High Costs of Life or Death Dental Care
...we’ve come up with some troubling statistics on rapidly rising trend: emergency room dental visits. It turns out that dental care is suffering right along with general healthcare...

The UN has designated Zionism as pure racism and an illegal practice, so why do we allow it to go on ?

Ye shall know them by their fruits

Weather Warning!
And this weeks news (4/14/2012)

What Is The Fight Really All About?
And this last weeks news

Zombie-ism the disease of the 21st century

and the news stories of the week (3/30/2012)

Furore over 'after-birth' abortion claim
Killing newborns is morally the same as abortion and should be permissible if the mother wishes it, Australian philosophers have argued in an article that has unleashed a firestorm of criticism and forced the British Medical Journal to defend its publication.

Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth
"the truth should come out abroad; it shouldn't come out here."

Half-human creatures: What is going on?
Now, Nigeria. Another half-human creature is born to a sheep.

Newly-Indentified Protein
Able to Lengthen Our Life

KuwAm and Stratesec:
Directors and investors that link 9/11 to a private intelligence network

Many are saying if Britian can vote in a man of the people with George Galloway, the US can do it too with Ron Paul...

YESTERDAYS MAN (Volume check)
Tony Blair is preparing a new push to re-enter British politics as he hires a new spin doctor

It has always been agreed among scholars that the final war will be fought in the Middle East, at a place called Armageddon...

In a new twist to the Camelford water tragedy coroner Michael Rose claimed that South West water authority gambled with the lives of 20,000 people...

This week in the news,don't miss it!

Doctors against racism is an organisation dedicated to the eradication of racial inequalities worldwide...

The Front News
More In The world Of The Insane!!(3/25/2012)

Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law!
This Executive Order was posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site on Friday, March 16, 2012, under the name National Defense Resources Preparedness. In a nutshell, it's the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for "National Defense", whatever they decide that is. It's peacetime, because as the title of the order says, it's for "Preparedness".

This past weeks news and info
Click here, don't miss it...(3/10/12)

Let’s name and shame these crooked politicians who did this dirty deed.

and Doctors Against Racism

It's amazing where truth can be found...

A strange thing happened on our way to a dictatorship!
Here we are in 2012 Britain, fully on track for a full blown dictatorship. The endgame ismassive population reduction. There after enslavement of the remaining workers serving their ruling nobility.

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms
Cities hire Chinese instead of American workers for building projects.

Tornado Spree Foretold:

also YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS and Meet Your Strawman!

$HILLCRAFT GRANDE $$$: Ickey-Poo $kull-n-Jone$ $cammin' $uckers

Andrew Breitbart death sparks conspiracy theories
Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43, was about to release explosive tapes featuring Obama

Chikungunya Virus
heading for the Americas?

How Happy is the Meal You’re Paying For?
Remember the Happy Meal that was left out for a year and never decomposed? We took a look at what McDonald’s has done to make the childhood staple healthier, and the results aren’t good:

Your Greatest Weapon Against Breast Cancer
(Not Mammograms)

Freedom Forever -
Jubilee 2012

The American authorities have really shot themselves in the foot, successive American foreign policy decisions have resulted in it only having one freind in the world...

Multiculturalism: The Truth
What the history books do not tell us is...

Fake Terror Alert!
Pre-Olympic anti-terror drill held

How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect
search data can reveal particularly sensitive information about you

Monsanto/Farmers News!
A West Virginia judge has approved a settlement in a class-action lawsuit filed by residents who say that chemical manufacturer Monsanto burned dioxin wastes, polluting the area with unsafe levels of the chemical.

Silencing The Critics
In 2010 the FBI invaded the homes of peace activists in several states and seized personal possessions in what the FBI-the lead orchestrator of fake “terrorist plots”–called an investigation of “activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

Bradley Manning: Justice US-style
‘Obama has already announced Manning is guilty’

Americans Changing Attitude Toward Guns
While gun ownership continues to be a political hot button issue, one trend is clear...

The White Hats and Lord James of BlackHeath
Deliver a Death Blow to The Cabal

False Flag BS!!!
FBI sets up terror plot again and again and again...

History of the 1979 Iranian revolution
Good Video

"Eye in the Sky" Spying on Americans

Insider Warns Family Of EMP Strike On U.S. This Year
This information came to me in a very synchronistic way, as is so often the case.

Michigan is breeding poverty
Since the national attention is on birth control, here's my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan's drinking water.

America’s crusade
‘utterly utopian’ - Pat Buchanan

911 And The Laws Of Physics
Points to ponder...

A US government program secretly injected people with plutonium
In the late 1940s, United States citizens were injected with plutonium without their knowledge.

George Carlin
The illusion of freedom

Senate Terrorism Subcommittee American Militia 1995
The question was are they Domestic Terrorists?

they are in the final phase of realizing their goal of creating the world government

Psychopaths and The Multicultural Myth
...we are all victims of a huge con...

News of the London Olympics has been a huge damp squib for Londoners who resented the colossal sums wasted on this white elephant which could have been spent far more wisely...

Now as never before us Americans must be wary of scammers...

Pay Monsanto, or starve!!!

RAMPAGE:Beware and be informed, the truth is the truth and is stranger than fiction!
We are talking about the end here folks, the end of life as we know it at the very least!

An East London Roman Catholic orphanage called St Mary’s convent school in the early sixties was the focus for some bizarre experiments.

When ignorance not bliss:
US politicians without borders

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks
Need to know info

White House fury at 'false' claims Michelle Obama 'closed off Agent Provocateur's Madison Avenue boutique to spend $50,000 on lingerie'
The White House today issued an angry denial following claims that Michelle Obama indulged in a $50,000 shopping spree at a luxury lingerie boutique in New York.

Stun gun vs Occupy DC:
Cops tase protester in pyjamas

Must view!

Local Police Departments' Favorite War Machines
little-known Pentagon program that practically gave away $500 Million worth of retired military equipment to local police departments last year prompts the question: What the heck are cops actually doing with tanks and grenade launchers?

Congress Calls for Accelerated Use of Drones in U.S.
A House-Senate conference report this week called on the Administration to accelerate the use of civilian unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or “drones,” in U.S. airspace.

Leaked documents reveal US diplomats actually work for Monsanto
Monsanto has also deeply infiltrated the United States government.

Help stop former Monsanto VP from attaining top position at the FDA
The one man who may be responsible for more food related illnesses and deaths than anyone in history, Michael R. Taylor, has just been promoted from US Food Safety Czar to Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of the FDA, a position which would enable the giant biotech company Monsanto to silently and legally feed cancer causing vegetables to every living person who is not 100% strictly organic.

Money and the United States’ Economy
Russell Means Explains

'Warships real deal, Iran oil ban is propaganda'
Iran has apparently found a way to stay in business despite a new EU oil embargo and asset freeze.

U.S. Use Of Depleted Uranium In Recent Wars
A prominent investigative journalist says the United States is using illegal weaponry - particularly depleted uranium - during its wars in the Middle East.

Christians in South Carolina threw Ron Paul to the lions
People who allow their heart and soul to be taken over with bitterness and hatred become angry, vengeful, and even dangerous. People with the love and peace of Christ in their hearts do not salivate for war; they do not desire violence. They seek peace with their fellowman. Oh yes! They are prepared to defend themselves against the wolves and lions who seek to prey on their neighbors. Yes Sir! For sure! But that is a far cry from hollering out for war against people who have not even harmed us–or who may not even have the capability of harming us. And it is a far cry from booing a Christian man who actually believes in the Golden Rule.

Challenge – Is America the New Axis of Evil (videos)
With America’s Stealth Dictatorship Now Visible, A Police State..

DOJ Fast and Furious Document Dump:
More Evidence Holder Lied to Congress

Egyptians battle police forces in second day of "Soccer Uprising"

Report Reveals Media Lies Regarding Syria

This mathematical analysis shows how

19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested For In America
The indoctrination of our children into slavery

The Front News
A look at some of the past weeks world of insanity!

I AM AN American
I am lucky enough to be in work and on my daily drive in to the workplace...

Jurgen Kohl was from an early age a special child who prayed a lot, and when his grandmother was taken very ill Jurgens answer was prayer, and when she made a rapid recovery, talk was that Jurgen had instigated another miracle...

The news has been creeping out...

Now glyphosate found in people's urine
...study has found significant concentrations of glyphosate in the urine samples of city dwellers...

Social Security Trust Fund Tops $2.6 Trillion
...for those of you who don’t know, the Social Security program has a massive investment trust fund that hoards your hard earned money into it every single year...

Trade cheats beware: new U.S. team will come after you
A new team of U.S. trade enforcers will make countries think twice about putting up unfair barriers to American exports

The following is a nutshell account of the proceedings.

JW Sues Obama Administration for Records Detailing Possible Leak of bin Laden Classified Information to Hollywood Director
...at the same time, administration officials allegedly leaked information about the bin Laden raid to a Hollywood film director?

Al Jazeera

Can Foreign Gangsters Bulldoze YOUR Family Home Without Warning… and Get Away with it?
And then do the same to all your neighbors?

SOPA Was Only the Beginning: ACTA Gets International Push Back
ACTA - 'The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement' is a proposed plurilateral agreement for the purpose of establishing international standards on intellectual property rights enforcement.

Tracking the tyrant's technique
The Babylonian Woe is the legendary book by a seafarer and scholar that microscopically traces the origins of today's financial scams back to the dawn of civilization.

The body at the royal estate points to a wider human trafficking issue.

Zen Gardner s - Faces of Evil that Rule the World
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the human face it's even more revealing, especially the eyes.

Queen's honours: People who have turned them down named
A list of those who declined an honour between 1951 and 1999, and who have since died, has been published for the first time.

Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War:
The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

Front News
Some of the latest important news on the invasion and occupation of the entire planet.

World War may come sooner than I had believed.

Assassinate a U.S.President
Atlanta Jewish Times: "Give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies".

Wife of wanted war criminal Tony Blair, Cherie Blair has been lobbying to instigate a chain of health clinics across Britian inside Tesco and Sainsbury chain stores.

This idea that migrants are necessary to the economy is in itself another “dodgy dossier”.

The War Justification Industry
Having investigated the origins of a major war veterans' charity, it is obvious to me they are far from the war veteran's friend.

Washington Moves The World Closer To War
For someone as familiar with Washington as I am, I recognize these reports for what they are. They are Br’er Rabbit telling Br’er Fox “please don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

Where are they now ?
The three who brought down Wall Street.

2012 Year of the Dragon: Black Nobility Internet Death Agendas Exposed
As You all know, there was a big online protest with Google and Wikipedia and many sites that shut down and blacked out a lot for 24 hours against the draconian SOPA Internet Censorship Act...

RMB becomes new international currency: HK financial secretary
Hong Kong's Financial Secretary John C Tsang said Monday that Renminbi (the Chinese yuan) has become a new international currency.

The Front News
The latest on the insanity forced upon the still living inhabitance of the world.

DHS' X-ray scanners could be cancer risk to border crossers
and NYPD, Feds Testing Gun-Scanning Technology, But Civil Liberties Groups Up In Arms

Treasury dips into pension funds to avoid debt
The Treasury on Tuesday started dipping into federal pension funds in order to give the Obama administration more credit to pay government bills.

Ron Paul Addresses Boos From South Carolina GOP Debate
The 99% want change but nobody wants to change = NO CHANGE!!!

America’s Last Chance
Why is Ron Paul America’s last chance?

Judge whacks Obama in eligibility case
'Defendant has failed to enlighten the court with legal authority'

Florida Highway Patrol
Arrests Miami Police Officer Dashcam

Council on Foreign Relations Busts Israel for False Flag Terror
Israel, among other states, has supplied and trained Taliban and led attacks against American forces in Afghanistan and to a greater degree Iraq. The US military is aware of it but considers itself powerless to complain because of the power of the AIPAC/Israeli lobby in Washington.

Tesco named after daughter Tessa Cohen alongside Sainsbury's were among the original funders of Tony Blair’s false flag New Labour...


The Lives of the Occupied
The invaders set up camp on the outskirts of our village a week ago. A few days later, their tanks began rolling down our streets with their turrets traversing from left to right and only stopping to point there cannons at anyone crossing the roads...

Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"
"...Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be the global government that wins..."

Paedophilia Is No Longer A Crime
We appear to be in the final stages of Paedophilia becoming a socially acceptable pastime. Who is watching and judging the judges?

The “God-Game”
The Physical Mechanics of ALL Religions

Long Island's Chemtrail Trials Continue as Suffolk County Says
"We Won't Be Sprayed Like Bugs"

Court convicts 4 Israelis of heading international human trafficking ring
In what the verdict called “one of the most complex and extensive human-trafficking affairs to be uncovered in recent years, if not ever,”...

U.S. condemns reported Iran death sentence
for former U.S. Marine

50 Facts About The U.S. Economy That Will Shock You
If we do not educate the American people about how deathly ill the U.S. economy has become, then they will just keep falling for the same old lies that our politicians keep telling them

The Front News: The great game being played; and we are all their pawns...
The Obama administration is moving ahead with the sale of nearly $11 billion worth of arms and training for the Iraqi military (Much more)

Indians signing life away for biometric ID cards
India implements first biometric ID program for all its 1.2 billion inhabitants

BP Awarded $27 Million in Leases for Gulf Oil, Gas Exploration
BP is officially getting back into deep water exploration in the Gulf of Mexico

Senator Paul Announces
Taxpayer Savings at Louisville Press Conference

Obama's uncle seeks police officer's driving record
Obama was asked whether he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail. "I think I will call the White House,"

98 Years Ago -
What they were told

The choice is simple, more money for wars means less money for our families...

The new film about British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with American Jewish actress Meryl Streep glosses over the most important aspects of Thatcher’s premiership...

Out of the mouths of babes and suckling’s- Matthew 21-16

Victorville? death prison protest, 1/5/2012, from Cyndi Steele by way of RR
As some know, Edward J. Steele was framed and set-up on false charges and imprisoned for genuine resistance and dissent...

It didn't take long! Don't miss this one.
Under the NDAA now is the time to seize and shut down Halliburton.

Scott Olsen
Vet Wounded at Occupy Oakland, on Recovery, Protests, Iraq & Bradley Manning

NWO 666 CRIMES Part 1:
How Governments Work To Block Tor Privacy Software

Obama Starts Constitutional Crisis: Installs New Radical Czars
Apparently, "respecting the U.S. Constitution" didn't make it onto President Obama's 2012 New Year's resolution list

Fukushima News
Women loosing hair, teeth etc.

NWO 666 CRIMES Part 1:
How Governments Work To Block Tor Privacy Software

Obama Starts Constitutional Crisis: Installs New Radical Czars
Apparently, "respecting the U.S. Constitution" didn't make it onto President Obama's 2012 New Year's resolution list

Fukushima News
Women loosing hair, teeth etc.

Avoiding Another Long War
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

America Doomed!
Amazing Article From Paul Craig Roberts, Via Lasha Darkmoon

The Romney Con
America's next president, I meant appointed one, excuse me!!!

Hidden truth about
Israeli control of American Media

of Soldier Supporting Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices
Very interesting!

Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians"
The Judicial Watch annual roster of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians."

Money As Debt-Full Length Documentary
Money Is Slavery!!

Pandora’s Box?
The coup d'état bill

The economic situation in Britian was so dire that no one wanted the Huge Olympic white elephant with a shelf life of a fortnight

2011: United States Big Time Exporter
No not just bombs and weapons of mass destruction... petroleum products!!

Royal Wedding Aftermath
It has been long set forth in the UK that Philip's son Prince William Arthur PHILIP Louis (Mountbatten) by Philip and Princess Diana Spencer will be the next King NOT his half-brother Prince Charles by Philip and Elizabeth II.

they've known the dangers all along

"The Constitution Is Not Dangerous"
Doug Wead To Fox Talking Head In Regards To Foreign Policy

The Silent War:
Israel's Blockade of Gaza

China, Japan to trade in own currencies
China and Japan, the world's second- and third- largest economies, plan to trade in their own currencies instead of U.S. dollars

Massive Spontaneous Gatherings
in Syrian Cities in Rejection of Foreign Intervention and Emphasis on National Unity for Confronting Conspiracy

Terrorism Isn’t Real
Why Your Government May Murder You for Profit

YouTube NWO~Big Label & Hollywood Censorship Policies
Censorship in America? No...

Dow's Deadly Harvest:
The Return of Agent Orange

Venezuela's Chavez:
Did U.S. give Latin American leaders cancer?

WTO officially welcomes Russia to the club
Russia will become a full member of the WTO by the summer 2012, after the documents are ratified by the country’s officials.

China expected to become
largest shareholder in Daimler

Amazing predictions
from 1958 that came true will blow your Mind

NIA Supports Ron Paul for GOP Nomination
Ron Paul tells it like it is.

Our Next appointed Leader Of The Free World!!!
American Satanist Oligarchy "Poppy" #322 'Magog' George HW Bush Sr. Endorses Mitt Romney as his Prez Puppet

'Invisibility cloak' for tanks tested
The company behind a new so-called 'invisibility cloak' says it will help protect tanks from heat-seeking missiles.

Naming Names: Your Real Government
When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction.

The Legend of 9/11
10 Years On

'Accusing Iran of 9/11 echoes Iraq scenario'
If this wasn't so serious it would be a big JOKE, how many Americans are still stupid enough to fall for it again? Really?

The truth
behind the Greek Economic Crisis

Aspartame, MSG
Dumbing Down Society

North American Homeland Security Perimeter
Dumbing Down Society

Cuba grants amnesty to thousands of prisoners
Cuba's supreme governing body has pardoned nearly 3,000 prisoners, including some convicted of political crimes, though no mention was made of jailed American government subcontractor Alan Gross, whose case has become a sticking point between Havana and Washington.

Military Wives Choir have hit song with 'Wherever you are'
But what about the innocent civilians your husbands and loved ones are killing or helping to kill and maim?

China:Rich people everywhere, they buly people and get away with it
Sound familiar?

David Versus Monsanto - 52min Documentary
Thousands of farmers face this kind of corporate terrorism.

The Axis Of Evil?
Ahmadinejad a Visionary?

Homeless In America
State of Homelessness in America 2011

...any serviceman or journalists who get too close and who speak out on criminal activity has accidents...

From my heart to yours!!!

Ron Paul & Joe Rogan
on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno

Caste Systems East & West = Missing Children and NO Upward Mobility
Preserving “The Pyramid” – the reason things are the way they are…

A Nightmare Scenario for America
...the country has been transported back to the stone age...

On 9/11 A Small Pool Of Kerosene Did What?
On 9/11, a paltry 10,000 gallons of kerosene (roughly the volume of an 11-foot cube) allegedly converted the following items into DUST -- In under 10 seconds!

Predator drone spy planes
used in U.S. civilian arrests

Martian curse: Russian probe may crash in populated area
Most toxic falling satellite ever contains 7 tons of plutonium.

Morris Rant -
The Fed's Aims are Deviance & Assimilation

Will Obama and Clinton testify for Manning?
As the defense attorneys for alleged WikiLeaks aide PFC Bradley Manning prepare for a pre-trial hearing, the US government is trying to shut down all of the nearly 50 witnesses they’ve asked to testify, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Chosen
Criminal Elite

GOD'S Blueprint for Prayer NOT Man's and WHY countless "Prayers" are NOT Answered

Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children by major hospital on front page of Sunday edition.
Is this America's future?

Murray Rothbard Explains
The Origin Of The Federal Reserve (1984)

RIP Christopher Hitchins:
The Man Who Exposed Satanist Criminal Henry Kissinger

...the RAF knew and covered it up and continued the lie ever since...

Operation Paperclip where some documents claim almost 120 and others say 1450 German scientists were taken to the U.S.A arriving in America in 1945 in a ship from Le Havre.

FEMA Camps and the National Defense Authorization Act
I contacted KBR and also contacted some people I know inside KBR and here’s the story

Pieces Of The Puzzle
Education: A Blast From The Past

John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire
John Perkins spent three decades as an Economic Hit Man

A submission, short and sweet.

Shocking Health News: ALL The Vaccines Are Contaminated...
Every Last One Of Them!

FIRE WATER: Official Full-Length Documentary
Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace

US to use foreign aid to promote gay rights
Tax Dollars at Work Folks!!!

House Passes Davis' REINS Act
(Regulations From The Executive In Need Of Scrutiny)

Air Force dumped ashes of more troops’ remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged
If you aren’t enraged after reading the article, I honestly don’t know what to say to you.

World Bank creating poverty
(BBC Newsnight)

American police:
To serve and protect (the 1%)

Fukushima News
Silent as situation remains critical

The Real Threat To America And The Economy
Illegal immigration is bad but is not the real threat to America and the economy.

New Ron Paul Ad

Newt Gingrich:
Serial Hypocrisy

Twelve points to ponder

The Isolationism of the United States of America
The days of kidding ourselves that nothing can happen to America are over now

84-year-old grandmother says she was strip searched at JFK
"I'm hunched over. I'm in a wheelchair. I weigh under 110 pounds (50 kilograms) and I'm going to be 85 in February. Do I look like a terrorist?"

No War for Israel in Iran -
Keep Americans Safe

How Not to be a SLAVE in AMERICA

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Lies The Gov't Told You
And His New Fox Business Show

The Sad Truth To Why
Most People May Not Wake Up!

Know Your Enemy Better:
The Top 10 Federal Contractors, all working for the Military

British Government Loses Legal Case Over Hooding Terror Suspects
The organization feels it would give rise to charges against British troops, intelligence service agents and other personnel for aiding and abetting torture, which is illegal under international human rights laws

The Invisible People:
A Hidden America: Living in Cars, Tents and Cheap Motels

Genetically Modified Seeds
Food aid policy for the first time mandates the use of genetic modification technologies.

Army sets pre-trial hearing date for Bradley.
Vigils and rallies planned at Fort Meade MD, worldwide.

Lord Lucan the missing Earl has been searched for across the world for 37 years so what news is there on this front?

Black Friday!
Just another example of what's important, how some things will never 'CHANGE' and the mindset of many.

I give thanks...

S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill
"American Concentration Camps" - if you do Nothing

Bush, Blair guilty in Malaysia 'war crimes trial'
Another war crimes court

The Roads To War And Economic Collapse
No newly elected president in memory, neither John F. Kennedy nor Ronald Reagan, had the extraordinary response to his election as Barack Obama

Occupy Wall Street's first fatality
and misc videos

Latest info on possible China syndrome

Modesty, What happened to it?
"Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush" (Jeremiah 6:15)

Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over The United States
Most Americans still believe that our weather patterns are 100% natural and that our government has absolutely no control over the weather. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.

The planet we call home, seen from 240 miles up
I have never seen it quite like this before

A Few Good Men
Real Solutions... Shut UP!!!

Aaron Russo - Mad As Hell
A classic and another good man... Rest in peace Aaron!

America's Media War on Syria
Regime change is planned to establish another US client state.

Dr. Webster Tarpley
Webster Tarpley is in Syria and here is an interview and what he is witnessing there.

Bachmann Wants Iraq To Pay
For War: Invasion-Occupation
And bombing them into the stone age...SHOCK and AWE baby and she wants paid...

Tycoon sentenced to death in real estate funding scam
Ji Wenhua, the president and legal representative of Lishui Yintai Real Estate Investment Company, was found guilty of fraudulent fund raising and embezzlement.

Nuclear power accidents by country
57 accidents have occurred since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Two thirds of these mishaps occurred in the US.

9 More Ways The U.S. Government Is Waging War Against America
The Hijacked Federal Government Is Waging War Against The American People.

57 members of Congress among wealthy 1%
Members of Congress disclose their assets and liabilities in broad ranges

Birth Pains of WWIII-Backing China into a corner
US vs. China: Who rules?

Quotable Quotes From the Chosen Ones
also a little history lesson with What Really Didn’t Happen At Dachau? An eye opening tour! and David Cole Jewish Historian investigates Holocaust at Auschwitz

The Power Of Ignorance?
Learn how to Fight the Fascists

Heretic Productions present:
Zen Gardner's "World War 3 A Foregone Conclusion?"

The Real Truth of Wars
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi's

Remains Of Fallen US Marines, Soldiers & Sailors
Treated Like Garbage

The Nazi Banksters' Crimes - Ripple Effect
Muad'Dib's latest hard-hitting documentary about the innumerable crimes of the Ashke-Nazi Banksters.

So You Want To Be A Whistle Blower?
Banker Who Blew Whistle Over Tax Cheats Seeks Pardon

KXLY on-camera interview of Mr. Steele in jail, 11/3/2011
Taking out the movement...

PENNSYLVANIA is the home of...

13 Staggering Facts About The Global Super Rich
The world economy may still be in the doldrums, but global wealth continues to grow, hitting an all-time high this year of $231 trillion

Interview - Marco Kaltofen - Airborne Radiation Spread
Interview with Marco Kaltofen, PE, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, about his research studying airborne radioactive particles from Fukushima and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Want simple? Turn off the "Weapon of Mass Distraction" and pay attention here

CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything!
Former CIA Asset, Susan Lindauer, provides an extraordinary first-hand account from behind the intelligence curtain that shatters the government's lies

Convicted in another U.S. government show trial this year, author and attorney Edgar Steele will ask the highest court in the land to address non-written rules that allow unlawful and unconstitutional intrusions into what should be completely private attorney-client communications.

Conspiracy Anomalies Week:
The Nasty Truth about America? USA ie. Crown Corporation City of London Imperialist Agendas Exposed

Countdown To Armageddon
You don't have to believe the Bible to see this one coming. If we aren't in full scale war countdown mode I don't know what.

The Banker
The Banker Aires His Views On The Right Of The Elite

Minister Farrakhan Blasts Media & Reporters During Radio Interview Commercial!
on a local Chicago radio station

The death of extrovert TV personality Jimmy Saville, has brought out a host of skeletons from cupboards long hidden.

Ten Years Later The Truth Still Denied
My first radio show interview!

Yuan Gold Contacts a Step toward Reserve Currency
On Monday, the first gold contracts denominated in the Chinese Renminbi (also known informally as “yuan”) came to the Hong Kong market. Analysts have been quick to note the implications of a yuan-denominated contract, realizing that the new contract could drive nearly three times as much demand as the dollar-denominated contract.

Oakland Clownafornia Police
Throw Grenade Into People Trying To Help Injured Protester

Street Lights To Have “Homeland' security features!
You will be tracked everywhere!

Zionism Defined
Understand This, it's not the Jewish people over there just as it's not the American people over here

American Pie!

From 7 Billion People To 500 Million People
The Sick Population Control Agenda Of The Global Elite

Reckless Endangerment: Totally Corrupt America
Totally Corrupt America

The Nazi Banksters' Crimes - Ripple Effect
Coming the 5th of November, 2011, Muad'Dib will be releasing His latest hard-hitting documentary about the innumerable crimes of the Ashke-Nazi Banksters.

AmeriCatalyst 2010:Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - A Conversation with Kyle Bass
(Thanks to Joe for sharing this with us; this video will start out like what am I listening to but just hang in there and stick with it. This is really some amazing very important info about the state of the world economy.)

Stimulus jobs went to foreign nationals in Oregon timber industry
They weren't just any jobs. These were jobs paid for by American taxpayers as part of the government's program to stimulate the economy.

See how simple things are and can be... to bad this guy's not running the world!

‘High-class terrorists running US, UK and France’
and Clinton thinks Qhadaffi's execution is funny

1st Mexican truck to enter US interior within days
"We're literally taking good jobs here in America and passing them over the line to Mexico," Hunter told the crowd, many holding signs reading "NAFTA kills" and "Stop the war on workers."

This is not about Republicans or Democrats
This is about the American people!

The Lies of Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain
Arguably, this could be seen as a missed opportunity on Ron Paul’s part

New Discovery Shakes the Foundation of Cancer Research
It seems fairly evident that the cancer industrial complex is a highly lucrative, well-oiled system that tends to support funding for expensive drug treatments that don't address the cause of the problem...

Ron Paul Plan To Restore America Press Conference(10/17/2011-18:00 Eastern time)
Also His Restore America budget plan

An INTENSE moment of TRUTH

Unchain the Mass Strike:
Kick Out the Facilitators and Foundation Operatives, Demand a Student Loan Amnesty Paid for by a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax

Police beat war veterans
in assault on Occupy Boston (VIDEO)

We Meant Well
- Peter Van Buren

China surpasses US as EU's top trade partner
Trade between China and the European Union (EU) totaled 35.6 billion euros ($49.4 billion) in July, allowing China to overtake the United States as the EU's largest trade partner, the Ministry of Commerce said, citing the latest statistics from Eurostat.

Shots in the Dark Trailer
Based on recommendations of health agencies, most children receive about 48 doses of 14 different vaccines before the age of 6 - double the amount prescribed 25 years earlier.

A look at the Presidential runners...

Marine Vet at OccupyWallStreet
Tells Sean Hannity to "F**k Off"

Alex Jones Breaks Down The Occupy Co-Opting
MSM divide and conquer!

Remember this?
Wall Street Conspiracy You Say?

Patrick Cockburn: This bizarre plot goes against all that is known of Iran's intelligence service
The claim that Iran employed a used-car salesman with a conviction for cheque fraud to hire Mexican gangsters to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington goes against all that is known of Iran's highly sophisticated intelligence service.

Day of global Occupy protests gets underway
Organizers hope to see non-violent demonstrations in 951 cities in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa in addition to every state in the United States.

Holder on Hot Seat
JW Sues Justice for Fast and Furious Documents

Holder's "False Flags For Idiots" Class
Apparently the PTBs are confident the American mass mindset is complete mush

Great video on the subject!!!

Mass genocide of Mohawk children
by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada

9/11 Masterminds - Explosive Connections
Don't miss this one!

Occupy Wall Street - Occupy Everything
Change begins by changing!

Fukushima and related updates:
New Evidence from Fukushima Japan Proves Nuclear Reactors in the U.S. Are Crap

Court upholds D.C. gun restrictions(VIOLATING THE SECOND AMENDMENT)
The District of Columbia can bar residents from owning assault weapons and require them to register their handguns without violating the Second Amendment

Nemesis/ Planet X Update:
CNN Slowly Leaks Out Brown Dwarf Star 2nd Sun in Our Solar System Lies About Distance Much Closer???

Occupy Wall Street, the American revolution that the mainstream media is ignoring
Right now in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and a growing number of other cities, tens of thousands of protestors of all stripes and political persuasions are marching in protest of the corporate corruption that has infiltrated and taken control of the US government

Stock Market Crash 1929, Mystery Unraveled?
These 3 factors caused the Dow to rise exponentially from 238 tot 381 points in de period October 1928 to September 1929, while the underlying economy strongly diminished in strength.

Bad Financial News Keeps Pouring In:
14 Facts That Just Might Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

Fiat Money: Explained in less than 4 minutes
Despite every effort by governments, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. It is now the biggest it has even been in history.

Busy Bill Gates:
Buying Up Africa and Pushing Vaccines In Nigeria

the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.

Rage Against Wall Street Crooks
Angry New Yorkers organized an initiative called "Occupy Wall Street." Beginning September 17, they called for "tak(ing) the bull by the horns," referring to the familiar New York financial district symbol.

How to Brainwash a Nation
...process of demoralization that transformed America from a conservative and mostly homogeneous country into a socially-marxist and egalitarian one...

Global Resources Needed To Combat Radiation Levels
This month marked the half-year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, and TEPCO and the Japanese government remain unable to control the nuclear emergency that continues to unfold.

Strength Through Peace? Bearing Responsibility? A President That Does It Right The First Time? A Healer In The White House?
What CNN doesn't want you to see again!

Explosive Revelations!
As the U.S. continues to stand by Israel, Washington's now coming under fire for new revelations of its dealings with the country.

Pakistan and "The Haqqani Network" :
The Latest Orchestrated Threat to America and The End of History

Syrian regime supporters pelt US envoy with eggs
Angry supporters of President Bashar Assad's regime hurled tomatoes and eggs at the U.S. ambassador to Syria on Thursday as he entered the office of a leading opposition figure and then tried to break into the building, trapping him inside for three hours.

Quantum Leap!! - Second Republic Project
Adrian Salbuchi makes an appeal to the Alternate Media

How America's middle class was destroyed - Part 1

Chem-Trail Pilot Admits to "Domestic Terrorism"! Illegal Spraying of Humans

Is China Ready To Pull The Plug?
The debate over the health and longevity of the dollar comes down to one very simple and undeniable root pillar of economics; supply and demand.

9-11 Cop Breaks Silence
The New Jersey police officer responsible for capturing five Israelis who filmed and celebrated while the World Trade Center towers burned has broken his silence

35 Reasons to Question 9/11
Those who believe that they have been told the truth about 9/11 often believe so because of their ignorance of of the official story.

WTC Hard Drives Show $100 Million In Criminal Credit Transfers Before Towers Fell

The Antikythera Mechanism - 2D
More than 21 centuries ago, a mechanism of fabulous ingenuity was created in Greece, a device capable of indicating exactly how the sky would look for decades to come

Never before have I spoken of this, and I may never do so again.

Ron Paul EXPOSED in this old video!
How can this man be so absolutely right in predicting what America would be facing today?

NASA: Satellite pieces to hit Earth in a week
The odds of it hitting someone anywhere on the planet are 1 in 3,200. The heaviest piece to hit the ground will be about 350 pounds

In the courtroom you can confidently stand up and say “your honor, I object to your meadow muffins.”

The "Critics" of 9/11 Truth. Do They Have a Case?
Let’s examine the case against "the truthers" presented by Ted Rall, Ann Barnhardt, and Alexander Cockburn.

Earth Groans Or HAARP Warfare? - The Strange Sound Phenomenon
This strange sound phenomenon is being reported more and more frequently from diverse places on the globe, and sometimes just preceding earthquakes. And not just by a few individuals, but by stadiums of people and even whole cities.

Senators blast FBI's anti-Muslim manuals
"It's worse than McCarthyism. More like Nazism,"

Iran: Court to commute sentences for Americans
American Hikers in Iran; LOL, I have some ocean front property in Kentucky if anyone believes that! What a joke.

'Pack of drills preceded 9/11 attacks'
Webster Tarpley on video

Putin nominated for Chinese peace prize
The Confucius Peace Prize emerged for the first time in 2010, when it was suddenly announced by a shadowy group two days before jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize amid furious protests from Beijing.

MOX plant using weapons-grade plutonium being built at S. Carolina site with ominous looking reactors
Located on top of region’s most dangerous fault line (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister
A 2009 interview not to forget!

The jobless in New Jersey find refuge in Tent City
It's a place where those out of work and out of luck can drop out of society while living as cheaply as possible.

U.S. tax-evasion probe turns to Israeli banks
The banks under scrutiny by the U.S. Justice Department's criminal tax division are Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi le-Israel BM and Mizrahi-Tefahot, the sources said.

The Time Has Come America!
A long time ago!!!

Air Swimmers
On a lighter note; check this out!

On this day Sept 11 1941, 70 years ago today one of Britians greatest inventors Harry Grindell Matthews, was found dead on Blackpool beach

9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?
In a few days it will be the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001. How well has the US government’s official account of the event held up over the decade?

From 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA by Webster Tarpley

Remember Building 7 10th Anniversary TV Ad
and Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

Dangerous Cybercrime Treaty Pushes Surveillance and Secrecy Worldwide
As part of an emerging international trend to try to ‘civilize the Internet’, one of the world’s worst Internet law treaties--the highly controversial Council of Europe (CoE) Convention on Cybercrime--is back on the agenda.

No Not 9/11
Top ten reasons to question the official story

Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey
This is a new version of their original video Oathkeepers Orders We Will NOT Obey Full Length Video

Mysterious Birds Plague Downtown Huntington, WV
Every night, just before sunset, some folks at a highrise in downtown Huntington claim they're under attack from a horde of winged invaders.

Palestinian Statehood = Israeli False Flag
Fight Tyranny, fight hate and above all fight ignorance; this is the only way out of the degenerating world and into the generating world of peace, prosperity and love.(End of dream)

Said to be the real original author was a woman named Nancy Stouffer who actually named the boy Harry Potter and the book was called Rah and the Muggles

AMAZING!!!- Newsman-"You can hold the Ron Paul stuff"
If this video doesn't prove how far gone the USA media is I don't know what will!!!

Appeal from Russell
Mr. Russell Means appeals for help to fight cancer.

Conference aims to normalize pedophilia
Critics warn that their success could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia.

Obama's Tour Bus — Update
Secret Service Buys Two New $1.1 Million Buses For Three-Day Trip…

Nikola Aleksic about GMO and Chemtrails
If you fail to meet the expectations of protest will encourage Serbia's people and ask them to go out into the street! ...

Bush Insider Says
Says 911 Was An Inside Job and more

911 In Plane Site
In Plane Site, the Power Hour documentary, Complete in it's Entirety, that was on the air in Canada in 2004!

The Super Con!

Massive Jobs Program Only Way Out
Only a 1930s New Deal style jobs program can deal with the crisis

Bernanke has thrown in towel on economy
Is the Federal Reserve waving the white surrender flag? It sure looks that way.

Does Your Congressperson Represent You -- Or Israel?
The Congressional recess is a time for elected representatives to be home in their districts, reaching out to their constituents. So why are one in five taking a junket to Israel?

Panic on the streets of London.
Here comes the future, you can't run from it - if you've got a blacklist, I wanna be on it...

Super flood blamed on lasers, a cruel Pathan
The experiment went awry and things got out of control, bringing forth the worst floods in the history of Pakistan.

Ronnie Dunn -
Cost of Livin'

China’s ‘Ecological Silicon Valley’
The new development will be comprised of research institutes for modern science along with eco-efficient urban living.

Derrick Jensen on Identification
(Toxic Mimics)

Dollar to Be ‘Discarded’ by World: China Rating Agency
chairman of Dagong Global Credit Rating, said the currency is “gradually discarded by the world,” and the “process will be irreversible.”

Lesya Ukrainka
An Untitled poem (1890)

SOCKDOLAGER—A Tale of Davy Crockett, Charity and Congress
A "sockdolager" is a knock-down blow. This is a newspaper reporter’s captivating story of his unforgettable encounter with the old "Bear Hunter" from Tennessee.

Panic on the streets of London.
Here comes the future, you can't run from it - if you've got a blacklist, I wanna be on it...

Super flood blamed on lasers, a cruel Pathan
The experiment went awry and things got out of control, bringing forth the worst floods in the history of Pakistan.

Ronnie Dunn -
Cost of Livin'

China’s ‘Ecological Silicon Valley’
The new development will be comprised of research institutes for modern science along with eco-efficient urban living.

Derrick Jensen on Identification
(Toxic Mimics)

Dollar to Be ‘Discarded’ by World: China Rating Agency
chairman of Dagong Global Credit Rating, said the currency is “gradually discarded by the world,” and the “process will be irreversible.”

Lesya Ukrainka
An Untitled poem (1890)

SOCKDOLAGER—A Tale of Davy Crockett, Charity and Congress
A "sockdolager" is a knock-down blow. This is a newspaper reporter’s captivating story of his unforgettable encounter with the old "Bear Hunter" from Tennessee.

On A Lighter Note (This is awesome)
Jeff Guidry and His Eagle Named Freedom

American Credit?( I wrote this over a year ago and I still don't get it!)
Folks, we are paying dearly for these double standards.

Israeli Protest
“I’m here because it is just becoming impossible to live in this country anymore,” said one of the protestors. “We work and we give, and we keep on giving, and there is no end to it.”

Brutality in the USSA
Welcome to the new United Soviet States of Amerika; exaggerating? Overreacting? Look around, I don't think so.

his telephone hacking, and internet snooping was not confined to just Britian

"Hell No" - Your Right to Dissent
Michael Ratner: There is a North America-wide strategy to take away the right to mass protest

Campaign for Liberty
We have now learned that the Federal Reserve lent $16 trillion to both domestic and overseas financial institutions during the height of the financial crisis!

NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth
Our elected representatives in Washington along with the mainstream media have been wasting thousands of hours of time and hundreds of millions of dollars debating a topic that has no meaning at all

Romans 13: Setting It Straight
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the biggest reason America is in the mess that it’s in today is directly due to the apathy and indifference of the American pulpit.

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted

Leonor is a Frequent Visitor to Libya - She Tells All
For the last 5 or 6 years Leanor has visited Libya 5 or 6 times a year, she was there 3 weeks ago - and is in constant touch by telephone - this is not the news we get on our propaganda news channels.

UN Declares Famine in Southern Somalia
Drought and ongoing conflict have left half of the Somali population in need of urgent assistance

Ron Paul and Neil Cavuto July 23rd 2011
Ron Paul on Fox News with Neil Cavuto discussing the debt ceiling vote and us economy.

Dear Mr. President: Free Bradley Manning!
Supporters of accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning attend Obama 2012 fundraiser to sing protest song to the president

Russia successfully launches Spektr-R the largest most powerful deep-space radio-telescope from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on July 18th.

THE DAY BEFORE OSLO ATTACK and Oslo False Flag: Now Everyone's A Suspect!
The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.

Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on "Black Rain"
SOS from Fukushima

Dying for a Lie
There is no greater love than that shown by someone who lays down his life for his friends. But there is no greater tragedy than someone laying down his life for a lie.

Dutch Demolition Expert Danny Jowenko Dies In Car Crash
WTC7 according to Danny Jowenko was absolutely brought down by a controlled demolition.

Flash Back
9/11 Pentagon Survivor April Gallop

Brian Springer - Spin
Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality

What a game, this dog and pony show over the ‘BUDGET’ what a joke, is anyone taking these mental misfits seriously?

Cancer Cure Not Proffitable Or Allowed
Dr. Burzynski and the Burzynski Clinic are under attack once again, curing cancer is not profitable and will not be allowed.

Test results show Plutonium-239, Americium-241 and Cesium-137 levels in air around Los Alamos
Monsoon rains threaten to flood whole communities with contaminants such as plutonium, uranium and mercury

Webster Tarpley: The Elite's Plan for Global Extermination
Full video

"Saudi Arabia Gave Assistance To At Least 2 Of The 9/11 Hijackers"
Bob Graham 9/11 Commissioner; also 9/11 and Who Rules Saudi Arabia

Genetically Modified Grass Could Make Superweed Problem Worse
Scotts Miracle-Gro's herbicide-resistant Kentucky bluegrass would be exempt from tests typically required of transgenic crops.

UK Police Intel Expert:
Government, Not Islam, Real Terror Threat

“You Can’t Continue With The Status Quo”
“Since John Wayne died, the country has gone to hell.” I think the same will likely be said after Ron Paul retires–if he’s not elected President, of course."

U.S. national debt: dancing on the brink of a world crisis
In European eyes, these developments in the White House are a farce rather than a tragedy. It is something akin to taking the world’s financial and economic players hostage and making them the captive audience to an American soap opera that has evoked little but bewilderment and confusion.

Tension in Tel Aviv
as hundreds-strong “flytilla” due to arrive

Putin becomes laureate of Germany's "Quadriga" award
The award has been given since 2003 to outstanding personalities of politics, economy and culture, possessing the "spirit of the pioneer" and a desire for "public good".

Harm from Fukushima Radiation: A Matter Of Perspective
A leading biophysicist has cast a critical light on the government’s reassurances that Americans were never at risk from Fukushima fallout

Catholic Investigative Agency :
The Rockefeller Foundation

AMAZING: News caster tells people
Goverment satanists exposed...

Propaganda, The News, What People Believe & Why
Propaganda Techniques American Mainstream uses to Brainwash Americans

Obama: Myth or Fabrication?
Here's a telling picture of what seemingly rules the western world

Time's Orwellian Story on U.S. Constitution Refuted!
Interest in the Constitution is resurgent, and that renewed interest is the key to America's renewal in our third century.

CIA Mind Control Techniques:
MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing Experiments Documentary (1979)

United Nations Visit
Russell Means comments on the Republic of Lakotahs visit to the United Nation.

Millions of jellyfish invade nuclear reactors in Japan and Israel (PHOTOS)
A nuclear reactor in Japan was forced to shut down due to infiltration of enormous swarms of jellyfish near the power plant.

Official: Iran Wins Financial Rows with US
Iran has won $2.5bln in financial rows with the US at international bodies, a senior Iranian official announced on Saturday.

(ODD)Moscow-Washington reset has worked – Lavrov
“the reset has worked” and Russia has got a more reliable partner, the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

Operation "Fast and Furious" program put thousands of weapons directly into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.


Minister Louis Farrakhan Speaks
On JFK, Executive Order 11110 And International Bankers

Month of June:
Casualties or Victims list; total 49

Chief Seattle's Response
Chief Seattle gave a speech in January 1854 that was reported by Dr. Henry A. Smith in the Seattle Sunday Star in 1887

In Dependence Day
In the late 1700’s American Patriots fought and many made the ultimate sacrifice so that American citizens can have Independence. Now comes July 4, 2011 and the USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T has fought and murdered to put US citizens In Dependence.

Founders Without Whom America Would Not Exist
As we enter another Independence Day weekend, I think it would be good to remind ourselves of who those men were that counted the cost and paid the price to bring this land of liberty into existence

Los Alamos nuclear lab under siege from wildfire
The fire has forced the evacuation of the entire city of Los Alamos, population 11,000, cast giant plumes of smoke over the region and raised fears among nuclear watchdogs that it will reach as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste.

The New Era of "All Natural" False Flag Disasters
And the whole world fell for it...or was forced to.

America's Oil Price Inflation Crisis is Yet to Come
NIA is very disturbed by President Obama's decision to sell off oil from the U.S. emergency oil reserve, in an attempt to drive down oil prices.

9/11: as it happened on the ground
Remember this news footage?

UK border agency working with police and other law enforcement agencies tackling organised crime, targeting mafia running sex workers into Britian for exploitation.

Christopher Shale the Chairman for west Oxfordshire Conservative party was found dead in a toilet cubicle at Glastonbury festival the day after his interview with the mail and Sunday's newspaper was published.

Paul Craig Roberts:
Will Washington Foment War Between China and India?

China rolls out subsidy plan for the needy
as high inflation pushes up their daily living costs

20 Orlando Police Steal food from Children
Arrest 6 MORE for feeding the Hungry

Man robs bank to get medical care in jail
He's now in jail and has an appointment with a doctor this week.

Background check company will store your social networking slipups for 7 years
In a world where potential employers will almost certainly toss your name into a search engine before considering you for a job, we should all be very careful about what we put online

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