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One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

"One is Evil - It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

"The other is Good - It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."


5-times size of Earth: Giant solar tornado caught in rare NASA tape

A giant solar tornado - five times the Earth’s diameter - swirling at incredible speed of some 186,000 mph has been captured on video by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

­This is the first time a giant solar twister has been caught on video.

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Scale of the Universe 2012

This is awesome, you have to check this out!

Prepare to have your mind blown!

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Milky Way Image Reveals Detail of a Billion Stars

TEHRAN (FNA)- More than one billion stars in the Milky Way can be seen together in detail for the first time in an image captured by an international team of astronomers.

Scientists created the color picture by combining infra-red light images from telescopes in the northern and southern hemispheres. Large structures of the Milky Way galaxy, such as gas and dust clouds where stars have formed and died, can be seen in the image.

Dr Nick Cross of the University of Edinburgh will present the new work on March 29 at the National Astronomy Meeting in Manchester.

The picture represents part of a 10-year project involving scientists from the UK, Europe and Chile, who gathered data from the two telescopes. The information has been processed and archived by teams at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge, who have made it available to astronomers around the world for further studies.

Archived information from the project -- known as the VISTA Data Flow System -- is expected to enable scientists to carry out groundbreaking research in future years without the need to generate further data.

The image shows the plane of the Milky Way galaxy, which is often described as looking like two fried eggs back-to-back, with a flat disc in the middle. Earth is close to the edge of this disc, and the image shows a cross-section through the disc as seen from Earth's perspective.

It combines data from the UKIDSS/GPS sky survey taken by the UK Infrared Telescope in Hawaii with the VVV survey from the VISTA telescope in Chile.

Astronomers used infra-red radiation instead of visible light to enable them to see through much of the dust in the Milky Way and record details of the centre of the galaxy.

Dr Nick Cross, of the University of Edinburgh's School of Physics and Astronomy, said: "This incredible image gives us a new perspective of our galaxy, and illustrates the far-reaching discoveries we can make from large sky surveys. Having data processed, archived and published by dedicated teams leaves other scientists free to concentrate on using the data, and is a very cost-effective way to do astronomy."


The case of the $400 million bike lane

March 26, 2012

Everybody’s favorite transportation geek, Charles Komanoff, has a fascinating new paper out on the economics of New York’s new Tappan Zee Bridge. The old bridge is decrepit, and needs to be replaced — everybody agrees on that. And the replacement is now in the works, at a cost of $5.2 billion. But does it need to cost that much? Komanoff makes a strong case that it doesn’t.

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Miss Universe Disqualifies Transgender Contestant

Talackova, 23, has been disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada competition because she was born a male, according to CTV. Talackova was originally selected as one of 65 finalists for the Donald Trump-owned competition. Her profile and photos have since been pulled from the Miss Universe Canada website.

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Woman arrested for trespassing at hospital dies in jail

A woman who was suspect of abusing drugs and arrested for refusing to leave a hospital died of a blood clot shortly after being put in jail, according to St. Louis Today.

Anna Brown, a 29-year-old homeless African American woman, had gone to St. Mary’s Health Center in Richmond Heights, Missouri complaining of leg pain after spraining her ankle. Doctors performed an x-ray of her knees and an ultrasound, but detected no blood clots. She was given pain medication and discharged.

About eight hours later she returned to the hospital by ambulance complaining of abdominal pain. The hospital told her she had already been treated and discharged her again, but Brown refused to leave. When police officers arrived on another call, the hospital told them that Brown was claiming she “did not receive adequate medical attention and did not have to leave.”

The officers said they waited about three hours before a doctor told them Brown was healthy enough to be arrested.

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Lessons about destroying the ego/self


DHS Buys 450 MILLION Rounds of .40 caliber ammo

The Department of Homeland Security recently purchased 450 MILLION rounds of .40 caliber ammunition...


5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! Why Is This Not A Bigger Story?


Iraqi mother beaten to death near San Diego for being a Muslim "terrorist"


An Iraqi mother was beaten to death yesterday in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego and home to a large Iraqi refugee community. From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

An Iraqi immigrant and mother of five died Saturday of injuries from a severe beating in her El Cajon home, where a note warning the family to “go back to your own country” was left next to her.

El Cajon police said they are investigating the possibility of a hate crime.

The attack on Shaima Alawadi, 32, has shocked and grieved Muslims and others in San Diego and beyond.

“People who have heard of it are numb,” said Hanif Mohebi, executive director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on Islamic-American Relations. “I have had communications from the San Francisco Bay Area asking, ‘how can I help this family,’ and even around the country people are praying for the family.

“Given the fact of these notes left, we’re obviously concerned about the possibility of a hate crime. I don’t think anyone would disagree this is a coldblooded murder.”

Police said the 17-year-old daughter of Alawadi and Kassim Al Himidi found her mother unconscious in the dining room of the family’s Skyview Street home about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. Alawadi was hospitalized, then taken off life support about 3 p.m. Saturday. She died a short time later, police said.

The daughter told KUSI Channel 9/51 her mother had been beaten on the head repeatedly with a tire iron. Mohebi said the daughter had been sleeping upstairs. When she went downstairs, “it was too late and the (attacker) was gone. The sliding glass door was broken.”

Police did not disclose contents of the note found next to Alawadi. A family friend said the note read, “go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”

El Cajon police Lt. Mark Coit said the family told investigators they found a similar note outside the house earlier this month, but did not report it to authorities. Alawadi had dismissed that note as a child’s prank, her daughter told KUSI.

Investigators have not said whether they have any leads to the assailant.

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Illuminati and Zionism busted


Empires Then and Now

March 26, 2012

by Paul Craig Roberts

Great empires, such as the Roman and British, were extractive. The empires succeeded, because the value of the resources and wealth extracted from conquered lands exceeded the value of conquest and governance. The reason Rome did not extend its empire east into Germany was not the military prowess of Germanic tribes but Rome’s calculation that the cost of conquest exceeded the value of extractable resources.

The Roman empire failed, because Romans exhausted manpower and resources in civil wars fighting amongst themselves for power. The British empire failed, because the British exhausted themselves fighting Germany in two world wars.

In his book, The Rule of Empires (2010), Timothy H. Parsons replaces the myth of the civilizing empire with the truth of the extractive empire. He describes the successes of the Romans, the Umayyad Caliphate, the Spanish in Peru, Napoleon in Italy, and the British in India and Kenya in extracting resources. To lower the cost of governing Kenya, the British instigated tribal consciousness and invented tribal customs that worked to British advantage.

Parsons does not examine the American empire, but in his introduction to the book he wonders whether America’s empire is really an empire as the Americans don’t seem to get any extractive benefits from it. After eight years of war and attempted occupation of Iraq, all Washington has for its efforts is several trillion dollars of additional debt and no Iraqi oil. After ten years of trillion dollar struggle against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Washington has nothing to show for it except possibly some part of the drug trade that can be used to fund covert CIA operations.

America’s wars are very expensive. Bush and Obama have doubled the national debt, and the American people have no benefits from it. No riches, no bread and circuses flow to Americans from Washington’s wars. So what is it all about?

The answer is that Washington’s empire extracts resources from the American people for the benefit of the few powerful interest groups that rule America. The military-security complex, Wall Street, agri-business and the Israel Lobby use the government to extract resources from Americans to serve their profits and power. The US Constitution has been extracted in the interests of the Security State, and Americans’ incomes have been redirected to the pockets of the 1 percent. That is how the American Empire functions.

The New Empire is different. It happens without achieving conquest. The American military did not conquer Iraq and has been forced out politically by the puppet government that Washington established. There is no victory in Afghanistan, and after a decade the American military does not control the country.

In the New Empire success at war no longer matters. The extraction takes place by being at war. Huge sums of American taxpayers’ money have flowed into the American armaments industries and huge amounts of power into Homeland Security. The American empire works by stripping Americans of wealth and liberty.

This is why the wars cannot end, or if one does end another starts. Remember when Obama came into office and was asked what the US mission was in Afghanistan? He replied that he did not know what the mission was and that the mission needed to be defined.

Obama never defined the mission. He renewed the Afghan war without telling us its purpose. Obama cannot tell Americans that the purpose of the war is to build the power and profit of the military/security complex at the expense of American citizens.

This truth doesn’t mean that the objects of American military aggression have escaped without cost. Large numbers of Muslims have been bombed and murdered and their economies and infrastructure ruined, but not in order to extract resources from them.

It is ironic that under the New Empire the citizens of the empire are extracted of their wealth and liberty in order to extract lives from the targeted foreign populations. Just like the bombed and murdered Muslims, the American people are victims of the American empire.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.


Imperial ignorance

Aijaz Zaka Syed

Monday, March 26, 2012

So this is how the cookie crumbles. From burning books to butchering babies, it seems everything is fair game as the victors near their tether. Four years after Barack Hussein Obama offered a “new way forward”; the gulf between America and the world’s Muslims is at its widest.


The horrific details of the Panjwai massacre, with first person accounts recounting how the brave US soldiers coolly went about killing women and sleeping children, have poured fuel over a land already ablaze. Obama has condemned the massacre but chose to describe it as “an isolated incident.”


Is it really now? Why do I feel we have been here before? From bombing wedding parties to striking funeral processions and even cemeteries, there’s been a long trail of such ‘isolated incidents.’


Interestingly, the latest in Yankee shenanigans coincides with a groundbreaking book that seeks to make sense of Uncle Sam’s worldview. Andrew Alexander’s America and the Imperialism of Ignorance is a damning critique of the US foreign policy over the past six decades and offers a cogent analysis of the military-industrial complex mindset that commands and dictates the actions of the most powerful nation on the planet.


Armed with facts and arguing from a historical perspective, the Daily Mail columnist elucidates how America and the West spent trillions of dollars in taxpayer’s money for decades in fighting – or pretending to fight – an enemy whose threat proportions, intentions and capabilities were ludicrously exaggerated to justify the absurdly inflated defence budgets and militarisation of the US and Europe.


During the Cold War, Europe and virtually the whole world was divided into two perpetually bickering camps with everyone being forced to take sides. Germany was split between the two camps with Berlin, divided by that obscene wall, becoming the theatre of the proxy war and intrigues and machinations of the two superpowers.


The proxy war was only part of the story. For nearly half a century the world teetered on the edge of a nuclear catastrophe as the US-Nato and Soviet nuclear arsenals targeted each other, promising assured destruction of life on the planet in a matter of minutes. Scores of millions of soldiers and gigantic war machines on either side remained in perpetual battle mode, ever ready to annihilate each other.


Alexander argues that all that could have been avoided and was totally avoidable as the Russians never posed a serious threat to the West. For all his savagery towards his own people, sending tens of thousands of them to their death in Siberia, Stalin knew his limits and had no intentions of stepping out of Eastern Europe to take on the West.


If it weren’t for America’s “imperial ignorance,” suggests Alexander, “coupled with its arrogance and immense naivety,” the world would have been a safer place and would never have witnessed the dangerous uncertainty that it did during the Cold War years, constantly living under the shadow of a nuclear cloud.


President Truman, the small town politician who found himself in the big shoes of the visionary Roosevelt on his death, ignored the close partnership of the US, Soviet Union and Britain during World War II, as they took on Hitler’s Germany, to conjure up a Soviet Armageddon and the fantasy of red tide flooding the world. (By the way, it was Truman who defying his advisers and global public opinion rushed to recognise the new state of Israel on the Palestinian land.)


So from the end of World War II to the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, it was America’s awesome power coupled with its paranoia that made the world a much more dangerous place than it ought to have been, posits Alexander.


You would think this would have changed with the end of the Cold War and the elimination of the threat that the “evil empire” allegedly posed. But two decades after the Cold War ended, the US and Russia are yet to stand down and eliminate the deadly payload at their disposal, even a quarter of which is enough to destroy the planet many times over.


What is more, trillions of dollars in taxpayer’s money continue to be poured into the bottomless pit that is America’s all-consuming war machine, which now lords over the whole planet with military bases and presence in almost all parts of the world. America’s war hasn’t stopped for a moment since it stepped out of its borders to join the Great War.


First, it was Communism. Now the enemy is Islam, or Islamist terrorism, as the euphemism goes. With the demise of Soviet Union and the worldview that it represented, the military industrial complex and the gargantuan corporate war industry needed a new enemy and where none existed they had to invent one to justify their existence. Which Samuel Huntington promptly did for them, fashioning Islam as the new enemy of the West. And the 9/11 provided the ready excuse.


So as part of this constant tilting at the windmills, Washington had to invent Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. The tyrant who had to crawl into a hole to save himself when they came for him was painted as the greatest threat to the civilised world. And it’s no coincidence that soon after the ‘shock and awe’ of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the target shifted next door with the talk of Tehran’s mythical nukes targeting Europe and America’s allies in the Middle East.


Predictably, the first major deal that the free and democratic Iraq has clinched is the purchase of 36 F16 fighter jets from its benefactor at a cost of $6 billion dollars even as the war weary people are still yearning for luxuries like clean water, electricity, schools, hospitals and, above all, security. There will be more such business opportunities tomorrow if the much sanctioned Iran goes the Iraq way after Washington and Israel are done playing good cop-bad cop. Meanwhile, with the constant talk of Iran’s military ambitions, nervous neighbours are goaded into buying more and more military junk from you know who.


Alexander explains it all as the “imperial ignorance.” But is it ignorance? It’s more like imperial hubris combined with single-minded, old-fashioned pursuit of commerce. Uncle Sam, or the corporate military machine that drives him, knows full well what is going on. In the end, it all comes down to business. And there’s nothing like a good war in distant lands to drive your business and fill your coffers, consequences for the rest of the world be damned.


Most reasonable people, including those in the West, know that it’s not “Islamist terrorism” but unfair Western policies and wars that gave birth to groups like Al-Qaeda and are the real threat and impediment to world peace.


“The American folk hero is the swaggering gunman. Let loose in the wider world, he is a threat to peace,” says the veteran British foreign affairs commentator, urging Britain and Europe to intervene. “It is our duty to warn him off this course, not trail along in his wake.”


You would think old Europe would do that after all that it lived through in the last century. However, instead of talking some sense into their Atlantic cousin, they joined in the fun. Clearly, the two disastrous wars weren’t enough to teach the continent the right lessons.


The writer is a commentator on Middle East and South Asian affairs. Email: aijaz.syed@hotmail. com


Ron Paul called a vicious anti-semite


BRICS lays solid foundation for global economic recovery

by Liu Chen, Lin Jianyang


HONG KONG, March 26 (Xinhua) -- India's New Delhi is at present in the limelight for the upcoming fourth BRICS Summit slated for March 28 to 29, where leaders of major emerging economies will gather to discuss topics like global governance, sustainable development and cooperation.

Though still a relatively young mechanism, BRICS has showed its strength as a rising economic clout with prominent contribution to world economic growth since the outburst of financial crisis, laying solid foundation for future global economic recovery.


BRICS, grouping Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, represented a gathering of important emerging economies which were playing an increasingly big role in world economy during the last decade.

The aggregate GDP of the BRIC countries (before South Africa joined in late 2010) has close to quadrupled since 2001, from around three trillion U.S. dollars to between 11-12 trillion U.S. dollars in 2010, said Jim O'Neil, a senior Goldman Sachs economist, in his newly published book "The Growth Map".

"The world would have to pay attention," he said.

Since the outburst of the financial crisis, the BRICS, with its power of "withstanding the shakings of the world's economic foundations" and emerging more robust than ever, has seriously drawn attention of the world.

A Goldman Sachs report in 2009 showed that, since the start of the 2008 global financial crisis, 45 percent of global growth had come from BRIC.

"If you look at what was taking place over the last four years or so, you have clearly seen a gravitation of growth away from advanced economies in the west, struggling with aftermath of global financial crisis," Leif Eskesen, chief economist for India and ASEAN of HSBC, told Xinhua.

Eskesen believed though reasons of growth might differ among the BRICS countries and other emerging markets, but structural reforms, economic liberalization, investment flows and proper fiscal policies contributed a lot during the past "strong years".

Meanwhile, BRICS countries have made tremendous contribution to the world economy by increasing employment, cutting poverty, pouring in capital, exporting and importing, among others.

According to IMF, BRICS, the cooperative quintuplet, with roughly over 40 percent of the world's total population and more than a quarter of the world's land area, was estimated to have a combined nominal GDP of 13.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2011, accounting for 19.5 percent of the world's total.

However you choose to interpret the data, the importance of these countries in global economic growth was beyond dispute, said O'Neil.


However, BRICS' ability for sustainable growth seemed to be challenged by recent slowdown in economy, with India's GDP in last quarter of 2011 expanding by 6.1 percent, the slowest pace in nearly three years, and China setting a lower target growth of 7.5 percent for 2012.

The important thing of looking ahead was "sustaining the rebalancing between imports and exports", Eskesen told Xinhua. " That requires continuation of efforts to roll out key structural reforms."

According to IMF, for emerging economies, the priority was to ensure a soft landing as domestic growth slowed amid a deteriorating external environment and volatile capital flows.

Countries like China, where inflation pressure was expected to ease, fiscal positions were sound, and external surpluses were large, could increase expenditure, including social spending, while, India, with relatively high inflation and public debt and limited policy space, could warrant a more cautious stance toward policy easing, said IMF in its report on global economic prospects released in February.

For a longer term, experts were still quite optimistic about BRICS as the global growth powerhouse in the future. "The growth prospect of the BRICS, overall, is still quite strong," said Eskesen.

Investment guru Mark Mobius said early March in an investment summit that rising economic demand amid high population growth, fiscal discipline and diversified trade ties will keep emerging markets on a growth track.

If the BRICS achieve their goals, "it will be good for the world, and good for us", said O'Neil.

Special Report: Global Financial Crisis


The Fukushima-lie

Translated from

When the Japanese government on 11 March 2011 at 19:06 clock to the atomic state of emergency proclaimed, held the world held its breath. The great earthquake and ensuing tsunami had wiped out entire cities in Japan north in the afternoon.

Japan on the ground, and now even the feared meltdown that threatened to turn one of the most densely populated regions of the world into a nuclear desert - with incalculable consequences for Japan and the world economy. In the days after the quake destroyed four nuclear explosions, building the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daichi.

Stunned, the world looked to the high-tech and nuclear nation Japan, which was obviously unable to control this dangerous technology.

ZDFzoom addresses the question of how did it come to this disaster and how Japan's nuclear bosses and the government thus circumvented. The research shows: There was even before the disaster, a network of criminal intent, ignorance and advantage that has permeated the Japanese society for decades more.

Kei Sugaoka, a former maintenance engineer, talks about the criminal practices of the operator TEPCO Group. For years, these have always accepted that millions of people are radioactively contaminated. Politicians, former government employees and media representatives to explain the corrupt network of nuclear industry, politicians, regulators, academia and media. There is in Japan for its own name: "Nuclear Village". And that still seems to be intact.

The research of ZDFzoom show, silent as TEPCO and the authorities since the outbreak of the catastrophe whose true extent to deceive the public and at the expense of the people trying to keep the damage for the entire nuclear industry to a minimum. Thus, for example, made the daily radiation measurements usually in places with very low radiation and published in the news.

And this despite the fact a lot of people are exposed to higher radiation doses. In Watari, a district Fukushimas, parents are fighting for the evacuation of their children, because here the measured radiation doses exceeding the officially proclaimed by many times. This is confirmed by the measurements carried out ZDFzoom the team itself.

Also destroyed in the nuclear power plant itself, the situation is not under control, as it would have us believe TEPCO and the competent authorities. Still, there is the risk that eat the melted nuclear fuel rods through the containment vessel - the consequences would be catastrophic and unpredictable.

Film by Johannes Hano

The Fukushima Lie

Narrator: Yukitero Naka and his people know what is really happening in the nuclear ruins. [...] Even if they were able to create enough qualified engineers and staff for the next 40 years, one problem remains that could change Japan and the world.

Question: Is the nuclear power plant safe now?

Yukitero Naka, Nuclear Engineer: Well, that’s what TEPCO and the government says, but the people in there don’t believe it.

There is still a great danger.

My personal concern is the fourth reactor block.

The building has been strongly damaged by the earthquake.

There are approximately 1300 spent fuel rods in the cooling pond on level four. In the level above newer rods are stored as well as a lot of heavy machinery. This is all very, very heavy.

If another earthquake occurs then the building could collapse and another chain reaction could very likely occur.

Narrator: So, a meltdown under the free sky which would be the end of Japan as we know it today.

The radiation would be direct deadly.

The work on the ground would be totally impossible.

The most likely consequence is that reactors 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 get out of control.


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Japanese fishing boat lost at sea in tsunami found off Canada

150-foot boat lost in tsunami now just miles from North America — First confirmed large piece of debris to cross ocean — “Canada was still monitoring the boat Friday evening for marine pollution”

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Nuclear Risks at Bed, Bath & Beyond Show Dangers of Scrap

Going shopping? Don’t forget your wallet and credit card. Or Geiger counter.

The discovery of radioactive tissue boxes at Bed, Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) stores in January raised alarms among nuclear security officials and company executives over the growing global threat of contaminated scrap metal.

While the U.S. home-furnishing retailer recalled the boutique boxes from 200 stores nationwide without any reports of injury, the incident highlighted one of the topics drawing world leaders to a nuclear security meeting in Seoul on March 26-27. The bi-annual summit, convened by President Barack Obama for the first time in 2010, seeks to stem the flow of atomic material that has been lost, stolen or discarded as trash.

As U.S. and European leaders tackle the proliferation of weapons-grade uranium or plutonium in countries like Iran and North Korea, industries are confronting the impact of loose nuclear material in an international scrap-metal market worth at least $140 billion, according to the Brussels-based Bureau of International Recycling. Radioactive items used to power medical, military and industrial hardware are melted down and used in goods, driving up company costs as they withdraw tainted products and threatening the public’s health.

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Total: "may be months" to stop North Sea gas cloud

LONDON (Reuters) - A cloud of explosive natural gas boiling up from the North Sea out of a leak at Total's evacuated Elgin platform forced another shutdown off the Scottish coast on Tuesday as the French firm warned it could take six months to halt the flow.

Dubbed "the well from hell" by an environmentalist who said the unusually high pressure of the undersea reservoirs made it especially hard to shut off, the loss of oil and gas output from Elgin - as well as the prospect of a big repair bill - helped drive Total's share price down six percent on the Paris bourse.

As Shell pulled its bigger Shearwater facility offline too and an air and sea exclusion zone was declared around the forlorn Elgin rig, 150 miles east of Aberdeen, green campaigners denounced dangers in the technically challenging deep drilling that energy companies have undertaken around the globe to exploit the high prices created by insatiable demand.

The Elgin well, pumping some three percent of Britain's gas output from nearly four miles below the seabed, pushes the frontiers of technology and is one of the deepest, most highly pressurized, offshore natural gas fields in the world. It now sits empty following Sunday's emergency evacuation of 238 crew.

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Cyrenaica autonomy can be first step towards split of Libya

MOSCOW, March 26 (Itar-Tass) — Cyrenaica’s autonomy can become the first step towards the split of the country, Russian former ambassador to Libya and Tunisia Alexei Podtserob told Itar-Tass on Monday.

“If Cyrenaica declares autonomy, Libya ceased to be,” the Russian expert said.

Commenting on who can benefit the disintegration of Libya, Podtserob said, “Oil companies would benefit such state of affairs because it is easier to deal with several weak governments than with one strong government.” “Leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi was a difficult partner for oil monopolies. He dictated his policy and relied on the well-organised country. Thus, al-Gaddafi made France’s Total to pay 500 million U.S. dollar forfeit. He said the agreement on production sharing had been changed so that foreign oil companies got not more than 20 percent. This was one of the key reasons for backing ‘freedom fighters’ from the West,” the Russian expert said.

“The disintegration of the country has begun. I’d like to hope that this process will be stopped because the disintegration will create many problems for the Libyan people,” he stressed.

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Totally Rigged

2012 'fireworks' are coming


Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills

All over the United States, school children are being taken out of their classrooms, put on buses and sent to "alternate locations" during terror drills. These exercises are often called "evacuation drills" or "relocation drills" and they are more than a little disturbing. Sometimes parents are notified in advance where the kids are being taken and sometimes they are only told that the children are being taken to an "undisclosed location". In the years since 9/11 and the Columbine school shootings, there has been a concerted effort to make school emergency drills much more "realistic" and much more intense. Unfortunately, the fact that many of these drills are deeply traumatizing many children does not seem to bother too many people. Do we really need to have "active shooter" drills where men point guns at our kids and fire blanks at them? Do we really need to have "relocation drills" where kids are rapidly herded on to buses and told that they must surrender their cell phones because they will not be allowed to call anyone? Our schools more closely resemble prison camps every single day, and it is our children that are suffering because of it.

It is also important to keep in mind that much of the time these drills are not the fault of local school administrators. Often, these drills are being mandated at the state level. Our politicians have become obsessed with "school safety" in recent years, and apparently their idea of "school safety" involves deeply traumatizing our kids.

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9/11 Suspects - Explosive Connections (Updated Fixed and Revised)


Comparative analysis of Russia's demise in 1917 and of the USA's now


Comparative analysis of Russia's demise in 1917 and of the USA now. 46834.jpeg

By Alexander Gofen

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.

It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

(John Adams, October 11, 1798)


Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people of the Judeo-Christian faith, living on an isolated continent.

It is wholly inadequate to the government and people of any other faith.

It is wholly inadequate under conditions of wide openness to hostile ideologies and people carrying them.

(The 2011 update)


In spite of the time difference of about 100 years, the Russian Empire had fallen, and the United States is in the process of fall due to the similar causes:  the negligence and failure to confront the destructive forces of Marxism. 

Russian Empire

The United States of America

Prior to 1917: About 40 years of slightly suppressed Marxist propaganda.


Between 1905 and 1917: the militant Marxists extorted money from capitalists, while many other rich people joined and financed the Marxists willingly. 

Yet prior to 1917 Marxism is still mostly unknown and unpopular in Russia.

Despite the known history of Russia after 1917, for about 100 years United States completely neglected the threat of Marxism and allowed it to spread at all levels of government and private institutions.

Yet prior to the 1950s Marxism was still rather unpopular in the US. Some attempts to fight it back took place by Sen. J. McCarthy or historian Skousen.  

After the 1960s however, Marxism was spreading freely. It has consumed the system of education completely. The (demagogic) Marxist talk points became a standard for the entire political system. The mass media became 100% Marxist. All the rich and powerful who speak out accepted the Marxist demagogy, no exceptions (1).

Since resignation of the Emperor of Russia in February 1917, the Temporary government was too weak and too liberal.

That government ignored the intelligence that Germany purposely let the train through its territory in 1917 with the so called "sealed cars" delivering V. Lenin and his team of the most militant Bolsheviks into Russia. Germany also financed this team with multi million support funds wishing the Bolsheviks to take power in Russia.

The Temporary government ignored this threat, and never acted adequately against Lenin - a German spy. Using these funds, Bolsheviks had bought newspapers and a lot of influence just in a few months of 1917.

In doing so, on November 7, 1917, in almost bloodless silent coup Bolsheviks dismissed the Constitutional Convention and the Temporary government. Since that moment they established a dictatorship, which at first seemed hardly noticeable by anybody.  

The strategists and law enforcing agencies in the US have completely neglected the spread of Marxism in the US. These agencies were rather picking the wind and reading the wish of the "political elite".

The law enforcement deliberately ignored the money sources and illegal activity of peoples like Soros, clubs like Bilderberg, and the "one world government" ideologues.

Therefore in 2008 a constitutionally unqualified (not US natural born) candidate, a Marxist, an agent of influence and Moslem sympathizer, identity thief, fraud and forger Obama/Soetoro was promoted, allowed to campaign and to win the US presidency - unobstructed by even one political leader, election commission, or any other official! Unobstructed by his opponents McCain and Palin! Unobstructed by the opposition - Republican - party.

In fact, Republicans, McCain and Palin cooperated with the rival in order that he win: They did vet McCain's qualifications (Sen. Res 511, 2008) but had never done it for the opponent. Republicans keep helping the usurper to win up to this moment in 2012, when it is already discovered that the usurper is a fraud and identity thief. They carefully avoid bringing fore or even hinting to any of the numerous crimes of Obama - the rival, whom they supposedly wish to win.     

According to the analysis compiled by J. Williams, many representatives of the elite and the legislature desired to see Obama a president and paved the way for him many years prior to 2008, yet their activity was ignored.

So the November of 2008 became a day of a de-facto coup in the US, when the Constitution was silently and willingly abandoned by all the political parties and by the three "as though independent" branches of the government. This coup (now in progress) first seemed hardly noticeable by anybody.  

In 1917-1920 despite of the German cash, Bolsheviks still were mostly unknown and unpopular in wider Russia: especially due to their militant atheism. However they had succeeded to quickly grab the power in several cities.

There were no independent branches of government in Russia, nor any tradition of law obedience. There was no judiciary branch through which the patriots could contest the coup. The Army was the only possible force of resistance then in Russia, which could confront the coup, and so it did.

Unlike Russia in 1917-1920, the Marxism in America became widely known and welcomed by a great proportion of citizenry (near 50%). These relatively new type of citizenry emerged due to grotesquely generous entitlements of the government. The government was incapable and unwilling to zip its wallet, and it just zealously placated the unproductive class (something unthinkable in Russia (2)). That citizenry completely lost the work ethic and spiritual foundation proper to American citizenry prior to ascend of Marxism. 

Therefore, the coup of 2008 in the US not only was hardly identified as such, but worse: "The change" was welcomed by the majority.

Unlike in Russia of 1917, the old three branches of government in America formally remained in power. Yet they maintained the state of total denial about the unconstitutionality of the impostor Obama/Soetoro, and about the very fact of the 2008 coup. The entire issue became a taboo.

The Russian Army those days was exhausted by the WWI, undermined and corrupted by the Marxist propaganda. Yet the elite of the Army and the middle echelon were still loyal to the lawful government of Russia. They did not join the Bolshevik coup and formed the so called White Army in order to defeat Bolsheviks and to restore the lawful government of Russia. 

There were many prominent generals in various parts of Russia which formed the parts of the White Army: Kolchak, Denikin, Wrangel - to name a few. 

Unlike in Russia, the US Army actually backed the coup (except only three middle level officers!). The US Army therefore has betrayed the oath to protect the US Constitution. As of this moment (March, 2012), there is no indication that something analogous to the Russian White Army may ever emerge in the US in a foreseeable future. The entire US Army plays the role of the Red Army of Russia in 1917-1921.  

As to the citizenry, only a small part of it has noticed and recognized the unconstitutionality of what happened in 2008. Theseconstitutionalists (mocked as "birthers" by the collaborators of the coup) are struggling for the full exposure and prosecution of the impostor. Unlike them, the so called Tea Parties (named so after the rebels of the 1770s) evade any mentioning of the illegitimacy issue, struggling only against certain policies of the "president".

The constitutionalists pursue the judicial line of fight challenging the courts (see below). However the courts so far audaciously sabotaged each and every attempt to hear the case in merits. The US courts now are no different from the Soviet "courts".

The White Army unfortunately was defeated and betrayed. At the beginning the civil war was more successful for the White Army, which succeeded to catch the gold treasury of Russia. Unlike the constitutionalists in America, the parts of White Army were compactly located in various areas of wide Russia. Yet these parts of White Army were separated and unconnected geographically, while the Red Army in the center was one connected entity. 

Even more importantly, the White Army was (mostly) a voluntary army, and its human resource was limited, while the Red Army was mobilized via conscription by the Bolshevik dictatorship. For that reason alone the White Army was doomed.

Also, in those days nobody in Russia could even imagine the scope and ugliness of the Bolshevik dictatorship as it unfolded later. And Russians then got already seduced by baseless promises of Marxists.  

The White Army was also betrayed by the world powers and even by some of its commanders. The world powers ceased any military help to the White Army - not understanding at all the peril of the Bolshevism for the entire world.

As of March, 2012, no part of the US Army is up to disobeying the usurper Obama/Soetoro and the treasonous military brass. No part of it appears ready to split away into a separate White Army with the goal to protect the Constitution.  

Even if a certain number of personnel decided to do so, it would be problematic to gain an access to the treasury, hardware, ammunition and high-tech.

In the moment there is not one state among the 50 states which is ready to secede and to host a would-be White Army of America.

So far the forces wishing to resist are thinly spread nation-wide, and it is unclear how even to bring them together compactly (not to mention how to feed and provide for them).

There are no external political powers interested in helping the hypothetical American White Army in restoring the American Constitution (much less the former role of America as the super power).  

No judicial attempts to restore the constitutional order in Russia had ever taken place.  

The judicial fight for restoration of the Constitutional order lasts since the end of 2008 and is still in progress.

There were numerous attempts of attorneys to file the cases in US courts. Yet all the cases were dismissed without hearing in merits: mostly on the ground as though American voters "have no standing" (i.e. they did not suffer a specific damage) because of election of a Constitutionally unqualified candidate!

There were several decisions of American Grand Juries in 2009 which found Obama/Soetoro guilty in various crimes from fraud and perjury to treason. Then a prominent black pastor in Harlem, New York, James Davis Manning held a (people) trial in May 2010, which indicted Obama in the above mentioned crimes. In 2011 many experts filed their reports to FBI and other offices of state prosecution, in which reports the experts testified forgery of the officially presented documents of Obama. However neither of those state prosecution offices have followed the reports of the experts, private citizens, of American Grand Juries or the Manning (people) trial in May 2010.

The leader of the judicial fight and its most prominent personality is Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq (now running for the US Senator from CA).   

In December 2011, the fight reached the next phase - the challenge to all 50 state election commissions, attempting to re-enter the illegitimate candidate Obama into the primary ballots the second time. The main source of information about various aspects of this fight is Dr. Taitz' site  and also a conservative news outlet .

In February 2012, the first hearing of the case in merits finally took place by GA administrative judge M. Malihi. Both constitutional and criminal charges against Obama/Soetoro therefore were first entered on official record. Dr. Orly Taitz brought the evidence and testimonies of 7 witnesses and experts, who all testified that the major personnel documentation of Obama/Soetoro is forged and faked. However the ruling of the judge was so grotesque that it rather symbolizes the end of Justice in this nation (see here and here).  

On March 1, 2012 the investigation group of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Arizona) announced their first findings at a press conference for the mass media. The Sheriff had independently confirmed that the officially presented partial and full birth certificates of Obama were computer forgeries, and his military registration card was faked too. In other words, the sitting "president" appears to have no personnel documentation legitimizing his presidency. Moreover, he is implicated in a deliberate production of counterfeit documents. Normally such a sensational discovery ought to bring the mass media into the state of shock. It ought to explode into a nonstop extensive coverage of this scandal.

However what happened to be sensational was rather the silence - the deafening silence! - of the major American media. It took the English issue of Pravda (Truth) to publish an in-depth analysis of the Sheriff's report.    

1) Amazingly accurately the demise of America was predicted already in 1984 by a defector from KGB Yuri Bezmenov. In our time (2010-2012) a group of authors compiled a video clip juxtaposing the original footage of the interview with Bezmenov 25 years ago vs. a series of the well recognizable culprits of America's demise of the modern days.

 2) In the USSR the Marxist demagoguery like "caring about the poor and downtrodden" was used only as propaganda talking points. Such humanitarian niceties as welfare, food stamps, or even short term unemployment checks had never existed there, nor could be even thought of.

Alexander Gofen worked as a computer programmer and
mathematician (currently retired). Occasionally he
publishes articles and comments on conservative issues in
English and Russian (also at his own blog in Esperanto).

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