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Travel Nursing

There are many great reasons to become a travel nurse. For starters you can have a very high level of control over your career. Travel nursing gives you the ability to build your resume and enhance your skills are some of the most important benefits of a travel nursing career.

And donít forget the pay. Travel nurses have the chance to earn more money than perm nurses thanks to per diem benefits and a variety of bonuses. While you increase your pay you will also have the chance to explore and live in new places. And new places means meeting new people.



101 Best Sites For Nurses

Nursing is one of the most vital and growing career paths in health care, and as more nurses are trained and the need for primary care increases to the point where MDs canít meet the demand, nurses are branching out into new specialties, and starting practices in fields like holistic nursing, psychiatric nursing, and even massage and other treatments. Thereís still plenty of demand in traditional nursing fields like critical care and psychiatric nursing, and anyone looking at a long term career as a nurse should check out all the available fields before committing to a specialty. The sites on this list are representative of the range of careers available to a dedicated nurse.



Art Works by Brown (Check This Out, This Guy Is A Master!) Painting and Airbrushing

Private Art Lessons Available for all Skill Levels

"Mr. Brown has been a traditional sign painter for over 40 years and airbrushing for over 35 years. So if you were waiting to find that perfect artist, the one who knows the kind of quality you desire, then stop waiting and contact Artworks by Brown. There is no job too big or small."


Paul Jones Site
News, Information, Humor, and Inspiration from Paul Jones


Mirror Mirror on the Wall Celeb Saggiest Award, A woman that speaks her mind and a great critic on the rich and famous. If this does'nt make you laugh I dont know what will.


The alternative energy and conservation site!


Reality speaks...trying to convey a message to the common reader on the reality of the world around us through news journalism and political reports for more
click here!

Very unique metaphysical store and website check it out!


Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio letters
Political and economic commentary, including The Conspiracy Against the Dollar and Audio Letters of Dr. Peter Beter (1921-1987), covering the Rockefeller Cartel, Bolshevik-Zionist Axis, and New Kremlin Rulers. Constant struggle for the world dominati


Uncomfortably Numb
my thoughts about life and the human condition, through personal experience, and a strong, obsessive need to right as many wrongs as possible (mine included)


The Blue Pages
Classified Ads for Democrats and Progressives. We exchange links with link minded sites.

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