Doctors against Racism is a non-political small group of medical volunteers who work tirelessly all over the world in trouble spots and in deprived areas, we do not care if you are Christian, Muslim Hindu or just no religion, communist or democrat makes no difference.

We fund our own projects for those we care for, we dig for you deep wells for fresh water, and we give free health and medication advice, pull teeth and deliver babies. We also help plant crops, help build small schools and even give reading and writing classes mostly in the open air.

We have sent willing caring medical people to Kosovo, Lebanon, Pakistan and Palestine, but Palestine is a place where the Israeli checkpoints will not allow in medical experts and we are sent away, our members have at time been pulled out of ambulances and beaten up by Israelis, they steal our medical supplies and first aid bags and have even shot at ambulances for fun, and held them up at road blocks until the patients died.

Rachel Corrie was a helper to the sick and injured, a US doctor from our group who was with her was later killed also by Israelis who came to put poison in the wells we just dug.

In Africa we braved the brutality of the boy soldiers of Mugabe, who like Idi Amin was is the tool of the Rothschild and Oppenheimer families to dig their gold and diamonds out of the earth, the average poverty stricken male lifespan in the mining areas is just 37 years.

But never have our members had to deal with the evil we see today, in remote Pakistan a doctor on sabbatical from Englandís Addenbrookes hospital was supervising a group of children chanting their times table, when a US drone attack killed 4 children and wounded several others, the doctor could not help as she too was also injured, were these little children really that big a threat to America?

Please America think what you are doing, write to your congressman and stop the drone attacks and stop the funding for Israeli crimes done with your money, and when it comes to the election, remember NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Dr. Berchinger

Doctors against racism

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