Democrats create and define a new lexicon for their own Racism

Can your vocabulary pass the Progressive “dogwhistle” test?

Did you know that the word “apartment” is racist? What about the word “Chicago”? That’s racist too! Or what about “thug”? Or even the innocuous “states rights”? Why, they are all racist terms. What about the phrases “tough on crime” or “illegal alien” or “urban areas”? Equally racist!

Surprised are you? Well, you shouldn’t be. You see the hosts and commentators of MSNBC, along with guilt projector extraordinaire Chris Mathews and various “Progressives” of the Democrat party, have managed to find hidden “dogwhistle” words of racism in the most apparently innocent nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs of the English language.

These guardians of our language and cultural lexicon even have a website and blog, “Stop Dog Whistle Racisim!” And what is their definition of this new socio/political phenomenon? Let me quote: “Dog Whistle racism – also known as symbolic racism – is political campaigning or policy-making that uses coded words and themes that appeal to conscious or subconscious racist concepts and frames.” Now that I’ve shared their secret with you, you better be on guard, lest you be accused of speaking or even harboring these words unspoken in your mind, proving to yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt what a covert racist you really are.

Continuing along this brave new world of “Newspeak”, did you know that “lazy” and “incompetent” are “dogwhistle” code words referring to Black people, semaphored between closet racists -- always White male Republicans -- as they give each other secret handshakes and that knowing wink? You didn’t? Then you simply haven’t been watching enough of Soledad O’Brien or Chris Mathews, or the other hosts of this hilariously funny cable channel masquerading as a news source, aspiring to convince Americans that they, too, may be harboring subconscious racist code-words in their own vocabulary.

Further taking our que from these intellectual titans of Progressive politics, let us saunter along the garden path of new, potentially deadly, hidden “racist” double meaning “code words.” How about “breakfast” or “chair”? Your racial alarms bells didn’t go off yet? Silly you! Don’t you understand that people who actually have “breakfast” is a coded reference to White people (you see, they can afford it), while “chair” can only refer to the infamous empty “chair” that Clint Eastwood used during his presentation of Obama’s inability to keep his campaign promises at the Republican National Convention, thereby criticizing our beloved (half) Black President.

Now let us examine why “dogwhistle” was selected as the pejorative to describe this subtle, hidden Conservative agenda. You see, a “dogwhistle” is only audible to dogs who can hear such high frequencies. Likewise, these seemingly innocent racist code words (like apartment and Chicago) slide right past most people.... admit it, they probably slid right past you.... before the bright lights of MSNBC determined thru secret stealth technology that these apparently innocuous words actually harbored a hidden racial agenda which was only understandable to racists.... such as themselves.

Ironically, these people see every aspect of life, social interaction and political discourse thru the infallible lens of their own racial bigotry. They are, in reality, the true “racists” as they use the term “racism”, including accusations of racial “code words”, as a deflector shield to staunch any criticism, or even potential criticism of any minority, especially Blacks or Hispanics. The irony, of course, is that most of the people on MSNBC espousing this discovery are White. This is not as surprising as it may seem, since all these people are really doing is projecting their own secret racist thoughts onto the population at large in a process of psychological scape-goating, so that they can escape the guilt from their own deep-seated racist stereotypes which gnaw at their conscious minds from within, creating a cognitive dissonance that can only be resolved by blaming others for their own hypocrisy.

How else to explain Chris Mathews startling comment over a year ago that Obama was so eloquent and articulate that Chris actually forgot, for one entire hour, that Obama was Black! Can you actually believe that Chris Mathews said that, and no one in the liberal media called him on such a truly blatant racist comment? Or how about when Bill Marr made a joke about Obama pulling out a huge semi-automatic Colt .45 handgun from inside his pants (underwear) and slamming it on the table in front of his Cabinet in order to emphasize his “authority”? No, that wasn’t racist at all, was it?

You see, Conservative Republicans are more subtle and pernicious. “Apartment”, “Chicago”, “urban”, “chair” -- now those are words that truly resonate in the heart of all racists! Or perhaps it may actually be the racism wildly beating within the bosom of their own “progressive” breasts that they are always detecting and accusing others of harboring.

We are told we cannot describe Susan Rice as incompetent or a liar because to do so is “racist.” Then please tell me, oh geniuses of the intellectual Left -- how does one ever go about criticizing a Black person, or especially a Black woman, without having to dodge the predictable knee-jerk reactions of simpletons such as yourselves who see “racism”, and to a lesser extent “sexism”, as the raison d’etre of all opposing criticisms, as well as the impenetrable shield by which such accusations can be nullified?

Please tell us, Oh Progressive shills and mouthpieces -- is it ever possible for a White person to criticize a Black person without you reflexively assuming that the only possible reason for such criticism is that the person making that judgment is “racist”? Would a Black person criticizing a White person be equally excoriated for their own racism? Or does that racial tar baby (surely, yet another example of a “dog whistle code word”) work in only one direction?

Can there ever exist a time when such criticism is simply valid without you invoking the devil of “race” as a reason for its utterance? I already know the answer. It is obviously NO.

Just as every valid criticism of Obama has been portrayed as a “racist” attack by The Media, so too does that pustule of vituperative bile, known as MSNBC, continue to break the crusty scab of its own excessive exudations and daily burst forth with newly ludicrous accusations of secret dogwhistle words of racism infecting our public discourse.

But if anything is infecting our public discourse, it is the continual interjection of the concept of “dogwhistle” racist “code words.” For this new attack on speech and thought is simply the way The “Progressive” Left always works -- by placing certain words, groups, peoples, movements, thoughts and phrases “out of bounds” of (their) contemporary acceptance. These words then become “off limits” for examination or criticism or social intercourse, the proverbial ‘sacred cows’ which no one in their group dare speak without suffering the stigma of being an outcast and pariah.

They then move all of these now forbidden utterances beyond the pale of their peer group, effectively isolating and censoring everyone’s thought process and speech thru their never ending quest to further restrict everyone’s freedom of expression to conform with their own tunnel vision of “politically correct” group think. Nothing like marching in lock step (goose step?) towards their new, “progressive” socialist Utopia!

So all you Conservatives, or Libertarians, or free thinkers out there.... anyone who has yet to be poisoned by the stupidity of these vile agents of social destruction and intellectual degradation.... the next time we see each other and pass on the street, remember that our next secret, racist, initiatory words, to be whispered as we give each other that knowing wink and handshake, are going to be....

(nod, nod.... wink, wink....)

“Beans and Watermelons”!

Copyright 2012 LCVincent, all rights reserved.

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