Info sent in by Amanda

I wanted to tell you a shocking story of just how bad Britainís infrastructure has been allowed to decline, my mother a Londoner all her life refuses to be squeezed out and in recent years has been a late night cleaner, the money is very good because people do not want to be out at night, and over 10 years mum has been mugged 7 times for her bag, on one occasion she ended up in hospital, the police put out an identokit picture of a white man when she said clearly each time she has been mugged by blacks.

Officially police say they can do nothing, but unofficially if she wanted to arm herself they would understand. The police know that black gangs have targeted mum to stop and search to see what she has in her pockets possibly 11 times, but police will not recognize this as a racist crime which would put it in more serious category, a neighbour of mums put up a struggle when the victim of a street robbery died some days later, police denied it was a race crime and a search of the net shows 17 deaths of white people and a Chinese national by black gangs not included in race crimes, yet day after day we get rammed down our throats about the death of black boy Stephen Lawrence, so why the inequality ? And the truth is our government policies and police are just horribly racist. The Police have a black policemenís assoc and a gay and homosexual police assoc but are banned from having a white policemanís assoc for English people, how can this be for equality? When the police will not even say mums muggers were black.

During the London riots last year white people were told stay home for their own safety, surely to god we should have a law that if these immigrants break the law they should be sent back to country of origin, London truth radio had a phone in after the riots and 87% said send them home and shut the door, but no this racist government wants to keep people trafficking them in to an already overfull country bursting at the seams.

Mums cousin went to the USA to live and she says there are no muggings or burglaries there because everyone has gun and can defend themselves.

Mum has given up and says she will not involve the police next time she is stopped by black youths for her bag, the police ask her the same load of damn fool intrusive questions every time, and she told them they already have all the answers from 6 times before.

Britainís laws need a drastic overhaul to stop penalizing their own people, many old timers have been saying for some time they donít know why they went to fight W W II, and the youngsters now should refuse to go to an Iran war, when we have the enemy at home governing our own country.

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