Our Police Are Becoming ROBO-COPS

How many remember the Science Fiction film or the TV series “Robo-Cop”?? The story of a part man, part machine hybrid borne of necessity from a horrific accident, a synthesis of man and machine, “Robo-Cop” featured a character who was constantly at war within himself, the mechanized robotic half in conflict with the feeling, emotional human self.

As if to signify the transformation of the human into the cold, unemotional execution of the machine, the character of Alex Murphy also sported a completely shaven, bald head besides donning a metal suit as part of this hybrid transformation.

When the film and subsequent TV series made their initial debut several decades ago, most police officers looked nothing like the bald headed character of “Alex Murphy.” In fact, most police officers had normal hair cuts, and some even sported sideburns, mustaches, and other forms of facial hair.

Fast forward several decades to today, however, and the completely bald look of the iconic RoboCop is everywhere to be seen in the world of law enforcement. In keeping with the militarization and advanced tactical weaponization of our police forces, the concurrent visual image of the militaristic, bald-headed policeman, subservient to State authority, now permeates nearly every police department in the land, as if this look had somehow become de rigeur, an unwritten requirement for joining the police force.

I find this ironic for several reasons. Throughout history, the completely shaved male head has been a universal symbol of submission, subjugation, servility and even slavery. Today, when a young male or female military recruit joins one of our armed forces, one of the first orders of business is the shaving of civilian “locks.” The close cropped, nearly bald heads of new military recruits is now a commonality among all branches of our armed forces.

It would seem, then, that the 'bald headed' look has become so prevalent in police circles because it's just another step forward towards replacing the human being police person’s mind-set/world view and replacing it with that of a 'robot' programmed to perform a task without thinking and feeling, a barely human automaton whose highest accolade is that he/she follows State orders implicitly -- just like a RoboCop!

Essentially, this transition is a result of an emphasis upon and subservience to the military mentality (death focus) replacing the civilian mentality (life focus) throughout our police forces. Undoubtedly, many of our military and police would "follow orders" without question and do things like confiscate firearms or even shoot civilians if ordered -- as if such an order alleviated them from the necessity of making a value judgment about EVERY order they receive. Disturbingly, more and more, our police fancy themselves as being nothing more than servants of the state, rather than servants of the people -- an entirely different and diametrically opposed concept.

The police have now become 'lobotomized robots' whose male macho self-image is re- inforced by how quickly and efficiently they can follow orders without thinking -- without the "inconvenience" interposed by a consciousness, to complete whatever order they have received from their superior. 'YES SIR'! (Yes Daddy, Yes Mommy!). It's all so juvenile -- just the opposite of being an adult. But this is the type of mentality that now prevails in our armed forces and police forces which are slowly being transformed into a para-military Obama civilian army whose dedication is not to serve and protect the civilian population, but more often to serve and protect those who are in positions of power and authority.

Police in riot gear work to remove remaining protesters from the streets around the Occupy Portland encampment November 13, 2011 in Portland, Oregon.

This shift in focus from protecting and serving the citizen versus serving and protecting the power structure is exemplified in the huge increase in what can only be described as unprovoked assaults by police against innocent men, women and even children. For anyone who doubts this assertion, I invite them to do a one hour survey of YouTube or similar sites with the focus on police aggression towards civilians and see how many thousands of “hits” you will find awaiting your incredulous perception.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that so many our police officers throughout the United States have symbolically adopted the shaven skull and bald-headed look of RoboCop since it is now a more accurate depiction of their mentality and their focus -- to obey the orders and dictates of the power structure of The State as it turns more menacingly every day against the interests, desires, rights and freedoms of the citizens of this country they were once sworn to protect and to serve.

Like lobotomized zombie enforcers of the Establishment power structure which they represent, they look like robots, act like robots, and obey orders like robots. Their bald heads, self selected as an unwitting outward symbol of their own servile submission to their paymasters, should be considered as an outer warning to the emptiness of their hearts and minds.


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