When Janie Jones hit the singing scene in the London night clubs of the sixties it was said every man in the room would get an erection, deliciously beautiful her song "witches brew" became an amusing record that gave her instant ghoulish notoriety, the song was written for her by her sister because Janie was the seventh child of a seventh child and very psychic.

She was a big hit in London’s night spots for her beauty attractive personality and her voice, but also an accomplished dancer and comedienne, but for a girl from Durham to suddenly take the city by storm was too much for her, and seeing girls working the streets outside, led her to take them in to a place where they could work in safety at her show biz parties, and before long the rich and famous all wanted an invite to sample the girls, most was harmless titillation with spanking and striptease, and this led to her trial in 1973 where she was fined £16,000 and given a very severe 7 years in prison for on a charge of controlling prostitutes.

Janie saw her reputation torn to shreds by the controlled press, as Christine Keeler was before and Cynthia Payne would after her, in prison she had to mix with Myra Hindley and other killers but mercifully after 4 years she was released and joined a comeback tour with the band Clash.

Her superb auto-biography "The Devil and Miss Jones" in 1993 told her story about show biz sex parties.

Cynthia Payne ran dinner parties where sex was for after’s, the rich and famous all sat together for dinner with the most beautiful girls, Cynthia had one rule “no queers and no kids" painted on hardboard and hung in the kitchen.

Payne first came to national attention in 1978 when police raided her home and found a sex party was in progress. Elderly men paid in Luncheon Vouchers to dress up in lingerie and be spanked by sexy young women, and when the case came to trial in 1980, she was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, reduced to a fine and six months on appeal, she served four months in Holloway prison.

In 1986, the police raided her home again, this time during a "special party" she was hosting after shooting the film of her life had been completed. Although she was acquitted on this occasion, the resulting court case in 1987 made headlines for several weeks with lurid tales, some details of which were in her book, ‘Entertaining at Home’. The court case ended her career as a party giver.

She then expressed an interest in becoming an MP, in order to change Britain's anti sex laws, which she followed through with by standing for Parliament as a candidate for the Payne and Pleasure Party in the Kensington by-election in July 1988 followed by her standing in her own area of Streatham in the 1992 UK General Election, despite being a popular figure she did not gain a parliamentary seat.

Lyndie St Claire was a brothel madame who had a printed full colour catalogue of the most extraordinary beautiful girls for men to look through and choose, some were out of work actresses who were glad to be able to feed their families during filming. A very successful professional dominatrix and madam, she had printed brothel tokens that could be given as Christmas and birthday gifts from everything from a spanking to being tortured, and in 1991 it emerged St Clair was renting Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont basement flat in Notting Hill, she claimed that 252 Members of Parliament had been on her books, and she stood for parliament several times with her "corrective party" giving free spankings.

All of the above women have never allowed children or animals to be used in their parties or on their premises, and not been part of Satanistic rituals as alleged in more recent cases involving Savile etc.

On June 13 2003 the beautiful Miss Nadine Milroy-Sloan alleged that she was drugged at the Essex flat of Barry Lehaney, and then raped by him and Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, a former Conservative minister there have been rumours the Hamilton’s were "swingers” and enjoyed sex games with other couples, other rumours were of high level sex parties with politicians and big business.

The Hamiltons and Mr Lehaney were arrested and interviewed by detectives before being released on police bail.

Since then, the couples have mounted a very public defense against the allegations and say that they have a "cast-iron" alibi which proves their innocence.

However, Miss Milroy-Sloan insisted yesterday that she was prepared to go to court to defend her allegations.

This was never finished satisfactorily, the public were never given an innocent or guilty verdict, and the threatened exposure of the highest people in the land at sex parties where young lads were brought in from care homes never happened, not until today, now we are seeing the government and its mouthpiece the BBC and the news media all in the dock and the agenda to homosexualise people falling apart.

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Janie Jones Witches Brew

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