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Real ID/National ID cards (Taged and Bag'd)

by John Vodila


You can vote, you can call your senators, your congressman, you can say no and just like every other issue, our government will do what they want to anyway! (Does fascism mean anything to you?).

I know some are saying, what's the big deal?

First you have to realize this isn't about terrorism, it's all about control. They will be able to turn you off with the press of a button on the keyboard. Didn't pay traffic tickets? How about child-support? Etc etc.

Don't forget about identity theft, if you think it's bad now just wait. Basically you will have to prove that you are a citizen of the United States to get to your card. You'll need a valid passport, certified birth certificate some kind of photo identity documents and show that your Social Security number is what you had claimed it to be. ( whatever that means)

States must keep copies of all documents, such as birth certificates, Social Security cards and utility bills for seven to 10 years.

For starters you'll need your national ID card to travel on an airplane, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments, and to use nearly any government service. This is just what they are telling you now.

This system like all government systems will abuse you and what little rights we have left. It won't be long from now we will be a cashless society, how do you think these real ID cards will affect us then? Imagine this, you didn't pay a couple parking tickets a couple years ago and you've forgotten all about it. Your going to your local grocery store to do some grocery shopping, you're at the checkout with your debit/credit card and presto it's been shut off. This is just one example of how these real ID cards will be used.

Remember how innocent the Social Security program started, and history shows how this program was abused.

This new ID card will be your Social Security card, driver's license, passport and simply put this new national ID card will be you. Without it you do not exist, and they will make it impossible to live without this national ID card. ( the Bible has something to say about this) This is not a mark on your person but on your soul. When we accept this, the microchip will be next on their agenda.

Your papers please! now it's your I.D. card please.

The Project For a New American Century is going well, are the people of the United States taking a nap or are they asleep?

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