Terrorist Seeks Liver Transplant
And gets it…

Former head of Israel’s spy agency Mossad Meir Dagan seeks liver transplant in Belarus after surgeon’s worldwide refuse to treat him, because of "Israeli terror"

Meir Dagan, the former head of Israel’s spy agency Mossad, has been forced to seek a liver transplant in Belarus, Europe’s most autocratic state, after surgeons worldwide reportedly refused to treat him, even Israeli surgeons refused.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’ hardline ruler, leaked details of the highly-secret medical operation late yesterday, revealing the patient’s identity only as a former head of Mossad. Israeli media worked out that the patient was Meir Dagan, 67, who stepped down as head of the spy agency last year.

Israeli officials have in recent years encountered growing hostility on trips abroad, particularly in Europe, and Britain moved to tighten its universal jurisdiction laws, which allowed the prosecution of foreign officials in the UK for international crimes after pro-Palestinian groups sought the arrest of former foreign minister Tzipi Livni during a trip to Britain for continuous war crimes in Gaza.

Meir Dagan according to Mossad dissidents, was behind the murder of Gareth William’s the "spy in the suitcase" and the Iraqi scientist and wife in France, this angered the world along with the senseless attacks on his small children, and the entering on forged passports into sovereign territories to kill foreign nationals among many other crimes including masterminding the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks.

Mr. Dagan is understood to be in a critical but stable condition after complications set in. He is thought to be in isolation in a hospital in Belarus still. Dr. Narinder Patel from doctors against Racism made the statement that as Israel will not allow any of their doctors into the occupied territories, they will not be giving any assistance in Britain to the Mossad killer Meir Dagan, Doctor Patricia Jones also said he is unwelcome in the USA, several countries have said they cannot guarantee he will not be arrested under an international warrant as Tony Blair and others face the same charges.

His condition is not good,” the Israel Hayom newspaper quoted an associate as saying. “It's still unclear whether the transplant was successful and there have been a few troubling signs following the surgery.”

Mr. Dagan became one of Israel’s longest-serving spy chiefs, serving as head of the agency during one of its most aggressive periods, controversially targeting Palestinian families for assassination.

Under Mr. Dagan’s watch, Mossad has also been credited with the bombing of Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007, and with the assassinations of Iranian and other nuclear scientists. The agency is also believed responsible for the killings of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus and Brig. Gen. Mohammed Suleiman, a senior figure in Syrian intelligence.

Mr. Dagan stepped down from the agency at the beginning of last year after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to extend his controversial term. The end of his career was mired by the bungled assassination of a Hamas arms dealer in Dubai, said to be a Mossad operation. Israeli agents were accused of using forged foreign; including British, identities to slip into Dubai, and only Britain expelled one Mossad official over the affair, drawing a line under one of the more humiliating episodes in the spy agency’s history.

Doctors against racism smuggled in 2 doctors, one has been killed in an Israeli air strike on the make shift hospital and one has run out of medication and bandages, he is exhausted and is using old shirts to bandage children, doctors who are caught helping Palestinians are shot on sight.

God help us

Dr Patel

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