Doctors against racism is an organisation dedicated to the eradication of racial inequalities worldwide, not just wars for racism like Iraq Libya and Syria but also education on the racist causes of the genocides against Tibet, Palestine and Germany.

People associate Doctors against racism with humanitarian projects like making safe water wells in Africa and school building supplying medically trained peoples for areas where mining companies exploit those who mine diamonds and gold, but it is much more than that in educating people in what and who causes these events and why, for instance how many people know that the slavery to Britian and the USA was instigated run and financed by Jewish merchants? The slave ships would bring blacks and take back whites? This attitude is still prevalent today as seen in last week’s horrific shooting of an innocent young black kid Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, many say Zimmerman will not be arrested and stand trial because a Jew can shoot a black kid, and the revenge killing of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler for the Belgian coach crash solves nothing, and it is these acts of racial supremacy that we see as very wrong.

In 1943 a famine in Bengal killed over 4 million people, as the famine ended disease then took hold and killed many many more, and while the British people begged Winston Churchill to send food, his refusal is on record; "they are a shitty little people" and he then sent food to Russia, Britains enemy, even fellow 33rd degree mason Aleister Crowley criticized Churchill as the Bengal holocaust took hold, but how many people know of this event ?

How many people know of the Tibetan genocide? or the Palestinian genocide happening today and supported by the USA ?

Any racial or religious supremacy is wrong, be it the shooting of Trayvon Martin or mindless shootings of peasants in Palestine, only to be educated can we stop these wrongs.

Dr. N Patel
Doctors Against Racism.

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