The Chosen Will Be Thwarted

The plague which infests mankind...

How is it that a certain group of “people”, god’s “Chosen People”, comprising approximately 2% of the world’s population, have managed to leverage themselves into positions of power and control in nearly every society on Earth? How is it that one tribal group has penetrated nearly every large society and nation upon this Earth, and while inter-marrying with their host community, have somehow managed to keep their tribal identity, their language, customs, culture, religion, and most of all, their ultimate agenda?

No doubt having a specified goal as a "group" has put them far ahead of the rest of us who do not have a "group" agenda. This agenda has always been, from time immemorial, the goal of complete world domination and the subjugation and enslavement of every human being on this planet who are not of their “tribe.” With this mindset, they have gone about their business as a collective to structure and create their world view and bring it to fruition -- the same world we inhabit -- to reflect this mindset. That is why once they burrow into any given social, legislative, corporate or business structure, their first immediate thought and their next actual goal is to get more of their kind into that structure to take it over, and then subvert it to their collective agenda.

Of course, "we" could do that as well, except we do not have their mind set -- the bombastic ego, the hubris, the gall, and their collective-communistic hive mentality of world domination. We value individual freedom; they value what benefits the collective. That is why the entire concept of the grotesque socio-political construct of “communism” had to first emerge from their collective unconscious, their hive mind. Nurtured by the “revolutionary” paradigm and overturning millennia of accepted social structures to create the upside-down, inverted world of the “kibbutz” – where men share their wives (how chauvinistic!), where children belong to all adults yet have no defined parents, where property belongs to everyone and no one, and where one witnesses the incomprehensible doctrine of “….from each according to their abilities; to each according to their needs….” they created multiple experimental communal societies which violated logic and reason in order to bend them to the service of doctrine and ideology.

Ironically, this perversion of social mores which thousands of years of living history teaches us helps create harmonious, stable societies enabling individual progress is deliberately overthrown for the supposed “benefits” of their revolutionary communist ideology. And what are the actual benefits? Social conformity to a rigid, dogmatic ideology, the suppression of individual thought and freedom despite their reputed admiration of “diversity”, political correctness run amok to the point where self-censorship of thought and action becomes the societal norm, and where everyone (except always the ruling elite – The Chosen) share equally in common despair and misery; and of course, the elimination of all weapons from the hands of the “masses” to make sure that the wondrous rewards of Communism cannot be challenged, nor the status of The (Chosen) Elite ever threatened by a real revolutionary revolt.

Is it any wonder that Communism was unleashed by two Jews, Karl Marx ad Friederich Engels? Is it further any wonder that they, like so many before them and after them, felt the necessity of disguising their Jewish roots by changing their surnames, from Rabbi Moses Mordechai Levy to Karl Marx, and Simon Buttermilch to Friederich Engles, in order to make their sick doctrine more palatable to gullible Gentiles who would not then initially suspect that this inverted ideology was the product of The Tribe of The Chosen, who were promulgating it to achieve a hidden agenda?

Yet this hidden agenda of The Jews, which finds full flower in Rothschild created Zionism and the creation of the illegal state of Israel, manifests in nearly every member of their tribe as the unconscious paradigm of “them” (the world of The Gentiles) versus “Us” (the world of god’s Chosen People, who have been promised dominion over the entire planet by their primitive mythos which they call a religion). This silent secret lies at the heart of nearly every member of their tribe, no matter what civilization or nation they may be found infesting. It manifests in their uncritical, knee-jerk support of any outrage, any atrocity and any trampling of human rights. As long as this abomination or atrocity is viewed as “good for Israel” or “good for the Jews” then it is accepted and welcomed. Case in point: when asked how the tragedy of 9/11 would affect Israel and its relationship with the United States the day after this Israeli created false flag event against the peoples of the Earth was enabled to happen, Benjamin Netanyahu (real surname, Milikovsky) blurted out “ It will be good for Israel.” Of course! Could there possibly be any other consideration when nearly 3,000 people are murdered on one day?

This group/hive mindset, to overturn and subvert whatever norms of society they encounter, is one of the reasons why they are found at the forefront of every form of intellectual censorship and thought suppression, and why they created the doctrine of political correctness, especially when it deals with such "touchy" subject as their fairy-tale gas chamber extermination tale of The Hollow- Hoax. You can also see the same anti-freedom, anti-individual mentality emerge in their battle for "gun control" which is nothing more than disarmament of those of us who are not them, the "Gentiles."

They use money and economics because they were able to deduce, while they were still in Eqypt, that "money" is the universal solvent, a common aspect of all cultures thru which they may be able to exert dominance and control despite their inferior numbers; control the money supply and control the “cattle”, as they refer to the rest of “us” in the Talmud.

When the printing press was developed, they realized that whomever controlled the dissemination of public information could bend that public to do their will and bidding by either shading or slanting the news thru select editing and deletion of certain bits of information or, when necessary, outright lies and complete censorship of events. Should anyone doubt the latter, I suggest they purchase a copy of the New York Times and compare it with an English language paper from Singapore or Malaysia and look at the international stories, and see what "they" have decided "you" should not know in America.

For instance, how many of us know about how little nation of Iceland threw these Hebrew gangster - banksters out on their collective asses when they bankrupted that tiny country? Three years later, after the populace refused to pay their banks’ blood money, Iceland is well on the path to economic recovery, solvency and sovereignty. The only place I have even come across this story is on the Internet, which proves that anyone who reads a US national newspaper or magazine, or who gets their news from US satellite/cable TV for anything other than sardonic comedy is doing themselves a fatal disservice. If you truly want to know what is going on in our world, without the filter of their agenda and prejudice and hatred of all things Gentile, then you must use the Internet for your primary news source.

Which bring us to the crux of the matter. To their utter horror, the Internet has become our collective Gentile consciousness, one that they never saw coming as a means of dethroning their ambitions, but one which they now recognize as the mightiest threat to their goal of world domination that has ever appeared; worse, in fact, than the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, because the Truth is now available around the world to nearly everyone on the planet. This explains, of course, why they are so very much in favor of Internet censorship, couched and phrased in terms such as taxes, regulation and control of Internet "content." They are scared to death that the Internet will unravel their grand design -- their "Work of All the Ages" before it comes to fruition, and before they can foment WWIII. Too bad! The genie is already out of the bottle, and I suggest they take that cork and shove it up their collective asses.

One of the tenets of modern computer theory that is often quoted is that “information seeks to be free.” Put another way, "The Truth Will Out." As time passes and the tentacles of the Internet continue to penetrate thru every sphere of society, thru every pane of individual consciousness, people are asking themselves more and more why it is that we all live on a planet with abundant resources of food, sunlight, energy, water and creativity; and yet only a fraction of a small minority enjoy its benefits. They wonder why we have incessant, interminable wars when we could more easily have peace, prosperity and harmony. They wonder why history is being continually filtered, refabricated and re-written to only benefit those in power and control. They wonder why certain families and their tribal history is so predictably linked with the sabotage of true social parity and evolution thru fomented revolutions; and they wonder why the same families, the same faces, the same surnames, and the same tribe, the tribe of their god's supposed self-appointed and self-anointed Chosen, is perpetually the recipient of prosperity at the cost and price of mounting human misery, starvation and oppression.

The answer is clear – this turmoil and misery is the manifestation of the "Chosen Ones'" collective agenda and has been for over 6000 years of recorded history. It is a mental plague, a meme, a mindset which also infected the Khazars who joined them in their quest during the 13th century and is now spread all over the globe. It is a mental virus, not necessarily a genetic mutation (of which they have many, due to their creation after Mankind as a false reflection of God's creation by their admitted "god" - Lucifer) which has now spread to the hearts and minds of those who harbor greed, envy, avarice, pride and every other abominable sin that has caused hatred and enmity to flourish between peoples and nations from the beginning of time.

Yet what is the proper response to this threat that we, the remaining 98% of the globe's population, face from the predations of their mental illness? The very best response to their rape of this planet and people is the disinfectant of The Truth, spread virally to all of us who are not of that sick mindset. This is the best remedy against their continuing predations.

We increasingly realize and see more clearly thru the connected electronic mind of The Internet -- our emerging electronic consciousness -- what has happened in the past, why it has happened, and how “The Chosen” can be prevented from bringing about our annihilation and our servitude, thereby thwarting the culmination of their god Lucifer’s Grand Design, and ushering in our inter- connected planetary future, our new Golden Age.

Leo Vincey


Linda said-

The article on your site 'The Chosen Will Be Thwarted" confuses Zionism with being Jewish. I have many Jewish friends who are not Zionists!

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